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Absolute Necromancer Chapter 181

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“It’s over. “It’s boring.”

Fire Dragon’s Wrath.

The huge fire completely attacked Hendrick, and Kainan laughed as he saw that Hendrick was not prepared for it.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t prepared, it was that he didn’t, but there was no way he could have known.


Kainan turned to see the ruins around him burning together with Hendrick.

“Mune is dead, so I need to check with Hetz and Hamiel. Oh, it would be right to kill those kids before we go.”

After realizing that Myug was dead and that Hetsu and Hamiel were in battle, Kainan, who was about to move on, headed towards Haryu and Miho, who were located not far from the spot where Mug died.

Jeopuk- Jeopuk-

Kainan, who was walking impassively along the dirt road, felt an eerie sense of death and glared at the ruins engulfed in a huge fire.


“…The flames turn black?”

Even putting his life aside, he was astonished to see his red flame slowly turning black.

“Hey…What kind of trick are you pulling, Hendryiiike!”

Fire is the source of Kainan, the fire dragon.

For him, who controls all the fires in the world, red fire symbolizes his control over flames.

Therefore, Kainan could not tolerate the flames turning black.

Kainan gritted his teeth and stretched out his hands to control the flames.

This was to remove impurities that had seeped into the flame and return it to its original red flame.


“Off-why…why…Why sooooo!!!”

There was no way the blackened flame would return to its original brilliant red flame.

Rather, Kainan’s heart was burned by the black color that was slowly expanding its territory.

And then there comes the moment when all the flames turn black.


Kainan knelt on the dirt floor.

“How on earth…The flames broke through my control….”

Your own magic, your own mana.

Also, how was Hendrick able to touch his own fire, which had complete control and mastery over fire as a dragon race?

Furthermore, Kainan’s main concern was how to devour it.


At that time, the completely black flames were slowly drawn into the center.

Kainan knelt down to block the slowly disappearing black fire and gritted his teeth, but just as he could not stop the blackening flames, he could not stop the flames from being sucked in.


When Kainan was defeated until the end and let out a low sigh.

“The reason you lost is simple, Kainan.”


Kainan raised his head and looked at Hendrick, who appeared from where the flames had disappeared.

“you…It looks….”

And Kainan was shocked to see Hendrick’s appearance change 180 degrees in a split second.

This is because it was so different from Hendrick’s original appearance.

His hair, which was black with a red tinge, was pitch black, absorbing all light, and his eyes were black with the whites missing.

Complete darkness.

No, Kainan could tell.

That this is no ordinary darkness.

“Hetsu too…Even Hetsu doesn’t have a demon like you. “How can you have such demonic energy!”


Hendrick’s body was filled with so much dark magic that no color other than black was allowed in his body.

Kainan could not believe that Hendrick, in the flesh of a dragon race, possessed enormous magical energy that even Hetz, a demon race, could not possess.

‘Did another demon give it to you? No, even if something as powerful as Demon Emperor gave it to me, it wouldn’t be enough. The Demon Emperor possesses a lot of demonic energy, but it does not possess such a breathtaking density of demonic energy. In the first place, magic energy of that density never existed within the tower, so how on earth?!’

Emperor of the demons.

I wondered if the Demon Emperor had given him demonic energy, but the Demon Emperor had no reason to do so in the first place, and even the Demon Emperor could not possess that kind of demonic energy.

I can only think about this because I have seen mako even from afar.

That’s why Kainan couldn’t understand.

This means that Hendrick possesses a high density of magical energy that does not exist within the tower.

However, Kainan was not stupid enough to deny the truth before his eyes.


Immediately heading back, Kainan was wary of Hendrick.

‘It wasn’t long ago that I gained magical energy as I saw my appearance change from before. So, is the answer the devil? A high-ranking devil too. There is no answer other than that.’

Hendrick’s appearance changed after being engulfed in the fire dragon’s anger.

Of course, Kainan decided that it would be around that time that Hendrick gained magical power, so he finished his thoughts.

‘No matter how powerful you are, if you don’t have experience handling it, it’s worse than a dull knife. ‘I’m going to kill him right here and now!’

A familiar dull knife and a famous sword that has not been properly trained.

Assuming that two swordsmen with the same ability hold separate swords, victory will go to the familiar blunt sword.

Kainan, who was thinking like that, was preparing to attack again.

“Kainan, do you know what kind of ‘dragon’ I am?”

Hendrick suddenly asked Kainan a question.

Kainan said in response to a sudden question.

“…What does that mean all of a sudden? you…you…her?”

What a dragon! Kainan tried to say this, but realized something was strange, stuttered, and then burst into laughter.

“What kind of dragon are you? Come to think of it, I don’t have any information about you. “It is clearly a subject wearing the body of our species.”

There was no information about what kind of dragon Hendrick was.

The thought occurred to him that he was a black dragon because he had black hair, or a fire dragon because he had a red color before he changed, but Kainan knew the answer.

I don’t know the exact answer, but I know that Hendrick is a being outside the usual categories such as a black dragon or a fire dragon.

“…After all, you must die here.”

Without knowing it himself, Kainan instinctively felt that neither the tribe’s elders nor the tribe’s father-in-law, the Dragon Emperor, would be able to give such an answer to Hendrick.


How far will the Irregular wearing the mask of a dragon race go? – That’s when the thought goes crazy.

Kainan had goosebumps all over his body.


-The village! The village!

‘…That’s a ridiculous imagination.’

An imagination that spontaneously came to mind.

This is because the image of their village, ‘Rare’, burning and a single dragon slaughtering the village’s dragons came to mind.

Kainan, who tried to dismiss it as a ridiculous imagination, hurriedly stepped back.

“Seeing as you can’t answer what I say, I guess you and the others don’t know who I am.”

“…It doesn’t matter who you are. “You, who have thrown away everything as a dragon race, deserve to die, so there is no need to know!”

Hendrick laughed at Kainan’s apparent ignorance about him, and Kainan tried to ignore it and took a stance.

“From now on, I am going with the intention of killing you.”

“You’re talking as if it wasn’t the case in the first place. “Isn’t it too ugly?”

“…Shut up!”

Quad deuk-

As soon as he finished speaking, a change occurred in Kainan’s body.

The skin filled with dragon scales became tough, and the number and strength of the scales changed.

Eventually, its gradually growing body resembled that of a lizard.

“Is it dragonification?”


The greatest weapon the Dragon Clan could use was to return to their original form.

Naturally, its destructive power was extremely powerful.

Basically, the power that comes from its gigantic size could destroy mountains, manipulate infinite mana, fire powerful magic at random, and lastly, it had a breath that could be called a special move.

It would not be unreasonable to say that the Dragonization, which possesses all sorts of terrible things, is a walking disaster.

Even in front of Kainan, who had completed his transformation into a dragon, Hendrick remained calm.

-Crrrrr, Hendrick. Now you are finished.

Of course, Kainan, who had completed his transformation into a dragon, was full of confidence.

Kainan opened his mouth wide as he looked down at Hendrick while floating in the sky.

Coo coo coo coo-

Massive energy of destruction.

It slowly gathered around Kainan’s mouth.

In the face of a destructive power that was strong enough to destroy the surroundings, Hendrick calmly watched the breaths gather.

Kainan gritted his teeth at the sight of Hendrick, who seemed to be convinced that that thing would not be able to do anything about him.

It was a rare sight to see a huge dragon grinding its teeth, but regardless, Kainan did not stop gathering his breath.

Likewise, Hendrick simply placed his hand on the handle of the sword and did not do anything more.

-Die, Hendrick.

Hendrick was looking at everything like that, and Kainan was preparing his breath.

Kainan eventually succeeded in gathering all of his breath, and soon he let out a burst of it.


The light of destruction fills my eyes.

A breath of blinding light erupted from the sky to the ground, from Kainan to Hendrick.

Hendrick burst into laughter as he saw the light of destruction that erases everything approaching him.

“In the end, you are all the same. “I think you guys are the strongest, and I can’t think of an answer other than the breath you think you guys are strong at.”

-Is this a will, Hendrick?

“No, it’s a funeral song for you, Kainan.”

Hendrick smiled slightly at Kainan, who opened his red eyes looking at him, and swung his sword at the attacking Breath.


Hendrick’s Magi.

To be precise, the demonic energy in his body bursts out and transforms into a dragon.

“Demon dragon.”


Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwazijijik!

-Even words…It doesn’t work….

The black dragon spouting out with a low voice tears Breath to pieces.

Kainan felt fear as he saw the light of destruction, which he thought no one could stop, being cruelly destroyed.


Feeling like death was pressing down on his neck, Kainan immediately flapped his wings and tried to escape from this place.

Contract of the Four Emperors? vow? Nothing like that could restrain the current Kainan.

Nothing could restrain Kainan, but Kainan could no longer fly.


“Where are you going in such a hurry?”


Before he knew it, Kainan was scared to see Hendrick on his back and tried to throw him off, but Hendrick stood firmly on his back and withstood the shaking.



Kainan screamed as he saw the demonic dragon that had torn his breath to shreds appear again on the sword.

-rather! Better kill me as a dragon, Hendrick!

Death as a dragon vs. a dragon.

Kainan was hoping for that.

A final struggle to never want to die defeated in a fight between dragons and humans.

But Hendrick had no reason to listen to that.

“Baal’s body and my soul. That is a mixed blow. “Being half human and half demon, isn’t death a very regrettable death, Kainan?”

-bar…Baal? Why is his name here and now? no way? no way? It can’t be possible!!!

Kainan, who finally came to understand the incredible density and quality of Hendrick’s magical power upon hearing the name Baal, was strongly convinced that his imagination would become reality.

That’s why I started a riot and tried to get out of this place, but it was already too late.

“Gwangma Dragon (狂魔龍).”


A dragon that is a mixture of Hendrick (狂) and Baal (魔).

Gwangma-ryong (狂魔龍).

That’s because it bit off Kainan’s huge neck.

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