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Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 155

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The announcement made by my Master Yu wasn’t heard. And it seemed that Hwang Shin-jae, the one I was dealing with, had stepped out of the red circle.

The voice of Short Sword rang in my head.

-So surprised to even say anything.

And it wasn’t long before the voice arrived.

“First… to pass the test.”


Jin Yong was shocked at the voice. When I took off the band around the eyes I could see my opponent dropping down the mouth.

I tried my best to get a close match but it seemed like he had suffered internal injury due to me.

I ended up showing them my best.

‘That shout from a while back.’

I looked to the two men standing on the other side. Standing next to Yun Ja-seo, the head of the first floor, was a handsome tall-looking middle-aged man with hands behind his back.

-Yah, he really resembles you.

-Wonhwi, that person seems to be the Invincible Wind God.

Jin Song-baek, the Invincible Wind God.

One of the Eight Great Warriors and the head of the Storm Shadow Eight Classes. He had a blunt face which held no emotions but the qi he held was overwhelming.

‘That man is my real father…’

It was a strange feeling.

A completely different feeling than when I first met my grandfather.

It made my heart pound faster.

-He is looking at you.

I think I could see that, because I was looking at him too.

He had an expressionless face which made it hard to know what he was thinking. If that voice earlier was him, he knew I hid my skills.

So he was doubting me?

It was embarrassing to stare at this openly and not say a thing.

Right then.


The sword which rose in the air moved across the floor.

When I turned my head, Lee Jung-gyeom, who was taking the test to the right of me, also ended his fight.

The candle was just half burnt and it wasn’t enough to hit the opponent with the sword, but he had the tip of the sword against the neck of Jo Ryong.

And he grinned while looking at me.

-It seems to be his strength, Wonhwi. He managed to overpower the opponent without moving over two steps.

He didn’t move more than 2 steps?

Even with his blindfold on, was it possible to do the same when fighting against a skilled warrior?

Short Sword told me the location of the guy and I could see it clearly once I used the golden eye.

‘It didn’t even matter.’

In terms of talent the guy was the best out there. Rather, I should turn to my father.

The chance to meet him face to face before the third test and I shouldn’t miss this. It was at that time, my path got blocked.

“You are taking the test.”

“I passed the second test.”

“The second test isn’t over until all three are done.”


Did everyone from the 2nd test have to qualify to move to the 3rd test? And it wasn’t an individual one?

“If it isn’t going to happen right away, can I have a talk with the lord?”

“Unless the Lord asks for it, it is impossible.”

‘Damn it.’

It was impossible to meet the guy and even with the chance I was being blocked. I couldn’t push them further.

This was a situation where people were now suspicious of me hiding the skills.

-Do not rush, Wonhwi. You need to pass the 3rd test.

Iron Sword was right. As long as I get chosen, the situation would be resolved.

It was then.

“It seems like I lost.”

And came the voice of Yang Do-bang who admitted defeat. Looking there, I saw Jin Yong gasping for air with the opponent’s foot outside the circle.

“Huh? To think all three have passed it.”

Martial Sword Form Order’s Yu Pa-jang admired it.

At first glance, it looked dangerous but seeing that he passed the test with a bare minimum, he was truly capable.

“Damn it.”

But the first thing he did after seeing us, was put a face of disgust.

He was confident in the past so he couldn’t hide his pride being hurt.

And he turned to Jin Song-baek and immediately bowed to the guy.

-That guy is a funny one.

At that time, the guy conducting the test spoke.

“All three, congratulations on winning this. Let’s take a moment to catch our breath before we go for the third one.”

Finally the third one began.

The man talked about how the play went.

“The final test will be against the three.”

He pointed to the red circle on the ground. There on the stone floor were stone slabs with white powder and black powder on the ground.

It was like the game of Go.

If there was anything else, the floor with the white powder was quite rough.

This time, a red square was also drawn.

“This is the last one. The final test is for you to limit your internal qi and tie your hands behind your back to fight with your feet alone.”

“Us three?”

The guy nodded at my question. I could see why he wanted all three to wait.

“Your feet should have white powder on it and if the body is smeared with black powder then you will be eliminated.”

“And the red line shouldn’t be crossed?”


At the question of Lee Jung-gyeom, the guy nodded. This was more difficult than the previous test.


Jin Yong smiled, probably because of the condition to not use internal qi. He must know that he was inferior to us and with all of us being put on the same level, he must think it was a good chance.

-His mouth seems tight because the lord is here.

He had been silent for sure.

I was a bit embarrassed too but I didn’t think anyone would display arrogance in front of this man. And after changing the position of the incense, we moved.

The location with lines drawn was bigger than the previous one.

“Three people move.”

“You won’t seal the internal qi?”

“I will not do it. However, if you show signs of touching internal qi you will be eliminated right away. Please move with the pride of being a warrior.”

A test in all ways.

Things would be certain if they banned it, but they didn’t. It was nothing short of tempting the other.

“I will tie down my hands.”

And soon with Lee Jung-gyeom who already put his hands back, they began.

Jin Yong looked at the two of us and said, “Do not break the rules.”

Neither of us two responded, making him grit his teeth.


Not caring, I turned to Lee Jung-gyeom.

The guy who was called as the future to the Alliance and had the highest reputation around in the last life. It was an opponent I wanted to compete without any handicap.

“It is unfortunate to compete like this, but this is also fun.”

He smiled at me, it seemed like we both had the same thoughts.


Lastly, my hands had to be tied.

“Please give up the sword and dagger…”

It was before he ended it.


Someone ran up the stairs, he was one of the floor masters. And everyone turned toward the location.

“What is it?”

At the question from Yun Ja-seo, the one who ran up said, “The warriors of the Martial Heavenly Order have surrounded the tower and they are saying they want to come up.”


At those words, I couldn’t hide my shock.

I never expected them to come and surround the tower here.

Jin Yong was puzzled.

“Their head is the Chun Mu-seong right? The Martial Heavenly Sword Emperor?”


Even if it was for Gap Won-chun, I did think there would be a disturbance happening.

But I didn’t think they would move this boldly. And their purpose was clear.

-It is you.

I knew of their secret, so they moved. It seemed like the actions I did had a stronger reaction this time.

-Then the girl?

-I don’t know Short Sword. He could have moved here after missing her.

Damn it!

I felt lost.

How could this guy act up like this?

Baek Hye-hyang’s safety was on the line and now the situation was a mess.

Then, I guess there was nothing to do then.

I used internal qi and cut the ropes which bound my hands.

At this, the one overseeing the test, slammed the spear to the ground.

“What are you doing before the test!”

“I apologize.”


I passed him right away and shouted at Jin Song-baek.

“Lord! There is something to tell you!”


When I headed for him, the warriors of the floor all surrounded Jin Song-bae to protect him.

I wasn’t trying to harm him!

I’d rather just yell out what I know.

“Lord. The head of the Martial Heavenly Order…”


Before I could speak, the loud roar. It was so loud that I felt my ears tremble.


“M-My ears!”

The swordsmen and warriors with weak internal qi knelt down.


And I saw someone I didn’t want to see. Chun Mu-seong. His eyes were scary as he walked right at me.

My ears were ringing bad and I wanted to scream out the truth.


[You want the wench to die?]


I was shocked at the question. Was she caught?

-It could be a lie!

My head was messed up and I hoped that she wasn’t caught.

It could be that man lied to keep me silent and I couldn’t ignore that.

Baek Hye-hyang deliberately lured the guy for me to be safe and at the time he lifted the hand.

‘Damn it.’

A blood stained cloth. The one Baek Hye-hyang was wearing.

[If you don’t want her to die, better keep your mouth shut from now on. Do not even dream of relaying anything.]

I was caught.

At that time, someone walked between the warriors who rushed in.

It was Jin Song-baek, who said.

“Lord Chun. In some cases I have no other choice but to accept this as a disrespect for me and the order.”

It was a voice which was blunt and yet angry. He didn’t explain it, but the man was ready to fight right here.

Chun Mu-seong clenched and told him.

“Lord Jin, the old man, does apologize for the rudeness.”

“This is not something which ends with a simple apology.”

Jin Song-baek said he wasn’t going to accept it and Chun Mu-seong pointed his finger at me and continued.

“If you hand him over, I will formally apologize from one order to another. Or you can even cut off the finger of mine as an apology.”

He said raising the index finger of the right hand. Rather than being ashamed he was standing there proudly.

This made Jin Song-baek frown.

“This is in the middle of the test. And the guy is taking the test…”

Before he could even end it Chun Mu-seong threw something and Jin Song-baek snatched it.

It was a sword with just the blade remaining.

He brought it.

“What is this?”

“The sword the man had. You should know since the test is being conducted.”

Jin Song-baek looked at his men and then Yu Pa-jang frowned. He remembered seeing the sword through the test.

“That guy killed my disciple Mu-Hyuk with that sword!”

Chun Mu-seong spoke like he couldn’t contain the anger within. And the killing intent raged around.

‘This man!’

He was truly cunning.

This was to stop Jin Song-baek from helping me because I killed a disciple of the order under the same Forces.


The people around were shocked

A normal person being killed was enough to make a mess and now I was being framed for killing a disciple of a Lord, and they thought it would be difficult to defend me.

Chun Mu-seong said, “I have lost my only heir. If Lord Jin tries to protect the one who hasn’t yet become an heir, then I will be prepared to risk a war with you too!”

At those words, the faces of those on the Invincible Wind God side hardened. The warriors of Martial Heavenly Order were surrounding the tower. This meant the war was at the advantage of the other side.

Chung Mu-seong looked at me like he won.

It was like saying no matter how much I struggled, I had to die now.


Chun Mu-seong spoke in a low voice.

“If you hand that child over then I will let this matter go. I don’t mind fighting the comrades for justice. So just allow this old man to soothe his anger by the blood of that man.”

Chun Mu-seong bowed his head and Jin Song-baek frowned, not saying anything.

-What do we do, Wonhwi? Seems like you will die.

Short Sword said. At this I sighed and I heard Chun Mu-seong.

[You know very well. You can not escape from death.]

To which I opened my eyes and looked at him.

[Come to think of it, if I die in your hands then it isn’t like I can save the lady right.]

At my words he frowned, it was like it hit the right point.

If I died, then there was no way to save Bae Hye-hyang at all.

They were trying to intimidate me into being silent but what was there to be silent when I knew they would kill all to get their goal?

To which he said.

[You seem afraid to die. Fine. I will spare both of you if you promise to be the disciples of this old man and keep your mouth shut.]

When he changed the words I shook my head.

[You are as good at lying as I am.]


[But you see. I would lose one woman while you would lose a lot of things if the secret is out. What do you say?]

At this his face went stiff and he said.

[Are you actually threatening me?]

I smirked.

[Think of it as saving myself.]

At those words, Chun Mu-seong clicked his tongue.

[Young man you must really want to die. Do you think you can survive from everything?]

[But, I can reveal the secret before I die.]

[I am warning you. If you move or speak even a little you die right here.]

Showing his true colors.


[You are the foolish one who hit the sore spot.]

[There is someone who will protect me.]


As soon as I said It, I took something out of my pocket. As if thinking I was doing something, Chun Mu-seong rushed at me.

His sword was aimed right for my forehead but then someone stood in the way and grabbed him by the wrist.


“Lord Jin!”

It was Jin Song-baek.

Chun Mu-seong couldn’t understand.


What I couldn’t understand was that his own subordinates were shocked. Maybe they didn’t think he would help.


It was a close call. In the hand I raised was the plaque of the Flying Crane Order.

Jin Song-baek asked.

“How does this young warrior have this?”

To which I answered without hesitation.

“My mother’s keepsake.”


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