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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 221

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Episode 221 [Second Executor (3)]


The busiest and most powerful government agency since the American War.

However, the top manager of this agency was still ridiculed by other officials as a flatterer.

Of course, such ridicule was meaningless within the organization.

Inside the CIA, he is Stone Face. He was nicknamed Stone Face.

In the CIA Director’s office again today, Director Byrd was reviewing documents with his signature poker face.

In addition to being a stone face, he was also famous for being a workaholic. He barely slept and checked all the information coming in from outside.

Information coming from South America and trends from around the world. All that information was finally being organized in his hands and delivered to the White House.

He had been signing documents for a while, then stopped his pen and looked at the door.

A moment later, the secretary’s voice was heard on the intercom.

“An agent in charge of Europe from the Analysis Bureau has arrived.”

“Let me in.”

After permission was given, the agent entered the office.

Director Byrd stared at the man who came in.

Agent Cole seemed to get goosebumps from Director Byrd’s cold gaze.

If it were not for the direct reporting system established after he became director, he would have been tempted to hand over the report to any superior in the analysis bureau.

But I couldn’t get fired from my job in times of war like this. He started reporting.

“I received a call from an official channel in Europe.”

The agent spread out the printed photos in front of the director. After the advent of EV, the CIA degenerated back to before the electronic age.

In the photo, tall buildings were visible in the background of swirling sand, and behind them was the silhouette of a large monster.

In another photo, there was a proper photo of the monster that appeared as a silhouette.

“This is a picture of a monster taken in Dubai. “This is the last photo taken by a member of the team deployed to Dubai.”

Europe equally sent information to the Eurasian Union and the U.S. government.

“It is a completely different type of monster than the monsters we have seen before. The size and shape are so different that they don’t even look like living things. However, just looking at its size and characteristics, I think it is more dangerous than any monster that has appeared before.”

Agent Cody, who also reviewed the photo, was of the same opinion.

It was a monster that was not only huge in size but also carried a huge sandstorm.

Agents Cole and Cody, who had seen many monsters while working in the Analysis Bureau, also saw this giant monster for the first time.

Although he was talking anxiously, the director just silently checked the photo with his characteristic expression.

After checking each photo one by one, the director put the photos in the document and stood up.

“This is something to report right away.”

Cole nodded at the director’s words.

“That’s right. There are likely more such monsters. “We need to search, even using satellites.”

At Cole’s words, the Director looked at Agent Cole. And then he raised the corner of his mouth.


A bizarre smile was drawn on the director’s face.

Cold sweat broke out on the back of Cole’s neck. The director was obviously just smiling, but he felt like a snake was passing behind his back.

The director opened his mouth with a bizarre smile.

“This is information that should not be exposed carelessly. I think we need information control. “Who knows this information?”

“Ah, Agent Cody and I reviewed it together. After that, I came to report directly to the director.”

“Then it’s only the two of us who know at the moment.”


“First of all, we need to control information until there is an order from the White House. Please pass this on to Cody as well.”

“Okay, I won’t pass this on to any other reporting lines.”

The Director nodded and left the room with Cole.

He parted ways with Cole in the hallway and gave him a compliment:

“Good job. You did a good job. There will be a reward. In the meantime, I will check your achievements and let you know the results. ”

Agent Cole’s eyes widened as he heard the director’s words. What the director said was that he might be eligible for a promotion. He thought a

dangerous monster had appeared, so he rushed over immediately, but he never thought he would receive a reward like this

. He ran to his colleague with a bright face, and Director Byrd got into a car and left the CIA headquarters.

However, the car he was in did not go to the White House.

The director’s car stopped for a while outside Langley and returned to the CIA headquarters a while later.

The car stopped. During this time, the director burned a document with a lighter and made a phone call.

The next day, as the director said, the promotions of Agents Cole and Cody were decided.

Unfortunately, the two were assigned to the branch office, not the headquarters. That too. To the South American Operations Directorate in Colombia.

Although their colleagues jokingly joked that it was a demotion, the two boarded the helicopter heading to Colombia with high expectations.

However, the helicopter did not arrive at the South American Operations Directorate.

The helicopter arrived at the South American Operations Directorate. Before doing so, it was shattered by a portable missile fired by government guerrillas.

There were no survivors.

After the two people, like many other buried information, the information about the newly appeared monster disappeared in flames.


Tehran, the capital of Iran.

The sound of Azan, indicating the afternoon prayer time, was echoing throughout the city.

Life has become many times more difficult since the monsters appeared, but the citizens of Tehran were still kneeling and praying at the appointed time today. After a while, the prayer time

ended and people left. It was back to the hard work.

People began to move busily again in the huge warehouse rented by foreigners. Inside the

warehouse, a mix of ordinary people and awakened people were busy moving around.

“Activate the portal! Everyone is waiting!”

“Check the magic circle again. If something goes up, you’ll be in big trouble!”


by the person in charge, and after a while the pattern spread out in the center of the warehouse began to light up little by little.

The portal had been activated.

“It’s coming! Everyone get ready!”

Everyone put on colored goggles on their faces and looked at the portal.

Whoa. Argh.

The building was filled with bright light. Then, people and a large helicopter appeared above the symbol.

Next to the helicopter that appeared, an EV symbol was clearly drawn.

“Transmission completed . “There is nothing wrong.”

“The mana stone is completely discharged.”

The person in charge quietly clicked his tongue at the report that followed. Was it because the helicopter was moved unreasonably? One mana stone was blown away with each movement. I knew it was for an important operation, but a single movement of the portal consumed a mid-level mana stone

. To throw them away. As the head of EV’s Arab branch, it was very heartbreaking.

The people who showed up with the helicopter were all wearing black bulletproof vests.

The Arab branch head and the people here knew the people who showed up well. They had

been active all over the world for two years. It was the EV special operations team that had been doing it and was still showing great results. The

branch leader approached the people who showed up with a happy face.

“Vasili and Lady Rosalia are coming together. I didn’t know that teams 2 and 3 would move together?”

When he saw the Russian young man and woman, he greeted them warmly.

Of course, he said hello from a distance away from them.


It was because he didn’t have the courage to approach the big silver wolf behind Rosalia.

‘The reason the mana stone was discharged was ‘Maybe it’s not the helicopter but that monster.’

Although he was a famous silver wolf, Russia’s mascot and Rosalia’s pet, he found it difficult to become friends with that monster.

Rosalia smiled at him with an expression of understanding.

He looked around at the people.

All the awakened people who came through the portal were also in EV. They were famous for their outstanding skills.

“It looks like the best team 2 and 3 team has arrived. So who is the team leader now?”

Team 2, with Vasily, a

shield awakener, as the team leader. Team 3, with a tamer awakener and the Russian president’s daughter as the team leader. The

two teams became quite an issue within EV as they had young team leaders.

Team leader of Team 1 and head of EV Island. Marcelo was an experienced and talented person that was difficult for anyone to match, but the two young team leaders were talked about in many ways in terms of their age and experience.

However, their performance over the past two years made such comments sink in.

Even within their respective teams, people were awakened to battle. There was no one among them who did not acknowledge them.

Of course, it was clear that one of them would be the team leader of this mixed team.

But the two shook their heads.

“Huh? Can’t you see Kay?”

I looked again just in case, but the executioner was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, an unfamiliar helmet was sticking out on one side.

But it wasn’t Helmet Man.

Instead, there was a name I had recently heard of.

“No way, Cowboy…”

“Yes, you are the team leader of this operation. ”

A man wearing a helmet walked forward.

“It’s Shane.”

A voice came from inside the helmet.

The branch leader looked at the helmet with a puzzled expression.

“Are you sure this is the Shane from the cowboy movies?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The branch manager sighed.

The new executor who made up an alias to match his nickname was even more unknown than Kay.

Fortunately, the other awakened people didn’t seem too dissatisfied with the new team leader.

“I’m busy, so I’ll start working first.”

He sent a signal to the people as he left the portal emblem with the awakened members of the operation team.

Branch members rushed out and began transporting the helicopter out of the warehouse.

A silver wolf wandered out, following the awakened members of the operation team. The wolf walked alongside the executioner, who introduced himself as Shane.

Shane stroked the silver wolf’s fur that reached above his waist with a bandaged hand.


The wolf trembled as if he was in a good mood.

The members of Operation Team 1 looked at this with curious eyes.

Rosalia was equally amazed.

“It’s really amazing. “Connie followed no one but me, and even Kay was scared.”

But the branch manager was more curious about the current operation than that.

“Is it true that a monster is coming this way?”

Rosalia answered his question.

“I confirmed it with satellite. “The monster that destroyed Dubai is heading north across the Strait of Hormuz.”

As confirmed by satellite, Tehran was not the monster’s destination. However, it was also true that Tehran was on the monster’s path.

“A monster the size of a giant building. “Is the world really about to be destroyed?”

He recited a prayer in his mouth and then turned to Shane.

“Can we stop it?”

This time Vasily answered.

“I came here to find out. We will find the monster’s weakness. Do not worry.”

Vasily answered his words with a more trusting expression than before.

However, the man wearing the helmet tilted his head at Vasily’s words.

“It is difficult for a monarch-level person to have a separate weakness…”

Everyone looked at the helmet with bewildered faces at the ominous words.

Shane shrugged.

“Well, since I came here to scout first, it might not be that different from finding a weak spot.”

He got on the helicopter that was taken out and told him not to worry.

As the helicopter was rising, Shane put two fingers on his helmet and greeted the branch manager, and the branch manager imitated his greeting.

The branch manager seemed to know why he was called a cowboy.

A helicopter carrying an operations team and a wolf monster departed for the south.

Same time.

The monster was crossing the Lut Desert in central Iran.

thud. thud. thud.

A sandstorm raged over the desert, and huge rocks appeared and disappeared through the storm.

It wasn’t just rocks.

Parts of the building made of concrete and rebar were also filled with sand, and hardened sandstone was sticking out of the sandstorm.

A giant giant made of rocks, buildings, and sand was walking through the sandstorm.

A true golem from mythology was walking through the desert.

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