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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 72

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Episode 72. [ First Mission (2) ]

Even though the world was moving around frantically, Dongmyo Flea Market was not that different from before.

Rather, it seemed like the number of people had increased because they were buying cheap used items.

Eunhye stared at Kyunghoon, whom she had not seen in a long time.

“It’s been a really long time.”

“I was busy.”

Kyung-hoon handed her a note as usual.

After checking the note, she looked at Kyung-hoon again.

“I could never take this alone.”

It was a huge order.

“Please deliver.”

“Could it be the last order?”

“Well… maybe so…”

Kyung-hoon thought for a moment and nodded.

Honestly, I didn’t need the help of grace anymore.

There was enough equipment, and if necessary, it could be obtained not only from Korea but also from other countries.

After hearing Kyung-hoon’s answer, Eun-hye cautiously asked him.

“You’re an awakened person, right?”

“that’s right.”

Kyung-hoon answered right away, despite the fact that I had asked carefully.

“Fuyu. I thought so too.”

“When did you find out?”

“I was suspicious from the second time I came back after being discharged from the military. Well, it didn’t really matter if I was an awakened person or not, but it’s hard not to be suspicious when you buy such scary things and show off your power.”

I thought I was being careful, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

“Do you know too?”

“I’m sure you’ll be suspicious because I sold that drug.”

“But why did you ask that?”

It wasn’t like I was asking to answer the question.

Moreover, Eun-hye knew very well that personal information like that wasn’t asked of each other while working in this field. There was.

“Uncle, you’re probably not working for a gangster or something, right?”


Kyung-hoon made a puzzled expression at the unexpected remark.

Eun-hye looked reassured by Kyung-hoon’s expression.

“Phew. Isn’t he involved? I’m glad.”

“Why are you a gangster?”

Eunhye whispered to Gyeonghoon.

“Mister, be careful too.”

Eunhye continued to look around as she spoke.

“These days, the violent organization led by the awakened people has picked up other organizations. He’s swallowing it. The repayment organization has also changed here. In addition, there are fights with organizations in Southeast Asia and China.”

It was an unexpected statement.

-Similar things happened in the other world. Awakened crimes were quite severe, so there was a lot of hatred towards Awakened in the beginning. However, monsters As the damage worsened and it became known that hunting monsters was the only way to level up, it was gradually sorted out.

Kyung-hoon sighed at Eve’s words. In the long run, Eve’s words may not be wrong, but what about the confusion in the process? .

“In addition, they found unregistered awakened people and made them join their organization. Be careful, too.”

She seemed to know that Kyung-hoon had not registered as an awakened person.

“How do you know whether I did it or not?”

“There’s no way a person who buys such items would report it to the government.”

Kyung-hoon refuted the positive argument . I couldn’t find the words.

* * *

[Dear guests, welcome to Dubai International Airport. Please wait in your seat for a moment until the plane comes to a complete stop and the seat belt sign turns off. Shelf….] Kyung-hoon on the arrival announcement

. I opened my eyes. It felt like I saw Eunhye in a dream.

It was the second day after hearing the rescue call and a day after meeting Eunhye.

While EV and the British imperial family were coordinating, Gyeonghoon visited Eunhye for the first time in a long time and purchased military equipment.

After that, he boarded a plane to Dubai.

Drum. Drum.

To Gyeonghoon’s left, Marcelo was sleeping comfortably in the comfort of a business class seat.

“What the heck is this…”

And one seat across from him, Jinhyuk was sitting with a puzzled expression. There was.

I had a lot of work to do as the new president of the Korea Awakened Association, but I followed Kyung-hoon’s words to this place. Although I was working for the Awakened Association, there was no awakened person with whom I got along well and was as skilled as Jinhyuk. ‘It won’t matter because it’s a branch organization. Freelancer.

‘ Hey, freelancer.

Thinking that Eve would have sighed if she had known, Kyung-hoon started getting ready to get off. A

little while later, the three of them landed at Dubai Airport.

The airport was very deserted. People’s expressions didn’t look good either.

” “I guess a recession is really a recession.”

Jinhyuk said while looking around the airport.

“That’s definitely true. Our country and even Brazil are in a huge recession. If this continues, I wonder if a Great Depression will break out.”

Marcelo responded to Jinhyuk’s words.

Jinhyuk nodded at Marcelo’s words and then tapped his ears with a curious expression.

“The performance of the translator there is really amazing. I can’t believe the translation that is done almost in real time can be heard so well. Although it is a little awkward, it is truly amazing.”

Marcelo and Jinhyuk each had small wireless earphones in their ears.

It was the earphones Kyunghoon gave me.

EV gave it to me along with a translation and an explanation that it was a communication earphone, and Eve was tied to the network.

-Unfortunately, the two are provided with somewhat downgraded translations to suit the current state of technological development.

Eve’s voice, which she whispered only to Kyung-hoon, was filled with regret.

After finishing their meal at the airport, the three went out of the airport.

Jinhyuk and Marcelo had already become close friends. Their jobs and past experiences have made them close.

An airport bus was standing at the agreed upon location outside the airport.

There was a blonde woman in a suit standing in front of the bus. He was from England.

As initially promised, Marcelo stepped forward. Kyung-hoon had no intention of going on official business. The reason I lured Marcelo was with the intention of using him for this very purpose.

“This came at the request of EV.”

The woman looked behind Marcelo and looked surprised. Although all three of them had their faces covered with sunglasses, she seemed to recognize Jinhyuk.

“But are there all three of you?”

What was surprising was surprise, and the woman didn’t seem to like the small number of people.

“Yes. What’s the problem?”

“Oh no. I will guide you. “Are the bags in the back equipment?”

Hearing the woman’s words, Jinhyuk and Marcelo turned around.

Kyunghoon, who was in the back, was pushing a cart loaded with several large bags.

Both of their eyes were wide. They had obviously not seen it a while ago. These were bags that were not available.

Marcelo quickly understood from his experience in Brazil, but Jinhyeok looked at the bags with a curious expression.

The three got on the bus under the guidance of the woman.

“You’re an EV after all, going through airport security with a weapon.”

The woman looked at the bag on the floor with an expression of admiration.

The number of people who misunderstood was increasing. It wasn’t bad for Kyung-hoon and EV. Instead of leaving the airport, the bus entered the runway.

The bus continued across the runway and approached the plane standing on one side of the runway. It was a not very large business jet.

A plane famous for being the personal plane of the rich.

When the group saw the plane, the woman looked sorry.

“The arriving city is difficult for large aircraft to land. We ask for your understanding.”

The three people blinked at her words.

* * *

Inside the plane, an unexpected person was waiting for them.

“Nice to meet you. This is Wales.”

A man with full gray hair offered to shake their hands.

“The Prince of Wales? The Crown Prince?”

The first heir to the British throne appeared.

Marcelo swallowed without realizing it, and Jinhyuk stiffened.

“Um. Um.”

When Kyung-hoon cleared his throat from behind, the two came to their senses.

“Why did the Crown Prince…”

The old Crown Prince gave an expression of astonishment in response to Marcelo’s question after shaking hands.

“How can a father not come forward when his son is in danger? I told him to work in the rear, but in the end it ended up like this.”

The crown prince sighed until the floor fell.

The tired-looking old man looked more like his old father than the crown prince.

While I was talking with the crown prince, the plane started moving.

I don’t know how it was discussed with Dubai, but the plane skipped the existing departure procedures.

After speaking a few words, the crown prince stood up.

“Please discuss the details with Ingrid. As I am a non-expert, I will step aside.”

The crown prince shook hands with the three people again and walked away.

The plane began to fly in the sky.

“Phew. I’m surprised.”

While Jinhyuk was wiping away his sweat, the woman who guided them came back in.

Ingrid handed a bundle of materials to the three people.

“I will brief you on the situation once again.”

Kyung-hoon began to wonder about the position of the woman mentioned earlier.

“Seventeen days ago, a transport helicopter operating in Maiko National Park in eastern Congo crashed into the jungle. At the time of the crash, 20 people were on board, including the pilot, and reports say 11 are currently alive.”

It was a story they had already heard, but the three people listened to her. Among the three, there was no one who did not know the importance of the briefing. “It happened during an evacuation operation, so the multinational forces could not save it

. And currently, it is not easy for the multinational forces to protect their existing bases.”

Even in the document, only a small portion of the areas were colored in blue.

“The crash site is more than 40km away from the nearest base. The rescue team we dispatched earlier was unable to advance more than 10km into the jungle.”

It seemed like another rescue team had been sent as well.

“We will send you to the closest base as possible and attach a guide. Additional personnel can also be provided if necessary.”

Marcelo shook his head at her words. Kyung-hoon also told him to refuse in advance, but he thought it would only be a burden if he was not a capable awakener.

“It was not easy to get approval to request support from EV. The entire imperial family, from Her Majesty the Queen to the Crown Prince, worked hard to get the government’s approval.”

Noblesse oblige for the country may have been nothing more than a cover-up in the end. Planning a rescue operation using the power of the state. This was bigger than the stomach. “So, please save the prince.” Ingrid’s last briefing was a threat that was not a


. That was over.

The plane headed to Rwanda and the three of them boarded a seaplane at Chiwanggu District on the western border. The

plane crossed the border and headed to Wolikale, deep in Maiko National Park. The

sun was still far from rising, but Wallikale was It was very bright.

The village, which had been under the control of warlords for a long time and had been digging for underground resources, was now brightly lit in the battle against the monster. Bang! Bang! Boom! A loud noise rang out and tracer


soared into the sky. Everywhere in the jungle. Something passed next to this burning plane.

“Hold on tight! Damn, they started an anti-aircraft attack!”

The seaplane landed on the ground.

The plane plummeted toward the river that runs through a village close to the city.

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