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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 134

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Episode 134 [Blessing the whole world (7)]

Park Sa-cheol spread his hands towards the corpse. Black mana flowed from his hands.

Now there was no need to touch it.

The lying corpse began to rise.

One, two, three…

The bodies continued to rise. The number that had been the limit so far has been exceeded.

The ice attached to the corpse poured onto the floor.

At that moment,


The door bounced inward.

The door that bounced flew backwards, knocking down several bodies that had risen.


The door hit the wall and fell, and the fallen body got up again.

People came inside.

There were people Park Bak-cheol knew and there were people he did not know.

There were generals he kept as toys, and there were awakened people he planned to kill next.

But the people who led them were not people he knew.

The man and woman he had never seen before were standing at the front of the group.

“Are you late…”

A man wearing sunglasses was clicking his tongue.

Next to him was a young woman with strange makeup, but she was looking as white as if she was about to faint at any moment.

The man seemed to be the leader.

“Kick, is that you? “What caused a fuss?”

Sa-cheol seemed to know who he was.

The assassin who shot him during the day. And the terrorist who fired a shell at the President’s Palace a little while ago. I do

n’t know how, but they even cut off his power.

But that didn’t matter now.

All his power was restored. . He got stronger. And he continues to get stronger now.

The worries from a moment ago were meaningless now.

He was now someone that no one could surpass.

He pointed his finger at the man wearing sunglasses.

“Giggle, kill me.”

Take the lead . The standing corpses began to run forward. The frozen, stiff bodies became faster and faster. Some

created fireballs from their hands and had electric lights flashing from their heads.

The attack was focused on Kyung-hoon, who was in the lead.

– To reduce damage. We have to hurry!

Hearing Eve’s voice, Gyeonghoon took out his sword.

The emblem engraved on the Samjeonggeom sparkled beautifully even under the dark light.

Gyeonghoon ran forward.

Flames attacked Gyeonghoon and electricity passed through him, but Gyeonghoon did not stop.

Gyeong-hoon collided with the leader of the corpses.


The next moment, the corpses were flying all over the place, limbs flying in all directions

. There was no blood to be seen.

It looked like pieces of wood had been cut off and scattered in the air. Like

a lion jumping into a flock of sheep.

Gyeong-hoon was running at him. The corpses of the awakened people were swept away.

Park Sa-cheol frowned when he saw Gyeong-hoon like that. It was a ridiculous sight.

The corpses were breaking down, creating new corpses, but it seemed difficult for the corpses to remain like this.

But he wasn’t really worried.

Just time . All I had to do was earn it. The strength building up inside my body was making all worries unnecessary.

“Everyone go. Catch him.”

He sent the corpses standing around to Kyung-Hoon.

As the corpses moved, his figure caught the eyes of the Awakened. He

seemed to be paying too much attention to the Awakened, who did not look like a human.

A gap appeared.

“Shoot! This is your chance!”

At the shout of an awakened person, the awakened people started shooting at him.


Bullets rained down on him.

Ting tiding ting

But all the bullets that rained down were blocked.

The woman standing next to the iron sand, the corpse he cherished. They were all blocked by their hands.

“It’s ridiculous. They can block it even from this distance…”

All of the awakened people who shot were dumbfounded.

“Kikiki, didn’t you know why she was called the best awakened person in the Republic? Why is her “Didn’t you know why her father carried her around and why the great leader comrade carried her around?”

He brushed his fingers around the woman’s neck.

“She is an iron shield that can block any attack! Kyakyakya!”

He laughed maniacally at the dumbfounded awakened people.

He then laughed at Lieutenant General Lee Seong-hyeok.

“Thanks to Father Thorn, I have the best bodyguard. Even though he has become my enemy, I will keep my father-in-law by my side after he dies. Together with my daughter, I will have my father-in-law by my side.” “I think it would be fun to make him lick the soles of his feet. Kyakyakyakya.”

He laughed excitedly at the general.

But the general did not respond to his sneer.

He just quietly raised his gun.

“It’s no use. The person who knows best…”

“I know. I know very well.”

As he said, the general knew her characteristics very well.

‘I have awakened too! Is this the first time two family members have awakened? Moreover, I have obtained the characteristics I wanted!’

‘It’s a trait that allows me to protect the person I want in any situation! Abai is always dangerous. I’ll protect him by my side!’

It seemed as if his daughter’s bright voice was coming to his ears again.

He aimed the gun.

But he wasn’t aiming at Park Ja-cheol.

The gun was pointed at his daughter. The trigger was pulled



A bullet entered the arm holding the knife. .


A hole was made in her arm, and the knife flew backwards.

Everyone who watched the scene made bewildered expressions.

A hole was made in her arm, but she could not even swing the knife properly, let alone defend herself.

Bang! Bang!

Another bullet. was fired. This time it was both legs.

She fell to the floor.

She was helplessly incapacitated.

The general looked at his daughter who was lying on the floor with sad eyes.

People did not know.

Her characteristics were just that she It was only exercised for the sake of the person it was trying to protect.

It was so amazing, but it was a power that could not have been equaled by half a piece.

‘I am so happy!’

But my daughter was smiling so brightly,

“Just stop it!”

Park Sa-cheol was surprised and called back some of the corpses to block his path.

Then, he raised all the corpses lying down and sent them to the awakened people. He

intended to put an end to them all.

But this time, his thoughts did not come true.

The corpses that were running After seeing this, the girl raised her hand and said,

“You worked hard. You can take a break.”

With a pitiful voice, beautiful light began to flow from the girl’s hand.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu anything.

The awakened people behind her looked at the light with reverential eyes.

But Mr. Park covered his face with his hand. The light made him feel sick. It felt like his body was being dismantled one by one and his insides were being examined.


was difficult to bear.

He distorted his face. Black veins ran down his face.


The light disappeared. The corpse that was running towards the awakened people. He could no longer see the corpses.

He tried to raise the corpses again.

But there were no corpses left.

That couldn’t have been possible. He had hundreds of corpses.

‘What happened to that guy?’

He forced his head to turn.


The last remaining corpses were falling to pieces.

He looked around the warehouse with a bewildered expression.

Hundreds of corpses were all broken and crushed.

It was all the work of one awakened person.

He couldn’t believe it

. There was an awakened person.

This was something that no human could do. Neither

the army nor the monster had ever seen anyone with this kind of power.

Even with their current strength, it seemed impossible to deal with them. They didn’t have enough strength.


I couldn’t give up. He said.

If he didn’t have enough strength, all he had to do was gather more strength.

Mana was still constantly surging around him. All he had to do was gather all this strength and soar to a higher place.

He began to gather all the power in the world.


Kyung-hoon clicked his tongue as he looked at the man who was laughing out loud.

It was too late.

Eve was right. I had to hurry up a bit more.

-The necromancer is self-destructing.

The man left alone had his face and entire body covered with black blood vessels. He no longer seemed like a complete human being.

-It was not a situation for secondary evolution. The control of the necromancers in this world was also broken. It evolved beyond what the body could accept and eventually began to collapse.

Kyung-hoon and Eve came to Pyongyang to prevent this scene.

A similar thing happened in the other world during the cataclysm.

It didn’t happen in Pyongyang, but thanks to this, a city that used to gush out mana turned into a city of death.

-Fortunately, it collapsed early so there doesn’t seem to be that much pollution.

“You monster! die!”


The awakened people, horrified by the change in appearance, fired guns at the man covered in black veins.

Perhaps due to the increased level, the dark shield seemed to block some of the bullets, but soon the shield shattered and a hole opened in the man’s body. My chest was pierced and my legs were torn apart.

“Hahaha I’m invincible.”

The place where the chest was pierced was covered with a black shadow, and in place of the exploded leg, black mana grew like a tentacle.

I felt like I couldn’t even call myself human anymore.


Black tentacles wrapped themselves in all directions. The stone floor was rotting and the air was stained black.

-We need to escape. You are now free from creatures that can be killed. It will soon turn into the mana of death and cover the area.

“But you still have to do what you have to do.”

Kyung-hoon adjusted his sword and held it. The sword began to glow brightly.

-Congratulations. There are only a few days left until the next level.

Mana was also flowing into Gyeonghoon.

Meanwhile, in this world, it was impossible for Gyeonghun to rise in rank.

But now things have changed.

Now the amount of mana in that world and this world has become the same. Both dimensional and spatial movement can now be used at the same time.

Kyunghoon jumped forward.

Mana tentacles flew towards Kyung-hoon, but they were all destroyed by the swing of the sword.

The blackened air surrounded Gyeonghoon, but it could not pierce his defense shield.

Kyung-hoon arrived in front of the man who had now turned into a monster.

“Kakakaka! Everyone die! Bow down to me!”

It was a monster that screamed excitedly even when its throat was pierced.


Gyeonghoon swung his sword.

“Kakaka. I am…Kek.”

A head covered with black blood vessels floated up.


Black mana tentacles protruded from the severed neck again.

Just as Eve had said, it seemed impossible to kill.

Kyung-hoon had no choice but to step back.

In an instant, the lieutenant general He retreated to where he was and placed a corpse in front of the lieutenant general.

The last remaining moving corpse, still squirming.

It was the general’s daughter.


The tentacles were now pouring out into the surroundings as black smoke.

The corpse was melting and the stone was rotting. I went in.

“I have to leave. “You can’t stop that.”

At Kyung-hoon’s words, the awakened people rushed out of the warehouse.

But the general did not move.

While looking at his daughter, he asked Dahee a favor.

“Please let my daughter rest.”

Dahee came over and stood next to the body.

She folded her hands and prayed.

May you rest comfortably in a sanctuary somewhere.


A beautiful light began to spread out.

The body that had been twitching became quiet.

The distorted face became peaceful. It was as if he was smiling.

Light emanated from her lying body. Then her body turned into a small swell and began to rise into the sky.

Her pieces, which turned into light particles like feathers, wrapped around the general’s body and flew into the sky.


The general looked up at the sky.

Although only the blocked ceiling was visible, he felt as if he was looking through the ceiling and into the sky where his daughter had ascended.

There was nothing left on the floor.

Kyung-hoon spoke hurriedly. Black smoke was billowing right in front of us.

“Let’s go now. It’s dangerous. “You too, get on my back.”


“no. “I’m not going.”

But the two shook their heads.

The lieutenant general had a tired face that had put everything aside. He wanted to rest now.

But the other one had a completely different face.

“This is something I have to stop. “It’s something only I can do.”

Her face was full of determination.

Of course, her tightly clenched hands were trembling slightly, but her expression did not show the slightest disturbance.

Kyung-hoon looked at Da-hee for a moment and sighed.

The number of people who did not listen was increasing.


Kyung-hoon drew his sword again. I had no intention of leaving it behind this time.

“try. “I will protect you.”


Dahee smiled brightly.

She stretched out both hands.

Black smoke rushed in front of her.

Dahee was scared.

The black smoke moved around and created shapes.


Dying awakened people.

Her . The experimenters begged her to let them die.

Many awakened people and monsters who died in front of her screamed.

The nightmares that had continued to torment her after being rescued took shape and unfolded before her.

It was an illusion.

She knew it was an illusion . But my hands were shaking.

The light coming out was shaking wildly.

‘Please. I don’t want to. Please help me.’

She screamed. Tears poured out.

All the nightmares from her past came pouring in.

She fought hard, but she couldn’t win. Her trauma tried to swallow her.


Just as she was about to give up.

A warm feeling on her shoulder. A hand was placed on her.

A deep voice that was pleasant to hear sounded in her ear.

“Don’t worry. I’m protecting you. You’re safe.”

At that moment.

The illusion was broken.

He was protecting her. The illusion was no longer scary.

The illusion kept screaming at her, but she was able to face it. The

scary scene now looked different. To everyone. I felt sorry and felt sorry for everyone.

She wanted to save them.

She spurted out mana.

A beautiful light erupted from her hand.

The light pushed away the black smoke.

The mana erupted into a beautiful light. Colors began to appear.

The inside of the warehouse was filled with light.

And a beautiful light spread out from Pyongyang from the Presidential Palace.

People who were trembling in fear looked out the window. Soldiers who

were confronting each other with guns put down their guns.

The awakened people who were running away had blank faces. I looked up at the sky.

The tanks advancing toward Pyongyang stopped and fighter jets landed on the runway.

That night, for the first time, the North Korean people learned what a miracle peace was.

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