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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 47

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Episode 47 [Black Smith]

As the sun was setting that day, Kyung-hoon returned to the island where the group was training.

The atmosphere of the nearby sea and fishing villages in Namdo that I observed while coming to the island was no different from before.

-CCTV is not installed on regular national highways in local areas. There is no need to mention any other roads. Unless public power is formally mobilized, it is impossible to find the island during the unity rally period.

Gyeong-hoon listened to Eve’s words and put down the luggage from the boat on the white sandy beach.

On the white sandy beach, a group of Awakened Association members were lying covered in dust. They just looked at Kyung-hoon’s arrival with resentment.

However, when bags that appeared to contain ice boxes and food were thrown onto the white sandy beach, the group jumped up.

“No way…something to eat?”

“I don’t want combat rations anymore!”

“meat! salad! Proper food!”

Fortunately, the boxes Kyung-hoon brought contained meat and various cooking ingredients.

That night, the group excitedly started an outdoor party despite their tired bodies.

The body of the awakened person was definitely different. People who had been dying a little while ago suddenly came back to life and were eating and talking excitedly.

Kyung-hoon and Jin-hyuk sat side by side at a distance and watched the scene.

“Was the training okay?”

“There were some people who were not suited to battle.”

He looked at the girl who had a happy expression on her face while holding a skewer in her mouth.

“But since the basic specifications are different, the training went well. “It was just a matter of getting everyone used to it.”

“Are you good at shooting too?”

“Although it was training with hunting shotguns, some of us had served in the military, so we all got used to guns.”

Kyung-hoon’s backpack contained several modified guns that he had acquired in Hong Kong. However, it was still difficult to bring it out in Korea.

“But I think it would be difficult to use those characteristics in battle. I think I need some actual practice to get a feel for it…”

Kyung-hoon nodded at Jin-hyuk’s words.

Jinhyeok, who had said that far, stopped talking. After a while, Jinhyuk opened his mouth again.

“I listened to my brother’s story while training. I heard that your brother is also an awakened person. It was my brother who saved them. To be honest, I had some doubts. “The first time I encountered a mutant monster, I survived and survived the incident unharmed.”

Kyung-hoon chuckled at Jin-hyuk’s words.

“They say it’s possible with my old skills.”

“So I was skeptical.”

Jinhyuk also smiled slightly and continued.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

Anyway, I was planning on telling you some of it. Kyunghoon opened his mouth.

He told me that he had awakened just before the factory mutation incident.

After that, he ended up getting caught up in a few incidents and now he joined an EV site and helped out with one or two things.

Of course, he couldn’t speak about dimensional travel, and since he couldn’t reveal Eve, he couldn’t say that EV was his.

But this alone was enough to make Jinhyuk dumbfounded.

“I guess the things you lamented about being unemployed every time you drank were all lies.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be okay to say I’m still unemployed?”

-The owner’s words are perfect for insulting someone who knows the truth.

Since Eve was the only one who knew the truth, I couldn’t help but feel like I had been scolded by Eve.

“Then did you expect that I would awaken?”

Jinhyuk asked, looking down at his clenched hands.

“Would you say that while experiencing various things, I developed the eyes to see the awakened?”

-It was clear that if I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have recognized it until awakening.

Kyung-hoon ignored Eve’s words and asked Jin-hyuk a question. Jinhyuk looked very confused.

“Then why are you so anxious?”

It didn’t look like Jinhyuk at all. Jinhyuk answered.

“What should I do next? Should I quit my job and hide like my brother?”

Jinhyuk was worried about what would happen next.

Even though he thought he might lose his job and have to go into hiding, he did the job Kyung-hoon gave him properly.

Kyung-hoon nodded at Jin-hyuk’s words.

“Well, in the current situation, it would be difficult for an awakened person to work as a civil servant. “I need to look for a new job.”

Jinhyuk shook his head at Kyunghoon’s words.

“Now we are in a situation where it is better to register as an awakened person. People also get scared when they see an awakened person in person. “There are no jobs.”

Kyunghoon laughed to himself.

According to the documents sent by Chairman Ha, the conglomerate already had several awakened people.

It was difficult to tell whether it was for research or whether it was being kept for the future, but it wasn’t impossible to get a job.

Anyway, I had no intention of introducing Jinhyuk to such a company.

“A new place to work is right in front of you. “The financial resources are not bad and investments will continue to come in.” Kyung-hoon pointed to the members of the association happily eating.

-Are you planning to invest more in the association? Even if capital is increased, it is unlikely that equity investment will be received…

Even now, the shares acquired under assumed names are more than the share of one executive.

But Kyung-hoon wasn’t too worried. All I had to do was find a way with Eve.

Jinhyuk was lost in thought at Kyunghoon’s words.

Kyung-hoon sat next to Jin-hyuk, who was worried, and waved to the people at the association.

People waved happily to Kyung-hoon, who was wearing black sunglasses.

Kyung-hoon felt good because he seemed to be having fun even though he would have a hard time again tomorrow.

The next day, the group went out to sea on Gyeonghoon’s boat.

The group was happy because they thought they were going to land, but their expressions darkened when the boat headed for another uninhabited island.

“Is there still any training left?”

Kyung-hoon shook his head at the words of Da-hee, who was in tears.

“It’s a different training than before, so it won’t be that difficult for Dahee.”

Hearing Kyung-hoon’s words, Gyu-gyu muttered with a gloomy face.

“Dahee, it won’t be hard. So you’re saying it’s going to be hard for other people, right?”

After hearing Gyu-Gyu’s words, people turned to Kyung-Hoon. However, the black sunglasses Kyung-hoon wore turned everyone away.

The ship arrived at an island made up of rocky, stone mountains.

Gyeonghoon tied his boat to a nearby rock and climbed to the island with his group.

The group each carried their own luggage and climbed the steep stone mountain.

The luggage was heavy and bulky, but to the awakened companions, it felt lighter than a hiking backpack.

“Oh, it’s a black goat!”

Dahee, who was climbing the island mound with her group, pointed to the top of the mountain.

A black goat was standing on top of a high rocky mountain, looking at the group.

Dahee and Seolyeon looked at the black goat with curiosity, but the other men frowned when they saw the black goat.

The proportions weren’t right. Considering the distance to the top of the stone mountain, there was no way the black goat could have looked that big.

Jinhyuk asked Kyunghoon.

“Could it be a mutation?”

Everyone looked at Kyung-hoon in surprise at Jin-hyuk’s words. Kyunghoon nodded.

“Now that we’ve completed training, it’s time for practical training.”



The group’s surprised voices echoed over the rocky mountain.

The military and government were working hard to hunt mutants, but not all of the country could be reached.

There were reports of a monster that had never been seen passing through the demilitarized zone, and traces of the monster were also found deep in the mountains of Jiri Mountain.

And the same was true for uninhabited islands.

Sea fishermen saw strange animals on the island and posted them on the Internet, but no one went to the remote island to check.

After receiving information from Eve, he explored the rumored island in advance and set up a base camp on the island next to it.

Regardless of whether people were surprised, Kyung-hoon took out the equipment from the bag the group was carrying.

Hunting shotguns and riot shields. Heavy steel bars and various equipment. At least it was equipment that could be obtained legally.

“I heard that during the actual hunting, there will be military support and you will be able to use basic firearms.”

Jongcheol nodded at Kyunghoon’s words.

Although awakened people are said to be stronger than ordinary people, it was difficult to deal with mutants bare-handed.

However, if you fight mutants with guns, they are no different from soldiers now, but this time, it was not the awakened people who stepped forward, but the other party who started the fight.

“But we still have to show what makes us different.”

Even if the other person said they did something, there was no way a good story would come out if they couldn’t show that they were doing better than the soldiers.

Kyung-hoon handed the equipment to the people who were in tears and said,

“It used to be an island inhabited by quite a large number of black goats. But now there is only one black goat monster.”

The women covered their mouths. He realized what Kyung-hoon meant.

The black goat monster that was watching the group raised its head and screamed, as if Kyung-hoon’s words were bothersome.


With a sound that resonated in my eardrums, the black goat monster began skipping across the rocks.

“Hi! It’s so big!”

As it approached the group, they were able to realize the size of the monster. It was about the size of an average van.

Gyeong-hoon gave a signal to Jin-hyuk, and Jin-hyuk stepped forward with a wry smile.

“Everyone, form up like you trained!”


“Oh, where was I?”

As soon as the words were out, Deng took up a position in front of the group holding a military and police shield, and Gyu-gyu, who was less tired of the military, quickly grabbed a shotgun and stood behind Deng. However, the other people were clumsy. They could not even

stand in place and only moved around.

“Everyone come to your senses!”

Jinhyuk yelled at the group, but Kyunghoon just looked at the ragtag group from behind.

– Are you going to be okay?

“There will be no problem because Jinhyuk is there. If you really want to do anything, I can step forward.”

The hand that Gyeong-hoon turned back was already holding a pistol. The backpack he was carrying contained two swords. The black goat

monster rushed in right away.


Fortunately, its size blocked the black goat’s advance. But the shield did not. It was strong. The military and police shields were shattered into pieces.

After that, it was all chaos.


“Running this way!”

Bang! Bang!


“Ugh! I can’t help it! You can’t use a gun!”

“Ugh! I’m scared!”

The big man blocked it with his body and Jinhyuk even struck him, but the group was busy running away from the black goat.

In the end, Gyeonghoon had no choice but to step forward and make the black goat monster retreat.

“Treat the injured people.”

Da-hee, who was just watching from behind, whimpered and glared at Kyung-hoon.

“I said it wasn’t hard…”

She left a few words to Kyung-hoon and ran to the groaning group.

After a while, Kyung-hoon shouted to the group whose injuries were healed.

“Did you rest well? Let’s do it again. We have to catch it by tomorrow. There is no time.”

The group looked at Kyung-hoon with white faces. This time, Jinhyuk looked at Kyunghoon with a similar expression.

With Gyeong-Hoon’s four attempts of luring and hunting, the party was eventually able to defeat the black goat monster.

It was a fight that ended with a large man holding on to the horns of an exhausted black goat and thrusting guns and other weapons from the side with great force.

The group collapsed on the floor without any signs of happiness, and Kyung-hoon collected the mana stone from the body of the black goat monster.

“It won’t be easy like this, right?”

-It may be better to use firearms, but it is difficult to differentiate yourself from soldiers.

“Can not help it. “It’s earlier than expected, but I have no choice but to make it appear.”

-Shall we proceed now?

Kyung-hoon nodded at Eve’s words.

-Then I will post it.

The moment Eve finished speaking, a new post was posted on the EV website bulletin board.

┗ Black Smith: Is there any way to connect with the Korean Awakened Association?

┗ Yes? What’s going on?

┗ Didn’t the article say that there was a demonstration on catching some kind of monster?

┗ Is that possible? There’s no way I could fight such a monster just because I got stronger…

┗ Still, I’m looking forward to it.

┗ No, wait a moment and let me listen to you.

┗ Black Smith: Rather than anything else, I have gained some unusual characteristics. I think it will be helpful to them.

* EV. I will continue the conversation with Black Smith.

┗ Oh, the administrator has appeared!

┗ It’s EV!

┗ …..

┗ …..

The bulletin board was shaken by the sudden appearance of the administrator.

However, EV did not appear on the bulletin board again, and the username Black Smith who spoke did not post any more posts on the bulletin board.

Instead, the homepage list changed. 6.

The (Working) mark has disappeared from the list of

equipment and item transactions number 6.

And in list number 6, two item names flashed.

Blacksmith’s Greatsword (rental)

Blacksmith’s Shield (rental)

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