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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 278

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Episode 278 [ Land of Destruction (1) ]

The snowstorm suddenly stopped.

The temperature, which had fallen below -100 degrees, began to rise again little by little.

Huh. Huh.

Instead of breath, snowflakes rose from Kyunghoon’s mouth.


Every time I moved, my frozen clothes were torn.

Gyeong-Hoon put the sword into subspace and shook off the snow that had accumulated on his head.

Thanks to the mana flowing down to his hair, he never went bald.

Perhaps because it was not normal cold, the temperature rose rapidly.

The ice shell covering the monster also began to collapse. Thanks to this, I was able to see the inside of the monster, soaked in blood.

Blood began to flow out little by little from the cracked flesh.

Blood was finally flowing out of Kyung-hoon’s arm.

It was quite an arduous battle due to the cold temperature, but thanks to that, there was no need to stop the bleeding.

Kyung-hoon took out a potion from subspace.

“It’s frozen like this. Should I make a potion bottle to keep warm…”

Kyung-hoon held the potion bottle and poured mana into it. Steam came out from the surface of the bottle and it immediately became warm.

As I drank it, the blood stopped flowing and the wound began to heal.

“Wounds heal well…but burns are useless.”

Kyunghoon stroked one side of his face.

I felt my skin being bumpy. It was the burn I got when I came over to this world.

It would have been cured with the potion that Jin Xiawei had given him the day before, but it was impossible to treat old burns with the mass-produced potion he had now.

I might be able to recover if I peeled off the burn and drank a potion, but I had no intention of doing that.

“Because there’s no one who needs to know…”

Kyung-hoon lowered his hands and looked ahead.

A huge monster had fallen.

When the ice skin came off, it looked like a fleshy monster from a zombie game.

“I wonder if even a captain level is tight…”

Although it had unique characteristics, the monster’s mana was only that of a captain level.

Gyeonghoon fought against a captain level player, even getting injured.

Previously, when he was an A level player, he had to fight a monarch level person . I did it too….

Of course, Eve and Shane were there at the time.

Even back then, I had a hard time fighting against a captain-level person alone.

Kyung-hoon sighed.

“I need to recover quickly. If a cataclysm occurs, monarch-level people will come out of all directions. ”

Plus, I had to regain my strength before I could go back there. There were still many monsters left, and the Baekdu Mountain portal remained.

Well, considering the monster’s characteristics, it could have been a good save.

It was a monster that froze a city of 600,000 people.

Moreover, as they fought closely together, the temperature dropped to below -100 degrees Celsius. An awakened person who was not as good as Kyung-hoon could not block the cold.

Around the fallen monster, previously frozen awakened people were seen.

It seems that Russia also sent awakeners to defeat the monster.

Pop. Pop.

Water began to fall on the awakened people buried in the ice.


Ice was falling, covering the city.

The ice was melting. The temperature seemed to have risen above freezing.

The city covered in ice was beginning to come back to life.

A bloody wall appeared from behind the ice and a body buried in the ice reappeared.

The city that was restored might have been close to hell.

And the ice in the square where the monster fell also began to melt.

The ice on the floor melted and a pattern appeared.

Complex lines drawn in a large circular pattern. It looked a little different, but it was clearly manazine for dimensional travel.

Kyung-hoon pulled out the mana stone from the monster’s exposed body and stood in front of Manajine.

He had crossed dimensions through this type of manage before.

Of course, it was Manajin in operation at the time, and traces of the portal remained, so it was easy to pass through.

“I don’t know if it will work out according to the theory…”

Afterwards, I analyzed Managine together with Eve. Of course, Eve analyzed most of it, but…

Eve said that even a mana dimension that stopped working can be restarted by equipping a mana stone and infusing it with the right mana.

Of course, the proper mana was referring to the mana of Gyeong-hoon, a dimension shifter.

Gyeonghoon thought for a moment and then took out a mana stone from subspace.

“First, make sure it’s working…”

He inserted the mana stone into the center of the mana line, knelt down, and placed his finger on the outer circle.

Kyung-hoon carefully infused mana.


Starting from the circle where Kyung-hoon placed his hand, the patterns began to glow one after another.

The light gradually headed toward the center along the line and finally connected to the mana stone.


The mana stone, which had been emitting a soft light, began to shine brightly.

The entire Manajine began to emit light.

A portal began to form in the center of a Russian city where ice was melting.

Black smoke rose above the pattern.


The smoke gradually gathered in a circle.

Fish style.

But before I could make a proper circle, it got messy again.

This was repeated several times, but in the end, a proper portal was not created.

But Kyung-hoon was not disappointed.

This was a success.

Kyung-hoon placed his hand on the black smoke.

And activated the feature.


Mana poured out and a black door began to form in the center of the black smoke.

After a while, a black hole appeared in front of Kyung-hoon above the pattern.

It was a portal.

Kyung-hoon glared at the portal.

If I jump here, will I be able to return to the original world? Or maybe the gum-gum universe was waiting for him.

“But we can’t just watch.”

I couldn’t just find it and look at it.

Kyunghoon took a deep breath and started walking.

Jump and jump.

Kyung-hoon walked into the hole.

After Kyung-hoon entered, the black hole became smoke again.


Water from melted ice poured down the street like a waterfall.

The water raced down the street in a stream and soon became small waves that swept the road.

The mana stone bounced and the pattern was swept away.

The black smoke dispersed and only the monster’s corpse remained, staining the waves red.


2025 Dimension A.


Something came out of the black hole.

It was a huge monster.

A monster resembling a Western dragon landed in the crater of Mt. Baekdu, where the water had disappeared.

There was nothing visible around where the monster landed.

There was no heaven or earth to be seen and no corpses to be seen.

Not much time had passed since the fight ended, but everyone was caught up in the black holes and disappeared.

The ground was cracked and dust arose.

The monster took a deep breath. Countless mana tickled my nose.

The world was full of human mana.

It was enough mana to raise the level. Now, if I just raise my rank a little more, I could go to a higher level.

A rise beyond the species that is not limited by the body. I was able to go to the place commonly called ‘God’.

To do this, the awakened people had to be killed.

Shhh! Quaaaang!

While the monster was looking around, a bomb fell from the sky.

Quaaaang! bang!

Flames erupted and dust rose.

Helicopters hovering in the sky and fighter-bombers returning from reloading were dropping bombs and missiles.

It was then.


Light shot out from inside a crater filled with flames.


It was a light that seemed to cut through space. The light cut through the clouds and melted fighter bombers and helicopters.


All attacks stopped as light was drawn towards the sky several times.

The flames died down and the dust settled. The monster closed his mouth.

Fighter-bombers were seen falling to the ground. These were fighter-bombers that had missed the mark.

The dragon-like monster did not see the falling plane. I couldn’t feel any human mana. There was no reason to care.

Instead, human mana was felt in both the east, west, south, and north.

The manas felt in the south were the closest. And those manas were now moving further and further away.

The monster glared at the south.

Even in the previous level, it was the place with the most resistance.

The monster decided to leave the fleeing humans alone. They were people with a lot of petty hair.

Human traps were no longer a problem, but thanks to the wound I suffered long ago, I had no choice but to hesitate.

There was plenty of time anyway. There was no reason to worry about every little detail in order to conquer this planet and this dimension.

Thump thump

thump Other monsters began pouring out of the black hole portal from which the monster came.

They were monsters in Manchuria and the northern part of the Korean peninsula near Mt. Baekdu in that dimension.

The number of monsters pouring out of the dimension door gradually increased.


The monster spread the image to the monsters that came out of the portal.

[Kill the human.]

The monsters began to move under his instructions.

Towards Siberia in the north, Manchuria in the west, and finally towards the Korean Peninsula in the south.

Monsters poured out. It spread beyond the crater and down Mt. Baekdu.

The monster also began to move.

South. We walked towards the place that humans call the Korean Peninsula.


When I entered the portal, a black universe unfolded before Kyung-hoon.

The same black universe as before.

But there was one difference.


A small light was twinkling far ahead.

And there was a road leading towards that place.

Finally, there was a way to another dimension.

Kyung-hoon moved forward along the road.

As the door behind me got further away, the light came closer.

After going on for a while, the light finally appeared as a portal.

Kyung-hoon jumped into the portal without hesitation.

It’s a disaster.

A bright light enveloped Kyunghoon’s eyes.

The light disappeared immediately.

Kyung-hoon took Mirinae out from sub-space and looked around.

It seemed to be night. The surroundings were dark.

If it weren’t for the awakened person, I might not have seen anything.

He looked around with eyes full of mana, and unfortunately, this was not a place he knew.

It was a shallow hill. Because of the cool fog, even he, an awakened person, could not see far away.

The surrounding area was full of dead trees and frost was everywhere.

“Where am I? “It looks like a cold neighborhood…”

His breath flowed out of his own accord.

Gyeong-hoon looked around.

He looked at the trees, but he couldn’t tell what kind of trees they were because they were dry and dead.

There were no animals or bugs to be seen.

There was nothing on these hills except dried and dead trees. It wasn’t visible.

Kyung-hoon took off his messed up clothes and took out new clothes and put them on.

It felt like it was below freezing, but luckily it wasn’t so cold that his clothes would break.

“Oh, that’s right. GPS.”

The GPS worked in both worlds.

Kyung-hoon took out the GPS.


But none of the satellites were picked up.

Kyung-hoon looked up at the sky.

Just then, the fog was clearing. When the fog cleared,

the stars were visible. Although the Milky Way was not visible, the sky was filled with countless stars,

and the moon was visible.

“…..Oh my god.”

The half-torn moon was looking down at him with a hideous appearance.

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