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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 144

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Episode 144

[The Lord of the Desert Descends!]

[The Lord of Fire…]

[The Lord of Light…]

The entire area of the nightmare mansion was being twisted and distorted by an indescribable force.

In the past, it was not a throne at the end where monarchs sat on their seats. Everyone was stepping on the same ground and revealing their existence to the same world.

The desert elf and lord of the desert, who was once called by the name of the Empress of Syria, was there.

For an instant, a bittersweet smile flashed across Syria’s face.

In addition, there were the Lords of Fire and Light who hated the existence of meteors and were helpless because they could not eat them.

In addition to them, countless other monarchs were appearing one by one, as if surrounding the entire mansion.

“What the hell is this…!”

Lords who take the form of humans, monarchs who take the form of elves, monarchs who take the form of monsters, and monarchs who are made of fire and light. In addition, all kinds of incarnations that symbolize their seats have begun to enroll. .

With each of their forces loyal to them.

[The Witch Lord has descended!]

The Witch Lord, whose eyes were covered with dark-colored bandages… Illysia was no exception.

[The Frost Lord is coming!]

The girl in the crystal dress who had been talking to the shooting star just before also appeared, smiling calmly.

In addition, starting with her, the 999 monarchs who had reached their peak also appeared one after another.

Although, except for the Frost Lord and the Nightmare Lord, all of them were deeply clad in seven-horned robes, so their identities were unknown.

“The Seven Great Emperors…

I couldn’t breathe freely.

The transcendental power emanating from each monarch was weighing down the air and oppressing the meteor.


“What the hell is this…

There would be no need to even mention Lieutenant General Kilgore or Maria.

It was right then.

[The Shadow Lord has descended!]

The Shadow Lord, a cat made of darkness, also appeared there.

The entire Nightmare Mansion was swallowed up by a sea of shadows, and I could feel the bottomless pit writhing beneath it.

“There is no way the monarchs of the world could even get along on friendly terms…

Leaving them behind, Yooseong opened his mouth calmly.

“What are you planning?”

“This is your game, but it is also our game.”

[The Lord of the Game spoke solemnly.]

At the same time, the robed figure among the Lords spoke.

Lord of the Game.

Then, the vortex of power swirling around the area subsided like a lie.

Silence fell.

In the silence, only one monarch was holding his stomach and giggling. Although he was covered by a robe, it was not difficult to guess his identity.

“Lords of the attackers, is there anyone among you who wants to stand on the throne of the Great Empress against the Lord of Nightmares?” [The Lord of the Game speaks.] “You are only getting back what you deserve


” ]

[The Shadow Lord answers.]

The exaltation made of darkness appeared without a word of hesitation.

“Then appoint a Champion who is willing to take the throne of the Grand Empress for you.”]

[The Lord of the Game speaks.]

“Child with a thousand darkness and a thousand shadows. The time has come to fulfill your promise.”]

[The Shadow Lord urges the player ‘Kang Yu-seong’ to fight for him!]

.I will accept.

You could say it was a bit embarrassing, but in a way it wasn’t surprising. This was a fight that was going to be like this from the beginning.

Players fight for their lords and get rewarded for it. Because that was the contract between them.

“Is there a monarch willing to prove loyalty and sacrifice his warriors for the Shadow Lord?”] [

“My clan, the time has come to fulfill the blood oath!”]

[The Blood Lord is the player ‘Maria Jaeger’ and her blood relative ‘Mikhail’. I urge you to fight together!]

[“Player Kang Yoo-seong’s fight with the Magician King is proof of my loyalty.”] [

The Witch Lord replies.]

“I’m glad to be together like this.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders, and Maria, who had signed an apostle contract with the Blood Lord, smiled bitterly.

“That’s right.”

Likewise, before I knew it, the blond little boy Rod Mikhail was there.

“No, not you.”

“Player Kilgore, your monarch respects your wishes. Would you like to participate in this fight?”]

[The Lord of the Game asks the player Kilgore.]

And another player was being urged to make a decision. A hero named General, Apostle of the Warlords.

“This is a war you don’t have to fight. “Let’s just smoke a cigar and look around.”

“Yuseong is right.”

“A war that doesn’t need to be fought?”

At those words, Lieutenant General Kilgore, who was smoking a cigar, burst into laughter at the absurdity of it all.

“There was no such thing as a ‘necessary war’ in this world from the beginning.”

After laughing, he continued speaking without any hesitation.

“There is no reason for waging war.”

And it went without saying which one he would decide.

[“Ah, humans have always loved war!”]

[The Clown Lord is holding his stomach and giggling.]

Three players In addition, Lord Mikhail has decided to willingly fight against the ‘Lord of Nightmares’.

“Then, Lord of Nightmares, appoint a great warrior who will willingly guard the throne of the great emperor for you.”]

Champion A being who fights on behalf of the party involved in the duel.

It was understandable that on the attacker’s side, players such as Yoosung and Maria were fighting on behalf of the Shadow Lord. But even the Nightmare Lord was no exception to the rule.

[“According to the rules, the person concerned cannot directly participate in the fight over the throne of the Grand Empress.”] [The

Witch Lord whispers to the player Kang Yu-seong.]

As expected, the Witch Lord answered Yoo-seong’s puzzlement.

A fight that the monarch party cannot fight directly. The only thing they can exercise is influence. Like their name (Lord).

That’s why the Nightmare Lord, wearing a velvet dress and holding a scythe, giggled meaningfully.

[“Where is the courageous knight who is willing to fight for this lady?”]

[The Lord of Nightmares is looking for a knight willing to fight for her!]

A brief silence fell. However, the silence itself did not last long.

The parties involved cannot participate directly in the fight over the throne of the Grand Empress. But no single player can fight for her.

Because the king of the player’s pinnacle heroes, already fighting for the Shadow Lord, was there.

—It was right then.

“Oh, what a proud and wonderful knight you are.”]

The Lord of Nightmares giggled happily, and the ‘Black Knight’ who would fight for her finally appeared.


A long-haired man wearing black rags.

Between the haphazardly grown beard and hair, the layers of time were etched into each wrinkle.

And it wasn’t an unrecognizable shooting star.

[Dethroned Monarch: The Lord of the Sword Descends!]

Heavenly Demon (天魔). A sword demon and at the same time an exile who lost his position as a monarch.

And he was not the only knight willing to fight for the Lord of Nightmares.

[Force: Slayer is participating!]

[Warning: Master Slayer ‘Gretel’ is participating!]


Lord Mikhail’s expression froze coldly and his younger sister ‘Gretel’ appeared. With the Slayers who follow her and remain loyal.

The Sword Demon God and Master Slayer Heavenly Demon and Gretel were there.

“Ah, my wonderful knights. May your sword and guns shine beautifully.”]

[The lords of the defender forces loyal to the Lord of Nightmares exercise their influence in unison!]

“Follow your promise. A thousand talents, a thousand shadows, a child who stays up through a thousand winter nights!”] [The

lords of the attacker forces loyal to the Shadow Lord exercise their influence in unison!] A

proxy war between monarchs.

Waging war is always the responsibility of knights and mercenaries, not politicians or kings in the corner.

The undisputed Game of Thrones has finally begun.

The King of Heroes, the Blood Saint General and the head of the blood clan.

“I will take charge of the Sword Lord, so the rest of you can fight appropriately.”

The shooting star spoke and Lord Mikhail coldly sneered at those words.

“Ah, I’m afraid that being is not an enemy you can handle alone.”

“Home, you don’t know that. “Do you have the luxury of worrying needlessly when your little sister is dead and you can’t survive?”

As Yooseong stretched out his arms while saying that, the cold air from the skill ‘Winter Night’ began to swirl.


In addition to the sword of the winter night held in Yooseong’s hand, five winter swords were forged and orbiting around Yooseong.

Geogeomsul. Unsubstantial swordsmen who are subject to the Simui Shingeomunil keyword.

That’s why the Heavenly Demon descended, including Yooseong himself… six swordsmen imbued with the Heavenly Demon’s inaction were there.

And then I realized.

“Oh right. “It’s a pestilence.”

When confronting the immortal lord Georg, Yooseong was unable to use skills with the necromantic attribute. And what was facing him now was the ‘Heavenly Demon’ itself, which gave Yoosung strength even though he was a dethroned monarch.

Even though Heavenly Demon Advent and Sword Art have the attribute value of ‘steel’ and belong to the Steel Lord…

“There is nothing to worry about.”

At that moment, the Heavenly Demon wearing black rags opened his mouth. The blade of the ‘Dokgogu Sword’ in his hand glows blue.

“Because it won’t happen that my martial arts is taken away from you.”

“Well, you’re an old man, so you’re big.”

“What is that…!”]

[The Lord of Nightmares is taken aback.]

Immediately afterwards, the Lord of Nightmares shouted, as if he had not expected that situation. Still, nothing changed.

No, even if Yoosung does his best, he is not even sure whether he can win.

There was no time to worry about the Slayers there. The rest of the players fighting for the meteor, or even Lord Mikhail, will be meaningless in this fight.

“Anyway, I don’t know if it’s okay for you to watch from this close.”

Yoosung muttered calmly as he adjusted the sword of the winter night. Glancing at the impassable monarchs there.

“I can’t be held responsible if I get caught up in something and end up in the United States.”

The cold air of outer space within the sword of the winter night scattered pale razor blades.

A sword filled with emptiness, approaching the end of the universe, rushed towards the Sword Demon God and the Absolute of Meaninglessness.

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