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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 203

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Episode 203 [ Monarch (4) ]

A wave of monsters rushed into the dark platform.

The platform was dark. The only light was from the sword Kyung-hoon was holding.

On one side, there was a thin light flowing along the blade, but the half-sword held in the other hand had a long, bright light.

The rat men jumped towards the light and the light swung towards the monsters.


A long line was drawn and the monsters were cut away.

The leader of the monsters was swept away.


Kyung-hoon looked at the sword and clicked his tongue.

“Even though I reduced my strength, it’s still like this.”

There were cracks on the surface of the blade, not only the half-sword but also the newly drawn sword.

-I think I need to get a new weapon.

Kyung-hoon stepped back while listening to Eve.


Dozens of Ratmen were annihilated at once, but monsters surged over the dead monsters.

“This really looks like a wave.”

It was much scarier than movies where zombies pour in.

But not all monsters attacked. Some ratmen moved towards the wall. This was where the mana bomb was placed.

-Mana Bomb has been discovered. It self-destructs.


As the bomb exploded, nearby monsters flew in all directions.

“As expected, I was sensing mana.”


Gyeonghoon said, swinging his sword.

-It seems difficult to use the Mana Bomb as a trap.

“I expected that the spider robot would be caught.”

Anyway, the mana bomb was just to kill time and confirm one thing.

Kyung-hoon could see mana coming out of some of the shattering monsters and entering other monsters.

“Is it impossible to kill after all?”

Among the waves of monsters, there were monsters with different mana. The mana they all had was the same, and their mana moved as if it were one.

In Gyeonghoon’s eyes, the ratmen with that mana looked like monarchs themselves.

The rat men with that mana were the monarchs, and all the rat men through which mana could be transferred were the soil for the monarchs to live on.

-So, in the end, you have to kill all the rat men to kill the monarch.

“I don’t think there were any monarchs among those who came to Washington. “It seems there is a distance limit.”

-This is not very helpful information in the current situation.

Kyung-hoon and Eve had a conversation as they ran up the stairs.

The platform was already covered with monsters, and Ratmen were climbing the stairs following Kyung-hoon.

bang! bang!

The mana bombs installed on the platform continued to explode. Eve exploded a mana bomb that was discovered.

“He’s at the level of a monarch, so he won’t just share mana, right?”

-From what I’ve heard so far, his survivability is outstanding among monarchs, but that’s not the end of his life.

“good. Let’s find out what abilities you have even if you run away.”

There was nothing to worry about for Kyung-hoon.

The underground plaza, which turned into a maze, was perfect for a sneak attack on the enemy.

Kyung-Hoon crossed the maze and cut down monsters. In particular, we focused on dealing with ratmen with monarch mana.

As the monsters died and the manas traveled in all directions in search of their bodies again, the underground plaza, which was like a maze, gradually became filled with monsters.

Kyung-hoon was increasingly pushed to one place.

An underground parking lot in a building connected to an underground plaza. This was where Isabel lived.

Kyung-hoon, standing in the center of the parking lot, threw the half-sword he was holding on the floor.


The sword shattered as it fell to the floor.

He couldn’t withstand Gyeonghoon’s mana.

The entire blade of the other sword was cracked. I didn’t think I could last much longer.

This time, he wasn’t able to kill the enemy as much as he had used overcharge, but Kyung-hoon wasn’t that disappointed. Anyway, I couldn’t handle the large army of Ratmen alone.

Moreover, the attacks so far have been aimed at luring the enemy.

“Are you finished installing it?”


Drones with robotic arms gathered around Kyunghoon.

These drones were different from the agile drones that Kyung-hoon had sent out for reconnaissance. They were all construction drones made to install facilities and equipment.

Kyung-hoon sent the drones to this parking lot first to plant the bomb.

“You may have recognized the mana bomb, but would you be able to recognize the military C4 bomb as well?”

Huge amounts of C4 explosives were installed on each pillar in the parking lot.

Gyeonghoon held the Samjeonggeom with both hands.

He hasn’t put any mana into the sword yet. If I made a mistake, the sword might break before I could even fight.

-If the Samjeonggeom is this good, the sniper rifle will also be problematic.

Kyunghoon sighed.

Kyung-hoon stood in the middle of the parking lot and waited for the monsters.

But the monsters did not appear right away.

“Why aren’t you coming?”

While Kyung-hoon was wondering, the footsteps of monsters were heard from afar.

thud! thud! thud!

The footsteps were not as disorderly as before. It was a regular sound of footsteps, as if they were on beat.

After a while, monsters were seen in the passageway connected to the subway.

“Oh my…”

-That’s… an army of knights.

Ratmen dressed in armor were coming in in line, holding shields in front of them.

The sight of hundreds of knight-level Ratmen wearing leather armor and matching helmets was truly spectacular.

Ratman knights lined up in the aisle.

– Did they realize that they couldn’t deal with regular rat men, so they only sent knight-level players?

“No, it’s not that simple.”

Eve couldn’t tell, but the monsters’ mana was visible in Gyeonghoon’s eyes.

The mana rising from the monsters was connected as one. That was the reason why monsters could move the same way without any slogans. They were one. Everyone was a monarch.


The knights stamped their feet at the same time.


Mana gained momentum and rushed forward. The wind blew.

Instinct, regret, death. All kinds of painful

images poured into Kyung-hoon’s head. It was an image not different from the one I felt when I first saw the earth dragon. However, the images were more persistent and touched more nature.

You don’t want to die, right? Do you want to live? Why should you sacrifice for others? Isn’t it okay to live no matter what?

The images kept pouring out these questions.

Kyunghoon’s expression changed.

He opened his mouth in a firm voice.

“Is this how you corrupt people?”

Now I think I know why the last survivors and awakened people abandoned their comrades and became monsters.

Awakened people and survivors who fought against monsters were constantly exposed to these images. They were exhausted and could not overcome the monarch’s temptation.


Kyung-hoon also stamped his foot.


Mana surged from his body.


The wind collided in front of Kyunghoon.

It was an image that had never worked before. Now it was just child’s play. The image disappeared like a bubble.

“I received something, so I should repay it.”

Kyung-Hoon swung his brightly shining sword to the side.

A line of light stretched forward. And a line was drawn in the direction in which the sword was swung.

The knights thrust their shields forward.


A line of mana was drawn, but the cutting sound was not heard like before.

With the heavy drinking, the dust on the floor rose up.

The dust disappeared immediately.

The monsters were not cut down.

A blue shield was spread out in front of the monsters. A line was drawn in the center of the shield, but it soon disappeared.

Kyung-hoon’s attack was blocked.


Rather, the sword Kyung-hoon was holding broke.

Kyunghoon frowned.

“We have redundant shields on the front. “I have multiple bodies, so I can do it that way.”

-This is not the time to be admiring.

Other rat men jumped out among the knights. It seemed like he was hiding behind the knights.

Let men poured out.


Moreover, this time, all the knights grabbed the swords attached to their waists. Mana rushed into the sword.

-It appears to be a similar attack!

It was an outstanding tactic and a move that could not be performed unless the army moved as one body.

It was a crisis. The sword was shattered, and there was no guarantee that the other three swords would work.


the enemy didn’t notice C4!

“I don’t have time to wait any longer! “Blast it!”


As soon as he answered, the bomb attached to the pillar exploded.

bang! Quang! Kwaaaaang!

The Ratman knights, surprised by the sudden explosion, raised their shields.

The knights were safe as the flying debris was blocked by the shield, but the other Ratmen were not within the monarch’s shield.


The ordinary Ratmen caught in the bomb had their shields pierced and were covered in blood, while the elites were caught in the storm and thrown away. Thanks to the shield, no one was injured, but the camp collapsed in an instant.

The knights who blocked the explosion spewed out mana and blew away the dust.

But there were no humans in sight.

Silver dust was scattering, but no monster knew what it was.

The monsters and the monarch were furious. Humans disappeared. I stopped working and ran, but I missed it.

[Find it!]

The monarch gave instructions to the entire clan.

It was time for the Letmen who had gathered in the underground plaza and subway to move again.


Heavy vibrations rang out from all directions.

The rat men stumbled.

So so so so so.

The sound of something cracking was heard. The knights looked up at the ceiling.

The ceiling was cracking. Gold was spreading in all directions from where the pillar was.

And the monarch realized where they were.

This parking lot was the underground parking lot of the Twin Towers of the International Trade Center.


The ceiling started to collapse.

All underground pillars of buildings over 100 stories had disappeared. There was no way the wall could bear that weight.

The building started to collapse.

Unlike the other world, which collapsed due to terrorism, the twin towers of this world remained to this day. The terrorist organization was destroyed by monsters before it could cause terrorism.

Because the two buildings remained, this area was also named the International Trade Center Area.

However, the two buildings that had survived so far have now collapsed.


Buildings sank, spewing out enormous amounts of dust.


They tried to block it with a shield, but it was difficult for each knight to withstand the weight of a 100-story building.

The defense shield gradually broke down.

Other Ratmen had already been crushed to death by the building. The subway station also collapsed, burying the maze-shaped underground plaza and platforms.

There were no other rat men around. If I were buried here, there would be nowhere to move my body.

In the end, the monarch of New York had no choice but to make a decision before he lost his knights.

The knights clung to each other. Bodies were crushed by the pressure.

Limbs were crushed and mixed together. The skin stretched and the face was sunken.



As all the buildings collapsed, dust rose into the sky.

The group, who were up on the riverside with wet bodies, were mesmerized by the sight across the river.

“Is that really what you meant by staying behind?”

“yes? “That’s what Mr. Kyung-hoon did?”

Bailey, who had been lying down after removing her transformation, also widened her eyes at Isabelle’s words.

“Well, it’s something Kyung-hoon would do, but…”

It was something that Kyung-hoon, who I’ve seen so far, would be able to do.

But Bailey and Isabelle couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Ask directly. “Because it seems like it’s here.”


As soon as we arrived at the riverside, a silver hole was created in the unfolded mobile portal.

Kyung-hoon jumped out of the hole.

Kyung-Hoon’s body was full of dust and soot.

There was no need to ask.

I could tell who the culprit was just by looking at it.

As soon as he left the portal, Kyung-hoon glared at Manhattan, which was full of dust.

“It would be impossible to catch him with that, right?”

-Even if everyone dies, they will move on to another Ratman.

Hearing Eve’s words, Kyung-hoon clicked his tongue with a regretful expression.

That was when.


At that time, a roar was heard from the dust of Manhattan.

It was the roar of a huge monster.


And then an explosion occurred again in the dust.

The accumulated building fragments were thrown in all directions, and a huge lump rose up.

It was a huge lump monster that looked to be more than five stories tall. Numerous arms and legs were sticking out of the surface of the lump, and hundreds and thousands of rats appeared. The face was sticking out of the surface of the monster.

It was a monster that had merged into one under the ground.

“Oh my…”

Isabel covered her mouth in surprise and Shane picked up the gun.

But Kyung-hoon smiled brightly.

“That’s clearly a monster that merged into one.” the poor?”

– Judging by its appearance, there is a greater than 80% chance that it is a merged monster.

“The mana is also his. That is the New York monarch! Since it is merged into one, it is worth a try!”

Kyung-hoon excitedly ran in front of Bailey,

“Bailey wake up! Take me and fly over there!”

Bailey tilted her head.


She looked wet and very cute and pitiful, but Kyung-hoon was not fooled. He

clearly understood what the person was saying.

Kyung-hoon smiled at Bailey. It was a very scary smile. Kyung-hoon The surroundings were filled with mana and life. The


puppy sighed

and began to transform.

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