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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 251

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Episode 251 [Counterattack (2)]

After the monster was captured in Moscow, the Eurasian Allied Forces began a counterattack.

The counteroffensive that began in Eastern Europe recovered Turkey and headed toward Germany through Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria.

The refugees cheered the Eurasian Allied Forces and the awakened people, and the awakened people from each country who were with the refugees joined the allied forces one after another.

Now, the Eurasian Allied Forces dispatched to Europe seemed like a human army to fight monsters beyond country and race.

Fortunately, the monsters were not as systematic as they were when they first swept through Eastern Europe.

This was because the monarch-level monster who was supposed to command them had died in Iran.

But the situation was different in Western Europe.

Calais, France.

It is the closest city to the UK across the Strait of Dover and is currently home to the Channel Tunnel that passes under the Strait.

And the city with a long history next to Dunkirk, where the Allied withdrawal operation took place in the early days of World War II, was now crowded with millions of refugees.

Calais City Hall. In the mayor’s office, Britain’s Prince Louis took the place of the mayor.

Although he had an eye patch over one eye and was missing an arm, he was no different from before.

The prince, who had been transported to England after losing an arm and an eye, rushed here immediately after his wounds were healed with a potion.

“Has the Channel Tunnel been restored yet?”

Ingrid shook her head at Prince Louis’ question.

“I’m trying hard, but I think it would be better for you to give up. It’s quicker to collapse than to sell. “The number of deaths continues to increase.”

The prince sighed at Ingrid’s words.

Until now, tens of millions of refugees from Western Europe have been able to take refuge in the UK through the Channel Tunnel.

He and many others, who were disabled, appealed to Parliament and the British people to finally open the border.

Many people’s lives were saved, and the evacuation operation was even named the second Dunkirk evacuation operation.

However, tens of millions of refugees were a number that Britain could not handle.

Security collapsed and chaos in Britain became extreme.

As monsters took over Europe, the chaos became more severe.

In the end, as almost all of Western Europe was occupied and only a part of western France remained, chaos turned into fear.

Rumors spread among the people that not only refugees but also monsters might come through the Channel Tunnel.

Rumors continued to spread.

From stories that there are monsters in human form to stories that some of the refugees have been brainwashed by monsters.

“No matter what, they destroyed the tunnel…”

The prince wiped his face with a tired look.

In the end, the British, unable to overcome their fear, blew up the tunnel.

The Channel Tunnel collapsed and was submerged in sea water. Thousands of people were inside the tunnel. They lost their lives.

That was a very sad thing, but now Louis was more worried about the millions of refugees and awakened soldiers left here. “

And because of those clouds, airplanes and helicopters can’t be used…”

Even though it was daytime outside the window, it was still pretty. It was dark. It was full of low clouds.

They had been there for dozens of days already.

Instead of lightning, the clouds were full of mana.

The plan to transport people by helicopter after the tunnel collapsed was to pass under those clouds. All the helicopters crashed and had to stop.

The sea was full of giant fish monsters, and the clouds were hiding flying monsters.

There was no place to escape.

The prince looked at the map hanging on the wall.

“The Allied forces “You haven’t even entered Germany yet, right?”

An old French general with a star on his horse answered,

“The further west you go, the stronger the monster resistance is. The speed is slowing down.”

The prince was no longer able to go to battle, but instead he took on the role of commanding the awakened people.

And the middle-aged general was in charge of the soldiers.

Although the two men had the same command authority, the general was calling himself the prince’s advisor for various reasons. As the general said, the speed of the Allied forces’ advance was gradually slowing down.

Even if the resistance of the monsters did not become stronger, it was natural that the speed of advance would slow down as the front line became wider.

And considering the speed at which they had run so far, it might have been natural for them to slow down .


for those in Calais, the Allied forces were still too far away.

They were pouring all their firepower into defending Calais, but they were short of artillery shells and the soldiers and awakeners were exhausted.

Now, the defense line might collapse with a single concentrated attack from the enemy.

“Is there really no way?”

The prince looked out the window with a gloomy expression.

“I wish Kay would come…”

The executioners’ activities were very famous both in England and in Calais.

The girl, the winged lion, the cowboy, and

the awakened man who defeated the monster.

Thanks to their continued activity while the Allied forces advanced, the other two executioners were now as famous as the awakened ones who had defeated the monsters,

but they had not forgotten what they had seen before them the day they lost their eyes and

had their arms cut off. I couldn’t forget the sight of Kay sweeping away.

“I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to contact you for a few days.”

But I couldn’t contact him.

I had last heard that he was in the U.S., but Ingrid, who had received Kay’s contact information, was also unable to contact me right now. Outside the

city hall window, I could see the entrance to the Channel Tunnel in the distance.

Many people were taking seats at the entrance to the tunnel. They were waiting for the tunnel to open again.

That wasn’t the only place where people gathered. People who couldn’t find a place to sleep pitched tents on the beach and looked across the Strait of Dover towards England. They kept waiting for a plane

or ship to arrive, but they were rescued. The hand of did not come.

Instead, other things came up out of the sea.


learned ya.

A boy who was sitting on the beach like everyone else and looking at the sea saw them for the first time.

The water split and strange-looking things began to come up the beach.

It was a monster with wide eyes, a long snout, and a skinny body that looked like a fish with only bones left.

However, it was impossible to call the monsters that wandered onto the beach on their own two feet as fish.

“It’s a monster! A monster came out of the sea!”

The boy shouted loudly and ran to his tent. Because of the long fight between the monsters, the people’s reaction was very quick.

People, along with some soldiers guarding the coast, grabbed weapons and greeted the monsters.

“Run to the city!”

“Call the troops and tell the Awakened!”

Soldiers and night guards held guns and shouted at the people.

Other people ran into the city without even packing their luggage.

The remaining people looked at the sea and clicked their tongues.

“Now it’s a monster coming up from the sea. Is the world really about to be destroyed?” .”

“Wow, I didn’t know I would die in a place like this. Will the bullets work for those guys?”

People were talking quite calmly even as they saw the monsters increasing in number. They were all prepared to die. These people were

called the Night Watch, and they were people who bought time for others to escape. When

ordinary weapons were ineffective, the refugees were left with their families. A method created to save the monsters.

They were the ones who used themselves as food to keep the monsters at bay.

“But are there too many? They keep coming out.”

But my calmness was short-lived.

The number of monsters was increasing so much.

I couldn’t tell how much it would increase, as I could only see thousands.

“Damn it! Shoot! We have to get rid of at least one of them!”

The impatient people fired guns at the monster coming up the beach.

Bang! Ta ta ta bang!

But the bad premonition was not wrong.

The bullets could not penetrate the defense shield.

“There are too many! This is how even those who run away will be caught.” !”

“Die! Die!”

People desperately fired guns, but the monsters deflected the bullets with their shields and began to walk faster and faster. It was

like a foal practicing its first steps after birth. The monsters’ awkward steps gradually turned into proper running.

“Kk . Argh!”

And the next moment, instead of gunshots, screams filled the beach.

The screams soon stopped.

The beach was filled with only the sound of monsters kicking sand.


The prince grabbed his sword and ran towards the beach.

Even though he was missing one arm and could only see one eye, he could run. He had no choice but to do so.

Fortunately, because of the surveillance cameras installed on the beach, he was able to hear the sound of gunfire and the appearance of a monster at the same time.

But his quick understanding only made him more frustrated.

Most of the awakened people and soldiers were blocking the enemy on the other side. They were too far away in the city. It was far away.

The number of soldiers and awakened people in the city was so small that the prince could count them with

one hand. He really needed a hand to help.

As he ran, he thought of Ingrid, who had parted ways a little while ago.

As he walked out of the mayor’s office with his sword, Ingrid I said my final goodbye to him:

“I will protect this place.”

She gave him a final kiss on the mouth and saluted.

Her calm appearance looked like a prince ready for death.

She wanted to stay in England, but Ingrid was stubborn just like he was stubborn.

Fortunately, Kay After saving Ingrid, the two spent a happy time for a short time.

Thinking back on Ingrid’s last appearance, he grabbed his sword.

He saw the beach in front of him.


“Help me!”

He couldn’t even get to the beach. There was carnage going on in the streets leading to the beach.

People who had run away from the beach were dying at the hands of monsters. When

Prince Louis saw that scene, he felt a sense of déjà vu.

He had seen the same scene before.

His power was useless and people were dying.

All that was left was a severed arm and an eye. Pain was felt again from the cut wound.


It was the same now. There was no end in sight to the monsters pouring out of the beach, and he himself was a disabled person who could hardly be called an awakened person.

But just like then, he couldn’t stop.

He blew off the head of the monster that was swinging its claws at the mother holding the child, and killed the old man. He plunged his sword into the heart of the monster that was about to bite his neck.

He went crazy. But he was no help anymore.

Most of the monsters passed him by and only a few of them were able to deal with him.

The people he saved were other monsters. He was exhausted and unable to kill even a few animals.

“Haha, I was such a useless human being.”

He sunk his sword into the ground and shed tears.

The monsters came closer

and closer. He looked around one last time, but he could not see the silver hole. Miracles did not come twice.

Prince Louis looked up at the sky.

He was so angry at the thick clouds. And

then he saw a strange sight in the clouds.


Something had torn through the clouds. Lightning?

Lightning! Lightning!

It wasn’t lightning. It wasn’t a cloud, it was the space that was being cut off.


A scream is heard from the clouds and


Flames rose up.

Absurdly, the clouds parted and the sky began to appear.

A monster falling and bleeding in the cracked sky and a lion spewing fire in all directions.

And there was a girl riding a lion through the sky.

Behind the girl, a man wearing a helmet sat and pointed a machine gun at the ground.


The monsters that were charging at the prince burst out.

Executioners who were supposed to be in Eastern Europe appeared in Calais.

Isabel swung her spear towards the ground.


Isabel’s dimensional cut, which had risen in rank, unfolded toward the ground.

The beach and the sea were split in half.

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