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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 239

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Episode 239 [ James (1) ]

The defeat of the U.S. military was immediately reported to the White House.

The near-annihilation of two divisions under the U.S. Army Central Command.

The Unified Command, which commands the war in South America, as well as the White House, were in great shock.

Although its size was reduced thanks to its return to the mainland, the Central Command was originally a unit in charge of Africa and Persian Southwest Asia.

Such a powerful unit collapsed in just a few hours.

White House basement situation room.

Even in the situation room, which had been reinforced several layers more than before, a dark air was flowing.

The expressions of all members of the hastily convened National Security Council (NSC) were stiff.

The CIA director’s expression was no different. However, he was different from other people who did not speak.

The director shouted to the president with an expressionless face.

“It’s a huge threat to America. “We need to launch at least a tactical nuclear weapon right now!”

The sight of him shouting with a cold face was very awkward and scary. His face now was that of Byrd, the famous Ice Director within the CIA.

But now, no one said anything about the CIA director’s expression.

The president and the committee members who were also present were shocked and shocked.

However, the president was able to shake his head at the word nuclear.

“Nuclear. That can’t be possible. It’s a nuke that wasn’t even fired at monsters. “You can’t use it on people.”

“What are you talking about! That’s because monsters have little effect. “It’s powerful enough for people!”

The director shouted again, but this time the others frowned at him.

“This is nonsense. Nuclear weapons can only be used in the worst case scenario. “After using nuclear weapons, you don’t even think about the aftermath?”

“Have you seen the declaration of war on EV posted on the Internet? The Eurasian Union is behind EV. The Eurasian Union has three countries with nuclear weapons! “What do you plan to do if you use nuclear weapons for no reason and a nuclear war breaks out?”

“There are 10 million non-awakened people living in São Paulo. Plus it’s nuclear. Are you crazy!”

Everyone came forward and criticized the director.

The director hesitated and took a step back. He covered his face with his hands. The director bowed his head.

“sorry. “I was excited for a moment.”

“ha. EV awakeners. Honestly, I also want to use nuclear weapons.”

The President shook his head. If only there were truly awakened people, I might have allowed it.

“But nuclear weapons are really a last resort. “It will not be used unless there is a nuclear attack or the American mainland is in danger.”

The hatred for the awakened remained the same, but that did not mean that nuclear weapons could be used.

The President scratched his head as he looked at the report.

Reports from the surviving units that had been hastily uploaded were scattered across the desk.

The report was full of nonsense. In addition, there is an awakened person who always appears.

“Could this be an awakening prepared by EV?”


It was a question that Director Bud had to answer, but he was still covering his face with his hands. It seemed like the shock was still there.

The national security adviser clicked his tongue and answered instead.

“It will be enforcers, special operations teams, and hidden awakeners. It appears that there were more awakened people in EV than expected.”

While fighting the battle in Manchuria, they were also involved in South America. EV was fighting [two simultaneous wars] that the United States had abandoned. The

Secretary of State then received words from the security adviser. .

“Or the Battle of Manchuria could have been some kind of fake. Maybe they caught a monster in the past, or maybe there was no such monster. Instead, the awakened people from Eurasia may have come to South America in some way.”

But his words were not well received. The president shook his head.

“Are you saying that at a time like this, you can travel from Asia to Brazil without the United States knowing?”


It made no sense if they had created a stealth mana engine helicopter like the United States or if a space-moving machine had appeared, which was a topic of gossip. The Secretary of State must have felt the same way, so he immediately apologized. The President sighed. In any case, an

operation that


well-executed suddenly hesitated. I sat down.

It was a shame that the people followed suit. If it had been any other time, it was clear that they would have launched an anti-war movement right away.

“Let’s shut down the media and find out what kind of people they are.”

“…All right.”

Fortunately, Director Byrd seemed to have come to his senses. He nodded with a deadpan expression.

The President looked at the report again.

“This is not what I expected. It shows such power against humans rather than monsters. We made a mistake using EV force.” “I figured it out.”

Everyone nodded at his words.

I didn’t think it was just a simple awakened association, but I didn’t expect that they would show such force even against humans.

At this level, EV had the power of a normal power.

“From what I heard, it was a monstrous awakening. There was also a story that it was done by one person…”

The chief secretary began carefully, but his words were immediately denied.

“That can’t be possible. It would have looked that way because of the same clothes.”

“EV’s awakened units are said to wear the same black uniforms. At the speed the awakened ones move, the soldiers would only have recognized them by their clothes.”

The Secretary of State and Director Byrd gave similar answers:

“So what do you plan to do now?”

“First of all, we will try to reorganize the troops retreating from Rio de Janeiro. The troops marching west will also stop for a moment and strengthen the troops by moving up the troops in the rear…” In response to the President’s question, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff began his prepared explanation


“I’m not feeling well, so I’ll be leaving for a while.”

In the middle, Director Byrd asked for understanding and left, but no one stopped him.

After leaving the situation room, Bud clicked his tongue with an expressionless face.

Things went wrong. EV was obviously supposed to be tied up in Manchuria, but he had no idea how it ended up in Brazil.

“You can use tactical nuclear weapons. “They’re like useless people.”

He muttered quietly and walked away.

Bird seemed to be becoming increasingly accustomed to human emotions.

“I had to eat the president. “It’s a shame.”

There was nothing they could do since the president was carrying a nuclear backpack.

If it could be solved by killing the president and all the people who oppose him, he would have killed them right away.

However, if that were the case, the president’s nuclear backpack might be activated and all nuclear weapons might be launched.

An Earth completely covered in radiation was not what he or his colleagues wanted.

“I heard the Russian president was also murdered. “I don’t know how they avoided launching a nuclear weapon.”

Of course, there was no guarantee that the American nuclear backpack would have the same method as the Russian nuclear backpack, but he thought it would be good to at least get that information.

But that was impossible. In the end, I had to use whatever method was available.

He left the White House and got into a car.

“To the airport. “I’m going to Manhattan.”

A luxury car carrying the CIA director passed through the main gate of the White House.

And there was someone watching the car come out from a distance that no human could see.

An Asian man standing on the roof of a building and looking at the White House. It was Kyung-hoon.

He was wearing a plain leather jacket and jeans, not body armor.

“After all, you shouldn’t blow up the White House.”

-If the deactivation code is not entered within 30 minutes after the nuclear backpack is destroyed, nuclear missiles throughout the United States and on board the submarine will fly to the designated location.

As long as he defined the United States as the enemy, Kyung-hoon had no hesitation.

If the United States had not had nuclear weapons, the White House would have already become railgun fodder.

-Eurasian Union. In particular, Russia’s announcement came out. It would be difficult for the United States to use nuclear weapons right now.

“But you have to hurry. I didn’t expect America to hate awakened people this much. “This is not something that a doppelganger can do.”

-All right. However, unlike the Russian nuclear backpack, a release code is required.

Fortunately, he and Eve had the same nuclear backpack.

A nuclear backpack brought from a destroyed world. The analysis of the nuclear backpack had already been completed.

But thanks to that, the difficulties increased.

According to what we confirmed, the nuclear backpack could not be sealed by simply changing it, hiding it in the ground, or forcibly taking it away.

If the situation occurred, the missile was launched unconditionally unless the release code was entered.

“First we need to find someone with the unlock code.”

-The United States has a severe information shutdown and needs help.

The United States, well aware of EV’s hacking capabilities, converted all systems to closed systems.

If we did something wrong, we would have to go around to each government agency and connect computers.

Fortunately, Kyung-hoon and EV’s colleagues still remained in the United States.

Kyung-hoon called.


But James didn’t answer the phone.


That evening.

Director Byrd flew to New York by helicopter and immediately came down to the basement of Manhattan.

A subway station that was closed due to attacks by monsters that appeared occasionally after the cataclysm.

After being completely closed off with iron gates, this place was managed by the CIA.

The entrance was guarded by police with barricades, but the inside was guarded by CIA employees.

They are all brainwashed through surgery.

They let no one pass except one.

The awakened person who appeared in the darkness took a look at him and then disappeared into the darkness again.

As expected, it was rewarding to gather only specialized awakeners. It was clear that this plan would be enough to stop even the amazing executioner of EV.

He continued down.

Go through the stairs to the underground plaza and the platform below.

The station was closed and there were no trains running on this track anymore. People working in Manhattan were very uncomfortable, but no one was saying anything to the government.

He walked to the center of the platform.

There was something strange in the center of the platform.

Gulp. Gulp.

A huge, writhing mass of flesh.

A mass that looked like a giant human brain was filling the platform.

[What’s happening again! Why did you come to me?]

Images spewed out from the mass. It was an image full of anger, despair, and resignation.

The doppelganger looked at the monster with only a brain remaining in silence.

A monster that was captured by its ruler and had its brain pulled out.

A monster that cannot die with only its brain left and must continue to serve like this.

“You look pitiful. It makes me feel closer to being human.”

[Don’t be funny! Half a piece of trash.]

“Well, even humans enjoy cursing…”

[What brought you here? Did you come here to laugh at me?]

Seeing his crumpled appearance just before he ascended to the rank of monarch, it was perfect for laughing at him. But that wasn’t the reason the doppelganger came.

“I want you to do more work.”

[Nonsense! I’m doing my best! He’s sending images to half the people in this country!]

“That’s why he didn’t kill you, but brought you here and used you.”

[How dare you!]

“Besides, it’s a useless ability for an awakened person. “Thanks to you, I had to bother with surgery.”

The brainless monster was spreading its image throughout the eastern United States.

An image of anger and disgust toward the awakened.

Of course, those who accepted it assumed it was their own idea, and those who were awakened who did not receive the image did not know what had happened.

“Focus on Washington. No, don’t bombard the White House with images. Anger and hatred not only for the awakened ones but also for the enemies. “At least nuclear weapons can be used.”

[Can not be done. That wasn’t the order he gave. There is no reason to follow what you said.]

“No, what you are doing now is what I asked for.”

[That was the order he gave.]

Bud sighed like a human. This was clearly a timid resistance from the dominated.

It seemed like it would take some time.

At that time, there was a man watching from the corner of the platform as the monster and the doppelganger were talking.

Although he was wearing dirty clothes, he had the same face as Director Byrd.

“The CIA director is hiding a monster underground in New York. “With this, we can overturn the government.”

These were Americans who hated monsters even more than the Awakened.

I don’t know how they captured the monster, but if they spread this secret, the country will turn upside down.

He put the cell phone he was filming on in his arms and moved carefully.

No other ID was needed. There was no problem leaving as long as it was Director Byrd’s face.

James, former head of EV’s Americas branch, walked into the darkness.

Now it was time to escape.

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