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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 248

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Episode 248 [Hero (4)]

“I’m low on mana. “The monster recovers too quickly!”

-Get back! It’s hard to kill anyway!

“all right!”



Bailey spouted flames, then flapped his wings and stepped back.


A glowing whip passed through the flames where Bailey was.


Bailey escaped, but a nearby building was cut down again.


The building that was cut down began to collapse. Fortunately, people had already evacuated, but it was unclear whether the underground bomb shelter would be safe.

The blood pouring from the monster’s body gradually decreased. The lizard giant’s wounds were healing quickly.

The severed tongue has already been restored.

As expected, the grade barrier was high.

Even her technique of dividing dimensions was not enough to defeat a monarch-level monster.

The glowing whip, or rather the monster’s tongue, stretched out in pursuit of the retreating Bailey.


The sound of a machine gun was heard, and the tongue chasing Bailey was hit by a bullet and bounced off.


The monster must have been angry and crashed into the building where the gunshot was heard.


While the building was tilted by the monster, a thin rope was shot toward the building next to it.

The rope got stuck in the building next door, and a man wearing a helmet flew toward it like a spider hanging on a web.

Isabel shouted, putting her hands to her ears.

“are you okay?”

-It’s not that easy? If I crack, I’ll get buried in the building.

Shane’s voice was heard along with the noise.

“Are you still here, Uncle Kyung-hoon?”

-If it’s dangerous, step back. There are 5 minutes left until the trait is activated.

Eve’s voice came from the headset.

Eve’s voice in the United States was heard via satellite.

As Eve said, you could have avoided it, but you couldn’t.

There was no way to know how severe the damage to the city would be if we retreated from here.

The monster was unable to escape the area around the factory complex where it first appeared.

This level of damage was stopped thanks to her and Shane circling around the monster and tying it up in one place.

But it seemed difficult for the three of us to continue holding on.

Although Shane was less likely to use weapons, Bailey and Isabelle were already suffering from lack of mana.

It was then.



Bullets, bombs, fireballs, and building fragments flew into the monster’s body.

-We have arrived!

Rosalia’s voice came through the headset. The EV awakeners have arrived.

-We will also support you. Military units will soon join us.

Next, the voice of Jinhyuk, president of the Korean Association, was heard. The awakened people who could move quickly arrived first.

-I can’t help it. You need to buy time. Estimated time: 4 minutes. In the meantime, please stop the monster as much as possible.

Eve’s voice reached everyone’s ears.

-Beware of the monster’s tongue! The tongue is a whip that cuts through anything! Do not approach!

As soon as Eve finished speaking, Shane started yelling

– it was a delay operation. Focus on blocking vision and movement!

-We support from the outskirts! Be careful not to disturb the Enforcers and EV Awakenings!

Rosalia and Jinhyeok’s voices rang through the communication network.

The EV operation team, which already had experience dealing with monarch-level monsters, began to move quickly according to Rosalia’s instructions, and

Jinhyeok commanded the awakened members of the alliance and began supporting the EV operation team and enforcers.

Flames focused in the monster’s eyes, and all kinds of attacks were poured into each joint and wound.

Isabelle, who was flying in the sky, drank the mana potion and attacked again.

Isabel felt strong.


Sparks and flames. Bullets and bombs hit the monster.

The whip swung by the monster was caught by telekinesis and bounced off, and the monster was unable to come to its senses from the barrage of attacks.

Unfortunately, unlike her attack, it didn’t cause any damage, but

she couldn’t help but admire the sight before her.

How can so many people join forces to fight a monster?

Even as a child, she had only seen people running away from monsters, and now the battle was a beautiful sight.

It had to be helpful to them.


At Isabelle’s shout, Bailey changed direction again.

Isabel extended her spear above the lion approaching the monster again.

Thanks to the potion, the mana that had been accumulating came out again.


The space split again and the monster’s scales were cut off.


-What is that again?

-New Executioner ability! Everyone please be careful!

-crazy! And where did this awakened person come from?

-It’s good if an outstanding awakened person comes out!

-I’m doing it because I like it!

The communication networks of not only EV awakeners but also allied awakeners became noisy.

It was the same for those who were watching the broadcast.

“great! The Awakened are pushing back against the giant monster. The monster is reeling from numerous attacks! The performance of the Russian awakeners is remarkable. Now Rosalia Awakened and her silver wolf have jumped to save the Awakened from the collapsing building.”

Even though he almost died from the monster’s attack, the broadcasting station’s helicopter did not avoid the scene of the battle.

The helicopter pilot and cameraman wanted to avoid it, but Irina and the broadcasting station producer stopped them.

-This is the scoop of the century! It’s the boss, no, it’s the chairman’s order! Even if it means dying, you have to take pictures of everything! Do you know what the ratings are right now? Now the entire Eurasian Union is bombarding our broadcasts with scoops!

Although the distance was more than twice that of before, the broadcasting station’s helicopter was still broadcasting the battle.

Irina wanted to focus on the Russian awakeners and national hero Rosalia, but it was difficult to take her eyes off the girl flying through the sky riding a lion.

“Oh, danger! Avoided it! and! Another attack. Blood spurts from the monster’s waist! Unbelievable! “The wounds are healing again.”

The sight of a girl avoiding the whip of a lion swooping down and hurting a rampaging monster alone made everyone watching the broadcast sweat.

People watching the broadcast initially cheered the brilliant Awakenings’ attack, but soon realized that the situation was different from what they first saw.

“ah. The attacks are getting weaker. “Am I running low on mana?”

“It looks like all of the monster’s wounds were made by that girl. “Other attacks cannot penetrate the monster’s defenses!”

And the rampaging monster showed a different appearance.

“Ah, it looks like the monster has come to his senses. The monster is moving!”


The monster that had been running wild in one place began to move.

The tongue that was swinging to capture Isabel also began to destroy the surrounding buildings.

bang! bang! bang!

-retreat! Back off!

-I’m out of mana! Retreat!

– Stop it! Don’t let it move!

-Damn, I noticed it didn’t work!

The awakeners who were attacking from the front were busy retreating due to the sudden attack, while other awakeners and executioners attacked frantically, trying to stop the monster.

“The monster is moving towards Red Square! The damage is growing! Looks like you need support!”

At that time, trams began to appear approaching from Red Square.

“Oh, thank goodness. The army is approaching! The Russians are coming!”

Unfortunately, it was not possible to bombard downtown Moscow.

The Allied forces, who had switched to combat deployment, were rushing towards the monster with tanks and armored vehicles, leaving the artillery behind.

Of course, an ordinary army cannot help in a battle with a monarch-level monster, but the prejudice of the general public has not changed much.

The people watching the broadcast and the reporter on the helicopter were happy, but

at that moment, everyone in Moscow felt an unexpected shock.


It was a huge earthquake.


The helicopter’s windows shook.

The road shook and the building swayed.

It was to the point where the monster stopped moving.

The advancing military units also stopped moving, and at the same time, buildings near Red Square collapsed one after another.

Kuk kuk kuk kuk kuk.

The sight of dozens of buildings collapsing could be seen even from a helicopter.

It was a sudden earthquake, as if a bomb had exploded in the ground.

The moment when everyone stopped in shock.

Glowing bullets tore through the sky.


The bullet penetrated the wound on Isabel’s lower back.


The mana stone that ran away from the bullet exploded inside the monster’s body.

The monster’s waist exploded.


-Isabel. Can I use more of your traits?

Kyunghoon’s voice was heard through the earphones. Isabelle turned her head.

In the distance, I saw Kyung-hoon running towards me, holding a smoking rail gun.

Fortunately, it seemed like the time had come.

Isabel held the spear tightly. A faint light appeared in the window. Thanks to the potion, my mana was replenishing.

It was close, but it seemed possible.

“yes! “It’s possible!”

-good! Attack together with me! Shane! Rosalia! Jinhyuk! Please support everyone!




Gyeong-hoon put the rail gun into subspace and took out a greatsword in both hands.

Attacks rained down on the lizard giant clutching his waist.

Various characteristics and abilities Bullets and mana bombs loaded with mana. And even artillery shells fired from tanks and armored vehicles that have a range.

In an instant, the monster’s body was covered in attacks.


And then Gyeonghoon and Isabel riding Bailey jumped towards the monster covered in flames.


The basement was so full of dust that it was impossible to see.

“Kolok kolok.”

Gyu-kyung inhaled dust and started coughing.

“You’re not in hell, are you?”

He drained his mana to settle the dust and looked around.

The surroundings were a mess.

The walls were reinforced at the last minute to prevent the basement from collapsing, but the ceiling was half collapsed and the floor was a lumpy mess.

But Gyu-kyung was relieved. It wasn’t hell.

Honestly, I didn’t think the basement would be safe.

I buried the machine to the point where it ran out of mana, but when the mana stone exploded, I thought I was going to die.

But to survive like this.

“I guess I’m resistant to bad luck, after all.”

Despite all the hardships, I survived every time.

After coming to his senses, Gyu looked around. I had to find Yeongcheol.

There were corpses lying all over the messed up basement.

They were the awakened people who attacked Gyu-jeong and Yeong-cheol.

Their bodies were full of sword wounds. These were all the scars left behind by Yeongcheol.

The reason most of the awakened people died was not because of the explosion but because of Yeongcheol.

Of course, I had to watch Youngcheol get covered in blood while fighting them, but he was still alive until the last moment.


A groan was heard.

Yeongcheol was still alive.

Yeongcheol was seen behind the collapsed wall. The sword in my hand was no longer visible.

Yeongcheol was hanging in the air. He was trembling with his neck held by red-hot hands.

The person holding Yeongcheol’s neck was a red-hot doppelganger.

The doppelganger’s body also had several wounds, but unlike humans, he was able to move sufficiently.


It seemed like an explosion was heard in the distance.

The doppelganger burst into laughter after hearing the binge.

“Hahahaha. This is a crazy dimension! Nonsense!”

As the doppelganger burst into laughter with an expressionless face, Youngcheol’s body shook.

“Hahaha you got caught again? Aren’t the awakened people who killed the monarchs in South America? Could it be that the awakened people of this dimension can capture two monarchs at the same time?”

Mana was spreading in all directions. The doppelganger could sense that the summoned monarch was dead.

The doppelganger, who was muttering as if reading a Korean language book, looked behind Yeongcheol.

The doppelganger’s eyes met Gyu-jeong’s.

“But if it wasn’t for you guys, it wouldn’t have ended like this.”

If the mana stone exploded properly, it was clear that a third of Moscow would have been blown away.

And the mana-laden explosion would have shattered all defenses except the monarch’s.

Then, both the Awakened and the army would have come to an end, and the monarch would have destroyed Moscow and Russia as planned…

All of this was because of two trash people.

The doppelganger could not understand the current situation at all.

He deceived humans by putting ice in his clothes to lower his body temperature and even covering other people when necessary, but it was unclear how they discovered his identity.

“I’m curious, but I guess it’s useless now.”

The runaway was coming to an end. These were people who would die with him anyway.

The awakened person with the earth attribute was also depleted of mana, and the awakened person holding the neck went berserk and was exhausted.

If he hadn’t run away, there was no way he would have lasted until this point.

I was curious what would happen to the awakened person who went on a rampage, but unfortunately it seemed difficult to confirm. This man was dying.

The doppelganger threw away the human who was holding him by the neck.


Although they caught the flying human, they both fell to the ground.

“Now it is time for death.”

The doppelganger spread its arms wide.

The red light emanating from him filled the collapsed basement.

“Damn my bad luck!”

Gyu-Gyu screamed, and

Young-Cheol opened his eyes at the sound.

I was out of my mind. Gradually, my body began to sink.

But he opened his blurred eyes and looked ahead.

The world was full of red light.

In the midst of the red light, there was a devil with his arms spread out.

‘Is he dead?’

The thought that came to mind for a moment disappeared in the sight that followed.

Through the red light, translucent humans were coming down from the ceiling.

Adult and girl.

They looked like angels coming down from heaven.

However, the two people who came out of the ceiling immediately became clear, blocking out the red light, and the girl’s shadow collapsed on the floor.

‘Mana is depleted.’

The moment when random thoughts follow.

A large shadow blocking the red light pierced the sword.


The sound of something breaking was heard and

the devil’s complaint rang out.

“Was it possible to block the runaway mana stone?”

“If you can see the mana, you can cut it.”

In the following answer, Youngcheol was able to recall buried memories.

[If you see Mana someday, you will be able to do it like me.]

The man patted the despondent man on the shoulder and left.

The back of the man who had been his goal and hope was in front of him.

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