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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 84

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Episode 84 [ Breeding (4) ]

Inside a high-rise building in Shanghai, with monsters and combat helicopters flying outside the window.

The old man, who had been leaning on a chair, turned it around and sat down while looking at the man.

Labor and management took a deep breath.

I kept trying to lower my head, but I held back. It was a crisis that had been a long time coming.

He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them and asked a question to the man in front of him.

“So what do you want to hear?”

The women frowned at his calm words, but Kyung-hoon didn’t care at all.

“I want you to tell me everything the Triad is doing towards mutants and Awakened.”

Hearing Gyeong-hoon’s words, the master and the master tapped the handle of the chair and were lost in thought.

He wasn’t struggling to answer.

He was trying to figure out why he was kidnapped here and who the other person was.

I was able to quickly remember who the other person was.

Currently, there is only one place other than the government that has the worst relationship with the organization due to the Awakening incident.

I heard the man’s voice in front of me on the phone of my subordinate in Hong Kong. Even then, it was because of the awakened problem.

Lastly, the awakened person he saved and the question.

“Is it from EV?”

Kyunghoon nodded.

“You know why I’m asking this question, right?”

“Could it be that EV’s announcement was true? “Not just an excuse to do other things?”

Neither the Chinese government, which had taken action against criminal organizations in China due to EV’s announcement, nor the triads that had suffered damage thought that EV’s announcement was sincere. But that didn’t seem to be the case.

Sending someone directly to rescue the awakened people. Labor and management could not help but be surprised by EV’s quick movement.

Kyung-hoon did not respond to his words. Instead, he continued his words.

“Rather than torture to get information, we plan to go easy on each other. That’s why I got treatment. “It would be difficult if he died during torture due to his age.”

From Gyeong-hoon’s words, Nosa was able to understand why he was kidnapped. The old man chuckled.

“Do you think I will tell you? “You don’t know how many times I’ve been through this experience by the time I get to this age.”

There were many challenges before becoming one of the leaders of the Triad. Of course, something like that couldn’t have happened in the recent times when I had established myself, but I was still confident enough to overcome it.

Gyeong-hoon nodded at the laborer’s words.

“All right. “I tried to go easy, but it wasn’t going to work.”

The old man frowned at the sight of Kyung-hoon calmly answering.

Kyung-hoon stood up and asked the women.

“It won’t look good, but are you going to stay?”

Liu Yi-Ling answered Kyung-Hoon’s question.

“Can you leave it to us? We’ll make you tell everything.”

The other two women seemed to agree. The woman who was afraid of Nosa also shook her head and nodded.

-I think I’ll just kill him.

Kyung-hoon shook his head at Eve’s words.

“No, I will never kill you easily.”

Kyunghoon took out water bottles from his backpack leaning against the chair.

“It’s a stamina potion. As you can see, it is a medicine that has excellent performance in treating wounds. If your life is in danger, use it right away.”

The eyes of the three women looking at the potion sparkled ominously.

“There is a stamina potion, so you won’t die by mistake.”

-I think it would be better to die.

Gyeong-hoon looked at Nosa with an apologetic face.

“I gave you a chance, but… it’s a shame.”

“I’ll just talk for a moment. Give me just a moment. Make it stop!”

The master looked at the women who got up from their seats with a tired expression.

First, Liu Yiling approached the master and gagged him, and the other two women followed her and approached the master.

The women did not want Kyung-hoon to see. Kyung-hoon went into the bedroom. I closed the door behind me.

“Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.”

A suppressed moan was heard from outside the door.

-What do you plan to do when you die?

“It may take time, but we have to find the next person. “You just have to find the people they remember.”

-All right.

“What about the situation?”

The Chinese government’s announcement continued on the TV in the bedroom where Kyung-hoon came in.

-The Chinese Internet is heavily censored, so information is lacking. However, it is said that a fighter jet departed from a nearby airport. I think I’ll just ignore the damage and shoot it down.

“What about the warehouse complex?”

-The lights in the warehouse complex have gone out. The gold worms that appeared in the warehouse complex also seem to have moved to a nearby farm. Soldiers are on the move.

The warehouse complex was sure to be empty by now.

“Go ahead.”

-All right. We will look for Hong Kong warehouses, container ships, and manpower to do the work.

Kyung-hoon nodded at Eve’s words.

-If you outsource, the route will be exposed within China. Is that okay?

“doesn’t care.”

In any case, when the labor and management died, no one knew who was responsible. For that purpose, he did not kill people as much as possible and avoided people’s eyes.

There are probably some people who doubt EVs, but I had no choice but to end up with doubts.

After a while,


A fighter jet appeared over Shanghai.

The fighter jets aimed their missiles at the flying moth monsters.

Shoooooo! Shoooooo!

Missiles flew towards the moths.

bang! bang! bang!

Fortunately, most of the missiles succeeded in hitting the moths.

One shot lost its direction and hit his head on the waist of a nearby building, but fortunately it didn’t cause any major damage.

Although they were moths that could withstand bullets, they could not block missiles.

Moths burst from the sky and an unseasonable golden snowfall fell on Shanghai.

It was powder that spilled from the moth’s body. The world seemed to sparkle in gold.

People who cheered at the sight of the moths exploding were mesmerized by the beautiful golden snow that decorated the air.

-It seems that outdoor activities will be difficult in some parts of Shanghai in the future.

It looked nice, but the human waste sprinkled by the moth monsters was fatal to the respiratory system of ordinary people.

Moreover, instead of being blown away by the wind, it stayed in one place and continued to pollute the air.

“Post a post on the Internet. “Is there still time?”

-Yes, there will be no major problems if you evacuate early.

I don’t know if the Chinese government will follow suit, but it was better to do what could be done.

After the moths were cleared away, it became quiet outside the bedroom.

Knock. Knock.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“I think you can come out.”

At Liu Yi-ling’s words, Kyung-hoon opened the door and went into the living room.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t much blood. The labor and management were still alive and well.

However, all the potion bottles that Kyung-hoon took out were empty, and Nosa’s eyes were black and dead.

The women’s expressions looked a little refreshed compared to before.

The woman who was afraid of Nosa was also standing behind him, holding his shoulder and smiling.

-All three people seem to need psychiatric treatment.

Kyung-hoon also agreed with Eve’s words. All the drug substances were gone and the addiction stopped, but the memories remained. Even from Kyung-hoon’s perspective, the condition was too unstable to just send it back.

Although there was not a lot of blood, the area around labor and management was still soaked with blood. Gyeonghoon placed a chair in front of Nosa.

He sat on the chair and looked at the labor and management.

The woman who had her hand on the master’s shoulder placed her mouth on his ear.

“I should tell you what I promised earlier.”

The master and the master trembled.

“I’ll tell you anything.”

The labor and management’s voices were so slurred that it was difficult to hear them.

-I wonder how they made it like this.

Kyung-hoon wasn’t curious at all.

“We will go inside. “If I don’t answer, please call me again.”

Liu Yiling led the other women into the room. He left the place so as not to hear the story. -She is a smart woman.

Kyung-hoon nodded at Eve’s words.

After the women closed the door, Kyung-hoon asked the question again.

“Then I will ask again…”

This time, the correct answer came back.

A breeding farm was created with information stolen from the government, and officials were roasted and boiled to obtain information on awakened people. There were many surprising stories. For a long time

, After speaking, the laborer took a deep breath and said,

“I told you everything.”

“No, there are still some left.”

Labor and management thought they had said everything, but there was something else Gyeong-hoon wanted to know:

“Why did you send awakened people to Korea?”

Labor and management looked puzzled by Gyeong-hoon’s words, but unfortunately, he was not in the mood to notice something in Gyeong-hoon’s words.

“It was originally sent to Korea to expand the organization…”

The same story that Gyeong-hoon knew was heard by labor and management. It flowed from.

“…I tried to send people to find the woman, but because of your actions, I couldn’t get there.”

-Fortunately, the time was right.

After the labor and management finished speaking, Kyung-hoon asked again.

“Who knows that story? “I say this without leaving anyone out.”

“I don’t want others to know, so only me, my secretary, and a few elders know. “They…”

After spitting out the entire list, the laborer suddenly looked surprised.

“Are you sure they did this because of Hefei?”

I was slowly coming back to my senses. It seemed too late, but…

“That’s right. All of this happened because of Jin Xiawei. I wasn’t sending awakened people to Korea who could recognize her.”

“Jin Xiawei?”

The old man also remembered the name.

“The name of the awakened man who made drugs in Hong Kong…”

Only then did the labor and management understand what had happened.

“Could it be that the core of EV was in Korea? Then you…”

Gyeong-hoon raised a pistol with a silencer towards the manager, who was looking at Gyeong-hoon with a surprised expression.


After hearing a low sound, the women opened the door again.

However, other than blood stains remained in the living room . “What are you going to do

? You can go home or come with me. If you come with me, I can provide you with a place to eat and sleep, and a safe place to live.”

It was too dangerous to let them go like this. There was a need to stabilize them a little.

Liu Yiling spoke first.

“I will follow you. We cannot live in China.”

In China, it was impossible to avoid the hands of the Triads. Although she wanted to return to her family, she could not return for the safety of her family and for herself. Other

women also nodded to Liu Yiling’s words.

-Is it a harem?

An unexpected comment. Kyung-hoon took the earphones out of his ears.


EV’s announcement broke through the Chinese authorities’ censorship and was posted on the Chinese Internet.

Citizens of Shanghai began to escape, and the inside and outside of Shanghai were noisy as the public security and citizens fought to stop them. Meanwhile. A group of trucks headed to an abandoned warehouse complex.

They pulled out huge, soot-covered balls of yarn from the ruins, placed them on trucks, and headed toward the port of Shanghai.

“What are we taking?”

“What’s there to know? All we have to do is bring it to us. The pay is significant, so it’s better not to know.”

There were people who asked questions along the way, but he didn’t get any answers.

Most of these things were illegal anyway. If you pretended to know, you would only get hurt.

The container loaded with yarn was loaded onto a ship at the Shanghai port and headed to Hong Kong, and people paid money. Shortly after the truck left, Triad members came to the abandoned warehouse complex,

but they only saw an empty warehouse.

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In the midst of the devastation, only the soldiers’ bones remained. It’s only a matter of time before the entire world is annihilated. To avoid this, Kyung-Hoon began searching for clues in another universe with the help of a ten-year-old phone he discovered in an abandoned building.


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