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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 97

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Episode 97 [I’ll give it back to you (4)]

Following the new era, animals big and small came out of the coniferous forest.

It seemed like all the animals in the forest, including rabbits, squirrels, and deer, came pouring out.

The animals passed by and then monsters appeared.

Monsters full of blood-red fur came out of the forest, knocking down trees.

There was still a bit of what looked like a ball, but now it felt like I was looking at a red-haired giant.

Then, several bizarre monsters came out of the forest.

“Fortunately, it looks like everyone is flocking in from the beginning.”

The number was smaller than expected. An awakened person in the back opened his mouth with a slightly relieved expression.

“Don’t relax.”

Jinhyuk, who was standing in front, spoke without looking back.

“yes! President of the Association.”

The awakened people who were trying to relax at Jinhyuk’s words became nervous again.

Jinhyeok, who became the second president of the association after Jongcheol, was called not the president of the association but a devil’s assistant by the association members.

The legend of him who imprisoned and ran the island from the early executives has continued to this day. In fact, the most common reason for leaving the association was training.

However, thanks to that training, the awakened people of the Korean Association were more skilled in combat than any other awakened people in the world.

The awakened people, who were provided with EV equipment and Finnish military rifles, were itching to show off the skills they had honed over the years.

Even when the monsters that came out of the forest rushed towards us, the Finnish army’s self-propelled guns did not start firing.

This was because monsters did not cross the border.

There were no Russian troops visible across the barbed-wire border. Even the checkpoint was empty.

Kwang kwang kwa kwa kwa. simplicity and honesty.

The monsters that were running destroyed the checkpoint and toppled the iron fence. The leading monsters have crossed the border.

Quang! Quang!

The shelling began. The monsters that were running were shattered by the bombardment.

The monsters were destroyed by cross-border artillery fire.

“It looks like we have nothing better to do.”

The awakened person who spoke first opened his mouth again. People glanced at him.

Did the horse become a seed? Several monsters were seen escaping between the explosions.

Unfortunately, the distance between the border and the unit was not that far.

Then the installed machine guns opened fire, and mortar shells and cremoirs exploded.



However, the Finnish army did not have as much firepower as Russia.

Although there weren’t many, there were monsters that came out through the flames.

One of them ran to where the unit command center was located. It was a huge castle surrounded by blood-red fur.


The machine gun was fired again at the running monster, but the monster’s movements were not easy for ordinary people to follow. The monster, bleeding and jumping into the air, threw itself towards the command barracks.


The moment the monster attacked the barracks, there was a person jumping up next to the barracks.


The monster could not destroy the barracks. The monster was hit by the human’s fist and was thrown back.

Jinhyuk’s hands, which were on the ground, had bright light flowing through them.

It was a characteristic of his that members of the association made fun of by calling him a light stone.

The Korean awakeners were located next to the command center.

The awakened members of the Association had a natural look on their faces, and the officers in the command center had round eyes.

‘When I see Kyung-hoon, my jaw drops.’

He caught the attention of the gaze directed at him and tilted his head while looking at his fist.

The trait seemed to be a little stronger than before.

Plus, my whole body was itchy. The feeling was similar to just before awakening.

‘Is this the level up that Kyung-hoon was talking about?’

However, Kyung-Hoon also said that there is not much mana in the world and it will not be easy to climb.

Jinhyeok chuckled at the nuance that there was a separate world with a lot of mana.

Jinhyuk erased the thought that came to his mind. This was because the monster that had been thrown away rose again.


The monster’s red fur rose up.

Jinhyuk also clenched his fists again.

It was then.

bang! bang! bang! bang…!

The sound of an incredibly fast single shot was heard from behind.

Kang! Kang! Kang! puck! puck!

The monster’s defense shield eventually broke and blood spurted from its head.

All the awakened people who saw that the shield was broken started shooting.


It was an ordinary rifle given by the Finnish army, but it was effective against monsters with broken shields.


The monster fell.

When the monster fell, the awakened people looked at the person who shot first with a surprised face.

It was a Latino awakener who joined us when we departed.

Although he seemed to be acquainted with the president of the association, the awakened people only treated him with a cold face.

Perhaps out of pride in being a member of the Korean Awakened Association, there were even people who whispered that they had intervened in the background as the president of the association.

However, after seeing the excellent shooting skills and the bullets penetrating the defense shield, the doubts disappeared and only admiration remained.

‘Are there any gun-related characteristics?’

At the same time, it seemed like another misunderstanding occurred, but it was a fortunate result for Jinhyuk.

Jinhyuk whetted his appetite as he looked at the gun Marcelo was holding.

A gun that can penetrate the monster’s defense shield. Of course, it was impossible for monsters above a certain level, but that gun alone was enough to increase the Awakened’s attack power several times.

But I heard there aren’t a few EVs yet. He just hoped that it would be mass-produced quickly.

After the monster that had just been defeated, there were no monsters crossing the border. Fortunately, the first attack seemed to be over.

At that time, the officer who guided them came running in a huff.

He said while looking at Jinhyuk.

“I underestimated the monsters’ defense capabilities. Now that the attack has stopped, the entire unit is said to be moving to the rear to secure distance. As long as the distance is secured, unit defense is no problem. “Everyone, please chase after the monsters that have breached the defense line.”

Come to think of it, the defense line had been breached in several places other than where the command center was located.

Jinhyuk nodded and then waved his hand at Seolyeon.

Seol-yeon shouted loudly.

“Everyone, please stop mental defense. Let’s start channeling.”

Seolyeon put her hand on her head and frowned.


Then the awakened people wrinkled their noses.

“Ugh, I get dizzy every time I do this.”

“It’s even harder for Director Seol-yeon.”

Images flowed into the minds of the grumbling people. It was Seolyeon’s telepathy.

[Please raise your hand when my image is delivered.]

Everyone raised their hands.

[The first group will go with me and the second group will move with the awakened Marcelo.]

Then, Jinhyeok’s image flowed into everyone’s mind.

It was multiple telepathy using snow smoke as a medium.

It was the ultimate communication network that could transmit emotions and images in real time, as needed, even in places where radio waves were not connected.

The awakened people were divided into two groups.

Everyone confirmed Marcelo’s skills. No one objected to him becoming leader.

[And Dahee…]

Dahee was already treating injured soldiers.

I had no intention of taking him to the scene anyway. I was just grateful that I had followed him this far.

He nodded at Dahee’s greeting and left the command center with the awakened people.

Two helicopters took off from behind the command center. The helicopter began tracking the monsters running behind.

The awakened officer who was watching the helicopter leave headed back to the command center.

They were much more awakened than expected. I thought that providing support would help, but it was on a different level from myself and the Finnish awakeners. ‘I really don’t have to worry about the rear.’

Fortunately, the monsters’ attack was not as severe as expected.

Thanks to this, the unit was able to fall back further. The command barracks were quickly cleared and the self-propelled guns began to move backwards.

The officer stopped walking. He tilted his head.

“Oh wait? “Where is the awakened person who said he was out scouting earlier?”

The officer looked at the forest beyond the border with a surprised face.

The forest was still quiet.


Panaerby National Park, Russia.

To the west of this huge coniferous forest, almost bordering the border, a vacant lot that had not been there until recently had appeared.

It was an empty space created by trees being broken and cut down.

Crumbling. Cry.

To the east of the clearing, dozens of silver wolves were gathered.

They were not wolves, but wolf monsters bigger than lions.

All of the wolf monsters were looking at the center of the clearing and growling.

In the center of the clearing, several wolf monsters were lying dead.

“Should I say it’s amazing? “I can’t believe you attacked me even though you were so fierce.”

Kyung-hoon stood in the center of the corpses and looked at the wolf monsters. Red blood dripped from the sword in his hand.

The life of the awakened person who rose to A-level was amazing. Just because Kyung-hoon was wandering around the forest and unleashing his deadly force, many monsters ran away to the other side. It was all because of this that birds took flight, animals fled, and not many monsters crossed over to Finland.

However, there were also monsters that attacked rather than running away.

There were several bear-like monsters and silver wolf monsters that were growling at him right now.

The bear-like monsters had already been beaten by Kyung-hoon and ran away.

But wolf monsters were different. Several animals lost their lives after struggling to the end, but they still had no intention of running away.

“This is true according to the monsters’ instincts, but…”

It seemed like this group of wolf monsters should all be killed.

While Kyung-hoon was thinking, the snarling wolf monsters moved to both sides.

A passage was created in the center of the monsters.

chin. chin. chin.

A wolf walked down the aisle. The fur all shone silver.

Although it was smaller than other wolves, it was clear from just a glance that he was the leader of these wolf monsters.

-Silver squall. It is said that it is a pack monster that grows up to knight level. Looking at its small size, it appears to be of the named level. It was a level just below knight level, and was a powerful monster I had never seen before in this world.

“It was worth continuing to attack.”

It was clear that there was nothing to go through after becoming a mutant. It was understandable that the monsters trusted their leader and were reluctant.


Silver Squall looked at Kyung-hoon and growled.

The mouth opened and the silver fur shined even more brilliantly. The wolf cowered.

Eve hurriedly opened her mouth.

-The fur glows when the trait is activated. The characteristic is short distance space….


The wolf disappeared from the spot.


The next moment, the wolf jumped out of the space next to Kyung-hoon. It seemed as if it was jumping through space.

The wolf’s protruding mouth opened wide. A blue film was flowing from the wolf’s teeth.

It was when the wolf was about to bite Kyung-hoon’s neck.


Gyeonghoon’s sword struck the wolf’s head.


The wolf flew away. Thanks to the sword blade, blood did not spray, but instead, spit was sprayed into the air.

-…Space movement.

At the same time, Eve spoke.

“It would be quite dangerous at the same level. “The mana flow is weak, so it won’t be easy to figure out where it’s popping out.”

Kyung-hoon looked at the silver squall rolling on the floor with an expression of admiration.

Crunch sniff.

The wolf monsters that were growling slowly retreated.

Silver Squall, who had been rolling on the ground, rose again. The silver fur glowed again.

“That doesn’t work for me.”

The wolf disappears again

and boom!

I flew into the sky again. It was a wolf monster that could fly better because it was not large.

After a while.

The wolf monsters turned away and disappeared into the forest.

Silver Squall looked back at him a few more times and growled, but eventually he too headed east with the other monsters.

As the wolf monsters left, Kyung-hoon’s expression darkened.

He could have killed enough monsters, but he didn’t kill them.

Because of that, many people in Russia might have died.

But I had no regrets.

Now he was at war.

Kyung-hoon put his sword on the floor. After burying his regrets on the floor, he shouted loudly.

“Now go back! No entry is allowed from here.”


Life gushed out from his body.

Many monsters turned to the east.

In the direction the monsters were heading was St. Petersburg, Russia’s second city with a population of 5 million.

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