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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 275

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Episode 275 [A-Class Awakened Person (1)]

Kaesong Plain beyond the ceasefire line.

In the plain where humans did not exist, instead of animals and beasts, large and small ant monsters lived.

One of the reasons why the South Korean military was so busy blocking the truce line was because of these ant monsters, and the reason why North Koreans could not come down to the south when North Korea fell was because of these ant monster legions.

Not all of the ant monsters were strong. It was easily eliminated by bombs or military firepower.

However, clearing out the monsters on the ground was not the end. Ant monsters were constantly pouring out of the underground anthill.

In the end, the Korean military held up both hands and defended the truce line, and the territory of the ant monsters grew bigger and bigger.

However, there were no live ant monsters to be seen on the Kaesong Plain today.

There were endless carcasses of ants the size of small animals lined up in the field.

The number seemed to be in the thousands.

It seemed like shelling had been going on for a long time, as there was smoke and pits were created in various places.

However, the wounds on the ant corpse were not from shelling. The ants had been cut cleanly.

And in the center of the field of dead ants, there was a garden full of holes.

This is the home of ants that dominate the Kaesong Plain. It was a nest of an ant monster.

Ant corpses were also piled up around the holes on the hill.

These were ants spread out in the field and other ants.

A bull-sized black ant with a thick shell and powerful jaws. It was a monster called a soldier ant that protected the house.

Those ants were no different from other ants. The throat had been cut and the jaw had been severed. Some ants had their thick heads exploding.

And there were people watching the fields and gardens from afar.

They were senior National Intelligence Service agents and soldiers who guided Kyung-hoon on Nami Island.

“It seems like it’s been a while since I went in…”

The general with two stars on his shoulders muttered as he put down the telescope.

“If he failed, this place is also dangerous. “How about preparing to withdraw?”

After hearing his words, the chief of staff whispered from behind.

He looked back.

Several of his men were already attached to the helicopter. It was clear that he intended to flee in a helicopter if the situation were to arise.

The general had cowards in his head.

I didn’t come here in person to see something like this.

“The ants that went inside haven’t come out yet. Wait a little longer. They said he was a Class A awakened person, so at least he could come out alive. “If we can figure out the inside of that nest, this expedition will be a success.”

He glanced at the National Intelligence Service agent next to him.

As expected, it was difficult to understand the facial expressions of the people from the National Intelligence Service.

This operation was a strongly requested operation from the military after hearing that the hunt for Nami Island was successful.

Since their skills were confirmed on Nami Island, it was clear that the naturalized awakener was an A-level awakener.

If it was clear that he was an A-class awakened person, it was clear that at least one shield would be strong.

If so, there was a high chance that he would come out alive even if he went into an ant cave.

Those ant monsters were more about numbers than individual strength, so they were perfect for reconnaissance purposes.

“If we can understand the internal structure, we can carry out operations. “If we could find out where the queen was, we could put a bunker buster in it.”

Although we couldn’t tell the people, we couldn’t just continue to defend ourselves by wasting resources like we are now.

As military expenses increased, there was a shortage of troops. There had to be some kind of breakthrough.

But suddenly, an A-level awakened person appeared, so the military had high expectations.

Even though it was not part of the government, it was able to carry out the operation like this thanks to the string attached.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I would say yes…”

It was like jumping into a nest of tens of thousands of ant monsters. It was not something that could be said to have become an awakened person.

“You can tell whether he was confident in his skills or drunk on power.”

He raised the telescope again.

There was a change in the field where the dead ants were spread out.


The ground began to tremble with shaking.

Monster corpses also sank into the collapsing ground.

It wasn’t an earthquake. As if a construction site had collapsed and the air had escaped from the ground, parts of the field sank.

“Could it be that the anthill collapsed…”

The agent’s face hardened at the general’s words.

It was unexpected.

If the cave collapsed, whether it was due to the ants in the fight or not, it was difficult for the awakened person inside to survive.

“Can a Class A awakened person live without air?”

The general seemed to have noticed, too.

“Awakened people are also people. “Humans cannot live without air.”

When the cave collapsed, the awakened people underground had no way to breathe.

And there was a change in the nest of the garden ant monsters.


Ants began pouring out of the holes in the garden.

Hundreds and thousands of ant monsters came out of the hole and through the hill next to the hole.

The black wave gradually spread starting from the mountain.

“We must withdraw!”

This time the general had no choice but to agree.


The helicopter’s rotor began to spin and the officers hopped onto the helicopter.

The agent ran to the helicopter, and the chief of staff also ran to the helicopter, but the general was looking back with a confused look.

“Division commander! “We have to leave!”

The chief of staff ran back and dragged him away.

But the general waved his hand.

“Look at that.”

Instead he pointed ahead.

What he was pointing at were the ant monsters pouring out of the garden.

Even the chief of staff could tell what the general was pointing at.

The ant monsters did not eat or touch the corpses lying around.

Moreover, all the ant monsters that were pouring out were turning towards the north.

There were only a few monsters running towards them.

“Are you really running away?”

“It looks like that to me too…”

And right after, they found out why the ant monsters were running away.


The hill that stood tall in the plains collapsed.

It was spectacular.

A small mountain was sinking into the ground.

“What did they do down there to create such a mess?”

While the general was looking at the sinking hill with a bewildered expression,

another hole was being created in the field.

This time, it was a fairly large and deep sinkhole.

Moreover, the place where the hole was created was right in front of where the general was standing.

The surprised general and the chief of staff fell to the ground, and the helicopter that was spinning the rotor tilted and almost fell.

The general looked at the hole that had opened up before his eyes in surprise, and the chief of staff sat down and took a hard step back.

At that moment

, a hand came out of the collapsed hole. A gloved hand grabbed the edge of the hole, and then a sound came from inside the hole.


And then a huge figure popped out from the hole.

It was a black monster.

A huge monster jumped out of the hole and landed in front of the general.


What fell in front of the general was a huge ant.

The soldier ant monster was big, but this ant monster was even bigger than that.

The general and his staff’s complexions turned white due to the overwhelming sense of intimidation, but they could tell that the monster was dead.

More than half of his legs were cut off, and his entire body was covered in chafing wounds. Moreover, the monster’s head was not visible.


And then the severed head fell again in front of the two people.

“It’s the queen. “The monsters moved strategically, so it wasn’t easy to deal with them.”

After putting down the queen ant head, Kyung-hoon shook himself off.

Gyeonghoon’s clothes were also full of scratches, and it was difficult to recognize their original appearance due to the dirt and dust.

To protect the queen, the ant monsters used hand-to-hand attacks and self-destruction, and even collapsed the cave to eliminate air.

If Kyung-hoon had not felt mana, he might have continued to wander through the underground maze instead of catching the queen ant.


Kyung-hoon stopped talking.

It seemed that the soldiers were in no condition to talk to him.

The general and colonel sitting in front were half-fazed, and the people on the helicopter were vomiting both inside and outside the helicopter.

It seemed like the explanation would have to be postponed until later. Since I brought the queen ant anyway, there was enough evidence.

He put his hand into the queen ant’s head and pulled out the mana stone.

Then I looked at the northern field where the collapsed ant nest was.

When the ant monsters filled the area around the mountain, they were disappearing northward like a wave.

It was unreasonably rewarding.

Now the biggest barrier blocking North Korea has disappeared. It seemed like all that was left could be left to the armed forces.

Kyung-hoon sighed when he saw the soldiers still staring at him blankly.

‘Is it really okay to be so rude…’

If he goes too wild, it could end up in a completely different world from the memories he knew.

‘I trusted Eve too much…’

Eve was in charge of all records and information. Gyeonghoon did not know much about the history of the destroyed world.

So he couldn’t know exactly which of the things he was doing now would change history.

From the beginning, he decided not to think about ‘changing history.’

He was going to do the best he could.

So, I agreed to this incident.

A cataclysm in this world was just around the corner. At a time like that, we couldn’t allow monsters to infest right above Seoul.

Korea had to be fine until he returned to his original world.

And if the Korean military used more strength to build a road to Mt. Baekdu, investigation of Mt. Baekdu could have been possible.

When he crossed over to this world, he could feel a portal being created above Mt. Baekdu. It was a summoning gate connected to the top of Mt. Baekdu in this world.

I didn’t know if that monster would be on Mt. Baekdu at this time, but I had to check before returning to the original world.

“Thank you for

your hard work.” People began to come to their senses. A senior agent came up and spoke to him.

“This is truly amazing. It is a great blessing for our country. How about we continue to be together in the future? Let’s just run to the North and unify.” “

The general spoke passionately to him as if giving a speech.

But Gyeong-hoon was not interested.

“This is the end of my promise to the government. And I have a promise.”

After this, there was a meeting with the engineers.

I thought about it for a while . However, among the engineers he was supposed to meet were scientists developing AI.

And he had many other things to do. From now on, he planned to only hunt what he wanted, not what the government requested.

Leaving the regretful general behind, Gyeong-hoon asked the National Intelligence Service agent.

There was one thing I was curious about a while ago.

“But how are you going to collect the mana stones of the monsters buried in the ground? The government promised to give me all the mana stones of the monsters I caught.” “


The agent gave a dumb answer to the unexpected question.

But Kyung-hoon planned to take it all in.

Although he participated for other reasons, he had no intention of volunteering for free.

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