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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 104

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Episode 104

(Witch Hunt).

What was unfolding in the city ruled by the Flame Church was a massacre that could only be called that.

“Hey, this is the night of massacre committed by the worst witch? Wow, I’m so scared that my hands and feet are shaking. “How terrible and terrifying!”

So Yoosung shrugged his shoulders as if it were someone else’s business.

The Worst Witch There was a witch in this city who would bring about Walpurgis Night, said to be the worst massacre in history. But what is happening now was by no means the work of a witch.

“Please, please save my daughter. My daughter really…

“The God of Fire wants it!

Burn it!”

“Kill all girls who have the potential to conceive seeds of evil!”

The mother blocked the girl, who was trembling in fear, and begged her, but those wearing blood-red priest’s robes enveloped her in the magical power of flame without any hesitation.

However, something flew in without even a chance to engulf the mother and daughter, with blood-red magic swirling around them.

It was a blow struck by a

Fu legend-level memorized heart breaker.

“You crazy bastards…

Looking at that, Master Park swore softly. Before I knew it, I had pierced the priest’s heart. The Heart Breaker was once again in his hands.

“Thank you!”

The saintess softly bit her lip in front of a nauseating sight.

[“Find the worst witch! Don’t let her bring night to this world!”]

[The Fire Lord exerts influence on the world inside the tower!]

[The forces of the tower: The Fire Destroyer Slayer Witch Coven joins the fight!]

At the same time, the entire city is seized. A fierce fire raged as if it were going to engulf me. A blazing pillar of fire rose from the center of the city, and from the pillar, the ‘Destroyers of Fire’ emerged one by one.

Before we knew it, the Slayer had finished maintenance again and started a ‘witch hunt’ inside the tower by helping those from the Flame Church.

Those in the witch coven were no exception.

Before we knew it, the witches had erected an incredibly bizarre barrier that looked like something out of a fairy tale, and they were each flying around on broomsticks, laughing maniacally.

Looking at that scene, the saint asked back.

“What do you plan to do now?”

“We just do what we have to do.”


“The fastest and most reliable way to stop this massacre.”

Finding the worst witch.

“Manager, please move with Mr. Sia.”

“You’re up, Yoosung.”

With those words, the three heroes dispersed and Master Park and Isia began to move together.

Screams were echoing everywhere.

“Find the worst witch!”

“Find pregnant women and girls and kill them all! Cut out all the seeds of evil!”

“Burn them all! The God of Fire will select their people!”

Therefore, Yoosung had no reason to hesitate either. The entire

area was split apart around the ground he was standing on, and the soldiers of the bottomless pit fell into it. He revealed himself.

The hero-level command skill Deathfrost Army.

At the same time, he began forging swords as a dark frost craftsman. It was not just four or five swords. He was forging dozens, if not hundreds, of swords. Holding the

dark frost blade. Hundreds of shapeless killers began to rush in at once.

Oh no

, the shapeless killers were pouring in from all directions, tearing the blood-red bodies of the priests to shreds. The flames that were supposed to swirl around passed away without even forming a shape. .

The Knights of Death, armed with armor of dark frost, were no exception. The

meteor walked forward without lifting a finger.

What on earth is the worst witch that even this hell can be justified in the name of the ‘lesser evil?’ Is it possible? No, even if what they say is right, can their evil deeds really be forgiven?


That’s why Yooseong muttered quietly,

“Please tell me where the worst witch is.”

He muttered softly into the air and silence fell.

[“What do you plan to do after you find that child?”]

[The Witch Lord asks carefully.]

“That will be something you decide after you find him.” Yoo Seong answered.

[“…I will leave it to the hero’s decision.”]

[The Witch Lord smiles bitterly and lights the path in front of player Kang Yoo Seong.]

At the same time, the path to follow clearly in the darkness. So ,

based on the divine protection < Guide's Sixth Sense (S) >, the meteor kicked the ground without hesitation. Following the path indicated by the witch lord Illisia, there was a wooden house burning and falling down


“Mom, Dad…

.. The ash-covered girl was there.

The father and mother collapsed in front of the daughter. The swords of the knights armed with blood-red armor.

“The God of Fire wants it.”

“Kill the witch.”

The knights of the Flame Church shook off the blood on their blades and fixed their swords. So Yooseong kicked the ground without any hesitation. “I hate it, I hate it. I hate it…!


At the same time, the armor and bodies of the blood-red knights were momentarily shattered.

It wasn’t the shooting star’s doing.

Kwasik, Kwasik!

“What, what…?!”

Tentacles rose from the shadows of the knights and enveloped them, crushing them until their armor was dented and their flesh and bones exploded. At the same time,

countless tentacles rose from the shadows of the area like living creatures

… .

Before we knew it, a seven-pointed Pentagram was engraved under the cheek of the frightened girl.

‘That child-…/

And before we knew it, Slayer, one of the tower’s neutral forces, also appeared there. “Go away,

player Kang Yoo-seong.”

“why me?”

One of the slayers opened his mouth, and Yoosung responded coldly.

“Mr. Yoosung…r

A saintly woman armed with pure white heavy armor also approached Yoosung’s side.

“Vampire Witch Werewolf… All kinds of monsters are still chasing Yang’s side. “They wear masks and hide in the crowd.”

“It is our Slayer’s mission to hunt down and eliminate all monsters wearing sheep’s clothing.”

“Hmm, I guess you should look around carefully. Do those guys still look like ‘sheep’?”

And the branches of the thorn tree wriggled like tentacles and wrapped around the Slayer.

Cry! Cry!

Seeing that sight, the witches of the witches’ coven were excited and spread their power.

At the same time, the houses in the area turned around like cookie houses in a fairy tale. The flames changed and the flames fell. The pumpkins and all kinds of props were reborn as a grotesque monster and began to dance. The

witch’s barrier.

“You have finally appeared, my lovely


“Ah, the child who will be our savior.”

The witches of the witches’ coven hovered around the girl on broomsticks, muttering lovingly to her.

However, to the frightened girl of the pentagram, the worst witch, they would all be nothing more than unfamiliar and unknown monsters. That is

why the saintess Maria blocked the girl’s path, blocking the witches who were beckoning her, saying,

“I cannot hand this child over to you.”

The saintess, armed with pure white heavy armor, strengthened her resolve and adjusted her mace. So Yoosung also stood next to her and adjusted the hilt of the sword. It was at that moment. “No, I will have to hand it over


After silence, another hero, Shin Sayer, appeared there.

“Oh, have you finally revealed the villain’s identity?”

“No way.”

Shin Sayer shook his head, saying it was absurd.

“I’m just doing my job as a player to conquer this tower.”

“You’re going to hand this kid over to the witches and that’s it?”

“Didn’t you all know the goal of the tower?”

“Home, that’s right.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders calmly.

“Did you say that after that child awakens as the worst witch, she will destroy the remaining 50% of this world?”

“It’s just as you said. That is the form of fate this world must face.”

Shinsayer answered,

“No one can change fate, and those who interfere with that fate are no exception.”


At the same time, Shinsayer kicked the ground and the Slayer’s guns opened fire at the same time. However, the jet black sword in Shinsayer’s hand was swung, and at the same time, thorns began to sprout along the sword’s path.

And the branches of the thorn tree began to wriggle like living tentacles and wrap around the Slayer.


Seeing that, the witches of the witches’ coven began to spread their power in delight.

Slayer, Destroyer of Fire . And all kinds of props, including ginger cookies and pumpkins, began to rush towards the people at the Flame Church, screaming grotesquely.

Before we knew it, it wasn’t even a fight. It was more than that.

It was a war.

A hell unfolding as each force and player clashed. Nothing was different.

Just like this, we will defeat the hostile forces and the Flame Church together with Shinsei and hand this girl over to the witches’ coven. That’s it. That

will be the end of this tower’s [Strategy 3] and the mission that the player should perform. It must be a name.

Nothing was different from before.

Shinsei swung the Sword of Sin, and each time the thorn tree stretched out its branches and engulfed the entire world. The

saintess took a deep breath in front of that sight.

Hero . Despite being a player, he is said to be closer to the powerhouse of the deep sea than any other hero.

It is true as the saying goes.

I was able to intuit his activities as he unilaterally massacred and butchered the forces of the tower. Strong.

“The worst witch is destined for fate .” Accordingly, it will bring about the Night of Walfur Gith…”

After slaughtering the last Slayer who was resisting in front of him, Shinsayer continued,

“This world will truly face an inevitable ‘end’.”

“Was that your purpose?”

“Wasn’t this tower’s goal to protect the worst witch? Even if that witch would bring destruction to this world.”

Shinsei asked back coldly. At those words, Yusung remained briefly silent.

“Oh, that’s right. So, did you brandish your sword as soon as you saw the priests?”

After silence, Yoosung asked back.

“Without listening to the circumstances, they forced us into having no choice but to protect that little witch. And most importantly…

After taking a deep breath, Yoosung continued.

“This world is a world of ‘witches.’ Because it does not belong to the ‘lord of’.”


To become the Lord of the Witches. Illissia sacrificed this world. Therefore, the Lord of the Witches cannot exercise any influence on the tragedies that are happening in this world.

Illisia She gave up the world, and

what happens in this world is no longer her responsibility.

It belongs to the ‘being above’ who has control of the world she gave up.

“So, what is happening in this world is because of the Witch Lord. It can’t be helped. In other words, it’s not the witch lord who’s plotting the worst witch. “Because it must have been the act of the ‘person’ to whom she gave her world.”

“And that must be the identity of the monarch with whom you have a contract.”

Shin Sayer quietly laughed at those words.

It was right then.

“Ah, that’s really disgusting.”]

[The Lord of Nightmares coldly sneers.]

“It seemed like that.”

The following message and the identity of the monarch with whom Shinsei has a contract. The puzzle was solved, and Yoosung smiled, saying he had expected that to happen.

One of the seven great feudal lords who has reached the pinnacle among the 999 monarchs of the Nightmare.

[“Why don’t you hand over that child? Because that is the way for all of us to be happy.”]

[The Lord of Nightmares urges us to get over ‘The Worst Witch.’]

A message appeared to the shooting star, the saint, and the other players.

“Hey. “What on earth is the worst witch that the Great Emperor of the World wants to possess so badly that he doesn’t know what to do?”

Yoosung mocked the message and Shin Se-yer’s expression froze coldly.

It was right then.

[The Witch Lord has descended on the world inside the tower


The message. It occurred to me.

“You damned Amko, for breaking the contract…!”]

Immediately after, another message filled with hatred appeared.

[The Lord of Nightmares has descended on the world inside the tower!]

Endlessly from beyond. Leaving behind the echoing laughter, two monarchs appeared there.

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