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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 256

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Episode 256 [Overlord (3)]

Baekdu Mountain heaven and earth.

A volcano that has been closed to the public since a cataclysm.

However, Baekdu Mountain was a place where there were not many monsters because awakened people from various Eurasian countries hunted from time to time.

Baekdu Mountain, commonly known as a safe hunting ground. Monsters were pouring out from the top of the volcano.

Strangely deformed beasts and monsters that looked like caterpillars. These were monsters that had never appeared on Mt. Baekdu.

The monsters ran north and south along with the monsters originally on Mt. Baekdu.

“It’s a wave!”

Guards from North Korea and the independent state of Manchuria who were monitoring Mt. Baekdu saw the monsters pouring down and urgently contacted their home country.


Same time.

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

In the back of the complex satellite control room, a general was grumbling to his staff.

“What do you mean, suddenly taking pictures of Mt. Baekdu?”

“This is an instruction directly from the White House.”

“Do you know how much fuel it takes to move a satellite into orbit now? “Years of life are gone!”

“There is no choice. This is the highest command.”

“The CIA was destroyed and the chain of command was thrown into disarray. “The number is decreasing due to lack of satellite repairs, so you can’t believe this is an order.”

While shaking his head, he gave instructions to the waiting air traffic controllers.

After confirming his instructions, the controllers began moving the reconnaissance satellite.

The staff told the story in a low voice to the general, who was watching the satellite’s orbit change with a frown.

“Speaking of the CIA. According to them, this order is a request from EV.”

The general’s expression became even more distorted as he heard the staff’s words.

“shit. It’s like completely surrendering. “The President of the United States has nothing to do with the Awakened organization.”

But the staff shrugged their shoulders.

“It has to be that way. Two elite divisions were destroyed by that one person. “Isn’t he the one who caught the monarch-level monsters?”

When the first two divisions fell, there was confusion in information, but now it is clear that it fell to one person.

It was the same awakened person who caught the monster in Moscow.

To the Americans , He was an awakened person who might become the main enemy, but he was an awakened person who could not be hated by those who had escaped brainwashing.

“Did this request also come from that person?”

“You announced that you are the owner of the EV, of course.”

The general sighed softly.

“After the Awakening came out, it seemed like a hero would appear, but not in the United States but in Korea in East Asia…”

While he was lamenting, a report from the controllers came in.

“The Russian reconnaissance satellite has gone out of orbit. “I’m doing it!”

“That guy is like that again! Check it out quickly!”

After the monsters appeared, Russia was pushed out as the main enemy of the United States, but spy satellites did not change much from before. This was

because the nuclear missiles of both countries were still intact.

“The orbit was confirmed. The Russian reconnaissance satellite was also modified to an orbit that passes over Mt. Baekdu. “It’s in progress.”

“Are you trying to check on Russia too? Then why did you ask us to do this?”

“Is it that important?”

The general shook his head at the words of the staff.

Meanwhile, the orbit correction of the satellite was completed.

“The orbit adjustment of the Keyhole KH-13-1 satellite has been completed. It will pass over Mt. Baekdu in one minute.”

“Take as much as you can! $100 million was lost trying to move the orbit!”

After shouting at the controllers, he looked at the screen in the center of the control room.

He wanted to see what was causing this mess.

“Has a monarch-level monster appeared?”

“If a monarch-level monster appeared on Mt. Baekdu, it would be quite dangerous for the Eurasian Union.”

Baekdu Mountain was a mountain in the center of three countries: Russia, Manchuria, independent North Korea, etc.

“Well, if a monster erupted a volcano, it would be a big problem.”

Considering the disaster that occurred in Japan two years ago, EV’s fuss didn’t seem that bad.

While everyone was watching the screen with interest, it was time to film.

“We’re starting filming.”

The image of the summit of Mt. Baekdu taken by a reconnaissance satellite began to appear on the screen.

“Holy sh*t!”

“Oh my god…”

And scream-like moans were heard from all directions.

The surface of Mt. Baekdu did not look like a sleeping volcanic crater as expected.

A blue lake at the top of a volcano. A huge pattern was spread across the heavens and earth.

A huge manajine drawn in a circle.

In the center was a large black monster standing on the water and extending its arms downward.

This was a very surprising sight, but it was not enough to make everyone groan.

“oh my god. Such large monsters gathered in one place….”

“Not all of them are monarch-level, right?”

Five gigantic monsters were stationed in all directions of heaven and earth.

From monsters that look like robots, to giant monkeys and butterflies, to monsters that look like old trees and monsters with big eyes on their upper bodies.

There were numerous monsters big and small lurking next to the monsters, but they couldn’t even be seen because of the huge monsters.

“It seems like they are protecting the monster in the center.”

The general nodded at the words of the staff. Even to him, it was a defensive camp.

The general shouted loudly.

“Roll all the cameras! Infrared cameras and radio radar! “We need to find out what’s going on!”

With more than five monarch-level monsters, this was no longer a problem for another country.

While the controllers were frantically manipulating the satellite, the screen looked different from before.

A monster with huge eyes was looking up at the sky. The monster’s eyes seemed to be looking straight at the screen.

“You sure you’re not looking at a satellite?”

It was before the general finished speaking.

The monster’s eyes glowed brightly. It felt like a flashbang exploded.


The next moment, the screen was filled with white light.

And immediately the screen turned black and only the phrase ‘No Signal’ remained on the screen.

“We’ve lost contact with the satellite! It’s not just the camera. “All contact is lost!”

The Keyhole satellite controller took off his headset and shouted.

While everyone was looking at him in surprise, another controller took his eyes off the radar with a horrified expression.

“Keyhole 13-1 has disappeared from satellite radar!”

“Check again!”

The general shouted, but the subsequent report contained even worse content.

“The Russian satellite has also disappeared from the radar! Ah, the satellites entering North Korea’s orbit are disappearing one after another!”

The general broke into a cold sweat after hearing the controllers’ reports.

“Could it be… destroyed?”

There has never been a monster destroying a satellite before. However, there was no guarantee that the universe would be safe forever.

The general quickly gave instructions.

“right now! Check the satellite passing over East Asia and change its orbit if you can! It doesn’t matter how much fuel you consume! “Contact NASA and the Space Force immediately!”

While the air traffic controllers were moving around frantically, he took out his phone.

He called the White House.

“Mr. President. This is NRO. We just lost a reconnaissance satellite. Yes, Mt. Baekdu….”

NRO’s report was made known to all countries with satellites via the White House.

However, there are now only a few countries left that can operate satellites, and even fewer countries that can immediately change the orbit. The

NRO control room Satellites continued to disappear from radar.


A sudden space show unfolded in the sky over East Asia.

White lines were forming in the blue sky. Shooting stars were falling from the sky. It was

not the time of the meteor shower, but it was more noticeable than when the meteor shower was passing. More stars fell and burned in the atmosphere.

People looked up to the sky and made wishes at the mysterious sight, but Gyeong-hoon knew very well what was happening in the sky.


A white light rose into the sky again from the top of Baekdu Mountain.

And Another star fell.

-The U-2 reconnaissance aircraft Global Hawk was also shot down. It was impossible to approach from the air, let alone space.

Moreover, the drones were being destroyed by monsters before they could even be hit by that light.

Below Mt. Baekdu . Kyung-hoon, who arrived, was also able to directly see the drone exploding.

– Fortunately, he was able to know the situation thanks to the images obtained from Russian and American satellites.

Eve and Kyung-hoon were able to see the situation through the mana distribution images of the Mana satellites and the images and photos left by the satellites. I was able to confirm the size of the enemy and what they were doing.

-The master’s prediction was correct. The overlord is creating a summoning force in the heavens and earth of Mt. Baekdu and infusing it with mana. It looks like he will summon the monsters from Mt. Baekdu in the other world. “Other monarch-level monsters

. “My role is to protect the overlord until the summoning ends.”

-There are four monarch-level five and many high-level monsters. To be honest, if the master is not there, they have the power to wipe out the entire East Asia.

The monsters have clearly prepared themselves through their past failures.

Kyung-hoon recalled the pattern drawn on the water that he saw in the video

. “If you prepare so diligently, it must mean that you will attract a lot of people, right?”

-I expect it to be at least the same level as the dimension-moving overlord.

Overlord was the last level of monster that the mana satellite could confirm.

If it was higher than the red overlord, I couldn’t tell how much stronger the monster would be.

“That portal . Do you know how long it will take for this to open?”

-Based on the video, there is a 90% probability that it will last from 2 days to 4 weeks.

Kyung-hoon twitched his eyebrows at Eve’s words.

“No, that’s no different from saying you don’t know.”

-The amount of mana inflow confirmed from space and the short video alone are not enough information. More information is needed to compare it with the summoning circle that has been opened.

Gyeonghoon shook his head at Eve’s words.

“To know the exact time, information collected up close is needed. “I guess it is, right?”


“I needed to check my liver anyway.”

As he spoke, Gyeonghoon brushed off the blood on the sword.

It was an ordinary sword. A sword with an ordinary pattern without a mana stone embedded in it.

Previously, it would have been a sword that would have broken just by Kyunghoon swinging it, but now it was a sword that had created numerous corpses.

Around Kyunghoon . It was full of the corpses of monsters.

These were some of the monsters that poured down from the top of Mt. Baekdu.

The monsters running south met Gyeong-hoon, who had moved through space, and were slaughtered in droves.

Gyeong-hoon poured mana into his sword.


The mana that bloomed from his body gently flowed into the sword.

The pattern glowed softly.

Although the mana flowed in, the sword did not break or crack.

Gyeong-Hoon, who has risen one level higher, is now able to completely control the mana flowing out of his body. “I won’t break it

and eat it anymore.”

Of course, there was still no item other than the rail gun that could cover all of his mana, but it was very satisfying to be able to use all the other weapons from subspace. – The situation was good for the governments of each country, EV awakeners, and awakeners in each country

. I told you. All branch portals have been activated, and both troops and awakened people are heading to EV branches in each region.

The plan was to move troops and awakened people here as much as possible, no matter how much mana stones it cost.

It was not a situation to think about.

There were many lands that had not yet been recovered and many monsters remained, but if the monsters here could not be stopped, the Eurasian Union and humanity would inevitably collapse.

“Then let’s check how much time we have left before everyone gathers and see how strong our defenses are.”

Kyung-Hoon started walking towards the summit of Baekdu Mountain, where the light was shining.

“It would be good to capture one or two monarch-level ones, and if you could mess up their patterns, that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.”

Although he was saying it as if he was joking, Kyung-hoon’s expression was extremely serious.

Kyung-hoon was truly hoping that what he just said would come true.

Otherwise, it was bound to be a difficult fight even if all the people were gathered together.

As his grade rose, he became more and more different from other people.

Kyung-hoon started running towards the top with a stern expression on his face.

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