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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 117

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Episode 117

— Breaking news! The Guild of Hero King Kang Yu-seong has just been established as an independent organization directly under the UN Peace Security Council with the consent of 15 members, including the permanent members!

— In addition, the Knights’ Order of Relief, the guild of Saint Maria Jaeger, also

announced its intention to merge with the Hero King’s Guild…

– With this, the establishment of a national player organization unprecedented except for the CIPCX is just around the corner!

— Some are alarmed and concerned about the excessive degree of independence and autonomy of the Hero King’s Guild…

— The need for an appropriate level of regulation regarding the dangers of transcendental military organizations with independent status…

– Yes, new news just came in! Soon, Kang Yoo-seong, the King of Heroes, attended the UN General Assembly Hall in New York with the Virgin Mary Jaeger and

answered questions…

Yoo-seong turned his head, leaving behind the endless news.

“Now that we’ve come this far, it wouldn’t be like swallowing up the world.”

“…I feel like my heart will drop. Could you please shut your mouth for a moment?”

“Home, is your heart dropping already? Hold on tight. “I haven’t even stood in front of the microphone at the UN General Assembly yet.”

“I’m really going to get cancer.”

Maria responded to Yoosung’s words, saying she was dumbfounded.

“By the way, Mr. Yoosung, you really don’t plan on naming your guild ‘Fight with the Hero King,’ do you?”

“How about having a chat with the Hero King and the Saint?”

“…Could you please consider our situation as we will be responsible for all the chores of that organization?”

“Then let’s do it with Ojus.”

“Do you want to get sued by Marvel?”

“Home then, how about this?”

Maria asked in bewilderment, and Yoosung answered.

“It’s a circus.”

President of the UN General Assembly in New York.

The voice of the King of Heroes rang out in a place filled with heads of state, politicians, and reporters from all over the world.

“Uh, everyone knows about Shield in the Marvel Universe, right? In English, it is Shie丄d, which is the initials of ‘Strategic Territorial Intervention and Enforcement Logistics Bureau’. So, I also wanted to give off a hero vibe, so I named it like this. Oh, so what does circus stand for? That’s something the circus gangsters will be thinking hard about from now on. “It’s none of my business.”

At Yooseong’s words, the expression on the face of Maria sitting next to her froze again.

“And there are people who are wary of the excessive independence and autonomy of this circus. Since everyone has gathered here, let’s talk about it.”

Yoosung spoke and reporters rushed to raise their hands.

“As I said, I heard that Hero King Kang Yu-seong’s guild ‘Circus’ is guaranteed autonomy, almost like a separate independent organization, even though it is directly under the UN Peace Security Council! In that case, there is actually no way to stop the circus from running away…

“Ah, you said it well when you said it was runaway.”

After hearing that, Yoosung responded.

“ruler. Now, let’s say I accidentally ate some British food for breakfast and then my head spins and I crash. And since he wants to become the president of the world, he will call leaders and threaten them into signing a union government. Next, I will become the president of a unified government and establish a utopian empire on earth under a one-party dictatorship. Now how are you going to stop this?”

At those words, a cold silence fell in many places. After a moment of silence, Yoosung burst into laughter.

“Oh, I’m just kidding. Well, do you really think I would line up leaders from around the world and threaten them? Haha, it can’t be. “Why are you so serious?”

Yoosung laughed as if it were a joke, but no one laughed. Even Saint Mary. The sound of people holding their breath continued in a silence that was incomparable to before.

“Everyone seems to be misunderstanding something. Do you have an answer now?”

“What do you mean?”

“In the first place, there is no way in this world to stop player proliferation.”


[The level of provocation increases!]

The next words literally caused a stir everywhere, like dynamite exploding.

“Everyone watched my broadcast, right? Well, even if they fire missiles, fire guns, or drop nuclear weapons, they won’t even hurt me. Well, maybe I’m counting a little too much. Still, high-level players are actually all similar. So, do you think the government can control that monster? “Oh, I can’t, I can’t.”

“But isn’t there CIPO (International Player Police Organization)!”

“Oh, you said it well. “Now that I think about it, there is one way to stop players from running away.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“The stronger player loses.”

“So, aren’t those rampaging players George the CIPO player killers? By the way, I was wondering what to do with this and realized that all of those friends are players too! So let me ask you something. How are you going to stop them when they go on a rampage? Who watches the watchers? No. Then it’s no different from my circus. “Even they can’t stop the hero king.”

The king of the peak heroes of the player spoke.

“Why? “Because I am the strongest.”

And no one could answer that question.

It was an extremely ridiculous and childish claim, and at the same time, it was a truth that no one could deny.

“You get the idea, right? There is no way to stop the King of Heroes from going on a rampage right away, other than setting up a circus. And wouldn’t the King of Heroes, who can’t be stopped anyway, be happy to open his arms and welcome players to help contribute to world peace? “It’s a hundred times better.”

“What do you mean is better?”

“At least the troublemaker under me will be sent to America by the King of Heroes that day.”

After a while.

A high-rise building built by Ohsung Group, a leading conglomerate, to use as its new headquarters by investing 1 trillion won.

And now it is the guild headquarters of the Hero King’s guild ‘Circus’ and at the same time a diplomatic territory that exists as a direct organization of the UN, a transnational agreement.

“Hehe, now I feel like a king.”

Yoosung spoke from the very top floor of that building. Leaving behind the scenery unfolding beyond the glass window.

Looking at that scene, Maria was dumbfounded and asked.

“I really have nothing to say.”

“Oh my, you crazy bastard. “I knew it would be like this.”

Likewise, National Intelligence Service Director Master Park and Lee Sia were there. Strictly speaking, those in the National Intelligence Service are not members of Yoosung’s Guild Circus. However, in the process of designating this building as the circus guild headquarters and a direct organization of the United Nations, there was some kind of political negotiation with the government, and it was something that the government of this country did not hesitate to do.

Even within the National Intelligence Service, the assassination department directly under Master Park and the ‘Hero King and the Beggars’ were there.

From the Italian hero Shin Sayre, whose purpose is still unknown, to the fire chicken chefs from the old association.

Maria and her guild were also absorbed into the circus, but the organization of the Order of the Knights Templar itself continued to be maintained in the form of a sub-organization.

Therefore, the headquarters of the Guild of Knights Templar in France was also reborn as a branch of the circus.

“Okay, what are you going to do from now on?”

“Iknow, right.”

After hearing that, Yoosung asked back.

“What should we do now?”

“Are you asking that?”

Maria was dumbfounded and responded to those words.

“We must contribute to world peace. Together.”

“No, not all of us together…”

“This is our first attack since the guild was founded. Could you please preserve your dignity as the guild master?”

“Would you like to do Gilma instead of me?”

“Oh my, how dare I sit higher than the ‘King of Heroes’?”

Maria spoke slyly and Yoosung shrugged her shoulders at those words.

“Hmm, how many people can I take?” It was right then.

“There’s a tower that looks suitable


Maria answered as she looked at the list of towers that can be entered.

“What’s the name?”

“Jungle and Tower of the Apocalypse.”

“That home thing looks really creepy.”

After saying that, Yoosung opened a hologram window.

“How many people can enter?”

“Let’s see, there are at least 12 people.”

“Oh, damn it.”

Minimum 12 people.

Needless to say, the tower’s strategy level also varies depending on the number of people who can enter. There is no need to even mention a tower that can accommodate at least 1 person and a tower that can accommodate 2 people, much less a tower that can accommodate 12 people.

[Jungle and Tower of the Apocalypse]

[11-tier war format Guerrilla warfare in the lush jungle awaits Number of players allowed to enter Minimum 12, maximum 24 Stores available] [Strategy goal: Victory for your


“Anyone enters and dies without warning. “It looks good to do.”

“That’s why I’m here.”

The saint said, and Yooseong nodded in agreement.

In any case, she is a hero with the nickname ‘Saint’ and there can be no doubt about her abilities.

In addition, although he is suspicious, Shin Sayre is also openly with him.

After selecting the King of Heroes, two heroes, and trustworthy players, Yoosung spoke.

“Well, I don’t have a good feeling.”

“Now, let’s all enter together. And please don’t sacrifice your life too much to fight. This is a world where no one will understand even if you sacrifice your life and fight like a dog. “Now, take care of yourself, you shivering bastards.”

Saying that, Yooseong inspected his equipment and deck and finally entered the tower.

Afterwards, the saintess and the high-ranking rankers under her command, including Master Park and Isia Shinsayer, as well as the Buldak chefs, disappeared one after another into the darkness.

[Entering the Jungle and the Tower of the Apocalypse….]

As soon as I entered the tower, a gunshot rang out. It was the sound of a rifle.

Bullets swirled like rain in the dense jungle, and it was clear that this was a battlefield in the jungle.

“Reveal your affiliation!”

At the same time, an urgent voice was heard. When Yooseong raised his head at the sound of that voice, a soldier wearing a rifle and camouflage uniform was there.

“Ah, I belong. “Player, Stranger, My Defiant, God’s Apostle, Hero of the Other World, etc. Does any of these fit?”

“Mercenaries of the Goddess…!”

“Aha, I see there is one.”

The answer came back without the slightest hesitation, and Yoosung shrugged his shoulders.

“Anyway, looking at the situation, it doesn’t really make sense to talk about it. “Let’s quickly settle the situation and talk.”

Saying that, Yooseong got up from the jungle, and before he knew it, something was hitting this camp. It was a mortar.

However, the artillery, which was supposed to explode and turn the camp into a field of rubble, froze so fleetingly.

Yoosung snapped his fingers again.

Blah blah blah.

Darkness and bitter cold began to spread as if engulfing the entire jungle.

2nd awakening skill: Dark Frost Landscaper. As its name suggests, the entire landscape was engulfed in darkness and frost.

The situation was resolved and the soldier was astonished at the sight and took off his military cap.


Then, the elf’s pointed ears were revealed beyond the hat.

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