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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 825

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Episode 825:

Knot (12)

The moment when Song Ha grabbed the handle of Tae Tae and raised his magic power.

An intense sense of déjà vu, as if my entire senses were being split vertically, unfolded before my eyes.


The swordsman’s intention to hold the sword is overlaid as soon as he strikes it.

Immediately after the moment when I could feel a flash of light at the end of the scabbard.

The anticipation that exceeded the limit became a slash and split the pillars of the crematorium ruins vertically.

Damn it!!

The eerie friction sound of the blade goes beyond the senses and rips through Lennok’s body.

A light silver trail sparkled like a star and accelerated down.

A new type of magician that uses blinking to dimly flash on the spot.

However, it was soon pushed backwards and slowly slid across the floor of the crematorium.



However, it was not Lennok who opened his eyes in surprise, but Songha.

“Is that right? “I thought you would avoid it, right?”

“…You’re not wrong.”

Lennok stood up in frustration as he heard those words.

Although he was pushed back and slipped, the damage itself was not serious.

Song Ha’s sword strike was incredibly fast, but if you reacted properly, you could somehow block it.

The problem was that, as Songha said, Lennok did not avoid the sword strike but tried to ‘block’ it.

“You are right. I should have avoided it instead of blocking it. “Your judgment is mixed.”


Songha’s eyes sparkled with interest as he muttered along with Lennok’s words.

“You’re a funnier guy than I thought.”


Song Ha tilted his head back, tightly grasping the handle of Tae Tae.

The moment when pure white hair fell down his forehead and covered his face.

I had a hallucination as if my senses were being sucked back into Songha’s fingertips.

“How about we play a little more until you feel like turning over that papyrus?”


A line of pure white light split the wall of the ruins diagonally, cutting off dozens of ossuaries at once.

A precise sword technique that cuts through gaps the size of a fingernail.

But what is surprising is that he performs such swordsmanship in an attitude that far surpasses his own height.

The moment you hold your stance and repeat the attack, your intention is carried far away by the long blade.

A slash containing both explosive power, distance, precision, and variation is aimed at only one person, Lennok.


Rather than parrying the barrage of slashes, Lennok concentrates on widening the distance by dodging them with blinking.

But in the meantime, Songha seemed to gain confidence when he saw Lennok pause for a moment.


Lightly push the blade to the side to slightly open the space.

Violent wind pressure centered on Songha, spreading ash underfoot.

The swordsman’s new form, which had disappeared through the curtain of ash, instantly appeared in front of Lennok and thrust his sword.


“Are you not a proper magician?”

Songha asked, immediately putting the blade of his attitude on Lennok’s shoulder.

“I’ve been trying to block what I can’t stop and accept what I can avoid.”

With his attitude reversed, he extended the tip of his sword and struck Lennok’s chest.

“This is the reaction of a very experienced warrior rather than a magician. “I try to deliberately twist the composition, but my body doesn’t move.”

It’s not wrong.

In fact, the fact that Lennok was able to take Song Ha’s sword strikes several times was not the way Lennok had originally thought.

The supernormal abilities of the monk that he was forced to acquire in connection with the Gwangrae Muhaegung remain in Lennok’s body and are responding.

Songha immediately noticed Lennok’s subtle reaction and realized where the gap came from.

“I’m really curious as to why a warrior like you has become so weak and why you’re learning specialty techniques.”

Songha tilted his head and asked.

“Did you have some kind of Geass attached to your body?”

“That’s something I’d rather ask.”

Lennok replied, glancing at the blade resting on his shoulder.

No matter how I looked at it, it was clear that the thinking and reasoning abilities that Song Ha was currently displaying were not operating according to the limitations he acknowledged.

“It doesn’t make sense to split one’s intelligence into three and still maintain that level of thinking ability. “If you had the intelligence to do that, you wouldn’t be able to use that ability like that.”

“Are you complimenting me?”

“No way.”

Lennok scoffed.

“The fact that you only understand what I say is proof that your Geass is not completely under control.”

If intelligence were to be quantified, what would be the standard?

At what point do we become able to understand speech, use language, learn letters, and have conversations?

In this world where all kinds of weirdos and monsters run wild, such standards cannot exist in the first place, and even if they did, they are useless.

Nevertheless, Lennok was convinced that the conditions that Songha ‘constrained’ his intelligence were different from what he thought.

“You left the restrictions and adjustments to control the alter ego’s superpowers to someone else.”

Lennok sneered.

“Have you decided to live your whole life as someone else’s tool without even considering or contemplating your own talents?”

“…well. “I’m stupid and don’t know much about that.”

Song Ha muttered with an expressionless face.

“Not a very interesting thing to say. “I don’t want to listen to it for too long.”

The moment Songha muttered that and strengthened the hand holding Tae Tae.


A pure white coffin fell in front of Lennok.

A pure white coffin appeared through the air and fell with a loud noise.


The door of the coffin opened, and Inyoung, whose entire body was covered in pure white light, staggered out.

The appearance was cracked and broken into small pieces, and the shape of a pure white gauntlet worn on the right arm.

“It’s not real. Is this a ghost?”

Songha, who was looking at Hwashin closely with a frown on his face, muttered.

“I see… It’s a type of Avatar. “I’ve heard of this type of technique.”


Dozens of magical threads surged up and wrapped around the body of the incarnate body that walked out of the pure white coffin.

At the same time as the magician is stretched and contracted, the incarnation takes a stance guided by Lennok’s hand gestures.

The image of an incarnate body that no longer moves due to the reaction of being designated as an apostle who resided in the body of Arae.

However, if you use the priest’s authority to forcibly stimulate the Avatar, there are many ways to use it in battle.

The trick of attaching a magician to the body of an incarnation and manipulating it like a doll.

Lennok was planning to test it out here with Song Ha.

“When I think about it, I think Ethan said something similar.”

Songha nodded and said, putting his hand on Taesang again.

“good. “Shall we check how powerful the military city’s avatar is?”


As soon as he finished speaking, a blurry, distorted sword strike fell on the head of the incarnation.

The overwhelming length is enough to sever not only the new form of the incarnation but also the form of Lennok holding the magician.

However, the incarnation’s reaction was completely different from Lennok.

He crosses both arms, points the gauntlet upward, and catches Song Ha’s sword strike on the spot.


As the blade and the gauntlet clashed, a shock wave erupted, echoing everywhere, and the Avatar’s body trembled greatly and scattered.


The incarnate body is twisted, spilling out fragments of the spiritual body like a piece of glass collapsing.

However, the Hwashin did not care and twisted the body that had collapsed on its axis and peeled the body under the blade.

The incarnate body rolled around, stood up, and ran towards Song Ha without hesitation.

With two steps, the new form of the incarnation accelerates in an instant.

He swung his gauntlet at Songha’s face, whose complexion changed dramatically, and struck a dead blow. The martial arts of


acquired in the battle with Eight Ban Ilgeop

(一迲), are explosively reproduced following the movements of the incarnate body.

The silent remnants that surrounded the gauntlet rose like a whirlwind and swept away Song Ha’s new form.


The cavity of the crematorium site shook greatly, and ash and rock fragments flew everywhere.

A sword light flashed through the acrid smoke and enveloped the new form of the incarnation.

Kaga River!!!

The shadows of the incarnation and the swordsman crossed and collided in all directions of the smoke-filled ruins.

The broken and scattering spirit fragments and the sword energy of the attitude playing among them filled the sky.

“Okay, this is it.”


Song-ha, who turned over in the air and grabbed Tae-tae, nodded blankly as if he understood.

“It was because he could move like this that he took such an ambiguous attitude.”


A pure white gauntlet is stuck in Songha’s solar plexus as she falls upside down.

However, instead of receiving the incarnation’s blow, Song Ha twisted his body and forcibly changed its axis.

A miracle that changes the direction and trajectory of the body in the air without any support.


The moment when Songha’s expression became cold and the thoughts emanating from her fingertips were transformed into the form of a microcosm.

His stance, which was longer than his height, was carried into the scabbard as is.

[Gwirae (歸來): Reverse sword]

Not a straight sword, but a lead sword.

Instead of standing with your feet on the ground, turn your body upside down in the air.

The moment when the swordsman performed all the processes required to swing the sword in reverse order.


As if a sword strike had been pulled out from within the body of the incarnation, it was wrapped around Song Ha’s attitude.

A strange scene that seems to be reversing the sword strike that was struck at the opponent.

At that moment, the incarnated body could no longer move and collapsed helplessly, shedding fragments of the spiritual body.


“Whoa whoa…!!”

Songha, who exhaled with difficulty, coughed and looked back at Lennok.

His complexion suddenly became pale, perhaps because he had overexerted himself in order to quickly neutralize the incarnation.

“It’s a great skill. But the strength of the avatar is so weak that my judgment is pushed back one beat at a time.”


“Since the microcosm has been mixed, it will be difficult to move for a while. I don’t know how avatars work, but-”


Songha said, taking his stance and aiming it at Lennok.

“papyrus. “I’ll have to take it.”

The reaction of Lennok, who had completely avoided the battle with Songha.

Now that the only incarnation capable of hand-to-hand combat has been disposed of with an imager, there is no helper to protect him.

Moreover, the opponent is a physically capable person with a high level of hierarchy that can use the microcosm as an alter ego.

But even though Lennok knew that, he raised his gaze.

Lennok muttered as he noticed that the crack on the ceiling of the ruins was slowly growing in size.

“I guess this is enough.”



At that moment, the ceiling and walls of the ruins cracked and water began pouring down.

It was the beginning of a small crack, but the ceiling and walls of the crematorium ruins cracked and water began to pour down.

Songha, who immediately saw the aftermath and cause, opened his mouth with a blank expression.

“uh…. “Is that something I did?”

The cracks in the ruins that had been cut down by Songha were forcibly widened and damaged.


As the crematorium site is located deep beneath the river, the water pressure pouring into it is also explosive.

In the blink of an eye, the pouring water rose up to the neck and filled the ruins, completely submerging them.


Songha looking back at Lennok with a surprised expression in the water.

Lennok also sank into the water, faced Songha, and slowly put his hands together.


At the same time as the magic power is raised, a cold chill spreads out around Lennok.

A magic power so cold that it can be felt through the river water and onto Songha’s skin.

Songha immediately took control and raised his magic power, but Lennok’s magic, which had finished chanting, was one step faster.

Freeze-type unique magic

environment modeling: Freeze-

weighted chant

[Cold Spirit Intoxication Realm (冷領鑄迫界)]


The water near Lennok suddenly froze, and even the waterway where Songha was located came to a standstill.

An area of several tens of meters around the area of the historic site where the two people were located froze and turned into a huge block of ice.

“Oh, the car!!”

Songha raised his magical power to escape the ice that had trapped him.

What was more important than that was that the incarnation body from behind Song Ha’s back hugged his body tightly.


Was the creation of the ice prison an ulterior motive to close the distance with Hwashin so naturally and unnoticed?

He must be thinking of chanting a magic trick through Hwashin and inserting it directly into Songha’s body.

“Do it if you can.”

Song Ha said, gritting his teeth and tightening his stomach.

“I can withstand any number of destruction techniques or curses!”

The idea itself was very ingenious, but if you hold on just this once, you can cut through the ice and capture Lennok right away.

With the type and power of the spell that can be used at such a distance, it should be possible to withstand it at least once.

“I guess so.”

Lennok laughed.

“But what about augmentation techniques?”


Change in nature of

lightning-type unique magic augmentation system

[Shinshin (余雷身)]

[Library’s Three Poles (思瑞三極)]

Don’t miss it…!!!

A sharp, powerful thought struck the top of Songha’s head like a thunderbolt.

An augmentation technique that activates physical abilities and reflexes and increases reaction speed.

The Third Revision of the Augmentation Magic that Lennok had previously developed.

An incomprehensible eccentricity in that the magic used on Songha for the first time was an augmentation technique that raised his abilities.

“for a moment…!!”

However, Songha’s reaction to receiving the augmentation magic was more violent than any attack she had ever seen.

The appearance of the prosecutor shaking his head and shouting, as if his eyes were spinning.

“Stop it, what is this!!”

“It’s an augmentation spell that increases reflexes and thinking speed, and when used on someone with the ability to create alter egos, the reaction is especially violent.”

Lennok looked at Songha and smiled.

“Probably because the basic conditions are different from other alter egos, making it difficult to maintain this ability anymore.”

“Stop damn it!!!”

“If you deploy this expedient method in the right place, you can easily neutralize it without having to put in a lot of effort.”

Lennok, who tilted his head back, unfolded the magic arrow and threw it over his head.

“I don’t know if you understand what I explained.”

Lennok experimented with Yeoreisin on Armand, a self-immolator who was working at the city council, and confirmed various side effects.

Among them, Lennok remembered that the third improved version of the Four Gods, the Three Gestures, makes the existence of the alter ego unstable.

At the last moment, instead of destroying or killing Songha’s alter ego, he chose to pour in a buff and shake its existence.


Damn it!!

The moment when the ice chunk rose rapidly and the air pressure changed explosively, shaking Songha’s alter ego and turning it upside down.

A chunk of ice shot up from hundreds of meters below the river, bursting into a huge water column above the water.


* * *

“I remember you already told me enough.”

The military city of Yorta. The Grand Judgment Hall located on the first basement level.

A huge cavity that is currently used as a prison to imprison Pandemonium’s special magicians.

Nymel was sitting there in place of Lennok, who was away, and handling the work she was supposed to do.

Now that the spirits of the requiem are away, problems have arisen in the city’s external affairs.

Her job is to deal with external forces coming from outside Yorta.

“Yorta’s position on this situation does not change.”

Nymel quietly lowered his head towards the person behind the mirror and said.

“We will ban outsiders visiting the city and will not announce an official position until we understand the issue.”

[It seems like the words just kept going round and round.]

A harsh female voice rang out from beyond the mirror.

[I am just saying that there is no reason to wait for that position. You will get better.]


Sitting beyond the mirror is the figure of a middle-aged woman wearing a military uniform.

He was sitting crookedly, holding a half-burned cigarette in one hand, looking at me with a murderous expression.

The scars carved haphazardly on her face gave her the air of a fierce soldier.

[This is not a request for permission or cooperation, but rather a notification. I’ll say it for the last time.]

A woman in military uniform said, putting a cigarette to her mouth.

[We, the eastern garrison of the Deadrise 4th Legion, plan to deploy troops to resolve the chaos in Yorta and stabilize the city.] Nymel, who has already completed

gathering information on the warlords and forces around Yorta, has already figured out who the opponent is. I knew it.

Deadrise 4th Legion. A part of the military enterprise that is stationed on the outskirts of the central front and spreads influence throughout the continent.

And the woman chewing a cigarette on the other side of the mirror was the general leading the entire 4th Corps and a veteran commander who had gone through countless battles.

[Send the landing force to build a bridge over the Headrain River and deploy the mobile unit first. We will sequentially bring in troops to investigate the situation.]

The woman’s yellow eyes stared at Naimel.

[We will station the troops in the central district of Yorta and meet directly with the leadership to hear the objection.]


Before answering that question, Nymel frowned with a tired look.

The corps commander who puts pressure on her without hesitation is also a difficult opponent, but she is not the only problem.

The forces that received the news that the memorial tower collapsed and the ancient spirits were awakened are probably heading to this city in a similar way.

The heroic spirits who have taken over the authority of the city must continue this struggle against external forces targeting Yorta.

But what is important right now is to somehow overcome the decision of the commander who has gone through all these difficult battles.

The moment when Nymel slowly opened his mouth while thinking that.


The barrier on the first basement level split on both sides as if shattered, and someone walked in from outside.

A shadow robe whose entire body was soaked. The presence of a wizard wearing a transparent obsidian mask.

Nymel quickly turned his head and frowned when he saw Lennok’s appearance.

“I shouldn’t have told you the location to make a loud comeback like this.”

“It’s none of my business.”

Lennok responded and threw away the block of ice he was dragging behind his back.

“More than that, I caught this from the bottom of an underground river, check it out.”

[Are you the magician of pandemonium who smoked that shit in Yorta?] The

4th corps commander laughed, spitting out smoke beyond the mirror.

[That’s interesting. Why would the heroic spirits of Yorta let you roam freely like this instead of arresting you-]


The moment Naimel was shocked to see Songha drenched and drooping, Lennok responded indifferently.

“They say he’s the general of Deadrise. He’s a self-immolator who calls himself Songha.”


At that moment, the expression of the 4th Corps Commander, who was looking at the figure through the mirror, changed strangely.

[Captain Songha?]

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