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I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul 190

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Episode 191

“Well, one of the skills I have is one that allows me to turn into an insect. So until now, I’ve turned into a flea and been hiding in the dungeon.”

Everyone who heard the explanation was looking at me with subtle expressions.

He seemed to have no idea, so I used Chungwang’s transformation right then and there to transform into a flea and show it to him.

Oh, fortunately, thanks to the equipment item, even if I become a flea, I can wear very small clothes, so it’s not as gross as before.

But perhaps this was just my thoughts, as the people looking down at me from the table had eyes filled with shock and disgust.

“Ta-da, it can get as small as this. I’ve gotten used to it so much that I can even talk while I’m a flea. “Isn’t it amazing?”

The gaze pouring in on me was so intense that I felt a little embarrassed.

I spoke energetically, deliberately pretending not to care, but the response I received was very lukewarm.

By the way, perhaps because the sound box has become smaller, when speaking as a flea, the voice is much higher than when speaking as a human.

It’s like when you breathe helium gas.

Also, my voice is so small that I don’t think I can hear you very well unless you shout loudly.

“Uh ah….”

Ban Seo-jin’s eyes twitched slightly as he made an ambiguous sound while looking at me.

Meanwhile, his mother was fidgeting with tissues that she didn’t know where she got them from and was struggling with something inside her.

Yoo Eun-dam said, ‘I see. Although he was smiling calmly while muttering

, I mumbled.

Hmm, okay. I understand.

It seems like he was having a hard time because he was physiologically repulsed by the fact that I had turned into a flea right in front of him. Still,

Seo Ji-han didn’t mind, but he was a little sad.

Moreover, he had shrunk along with me, making me look almost like myself. Even after seeing me as a sized flea version, he wasn’t shaken.

“You’re going to go in that state? Still, if you’re that small, the speed is…”

Ban Seo-jin, who was barely able to hold on to his senses, pointed out hesitantly, as if he didn’t trust me.

“no. Even though it looks like this, its mobility is very good. Look, if you jump so lightly…”

I thought it would be better to show it myself, so I jumped up lightly on the spot.

Then, at that moment.



Ban Seo-jin and Seung-ju could not stand it anymore and screamed, jumping up and stepping back. They were

so desperate that the chair fell over and trembled. Although

the mother was trembling, she resolutely stayed in her seat.

This is love for a child. Thank you, mom.

By the way . It was okay when we first met… Is

it disgusting to see it again? Is that disgusting over there?

Seo-hoo Ban and Eun-dam Yoo were sitting there pretending nothing was wrong, but they were trembling here and there as if they couldn’t bear it anymore.

Slowly, Pergis got on his back foot . Because I started scratching the back of my neck, I transformed back into human form at that point.

Everyone was so disgusted.

Anyway, they all seemed to understand that showing it once was more effective than giving a long explanation.

Now that the goal has been achieved, the flea looks like a flea. It’s over now.

Moreover, Ban Seo-jin, who couldn’t stand being in a flea state any longer, looked like he was going to get pesticides from somewhere.

“Are you all so strong and afraid of fleas?”

“Oh no. It’s not scary. Anyway, it’s okay.”

Ban Seo-jin quickly stroked his goosebumps as he sat down on the chair he had fallen on.

Seung-ju looked similar. You are family, but you are too much, Seung-ju.

“Now that I think about it, you said that you would lure them in by sending a bunch of king-type monsters from Jamsil before, right? It was like this back then…”

Ban Seo-jin nodded as if he remembered something.

“that’s right. “Did you not see me then?”

“How can you look at it when it’s so far away? I just saw your skills flashing and sent it in that direction.”


“But does looking like such a small flea attract them?”

“Oh, it could change a lot.”

Ban Seo-jin was silent for a moment and quietly muttered,

“You are such a scary kid…”

What does scary mean?

I wanted to ask, but everyone seemed to agree with Ban Seo-jin’s sentiments, so I decided to just skip it.

I didn’t want to waste the little time I had left by arguing for no reason.

“Anyway, I infiltrated the Dungeon Management Office under this guise and robbed dungeons. “It can enter through a crack in the door, is undetectable by detection equipment, and is useful in many ways.”


Yoo Eun-dam nodded.

Eun-dam must have been quite satisfied with this, as he had been wondering how I sneaked into the dungeon the whole time.

It was a bit of a subtle expression, but

anyway, the heavy atmosphere was relieved by this flea confession. It seems to have become lighter to some extent, so it’s not bad.

Anyway, will this really work?

“What do you think, Mr. Elfanis?”


Elfanis, who was sitting blankly, asked curiously.

“Will the plan to transform like this and rush towards the throne work? Mr. Elfanis has been through the Final Hall several times, so he knows the situation on the ground better.”

“Oh, that’s it. Hmm… I’ve never seen a king use this kind of strategy before, so it’s hard to say for certain, but it seems like it would be quite effective.”


I feel relieved to hear that Elfanis is okay too.

The moment I completely made up my mind and nodded, Seo Ji-han intervened.

– Wait, it’s still too dangerous. If you rush in like that, you could get caught up in an area skill or get blinded by a blind attack. I think it’s right for me to go.

What Seo Ji-han says makes sense.

But I was the opposite.

I understand his anxiety, but…

“Even if Seo Ji-han sits on the throne, will I or Seo Ji-han be able to become king?”

– huh?

“Seo Ji-han is a little different from other people. I can’t eat horns and I can’t use potions. What if I am the first to arrive and sit on the throne, but I am not qualified?”

– Hmm, that could be true. Why don’t you check with Elfanis?

I relayed Seo Ji-han’s words to Elfanis.

Elfanis pondered with a somewhat serious expression and then answered with an apologetic expression.

“I haven’t seen a case like that yet. Usually, such people are much weaker than the king who owns them. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”

Seo Ji-han is actually an item in some ways. Because the main body, the soul stone, is an item.

Can an item become king by sitting on the throne? I think it probably won’t work.

Although he has personality.

“no. Well, then I guess I should go. If Seo Ji-han runs without any certainty and it doesn’t work out, it’s all over. “It would be a disaster if you protect yourself with Chungwangpo and end up late and the throne is taken away.”

Seo Ji-han nodded reluctantly at my words.

But I opened my mouth again, as if I still couldn’t give up my safety.

– You can’t rush in alone.

“all right. I also don’t want to die from an area attack or a stray bullet. Let’s improve this operation a little further. Does anyone have any opinions? First of all, I plan to become invisible, take an agility increasing potion, and then rush. “The rest of you are protecting me.”

After a while, ideas popped up here and there.

There were quite a few useful ones among them, so my flea-dashing strategy began to improve little by little.

However, Mom and Seungju remained silent throughout the discussion.

Since the two were not awakened and could not go to the final hall, there was a limit to their ability to come up with ideas.

I was concerned about having them sit in silence in a place filled with stories that they could not understand.

I suggested that they go in midway and take a break, but the two quietly declined.

“Then let’s end the strategy meeting and take a break.”

I cautiously suggested this while watching my mother and Seungju’s thoughts, and everyone nodded obediently.

I didn’t say it, but I guess I was tired.

“Ah. Well, I’m going to go out and do some cleaning up. “Do you want to go with me, Seo-hoo?”

Eundam Yoo stretched out his clasped hands and made a groaning sound.

At that glance, Ban Seo-hu shook his head.

“No, I will go to the main house, report it, and see if there is anything that can be done to help. Seo-jin, you…”

Ban Seo-hu carefully raised his luck as if he wanted to take Ban Seo-jin with him.

No matter how bad they were, it seemed like he wanted to get together as a family since it might be the last moment, no matter how bad they were.

However, Ban Seo-jin said , He cut off the expectant gaze and shook his head.

“I’m done. There’s someone else to see, so you go alone.”

“Who are you going to see? Not even going to see your family? Are you saying those people are more important than your family?”

“Uh, the people who helped me after I left home. I guess we’re a family connected not by blood but by heart. You don’t know, but.”

Ban Seo-jin, who shot back sarcastically, said briefly, “I’m going first,” and then left the dungeon. It

was a moment when the friendly atmosphere of ideas and ideas up until now was overshadowed.

The remaining Ban Seo-hu wrinkled the bridge of his nose and suppressed his emotions. I bowed my head to my mother and Elfanis, asked Eundam Yoo, and left the dungeon together.

Then, Elfanis and Fergis also left without notice, so in the end, only my family and Seo Ji-han were left at the table.

“That young man named Eundam . “Aren’t you going to see your family?”

As the cold atmosphere left behind by Ban Seo-jin and Ban Seo-hu died down, Mom cautiously opened her mouth.

Yoo Eun-dam is from an orphanage, so she has no family to visit.

But I don’t think I should say this carelessly, so I decided to cover it up.

“Well, the situation is . “I have some.”


After my mother’s answer, there was silence again.

My mind was very complicated with thoughts about the future final battle and evacuation.

My mother and Seungju were probably just as distraught as I was. We stayed for a while. I sipped the remaining tea in my teacup.

“Let’s eat out.”

Seungju broke the heavy silence and suddenly opened her mouth,

“Eating out?”

“Yes. It’s been a while since we met again. I want to go somewhere and eat delicious food and talk.”


I was thinking of saying something out of the blue when the world was counting down to destruction, but Seungju’s face was very serious.

It wasn’t like I was being immature at all.

There was even a sense of solemnity in the eyes that looked straight at me.

“Let’s eat out.”

Eating out.

Outside, both TV and newspapers were noisy with news about Son Mo-ah, who ranked first.

Would it be a good idea to go to a restaurant abroad?

No, even if you were overseas, the situation would be similar.

“why? “You don’t like my sister?”

“No, that’s it. “I think you recognize me…”

I answered hesitantly, but

then suddenly realized that all of this was meaningless worry. So, what if you just find out a little bit?

I haven’t committed a crime.

Even if you recognize me and ask me various questions, just answer them and that’s it.

” Ah, if you’re in trouble, just…“.

“No. let’s go. eat out. where should we go? As you know, the world has been in chaos these past few days, so I don’t know if there will be any stores that are doing anything right. “Is there a place you want to go?”

“there is.”


Seungju smiled faintly, looked at her mother, and answered,

“The island village restaurant we went to on our family trip.”

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I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul

I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul

랭킹 1위를 영혼까지 털어버림, I Stole the First Ranker's Soul
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Son Moa, an ordinary citizen who got swept up in a dungeon in the middle of the night. Hungry, she tried to eat grass inside a cave but awoken as a collecting hunter. Somehow, she managed to escape from the dungeon. She came to work determined to never enter one ever again, but got caught up in another dungeon. ‘No, why?! Twice in this st*upid dungeon!’ Fortunately though, the world’s number one ranking hunter came to help this time. But turns out that number one ranking guy came here to solo raid the boss? It doesn’t seem like he cares about rescuing citizens, so I’ll take care of my own life. This time, I successfully survived! But… I became inseparable from the number one ranker. This number one ranker, he’s trying to make me stronger. Is this the power of personal connections?! However, a sweet reward requires a price. [As far as you can go, promise me you’ll kill the boss of every dungeon in the world.] What?


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