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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 51

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Episode 51 [Roaring]

Dark office.

Unlike other offices that were brightly lit due to overtime, the vice president’s office had only the TV turned on.

[Today, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do. A large-scale murder occurred in the eastern area of Jiri Mountain National Park. [It is a rare incident with 0 injuries and 16 deaths.]

A scene looking down from the sky at mosaic corpses filled the screen.

[This is a video taken by a drone that was filming the Awakened Association’s hunt. The sound of gunfire was heard in this area just as the Awakened Association was hunting. Unfortunately, the drone filming was delayed because the sound of gunshots was judged to be a fight with other mutants.]

The vice chairman of SG Group, the number one company in the business world, and a man called the Crown Prince frowned at the screen.

It was a screen I saw even during the day. At that time, there was no mosaic, so many people watching TV were shocked.

“I heard that there is definitely a delay so you can erase unnecessary screens.”

At his words, the secretary standing in the dark opened her mouth.

“They say the deletion failed due to technical issues.”

The vice president turned his head at the secretary’s words. When the expressionless handsome face looked at the secretary, the secretary’s face turned pale.

“We will sanction those responsible after we find out the reason.”

“Don’t you think cleaning up after it is not a problem now?”

The vice president looked completely different from his gentle appearance during the day.

” sorry.”

When the secretary lowered her head to 90 degrees, he turned his head again.

[The area is currently closed and filming is prohibited. Currently, the military and police are conducting a joint investigation. The casualties appear to be people dressed as soldiers and awakened people…]

Watching TV during the day ended in the worst way.

Originally, it was a place to celebrate while watching the operation succeed in real time. However, during the broadcast, everyone left the meeting and the meeting ended in disrepair.

The vice president clenched his fists as he remembered what happened during the day. It was a disgrace.

After a moment, he opened his fist. The vice president took a deep breath and looked at the secretary.

“Did you find out what happened?”

Although it was said on air that the investigation was still underway, the group’s information capabilities were enough to confirm it.

“There is one broken awakened person missing. “There are no clear results yet, but from what we have confirmed so far, it appears that the control of the awakened person failed and caused a runaway.”

Hearing the secretary’s words, the vice president knocked on the desk. It was a plausible story, but something caught me off guard.

“I guess it’s too elaborate. “Dig further.”

“yes yes!”

Although he answered right away, the secretary was not confident. The scene and the body had already been damaged in order to erase any ties with the company. All

they had were the initial photos of the scene. They had to produce results with these photos.

While the vice president was giving orders , The screen moved on to the next news.

On the TV screen, people from the Awakened Association were gathering and taking pictures with a huge wild boar lying on the ground in the background. The

association members were all smiling brightly.

[Fortunately, today was a hunting demonstration by the Awakening Association . ended safely without any other help. The fighting methods they showed using the above-human strength and abilities are likely to cause various controversies in the future.] The

Vice President raised his eyebrows. I don’t understand anything more than that his team was destroyed. This was the success of their hunt.

“Where on earth did it go wrong?”

His fingers tapping on the desk became faster.

Ungh. Ungh.

That was then. The cell phone on the desk rang. He checked the caller ID and made the call. I received it.

-I. President Ha:

“Yes, today’s incident was unfortunate for both of us.”

The other party was unable to respond to the vice president’s words for a moment.

To be honest, the vice president had done most of the work up until now, and Baeksan had continued to handle the funds and supplies, especially the mutant corpses he had. Originally, it was right for the vice president to apologize since things went wrong. He was not the person to apologize for something like this.

President Ha knew it well. He hesitated for a moment in an expression of regret that did not even seem like an apology, but he opened his mouth again.

– Because of that incident. This incident has caused great damage to the company. Our Baeksan is responsible for this incident. I decided to leave.


-This is the chairman’s order. Please understand. Then, enough.

Tu. Du. Tu.

The vice-chairman looked at his cell phone with an absurd expression.

“You pull out just because you suffered that much of a loss? Damn it! The old man who was dying came back and started working.” “Do you make it like this?”

I had a bad temper and threw the cell phone.


The cell phone hit the TV screen and the TV screen on the wall shattered.

Ugh. Ugh.

The cell phone rolled on the floor and started to cry again.

The secretary, who noticed, quickly ran over and picked up the cell phone. I picked it up.

“Work is over for today! Throw the phone out!”

But the secretary did not listen to him. He carefully held out his cell phone.

“This is the president’s call.”

The vice president’s face hardened. He answered the phone with a dark expression.

“I received a call from the Chairman.”

– Come up now!

The chairman’s shout could be heard outside the phone.

After the demonstration by the Awakened Association, Korea, and indeed the world, began to change rapidly.

In Korea, registration of awakened people without electronic anklets began, and other countries also began registering awakened people and associations. It is made of bamboo shoots.

-There are not many countries that have simple registration like Korea. There are more countries that require people to wear electronic anklets or name tags. Unfortunately,

Kyung-hoon had no choice. If it were not for the association, Korea would also have gone with electronic anklets.

At least in Korea. Thanks to and EV, the human rights of the awakened were preserved to this extent.

“You can’t eat your fill with just one spoon.”

Kyung-hoon answered Eve’s words half-heartedly. He was busy checking the newly purchased motorcycle.

Kyung-hoon was currently checking his motorcycle in the underground parking lot of the officetel.

It was a luxurious-looking off-road motorcycle. In front of the motorcycle was a BMW. The mark was glued on.

-So, did you suddenly buy a motorcycle? That motorcycle is much more expensive than the car you bought in Korea.

“It’s okay because it’s cash. Besides, I’m not going to register it, so it doesn’t matter.”

-Why did you buy something that won’t burn?

“Hehehe. Why doesn’t it burn?”

In response to Eve’s question, Kyung-hoon smiled grimly.

He also used to ride a motorcycle for a while when he was having fun in high school. He came to his senses and never rode it again, but he still loved riding a motorcycle itself. “I packed all my luggage and got fuel

. “I’ve had enough, and I’ve roughly finished all the urgent work.”

Kyung-hoon put his hand in the backpack and checked the items inside, then carried the backpack again.

– Jin Xia-wei, whom he had met earlier, seemed to have something to say. Can we just go?

“Well, I’ll be back before evening. If I get caught, I’ll only delay my departure.” lose.”

Kyung-hoon immediately got on the motorcycle.

-Why are you riding a motorcycle? You can’t move with anything other than what you carry on your body.

“Is that really true?”

Kyung-hoon started the motorcycle and stretched out one hand.

“Creating a dimensional corridor.”


A black hole appeared in front of Kyung-hoon.

The dimensional door that appeared this time did not appear on the floor. It appeared in the air in front of the motorcycle.

-Have your characteristics evolved?



Kyung-hoon pulled the throttle. The motorcycle rushed towards the dimension door.


The motorcycle jumped into the dimension gate.

“Oh wait, there’s something I didn’t say.”

At that time, the emergency door opened and Jin Xiawei came out into the parking lot.

“I heard the sound of a motorcycle… wasn’t it?”

There was only a string of black smoke floating in front of her. She twisted her hair with her fingers.

“I had something to tell you about the explosives I made this time… I guess you can figure it out. “It won’t be of use in actual use right now.” After looking around the parking lot one more time, she stretched greatly and walked towards her car.

It was time to go to Korean language school.

Beep beep.

The light came on in the cute little coupe.



A black hole appeared on the broken, dusty road.


Soon a motorcycle popped out of the black hole.


The motorcycle continued staggering for a long time after jumping out of the hole, and was barely able to stop before it ended up on the side of the road.

“Aaaah. “I almost died.”

Kyung-hoon was out of breath on the stopped motorcycle.

-You go to another dimension on a motorcycle without any preparation. The road to understanding humans seems to be very difficult.

Kyung-hoon wanted to diverge from Eve’s words, but it was difficult to say anything as he was trying to calm his startled heart.

It was only after some time had passed that Kyung-hoon was finally able to speak.

“Wow, I must be the only person who has driven a motorcycle in zero gravity space. “It was a truly unexpected experience.”

Seeing Kyung-hoon speaking with a satisfied expression, Eve tightly closed her mouth.

“Now that I have a general feel for it, I can easily overcome it next time.”

-How did the dimension shift feature evolve? It seems like you can’t just ride a motorcycle.

Hearing Eve’s words, Kyung-hoon tapped his forehead and got lost in thought.

“Unlike before, I feel like I can take it if it’s connected to my body even if I don’t have to carry it myself. “The capacity has increased considerably, so it’s enough to move a motorcycle.”

-If you had told me in advance, I could have advised you on safe travel.

That’s why Kyung-hoon didn’t say anything. There was no way Eve would have approved of traveling between dimensions on a motorcycle.

It was much better to do something and be criticized than to hear opposition before doing it.


Feeling the vibration of the motorcycle, Kyung-hoon smiled in satisfaction, but Eve calmly talked about the problem at hand.

-There is one problem. The motorcycle is too noisy. Monsters are gathering.

Kyung-hoon also looked around at her words. Among the ruined buildings, monsters were showing their faces one by one. Most of them were monsters that didn’t look that dangerous, but their numbers were formidable.

-Stop the engine and prepare for a fight.

Despite Eve’s advice, Kyung-hoon did not turn off the engine. Instead, he took out a shotgun from his backpack.

-How about a pistol instead? Ordinary weapons lack lethality.

But Kyung-hoon held the shotgun in one hand and pulled the throttle.

The motorcycle jumped forward. The destination is the huge dome in front. It was the Awakened Training Center.

The monster on the side of the road lunged at the oncoming motorcycle.

The shotgun Kyung-hoon was holding burst into flames.



The monster jumped back. However, the monster that was lying on the ground got up again and chased the motorcycle.

-Ha no way. Is this a movie imitation again?

Unfortunately, Kyung-hoon’s movie imitation ended quickly.

Unlike the movie, it was not easy to load a gun on a moving motorcycle.

In the end, he had no choice but to run with the monster behind him, and ended up arriving in front of the training center with a dozen monsters attached. Squeak!

“It’s unfortunate, but the romance ends here.”

He stopped his motorcycle and put the shotgun in his backpack.

Gyeonghoon drew his sword and defeated the attacking monsters.

Instead of the sound of motorcycles, the screams of monsters could be heard, but the huge dome was silent.

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I Picked a Mobile From Another World

I Picked a Mobile From Another World

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In the midst of the devastation, only the soldiers’ bones remained. It’s only a matter of time before the entire world is annihilated. To avoid this, Kyung-Hoon began searching for clues in another universe with the help of a ten-year-old phone he discovered in an abandoned building.


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