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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 141

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Episode 141

Two assassination notices were written over the ‘Immortal Lord’ and the King of Heroes kicked the ground.

[The effect of the title 《Lord Slayer》, a 9999% increase in attack power, is being applied!]

[The effect of the title 《Enemy of the World》 一 ??? (text not unlocked) is being applied!]

At the same time, Yooseong holds it. The title I was using was activated and the tip of the sword began to linger in the form of ‘attack power’.


Immortal Lord Ge Orc’s expression froze as he realized the inaction of the Heavenly Demon and the deadly force forged by the dark frost sword.

But it didn’t end there.

[The Assassin Lord blesses the player Kang Yoo-seong!]

[Skill ‘Two Assassination Premonitions’ is temporarily strengthened!]

[Negative keyword: Must Die is added!]

[Attack Accuracy Compensation Dex has increased significantly!]

“Nothing can stop death….”]

[The Lord of Death blesses the player Kang Yu-seong!]

[Attack power…]

[The Shadow Lord…..]

In the hope of immortal death, the malice and blessings of the inscrutable monarchs were forged at the point of a sword.


As the sword was swung, a wave of death unparalleled before began to scatter. There was a death there that even the immortal demon god could not help but panic in fear.

“Oh my! “Now that I see it, you’re not the undead lord, but the lord of the combat power meter?”

Therefore, a storm containing the power of the evil spirit swirled in front of the swinging sword.

Before I knew it, the bodyguard of the dead, made up of bones and ghosts, was surrounding the immortal monarch.

The last battalion of the Immortal Lord’s forces. As their name suggests, they were all ‘death knights’ wearing Nazi uniforms.

“How dare you…!”

[The Immortal Lord shouts in hatred and fear!] The

last battalion all adjusted their swords and faced the shooting star’s sword. However, it was literally meaningless in front of his sword, which contained the inaction of the Sword Demon Heavenly Demon.

Geogeomsul. The intangible swordsmen controlled by their hearts kicked the ground, creating darkness and frost.

It is so cold that even death freezes, and it is dark and dark enough to engulf even death.


the ghosts of skeletons dressed in Nazi uniforms disappeared without even leaving behind their forms. The shapeless swordsmen cleared the minnows and cleared a path, and only then did a shooting star hit the ground along the path.

Towards the ‘assassination target’ pointed to by the two assassination notices.

It’s the same as back then.

The object to be killed was there, so all I could do was hold the blade and move forward.

Sound disappeared from the world. My field of vision became strangely narrow. Even the colors and scenery faded.

In a world full of darkness, only one path was visible.

Immortal death.

The sword filled with cold and darkness began to rush towards Georg’s death.

“Do you think I’ll let it go…!”

Immediately afterwards, jet-black magic swirled along Georg’s feet.

[Warning: Ancient Heroic Spirits are revived!]

《Army of Ancient Heroic Spirits》.

When processed into a skill form, it is a high-ranking spirit skill that is worthy of being at the myth level.

In the legend, the fallen ancient spirits came back to life and blocked the meteor’s path. However, the intangible swordsmen using swordsmanship swung their dark frost blades, and each time they passed away, they simply disappeared again and again.

Because nothing was meaningless in front of the sword demon, Heavenly Demon.

At that time, it was like confronting the tomb keeper in the tower of alternate history.

Players cannot kill players inside the tower. That must have been the case. However, there was no doubt that the Orc’s death was at the end of the path that the Hero King’s sword travels.

Even if he escaped the shackles of being a player and sat on the ‘Immortal Lord’s seat,’ nothing would change.

‘My death…?’

The undoubted fear of death, the end of life, ran up my spine.

That’s why I had to resist.

“Don’t come, don’t come…

The distance between Yoo Seong and Georg widened endlessly, and a huge army of countless dead rose up.

The ground separating the two people cracked open and tore like a crevasse. And the dead were climbing out of the cracks of the bottomless pit.

The dead poured in endlessly to protect their king, the Immortal King.

No, he wasn’t even dead.


It was a dragon.

It struck down its front paw made of bone and the dragon of death spread its wings. No, it wasn’t even wings. It was just a wing bone.

The dragon of death took flight, spread its wing bones, and its shadow engulfed the earth.

The shadow of death that could not escape was cast towards the shooting star, and the roar of the magic that subdued the living rang out.

“You really have to do everything…..

It was at that moment that Yooseong let out a curse at that sight.

“Hehehehehehehehehehe ”

Cf 丁丁 Tg- 13- tg- t3~ “C2.

Lieutenant General Kilgore began humming a melody next to Yoosung.

Apostle of the Warlord and player with the nickname of General.

“ Gentlemen, the enemy has entered the situation! Raise the anti-aircraft guns! Aim for the muzzle! Measure the elevation!” The Vice-

General raised his voice, smoking a cigar as he faced the soaring dragon of death.

Immediately after, Lieutenant-General Kilgore A flame fluttered behind me. It was scary to think that it was just a flutter, but the flames of hell flew up into the sky.

“Prepare for artillery fire…! Prepare for war


At the same time, the monster in the sky, the F-23 Diablo, also began to emit firepower worthy of its own.

“It’s artillery fire…! We’re pouring down overwhelming firepower…!”

In front of the endless pouring of firepower, the evil dragon howled again.

“We will pour and pour and pour and return this land to the Stone Age!”

The shadows of the darkness scattered by the dragon of death began to brighten in front of the flames.

“It is fire power. ..! Firepower, firepower, firepower…! We are pouring in firepower endlessly, gentlemen…!”

Lieutenant General Kilgore was excited and started dancing with his arms like an orchestra conductor.

Before he knew it, it wasn’t a dragon with only bones.

It was a dragon without even bone powder.


in front of the scorching firepower .” Meteor was dumbfounded and turned his head. Lieutenant General Kilgore, who was holding a cigar in his mouth, grinned. What the

bombardment wiped out was not just a dragon. A large army of dead people that could have lasted for eons was literally laid to waste. Bone dust

and The Stone Age was unfolding, with ashes flying about.

A player with a power that even the world’s hero kings could not match in waging a ‘war.’ And what was unfolding here now was undoubtedly a war.

“Hmm, I ended up in debt unexpectedly.”

Therefore, Yoosung also had no reason to hesitate.

“Then, since I already took out a loan, I should definitely see it through to the end.”

“As the world’s proud police force, we can’t leave this damn Nazi alone.”

Lieutenant General Kilgore grinned. Flames bloomed again from the edge of the cigar.

Immediately after, a shooting star grabbed the sword of dark frost and kicked the ground. The undead lord in front of him once again raised the dead, and an indescribable hell over the dead. A barrage of fire rained down.

“You guys…!”

The ground they were standing on widened again, and the distance between the two increased endlessly.

However, it could no longer be an obstacle blocking the shooting star. The

‘high-ranking vampire’s ability’ contained in the Vampire Lord’s business suit equipment. Because it was activated.

Before I knew it, a flock of dozens of bats were flapping their wings and running. The firepower that would return this land to the Stone Age began to roar above the heads of the dead in front of them. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get away


The distance narrowed, and dozens and hundreds of bats gathered together to form a silhouette.

“I, my queen…! Please have mercy on me for my loyalty!”]

[The immortal monarch desperately appealed for help. Do it!]


[The Lord of Nightmares exerts influence!]

Immediately after, the entire landscape began to immerse itself in darkness and distort,

and the sleeping nightmares began to awaken. . It should have been.

“From now on, this is my night.”]

[Force: The Witches’ Coven is participating!]

“Oh my, my daughter is here!”

However, in those nightmares, a witch wearing a night sky dress appeared:


Likewise, Maria, who was constantly fighting with the forces of the tower, turned her head and said,

“I’m not afraid of anything.”

The stars shining like jewels and the colors of the night sky swirled around her and engulfed the entire area in nightmares.


——The scenery from a fairy tale, which was beyond ridiculous, was overlaid on top of the nightmare.

Fairy tale . The inner witch was there. But it wasn’t just Lily who was performing magic there.

[Warning: The Magician King exercises his influence!]

“Oh, by the way, how many titles did I have? Vampire Lord, King of Heroes. The Magician King…

The dead man wearing a Nazi uniform and holding a sword kicked the ground and swung towards a shooting star.

However, the sword that was supposed to tear the Magician King’s body apart… had already been reborn as a comical lollipop.

That’s why . There was nothing to be afraid of.

The distance finally narrowed.

The immortal lord was within arm’s reach.

“Well, in a way, you were right.”

The King of Magicians and the King of Heroes looked at this and adjusted the hilt of their swords.

“My words…?”

“You don’t even know ‘whose fight’ you are interfering with, and you are paying the price for your immaturity and foolishness.”

Yoosung coldly sneered,

“Isn’t that so, Georg the tombkeeper?”

“If you kill me…

“What, you’re saying

you’ll get along with the players you donated and get on the Samdocheon Express train?”

Yoosung adjusted the hilt of his sword and sarcastically said,

“Hmm, honestly, I think it’s really heartbreaking too. Is there anything I can do about it?”

In a cold voice without even the slightest emotion,

“Did you kill them or me?”

”ha ha ha*…..!”

At those words, the immortal monarch Georg mocked.

“Was it so? Was it so!”

Only as a monarch can he understand, and at the same time, he realized ‘something’ that Yoosung could not understand.

“King of heroes, clown of the masquerade ball with a thousand faces. …

“You could have been a hero or a villain, but you chose to be a hero and that was it from the beginning. “Isn’t that right?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Do you have the courage to face the real, empty face beneath your ridiculous mask?”

“I don’t know if you, old man, have the courage to face King Yeomra.”

Yoosung also paid no heed and adjusted the hilt of his sword.

“Yes, now I finally have the courage to face death.”

And the immortal monarch, who struggled in the face of death until the very moment before, just sneers as if he has been liberated.

“Because I realized this isn’t the first time.”

“The King of Heroes still believes that this world will change?”

The immortal monarch sneered and continued.

“I keep repeating to myself endlessly that next time it will really be different…”]

[The Immortal Lord mocks.]

Those were Georg’s last words.

Immediately afterwards, the sword of nothingness in Yooseong’s hand was swung.

[The Immortal Lord has been defeated!]

[《Essence of the Immortal Lord〽 has been obtained!]

The sword of meaninglessness was swung, and nothing could have meaning in front of it.

Even immortality was no exception.

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