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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 274

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Episode 274 [Let’s make a deal. ]

A few days later,

an article was widely posted on broadcasts, newspapers, and the Internet.

[It looks like the Awakened will finally have proper weapons. Today, the Blue House and the Item Manufacturers Association jointly announced the success of item weapon development. The newly developed weapons are expected to be of great help to the Awakened, with similar performance to some of the weapons obtained from monsters.] [

Moreover, the patents for all of these item weapons have been released for free, allowing all item creators to develop them freely. ]

People were happy to see a good article after a long time, and government officials also shrugged their shoulders for the first time in a long time.

The National Intelligence Service was also talking about this for a while.

Moreover, the National Intelligence Service was even more amazed because they knew the inside story well.

“How did you cook it? This is the first big news in a long time and is receiving a lot of praise from the Blue House.

Director Eom sighed inwardly at the words of the junior agent.

It was as he said. The Blue House also contacted me, and not only the Minister of the National Intelligence Service but also everyone who knew the inside story sent congratulations.

They all said that they had done great things for the country by coaxing naturalized people.

But let alone coaxing, there was no need to speak up.

It wasn’t even the Awakened person assigned as a watcher who had influenced it.

“Surely he was a good person…”

He was such a great person that he could give up such a large amount of money.

But it was hard for Deputy Director Eom to believe it. When he saw him in person, he did not seem like a ‘big guy’ at all.

Moreover, seeing that he even suggested backroom deals behind the scenes, he was a naive person. It was not.

“It is a request to ban the investigation and tracking of personal investments for the sake of privacy and the tacit permission of black trading for the purchase of item materials…” The

two demands he put forward as conditions for making an announcement in the name of the Blue House.

It was understandable and not a big problem.

Of course I accepted right away.

But the conversation that followed couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

“We will keep our promise, but wouldn’t it be difficult for Kyung-hoon to confirm? “Even if we are approached by reporters or other sources, we may be misunderstood.”

-haha. All you have to do is make a promise. Then the people who monitor or approach such issues are not part of the government.

Although the backstory was omitted, the voice heard on the phone had a strong smell of blood in it.

I wondered what on earth he was doing.

The analysis center concluded that the probability of being Korean was over 90%, but no matter how much information was searched, there was no information about naturalized awakened people.

It did not appear on the criminal list, missing person list, or resident registration fingerprint search.

Moreover, no country ever said that they were from their own country.

He was truly an awakened person who fell from the sky.

Anyway, after hearing his answer, Deputy Director Eom resolved to keep his promise.


A few days later,

at the Sky Lounge of a luxury hotel in Jamsil.

At this luxury restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, there were no customers other than Kyung-hoon.

Kyung-hoon, who was sitting at the table, looked down out the window for a moment.

I could see the Han River flowing leisurely in the distance, and cars were passing over the bridge that was still intact.

Below, Jamsil Apartments and the Olympic Stadium came into view, and finally, the world’s largest indoor amusement park building attached to the hotel was visible.

The building was currently undergoing extensive renovation.

“The amusement park full of memories disappeared when the monster destroyed the building. The group is rebuilding it, but it looks like it will be a different building from the amusement park.”

An older voice came from across from where Kyung-hoon was sitting.

Kyunghoon turned his head.

A middle-aged man in a suit was standing in front of him.

He was an elderly man with half-white hair. He sat across from Kyung-hoon and immediately called someone.

After ordering, he spoke to Kyung-hoon again.

“The building next door was destroyed, so the hotel was left dusty. Thanks to that, it became a good place to meet people comfortably.”

He continued speaking comfortably:

“I heard from Hyungmin. You want to make a deal?”

Kyung-hoon looked at him with strange eyes.

“I don’t think he’s the person you agreed to meet…”

The person who appeared in front of him was different from the black marketer that Hyeong-min Ahn had heard about. Just as the

transaction location was different from what he expected, the person who showed up was also different.

Kyung-hoon The middle-aged man chuckled at the words,

“Not just anyone can show up to meet an A-level awakened person.”

“Did Hyungmin tell you?”

“No, we looked into it separately. Anyway, it is an illegal business involving a lot of money, so you have to be careful. Moreover, since most of the time you are dealing with awakened people, you have to select people. It is full of idiots who have only become stronger…” He pointed his finger

. He pointed to the entrance to the restaurant.

There were people standing at the entrance that he seemed to have brought in.

Kyung-hoon knew it too, but he pointed for a different reason.

A person with the same facial expression as the person he was supposed to meet was standing among the people.

He didn’t know if he was right. He showed at once that he was a reliable partner and had excellent information gathering skills.

“You can call me President Jang.”

And it seemed clear that the pseudonym of the believer I had just provided was obvious.

“So, what’s going on with an A-class awakened? Since it’s a naturalized status, it would be difficult to do anything illegal… Hunting is also open to the public, so it would be difficult to steal items. Otherwise, something is needed. “Is there one?”

At his words, Kyung-hoon tapped the table with his fingers.

It seemed like a higher-ranking person had appeared than expected. It seemed like there was no need to bother taking steps.

Kyung-hoon let mana flow. Mana was released from his fingers that were tapping on the table and he looked around. I

felt like I could grasp the mana around me.

Kyung-hoon opened his mouth.

“You’re an awakened person. You have some interesting items. It looks like a defensive accessory, but did it come from a monster?”

I could sense an Awakened person outside the restaurant and inside the bar, but it didn’t seem necessary to mention that.

“A Class A Awakened person can know such things? You got a kick out of it.”

He raised both hands.

“I showed up in good form, but I can’t meet an A-level awakened person with my bare body. I paid a lot of money to buy it, but I never thought I would get caught in one go.”

After exchanging attacks with each other, the atmosphere became a little more comfortable.

Then, the ordered food was served and Kyung-hoon opened his mouth.

“Basically, we need item ingredients, but…”

“Huh? Was he a combat awakener? Or was Hyeong-min? To support this?”

The information that Kyung-hoon can also manufacture items did not seem to be known yet.

“It’s like a hobby.”

“Oh, I heard that the recipe is being released for free this time. Are you thinking of making something for yourself? But was it possible even though you don’t have the item manufacturing ability?”

Some questions continued, but there seemed to be no need to answer.

Kyung-hoon continued again.

“What I mainly want to deal with is something else.”

Kyunghoon placed the mana stone on the table.

President Jang looked at the mana stone with suspicious eyes.

He shook his head and said to Kyung-hoon.

“I said that mana stones obtained through legal hunting are difficult to trade…”

Kyung-hoon interrupted him.

“These are mana stones with no records of trading or hunting. The person who saw the mana stones is also the person who saw the hunt. “There is none.”

He narrowed his eyes at Kyung-hoon’s words.

“I have no intention of trading normal mana stones. Well, these mana stones are not abnormal, but it is a hassle to prove it every time I hunt.”

President Jang carefully picked up the mana stone. It was not an ordinary mana stone. It was a mana stone that looked at least knight-level. “You

can hunt high-level monsters by yourself without anyone knowing?”

At his words, Kyung-hoon chuckled and pointed to himself,

“I am a Grade A Awakened person certified by the Korea Awakened Center. I can do it on my own.”

He looked blankly at Kyung-hoon and burst out laughing.

“What an unexpected answer. I guess I saw the A-class awakened too easily. And it seems like the first A-class awakened is not an ordinary awakened.”

President Jang apologized to Kyung-hoon,

“I’m sorry for treating you so carelessly. I think I misunderstood you when you said I was a naturalized person. And this way of speaking is a habit of mine, so it’s difficult to change. Please take a look at me.”

Kyung-hoon chuckled at the strange tone of voice he half raised.

It was a little scary, but Kyung-hoon decided to look at it this once.

“You can just call me K. And please stop secretly recording and filming the thief from the rooftop of the building on the other side. ”

He sighed at Kyung-hoon’s words.

“I didn’t expect that everything would be discovered to this extent. Apologize again. And I’ll withdraw you right away. But is that possible if you become an A…?” He held his hand toward the door

. He shook his head and complained. People moved busily at his gesture.

After evacuating the people, he looked at the mana stone again.

“If what you say is true, there will be no problem with the transaction. A mana stone from a hunt that no one has seen. It’s not easy to find mana stones this clean. “I will pay you generously.”

He nodded with a satisfied face.

“Let’s continue doing business in the future. I may not be able to come out all the time, but I will still be watching. “We control most of this area, so no one will argue.”

Unexpectedly, it seemed that the black market markets were unified. Kyunghoon’s eyes sparkled at the unexpected situation.

“It seems a lot bigger than I thought. “You’re uniting Korean black market dealers.”

“It’s not just Korea. It can be said that we occupy the majority of the world’s networks. Well, in the current situation, there are many countries where it is difficult to distinguish between black market and official transactions. “It’s okay to just view it as a multinational company.”

A hint of pride flashed across his face, but Kyung-hoon wasn’t interested in his expression.

Kyung-hoon rummaged through his inner pocket with the hand wearing the ring.

The hand that came out again was holding something.

He spread his hands on the table.


Big and small mana stones were rolling around among the food.

President Jang looked blankly at the mana stone.

“I’m glad the company is big. “If it’s that big, it should be able to handle this much mana stone.”

He made a bewildered face.

“It’s not about affordability, but do you know how much the thing you just rolled on the floor costs?”

“Is it difficult to process? “I haven’t taken it all out yet…”

It’s not like I’ve taken it all out, it hasn’t even started yet.

President Jang looked at Kyung-hoon with a bored expression.

“Did you just catch monsters in another world before naturalizing?”

Kyung-hoon shrugged.


The transaction went well. As if he boasted that he was a multinational conglomerate, he bought all the mana stones that Kyung-hoon took out.

The money was deposited in dollars into an account set up in a tax haven.

“Now is it time to find someone to do portal research?”

Before leaving for the next hunt, Kyung-hoon searched the Internet on the PC in his room.

The computer was slow and internet information was poor.

I couldn’t ask the National Intelligence Service or tell the black marketeer.

However, there was no one I could ask for advice. No, almost no one knew.

If Eve had been there, she could have found him in an instant, but Kyung-hoon had no choice but to search for her one by one.

It seemed like I searched for hours like that.

He was exhausted and about to give up, but was able to find a special article that had been posted a few days ago.

[Emerging mana engineers.]

[Engineers who participated in the development of mana generators. This time, we are developing a robot powered by a mana generator.]

[A scientist researching items that can be applied to regular weapons in collaboration with the item creator.]


It seemed like I had found people to meet. Kyung-hoon copied down the names that appeared in the article.

Kyung-hoon continued reading the article, but at some point he stopped using the mouse.

Young engineers were posing in front of the photo with their fists clenched.

[We are AI! Young researchers shouting that a new leap in artificial intelligence is possible with mana stones]

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