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Absolute Necromancer Chapter 191

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Episode 191

Punishment comes down from heaven.

Actually, it wasn’t literal.

‘It’s so big.’

An incredibly large sword.

Because it was punishment.

But even though the sword was very large and very slow, Jinhyeok could not move.

‘There’s a lot of pressure. There’s no point in being slow in the first place. Is it a way to suppress it with divine power so that it can never escape, and at the same time hit it with a special attack that boasts powerful output? It’s ignorant, but it’s a sure method.’

Coo coo coo coo-

The white giant sword is slowly coming down at a rate of 1 meter per second, but Jinhyeok, weighed down by the white sword and the pressure he feels around it, has no choice but to look at it.

In the end, there was only one thing Jinhyuk could do.

‘If it was an attack aimed at killing someone…I can’t help it. ‘I accept the damage.’

An attack to ensure that at least one is dealt with.

In order to block the attack, Jinhyeok took the damage.

“Tam, I’ll make it again after this battle. Let’s all destroy each other.”


The simultaneous destruction of Tom and the White Sword.

As soon as the command was given, the tom, which was in an empty stomach, vomited out everything it had stored inside and rushed at the white giant sword with its mouth wide open.

Coo coo coo coo-

A disaster falling from the sky.

And Tom opens his mouth even though he knows he will die.

The confrontation between the two beings was both reverent and terrifying.

Quasic Quasic Quasic-

The tom’s huge mouth, with its mouth open, moved up and down, chewing the white giant sword, and the white giant sword tore the tom’s mouth and insides even in the process of being eaten.

The end of this cruel scene where everyone ate each other was ‘common annihilation’.


The fragments of the shattered white sword and the energy of the tornado scatter like powder and smoke, creating a haze around the area.

The momentary gap created like that.

“Georyongma Kangtan (巨龍魔强彈).”


Jinhyeok’s bullet squeezed through the gap, cutting through the smoke and shooting towards Haniel beyond it.

‘This will reach him.’

A bullet that also damaged Hamiel, who was wearing the Emperor’s armor.

Jinhyuk had no doubt that it would be a significant blow to Haniel as well.

In fact, the giant dragon demon bullet pierced through the fog of heavy energy created from the remnants of the white sword and Tam and headed precisely between Haniel’s eyes.

However, there is only one difference between Hamiel and Haniel.

Tub- Wuzik-

“It’s a bullet – it’s quite powerful, but…This isn’t enough. “You might want to try a little harder.”

“…This is crazy-”


She was an archangel of the Netach rank.

Unlike the first ‘Sandalphon’ I met during the guild war, this was not the first ‘Haniel’, but considering that Haniel was the leader of a class, it was by no means an ordinary level.

In fact, Haniel caught and crushed the flying Giant Dragon Demon Bullet using only two fingers.

Jinhyuk looked at it with a puzzled look on his face, but soon he straightened up at the sight of Haniel flying in.

“If punitive measures are not enough, there is nothing we can do. “Heavenly punishment.”


Haniel’s movements, which struck like a thunderbolt from the sky, were so fast that the eyes could not catch them.

Looking at the destructive divine power gathering in the hands of Haniel, which was right in front of us, we were doubtful as to whether the divine power was really holy energy, but worrying about it was almost a luxury in the current situation.


“Battle foresight.”

Immediately put on the goblin mask.

Uses the mask’s inherent ability, ‘Battle Precognition’.

In a world slowing down, Jinhyeok’s face hardened as he figured out how Haniel’s next attack would come and what its range would be.

‘…Are you planning to blow up the whole place?’

An attack that is certain to blow away not only the surrounding area, but also the wide area where Ha-Ryu and Miho are.

‘There is no Tom. What needs to be stopped is…I go?’

Toms used as meat shields cannot be recreated.

At least for now.

In the end, the only choice Jinhyeok could make in the face of the attack called ‘Never’s Punishment’ was to block it.



An imperfect, unsafe technology that eats away at your body.

Using it twice in a row was a no-brainer, but Jinhyuk had no choice but to use it.

“Onii-sama, leave that attack to us.”

“huh! “We’ll stop it!”

“…downstream? Miho?”

Until Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho got in the way between Jin-Hyuk and Haniel.

“Both of you blood-”

“It’s already too late. “If we don’t stop it anyway, the timing won’t be right.”

“I trust you and Miho!”

They tried to evacuate the two people, but as Ha-ryu said, it was too late to do so now.

Haniel’s attack is right around the corner, and if you try to run away now, all that’s left is the ‘Never’s Punishment’ attack spreading across an enormous range.

“…I don’t assist.”

“That’s enough.”

Jinhyeok stopped the circle and raised his spiritual power.

Haryu smiled, nodded, and opened his eyes.

A world beyond battle prognosis.

-If you try several times after the first entry, the side effects are significant.

‘Because now is the time to do it.’

-…do whatever you want. I will help you.

‘Thank you, a proper thank you is after everything – I’ll do it again then.’

Mach’s realm.

Downstream once again set foot there.

As the Dragon Slayer Sword said, continuous entry would be poison to the lower class that should grow in the future, but it was a luxury to worry about the future with the Archangel of Netach in front of him.

-I know that he is an archangel of the Netach rank.

‘How is it?’

-It’s a monster. That guy probably isn’t the archangel he was when he was with my former master. However, from generation to generation, the archangels of the Netzha, Tiphareth, and Geburah grades were all of the Binah grade.

‘…If you say that, I don’t understand.’

There is no way for the lower class of goblins to know the ranks and grades of the Elyos.

In the first place, there were very few people in the entire tower who knew the ranks of the Elyos and Demons or the names of the Giants and Dragons as they grew up.

I spent my entire childhood in the village, and at the end of the day, I fell downstairs to the first floor due to the destruction of the village.

It’s natural not to know.

The dragon slayer sighed and briefly told him about Bina’s level.

-It is two levels lower than the Emperor.

‘…It’s a monster.’

Chief of a tribe.

He is also the head of the Elyos clan among the Four Emperors who control the entire tower.

A rank just two levels below that of the Elyos?

There would be no monster like that.

Ha-Ryu immediately understood and looked at Haniel from within Maha’s realm.

“Ugh- the snow….”

-Don’t look too deeply. You’re only looking at the outside. They are an Elyos who have lived for a long time. Of course, his internal information would be too much information for you who have just entered the realm of Mach. Just focus on his attacks!

Ha-Ryu took his eyes off Haniel, who seemed to be nothing more than a huge chunk of information and energy, and focused on the ‘Heavenly Punishment’ in Haniel’s hand.

Some, not all.

Among them, Ha-ryu, who was able to look at Haniel with greater ease thanks to focusing only on the energy gathered in his hands, was able to identify the center of Heavenly Punishment.


“That’s right, right?”

-It looks like that. Stab accurately. If it’s too slow, it will explode before it reaches the source.

“…Phew – I’ll go then.”

Ha-ryu’s hand, having made an understanding and decision in the time that slowed down in the prediction of battle, was divided into ten, or perhaps a hundred, rests on the handle of the sword.

And as soon as his hand goes up to the handle of the sword, a thrust with extreme speed is unleashed from the hand of the lower-ranked sword.

“…Lightspeed Sword – Heart Stab.”

There are three techniques that can be performed with a normal sword.

It is safe to say that all sword techniques are derived from these three.

Crosscut, longitudinal cut, stab.

Two slashes and one stab.

Among them, Haryu chose stabbing.

A thrust with extreme speed.

In this situation, it is the only way to penetrate the source of Haniel’s ‘celestial punishment’ and cause only a moderate explosion.


The special power of stabbing is added to the originally fast light speed sword, and as the name of the technique calls heart stabbing, the accuracy of targeting only one part is added.

“…It’s annoying. “I will not leave it alone.”

Haniel also noticed that Ha-ryu was trying to do something by dividing 1 second into hundreds and thousands.

Although it was a fleeting moment, he knew full well that his attack would return to nothing the moment he was hit by that technique.

However, Haryu did not stop stabbing even after seeing Haniel trying to keep him in check.

“You can’t touch my sister!”

Kaga River!

Miho’s rough touch, which bends and hardens the fingers, shatters and blocks attacks made with divine power.

Haniel’s face hardened at that sight.

“Young things…But that’s not enough.”


However, regardless of the stiff face, Miho alone could not stop Haniel’s strong and numerous checks.

of course-

“Soul Skin. Don’t worry and move on. “My spiritual power can never be pierced by checks or anything like that.”


Jinhyuk didn’t just sit there and watch.

Precisely at the moment Miho’s defense is breached, it covers the stream with spiritual power without interfering with the stream’s movements, thereby protecting the stream from attack.

Haniel looked at Jinhyeok with murderous eyes at that sight, but as those words were cut off, Ha-ryu came in.

“Who are you looking at? “Your opponent is me.”


The eyes and body of Ha-ryu, who had stepped into the realm of Maha, were once again shaking from overload, but the Dragon Slayer Sword arrived at its destination with flying colors.


A core located in the center of a sphere where divine power is highly compressed.

The moment it pierced through, an explosion occurred that swept around Haniel.

Kwaaaaang! * * *

“Cluck-cluck- Downstream! “Are you okay?”

“…I’m fine.”

“Miho is okay too!”

Jinhyeok, who was blown away by the impact of the explosion, waded through the dust cloud to check the safety of Haru and Miho.

Fortunately, the two were able to survive unharmed even though they were closest to the explosion thanks to the soul skin Jinhyuk used at the right time.

“Is it this bad even though it exploded with minimal damage before it was completed?”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue as he looked at the tattered soul skin.

Even though the core was struck and exploded accurately before the completion of the divine punishment, the soul skin made of extremely compressed spiritual power was torn to pieces.

Thanks to this, I survived, but I couldn’t even imagine how powerful the explosion would have been if the Heavenly Punishment had been completed properly.

That’s why Jinhyuk muttered, thinking about what might happen.


“Ahahaha! I’m surprised. I never would have thought that they were aiming for my ‘heavenly punishment’ and not me. And you made it work! “You guys are amazing too!”

“…There’s no way he got hurt.”

Of course, there was a difference between his wishes and reality.

Haniel was fine not just because of his own strength, but because he had enough strength to withstand even if the explosion just occurred at close range.

In fact, Haniel is in better condition than Jinhyuk, Ha-ryu, and Miho, who used soul skins and were far away from the explosion.

The moment Haniel was revealed, looking not just fine but in a good mood –

“…You’re crazy.”

“I can’t do this anymore.”

“Hi, there are too many.”

Three spheres floating next to Haniel.

In other words, Jinhyeok, Ha-ryu, and Mi-ho, who saw the three ‘Celestial Punishment’ waiting states, looked at them with disgusted faces.

It was much smaller and less powerful than before, but that was it when it was completed.

That meant that we had to destroy them again before they grew as big as before, but that was close to impossible.

“…After all, you should use a member-”

“No. Knowing how hard it is on the body…!”

“It’s not important to use too much. You have to use it when you have to use it.”

When Jinhyeok actively considers using Ilwon despite the dissuasion from Ha-Ryu.

“Are we bong?”

“I see.”

Bubble bubbling!

Along with two familiar voices, three ‘Celestial Punishments’ appeared next to Haniel and exploded at the same time.

One was cut and two were smashed.

A small explosion followed by a small explosion and a cloud of dust.

Looking at that, Jinhyuk put off thinking about Ilwon for a moment and smiled.

“It’s late, you latecomers.”

“It’s too late! “Damn, I came right away when I saw you, but you’re such a dick!”

“I agree. I can’t even say thank you, but I’m complaining. Cha Jin-hyuk, it’s a bad habit.”

Of course they-

“Choi Kyung-hoon, Hendrick. “It’s late, but you’re welcome.”

It was Choi Kyung-hoon and Hendrick.

Jinhyeok said as he looked at the situation where all those who had dispersed for the battle with the Four Emperors were gathered together.

“Assemble this…You say that?”

Feeling the reassurance of those around him, Jinhyuk smiled at Haniel.

It was the moment when all the ‘Avengers’ who rebelled against ‘Sky’ gathered together and pointed their swords at ‘Sky’.

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