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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 124

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Episode 124

“Hmm, it tastes like candy.”

Yoosung and Maria’s lips overlapped and opened.

At the end of the kiss, Maria’s face turned slightly red. Yoosung, who was pretending to be carefree, was no exception.

“For Yoosung’s sake, I think I should cut it back a little.”

“Well, I think this one looks more like a saint. Who in the world would have imagined that the lips of a saint would taste like cigarettes?”

“Seriously, don’t be mean.”

Maria burst out laughing, saying that was absurd. It was as if he was so happy that he couldn’t help it.

“I felt it for the first time.”


“In the midst of those hellish days, a day has come where we can forget our mission as players and smile, just for a moment.”

The saint smiled quietly and said.

“And now the world where we can step on our feet and kiss… whose actions can make it exist.”

Yoosung was silent at those words and laughed after the silence.

“Ah, isn’t it thanks to our saint’s wonderful performance?”

“Oh, are you getting shy now?”

Maria saw that and laughed. In front of those words, Yoosung looked embarrassed and scratched his head. It was the perfect answer.

“You usually go around talking in front of people and saying that you saved the world thanks to yourself. Why are you doing that?”


“Who in the world can imagine? “It turned out that our King of Heroes was this shy and shy person.”

“Well, thanks to the saintess revealing it at the top of the A match, it seems like everyone knows about it now.”

Yoosung responded in bewilderment, and Maria burst into laughter again.

“This is the world you protected.”

That’s why Maria smiled and said. Respecting his performance as the King of Heroes without even ridicule or sarcasm.

“So, please spread out your chest a little more confidently, Yoosung.”

After hearing those words, I was able to feel it for the first time.

Every time he made a sarcastic comment in front of people saying that he protected the world like eating a meal, an unknown emptiness tightened his chest.

But no. It was only in that kiss in front of the woman in front of him that the ‘world’ he was protecting finally revealed its form.

And that world had the appearance of a saint.

[“I must bless you all.”]

[The Lord of the Desert smiles happily and blesses the two players!]

“Please take care of Lily/’]

[The Lord of Witches…..]

[Clown The monarch holds his stomach and

rolls around on the floor.] [The jester monarch’s laughter echoes through the spire of the throne!]

“This is not a suitable place for this uninvited guest, child.” ]

[The Lord of Frost blesses the player Kang Yu-seong and disappears.]

「Ah, it’s so bright! Why does a ‘wedding’ have to be so terribly bright!”]

[The Shadow Lord grumbles and remains silent….]

Click! click!

At that time, it was the circus guild headquarters and one room of the building within the UN territory. There, innumerable messages were floating above the shooting star’s field of vision, separate from the endless cameras going off.

‘No, those monarchs have nothing to do.’ Yooseong thought it was absurd and that was right then.

— Nya.}Ang!

A cat’s silhouette jumped out of the shadows, and the entire area was immersed in a sea of darkness. There was a moment of confusion among the reporters there, but Yoosung responded that there was nothing to worry about.

“Oh, my cat is a bit of a child of darkness, so please understand. And of the malicious comments I was sued for, 50% of them were written by him? “Hey, the live broadcast is going on right now, so say something, you idiot.”

—Nya. Ang

Nevertheless, like a cat that doesn’t know what people are saying, Black jumped towards the pure white witch there.

“The black cat…

The black cat jumped into Lily’s arms, and Lily smiled brightly at the black cat.


— Nyaaah.

The bem, made of shadows, was rubbing against Lily as if showing affection.

She was born in the world of the tower, and is now the ‘power of the tower’ and the only witch.

Therefore, her existence cannot be hidden forever. However, here at the UN Territory Circus Guild, high-ranking players such as the trustworthy Fire Chicken Chef and the Order of Relief Knights will protect her.

No, how many of the players can help her in the first place?

When Shinsayer kicked the ground towards her, a meteor had to block his path. However, even if Yooseong didn’t use his hand, there was no guarantee that Shinsayer’s sword would reach her.

Even the seven great princes, the lords of the Walpurgis Night nightmare shown by the worst witch, are wary of its power.

‘Well, it’s not something to think about now.’

Therefore, Yoosung immediately shook his head and looked away.

A ceremony held in advance with reporters and players under Yoo Seong and the Holy Woman.

There is no family or relative who can announce this blessing to both of them.

“Hehe, you bastard. This guy is so happy that I don’t know what to do, huh? “I just don’t know what’s going on in the world.”

“Oh my, Manager. “Are you making such a fuss about something being different?”

No, it wasn’t there at all.

“Nothing will change, you bastard. Go to the portal site now. “The world must have flipped about five times.”

“The world is outside the keyboard.”

“Oh, too bad our intelligence world is inside the keyboard.”

“Congratulations, Yoosung. “Honestly, it was the most shocking news this year.”

“Is this a compliment?”

“Oh, of course.”

Likewise, Lee Sia, dressed in a suit, smiled calmly and lowered her head.

Yoosung was also wearing a suitably formal black suit. It wasn’t because I was being particularly polite. It was a high-ranking vampire’s business suit player equipment.

Just as Saint Mary is not wearing a wedding dress, but the pure white heavy armor that symbolizes her.

But in a way, they seemed like two people who were truly compatible.

“Hmm, after all, armor is more popular than dresses.”

“That’s right.”

Maria smiled quietly and answered.

There were people gathered noisily, but there was no complicated formality or formality. The ‘priest’, a player from Maria’s side of the Knights Templar, was in charge of the ceremony, and that was it.

But it was time to officially introduce the real purpose of this wedding.

“Then I’ll introduce you to Lily at this point.” A young girl wearing a pure white dress stood in front of the camera, led by Maria’s hand.

“After losing our parents and family in the tower disaster, Yoosung and I decided to raise this child together.”

Before we knew it, Maria was speaking in front of people with a saintly smile.

“Both Yoosung and I respect our mission as players and heroes, and as a token of that, we will strive to be good fathers and mothers to Lily.”

Click, click!

Afterwards, a barrage of questions from reporters poured in, and Maria answered them without losing her composure.

“What was the decisive reason why you decided to marry Yoosung?”

At that moment, a truly absurd question occurred to me.

“Are you asking because you don’t know that?”

That’s why Yooseong blocked Maria’s path and she responded in bewilderment.

“I guess that’s because it’s doing amazingly well, right? “I think I would want to marry even if I were a saint.”

For a moment, Maria was dumbfounded and looked at the shooting star. Once again, there was an uproar among reporters.

“Is it possible that this marriage was strategic or a political decision…

Immediately after, a reporter asked again, and there was no time for him to finish his sentence.

Yoosung kissed in front of the camera without any hesitation. Maria was taken aback for a moment, but stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Yoosung’s neck.

“Oh my goodness.”

Again, endless flashes of light went off among the reporters. And as soon as the two people finished kissing, an uninvited guest appeared.

“Oh my god, who called this lady?”

“Oh, unfortunately, I received an official invitation?”

When Mistress showed the invitation, Yoosung responded in bewilderment.

“Aha, you just caught a reporter and beat him up by manipulating his mind? “Well, I knew it would bleed anyway.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders at Mistress, saying there was nothing to be surprised about. Maria, too, does not reveal it overtly, but she does not let down her guard in a faint way.

“I came purely as a player to bless the relationship between the two heroes.”

“Oh, is that so? “Then, let’s sit in the corner and eat some cake.”

“And it’s amazing that they decided to adopt a child.”

“Hmm, our Lily is very pretty, isn’t she?”

“Of course.”

“And if you lay even a finger on our Lily, you and your family below will suffer the sorrow of being separated, so please be careful with your inventions.”

“Oh my, it’s scary.”

Mistress shrugged.

“The loyalty I show towards the King of Heroes is not always understood.”

“Then, make an effort to be understood, old lady.”

Yooseong responded in bewilderment, and Mist Reese quietly bowed her head and stepped away.

“…I hate that lady.”

And Lily whispered next to Maria

. As if he had intuitive insight into her existence


“Wow, our Lily is really good at looking at people. For your information, it would be more difficult to find someone in the world who likes that woman.”

It was right then.

For an instant, Lily’s expression froze coldly. The same was true for Yoosung.

The air was frozen.

However, not even Master Park, Isia, the Buldak Chef, or the players under the Holy Woman realized anything more.

It’s so overwhelming that, paradoxically, only Yoo Seong and the saintess Lily can sense the intimidating feeling that goes beyond the standards.

And Mistress was no exception in being able to sense the air.

“What the hell is this…?!”

Clap clap.


There was a blond-haired boy neatly dressed in a suit. How could you not know what it looks like?

“Lord Mikhail…

The head of the clan appeared there without even a message. It’s not the world inside the tower or anything else, but this very place where Yooseong is setting his feet.

But no one realized its existence. People’s movements stopped amidst an indescribable sense of discomfort.

[“Follow the blood oath^ and raise a proper toast!”]

[The Blood Lord cries out in satisfaction.]

[Tower’s power: The “Blood Clan” appears!]

“How can the head of the Clan…? !”

Seeing that scene, Mistress muttered quietly.

The three heroes and the presence of the tower, where the beings other than them were frozen like ice, as if under a spell.

“Oh, by the way, did you say that the child was an uninvited guest?”

Lord Mikhail turned his head and looked at Mistress. Is this a wide-scale mental manipulation on her part? no. Mistress’ trick doesn’t work on Yoosung. And in the first place, Mistress’s real ability

was not deception, but the power to manipulate ‘lies that were as close to the truth’ as possible.

“We cannot tolerate the presence of uninvited guests in a place where we should be blessing our own people.”

“What kind of people are you?”

“Didn’t you hear me?”

Mistress didn’t even have time to say anything.

“I politely told Mademoiselle to step aside.”

Lord Mikhail said, bowing as if showing courtesy. However, regardless of his attitude, Mistress, Yoosung, and the Saint took a deep breath due to the intimidation that rang out in his voice.

At the same time, Mistress bit her lip for a moment, and then her appearance disappeared.

“Hmm, thank you for fighting off the uninvited guest. So what’s your business?”

“Oh, I’m sorry for surprising you.”

Lord Mikhail, the head of the clan, smiled and laughed quietly.

“I came here only to bless our ‘compatriots.’”

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