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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 138

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Episode 138

We all love war. It was an unquestionable truth, and human history proved it.

And now a new war was about to begin here.

“Now then, let me explain the rules! “There is no explanation twice, so everyone, please listen carefully!”

A man wearing a “Laughing Clown” mask spread his arms and spoke. The tone was exaggerated, like a kindergarten teacher explaining things to seven-year-olds.

“Players who enter the Tower of Faction War belong to one of two factions according to the decision of the contracting lord! However, if your monarch expresses a neutral opinion, the player of that monarch can choose himself!”

Yoosung thought after hearing those words. Since they have already joined forces with the Shadow Lord, the Lord of Blood and the Lord of Witches, Needless to say, Yoo Seong and Maria will fight in their forces.

“Now then, we will conduct a selection process before summoning you to the ‘Battlefield of Kings’!”

The man in the clown mask spoke and then snapped his fingers.

Immediately after, the majority of the players there disappeared, entangled in an unknown intangible air current.

“Ah, the players who are now gone will receive rental decks and equipment before participating in the battlefield. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be able to perform your role as a soldier.”

After speaking, the man in the clown mask snapped his fingers again.

Then, half of the remaining players disappeared again.

“Those who are now gone are those who do not need to rent skill cards and equipment, but that does not mean they cannot exert a huge influence on the battlefield. “They will perform their own duties

in their positions .”

Yoosung remained silent. And every time the man in the clown mask snapped his fingers, the number of players continued to decrease.

After snapping my fingers a few times, the selection process was finally completed.

Finally, the only thing left there was the King of Heroes.

“…Where is player ‘Maria Jaeger’?”

That’s why Yooseong asked the man in the clown mask.

“Oh, don’t worry too much! The number of players participating in faction warfare is not small. Therefore, in addition to me, several ‘dealers’ are involved in the selection process.”

Yoosung was silent for a moment, and after the silence, he opened his mouth.

“What is the significance of their presence in this war?”

“What do you think is necessary for those who have it to shine?”


“Even if you have a fortune worth thousands of dollars, if there are no common people who understand its value, are jealous of it, and desire it, you are no better than a stone on the street! “What would be the point of having hundreds of golden calves on a deserted island?”

Yoosung remained silent at those absurd words.

“It’s the same with war! No matter how brave or excellent a general is, if there are no minions to make him shine, it will be meaningless. There is nothing as empty as a stage without an audience and an act without an actor to respond to it. Isn’t that so, King of Heroes?”

“aha! So, that means it has no meaning whatsoever.”

“It can’t be! “Making a leading role shine on stage is an act that is more meaningful than anything else.”

The male dealer in the clown mask laughed. Yoosung did not laugh.

“Are you the ‘Tower Powers’ loyal to the Clown Lord?”

“The dollar is just a dealer. Just like the rulers do.

Ruler A force that belongs to the ruler of the game and coordinates the order of the world within the tower.

“Our lord loves chaos, but order and chaos are two sides of the same coin. “It cannot be achieved without one or the other.”

Games and clowns. Among the 999 monarchs, even among the seven great feudal lords, they possess overwhelming status. It was a fact that was nothing new.

“It’s no more than useless nonsense. Specifically, what is the battlefield and what format does the battle take place in?”

“In the Throne of End, every lord can claim one or more towers as his domain. “The more powerful a monarch is, the more towers he can have and the more influence he can have on other monarchs’ towers.”

said the dealer.

“And the seven great princes own a ‘very special tower’ that sets them apart from other monarchs.”

“A very special tower?”

“The First Seven Pillars are the first seven towers built in the world and are also called the Tower of Origin or the Tower of the Great Emperor.”

“Can you become a great emperor only if you become the owner of that tower?”

“That’s right. “The Shadow Lord once lost one of his ‘Great Prince’s Towers’ to the Nightmare Lord, and joined forces with one of the tower’s mighty lords to regain it.”

“…Is that the battlefield where the power struggle will take place?”

The dealer nodded and smiled at Yoosung’s question.

“King of heroes, you are a very good player. He always knows how to win any game. “Isn’t that right?”

“The limbs are long. Send them to the battlefield quickly.”

“Oh, don’t be too hasty. “Most players are still having a hard time choosing rental decks and equipment.”

“…Ah, you idiots.”

Yooseong cursed and then asked back.

“Is it possible to change the settings here too?”

“Oh, of course! Please take your time and decide.”

At those words, Yoosung glanced at the status window and asked.

【Deck page 1 —《Laplace’s Barrier》】

Barrier synergy 1 Laplace’s World Dance of Death House of Baskerville

Glacier synergy 1 Dark Frost Landscaper Death Frost Army

synergy not applied 1 Heavenly Demon Descent. Jin-eo swordsmanship. Sim

Weapons and Armor 1 No weapon 《Vampire Lord’s Business Suit “Black Gold”)

Artifact 1《Shadow Mirror》

Accessories 1《Token of Trust “Heart of the Desert”》…(omitted)

《Vampire Lord’s Business Suit “Black Gold”》

– Grade .Golden Corruption Myth Smelt Fishing Tool

– Performance

. Defense 0 Evasion Correction +1800 DEX


. Granted increased equipment protection, ‘Old Blood’

. Skill ‘Lord of Nightmare’ can be activated (cool time 48h)

. Skill ‘Call of Bloodcoat’ can be activated (cool time 24h)

. Among the equipment, the friendliness of ‘Faction: Blood Relatives’ increases significantly

– Description – Manner Maketh Vampire.

《Shadow Mirror)

– Grade . Mythical Artifact

– Performance… (omitted)

“No, there is nothing to change.”

After taking a quick look at the settings, Yoosung shook his head. It was right then.

“Ah, it’s finally time.”

The man in the clown mask spoke and Yoosung also could sense that it was time.

Because as a court jester, he could feel the presence of countless monarchs watching him.

Seven great princes.

A position that only seven out of 999 monarchs can be granted. How much meaning can the ‘existence of the player’ really have in the fight over the seat of the great emperor? In all likelihood, it will be a battleground where monarchs and their forces, many of them powerful enough to be counted among monarchs, fight against each other.

“Please don’t forget. “The reason this stage exists solely for you is an honor granted to you because you have the qualifications to play the leading role on this stage.”

said the dealer. Even though I couldn’t see his face behind the mask, I could feel the ominous smile he was wearing without even needing to see it.

Nevertheless, Yooseong paid no heed and turned his head.

As the king of the player’s pinnacle heroes.

At the same time, a message occurred to me.

[Move to the tower of the first Seven Pillars faction battle….]

A battlefield where an unprecedentedly large number of players are participating.

The battlefield has emerged.


A gunshot rang out. No, it was resonating.

Bullets were raining down from all directions, and the shooting star was on top of a landing craft on the beach. It was like something out of a movie set during World War II.

‘Landing craft…?’

And beyond the land where the landing craft was approaching, countless positions were lined up. An endless barrage of machine gun bullets rained down on the soldiers from the camp.

“Get off the boat right now! Establish a front line and retake their positions!”

The officers shouted at the soldiers there.

Yooseong couldn’t help but be embarrassed for a moment.

It was unknown whether it was the player or the beings in the tower. However, all of them had a frightened expression and were only holding a rifle and advancing.

‘What the hell is this…

I don’t even question why I’m here. Trembling as death rained down on him from all directions, he nevertheless went forward to perform his duty as a soldier.

Yoosung lowered his head.

What he was wearing was still the Vampire Lord’s business suit, and his body was imbued with the monarch’s immeasurable blessings and power.

The same was true for skills.

So I didn’t know what happened right away, but what needed to be done didn’t change.

Yooseong kicked the ground without any hesitation.

I ran ahead of everyone else, not paying attention to the shower of bullets raining down from all directions.

The shooting star’s body accelerated and the rain of bullets slowed down like the scenery in a slow video.

As if time in the world has stopped and you move alone within it.

Suddenly, the distance narrowed. And the distance from the soldiers’ camp, which was showering bullets in this direction, narrowed.

It was truly a moment.

Where am I and what is happening? As Yoosung, there was no way to know. What needs to be done hasn’t changed.

He swung his dark frost sword at the machine gunner in front of him.

The gunner lost his life without even having time to scream, and Yooseong looked around. It was right then.

There was something flying across the sky with an ear-piercing roar. And since it was a meteor beyond the realm of humans, it was not difficult to figure out its shape.

F-23 Diablo.

At the same time, a voice was heard not far away.

“What on earth is this damn battlefield?”

Lieutenant General Kilgore muttered with a cigar in his mouth. Immediately after, the F-23 Diablo began scattering a rain of flames over the area.

It was a bombardment that turned the area of the enemy’s camp laid there into a sea of fire to help the friendly forces land.

“It’s just like the Normandy landings.”

“Wow, seeing you like this on the battlefield is so reassuring.”

“Do you think this battlefield is meaningful to our players?”

Vice Admiral Kilgore asked, and Yoosung shrugged his shoulders.

Just then a message occurred to me.

[“Welcome to my nightmare mansion.”]

[The Lord of Nightmares welcomes the ‘opposing force’ with open arms!]


At those words, Yooseong quietly turned his head. I was finally able to realize it.

And I looked at the fallen soldiers who had fallen into a beehive from the endless rain of bullets. They had been armed like American soldiers from World War II until just before, but they only revealed themselves after they became corpses.

They were players.

Players struggle in a nightmare from which they cannot wake, and eventually become part of it.

The war has already begun.

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