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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 146

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Episode 146:

Myth’s only grade skill card 《Cheonmagang Rim. Jin has disappeared. Because there is no longer any need for the Heavenly Demon to descend.

“I am descending.”

A new monster of the sky (天魔) and the King of Heroes appeared there.

When activating the skill Advent of the Heavenly Demon, I put even more inaction on the blade of the winter night.


“Why are you so surprised? “Then you thought it would end if I died?”

Yooseong calmly asked back to the astonished Nightmare Lord.

“Oh, as expected.”

Lord Michael Bloody Saint Mary wearing a crimson suit. Finally, Lieutenant General Kilgore was there.

Overwhelming the power of the Slayers fighting against them and

bringing Master Slayer Gretel to his knees.

Yoosung had no way of knowing what kind of fight was going on there.

It was only possible to vaguely figure out what was happening in the sea of blood strewn with the remnants of the bombing that swept through the area.

There was no doubt that it was the scars of war.

“Oh my, I knew it would end like this. What on earth is war? “It’s a game where

the poor soldiers fight and fight pointlessly and end up dying, and in the end, the King of Heroes wins.”

That’s why Yoosung sarcastically sarcastically, as usual, and Gretel, who was kneeling, looked up. The black leather coat was stained with blood. It was not the blood of game. It was her blood.

“The King of Heroes…

It was then that Yooseong looked at her in silence.

Lord Mihail, who had put his sister on her knees, blocked Gretel’s path and faced the shooting star.

Wary of the slightest possibility that the sword of winter night in Yooseong’s hand might be swung at her.

“Oh my gosh, let’s stop worrying. “Who would want to eat your sister?”

“Oh, no, that’s not true, so don’t misunderstand.”

Maria’s expression froze at those words, and Yoosung added, thinking it was a mistake. And Mikhail also smiled and spoke as usual.

“Shadow Lord. Here is the victory of the war that the King of Heroes has dedicated to you.”

As if to represent all the players there. At the same time, the credit for this victory goes entirely to Yoosung.

Before we knew it, Goyang, made of the shadow lord of darkness, was there, smiling contentedly.

As if savoring the victory of the proxy war of nightmares and shadows that took place over the throne of the Great Empress.

“Please give us what is due to you as you promised.”

Next, Mikhail

knelt down and bowed his head towards the Shadow Lord.

“I will fulfill my promise!”]

[The Shadow Lord shouts, exercising the ‘influence of a great prince!’]

Immediately after, the corner of Mikhail’s mouth twitched, and the pale edge of his fangs stood out.

It was right then.

The area I was standing on was stained with a sea of shadows, and a person’s ‘hand’ rose out of it.

The arm of the titan made of darkness rose up and grabbed one of the lords there.


The monarch’s astonishment rang out in the form of a message. Needless to say, I thought he was a nightmare lord who fell from the ‘Great Empress’ throne.’ It wasn’t.

“The promise is different…!”]

[The Blood Lord shouts in confusion.]

[The fleeting shout is swallowed up in the shadows.]


However, the giant of shadow moved and the voice and message were swallowed up at the same time.

[The Blood Lord has disappeared!]

“Foolish thing.”]

[The Nightmare Lord sneers coldly.]

The Nightmare Lord, who could not accept defeat and should have been embarrassed, sneered coldly. As if I knew it would be like this from the beginning.

It was exactly at the same time.

The sea of shadows became stained with blood, and the sea of blood began to swirl beneath Mikhail’s feet.


“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this day.”

And amidst the swirling whirlpool of blood, Mikhail laughed.

“Tell me what you want to offer.”]

At the same time, a voice was heard.

A voice resounding with indescribable weight from the top of the spire toward the bottom of the world.


Mikhail answered. Without any hesitation.

“No way…”

And then a scream rang out. It wasn’t my sister Gretel’s scream.

It was the scream of the “blood family” who were supposed to be loyal to the blood monarch.


That’s why Yooseong stayed alive and fixed the sword of the winter night. Likewise, they are two people who have the power of vampires and claim to be blood relatives.

“Oh, don’t worry.”

Nevertheless, Mikhail shook his head and said there was nothing to worry about.

“We’re not close enough to call you guys ‘family.’”

“Hmm, now that I think about it, I guess so.”

Yooseong continued, dumbfounded.

“No, then your sister over there is a fake sister with whom you are not related by blood? Hey, if you keep doing this, you’ll just end up filming True Love.”

Mikhail smiled coldly and shook his head at Yooseong’s sarcasm.

“Ah, poor Gretel. She is just a wandering person. “Not my relative.”

It was an absurd pretension, and at the same time it was also a rule of interpretation that governed the world of monarchs.

What Mikhail offered was not true love, but was merely an offering with the definition and assortment of what he loved.

A sacrifice you are willing to make to protect what you truly love.

This must have been his and the Shadow Lord’s plan from the beginning.

M 99

…… “Gretel, now

I can

truly protect you .”

Mikhail laughed. Gretel was silent, looking coldly at Mikhail. [The Blood Monarch is newly


in the monarch’s seat !]

Next, a message appeared.

In the swirling blood-red air currents, ‘=Miha Il’, who had been reborn as the new blood lord, bowed his head politely.

“The King of Heroes and the Blood Saint. I express my gratitude to you all. And vampires always repay their debts.”]

[The Blood Lord spoke politely.]

Yoosung was speechless at that absurd ending and fell silent. I just turned my head.

Towards the witch lord there.

“Did you know from the beginning that it would go like this?”

“is it so.”

The Witch Lord nodded bitterly.

“Then why did you lie to me about the truth?”

“I didn’t cheat. “I was just silent, warrior.”

There wasn’t really anything wrong with her that needed to be questioned. And Lord Mikhail, who was newly reborn as the Lord of Blood, was not such a difficult opponent for Yoosung.

In a sense, it would be safe to say that the number of new collaborators has increased.

“Why were you silent?”

Nevertheless, Yoosung asked. The Witch Lord was silent for a moment, and finally answered.

“We are all here for you and the hero.”]

[The Witch Lord whispers secretly.]

“Even if you don’t understand it.”]

The Witch Lord covers his eyes with a black bandage. whispered. It was a very one-sided voice, like her brother whispering to Gretel.

“Hmm, why does my spine feel cold?”

That’s why Yoosung muttered as if it were someone else’s business and turned his head. To the Lord of Nightmare who maintains his composure even though he has lost the throne of the Grand Empress.

“Were you also a co-conspirator in this meaningless game of backstabbing?”

“Sometimes you must know how to wisely give up territory that you cannot protect.”

The Nightmare Lord laughed. She probably also made some sort of deal with the Shadow Lord.

Finally, he turned his head towards the Shadow Lord.

Not towards the pitch-black Goyang^ looking at the shooting star, but towards the bottom of the sea where the Goyang^ is scattered.

I could feel the presence of a giant god looking up at the shooting star from the bottom of the darkness.

Just like the Lord of Nightmares, they are transcendents who can crush a planet with their arms.

“Then can I ask the co-conspirators in this meaningless game a favor?”

Yooseong adjusted the Winter Night Sword towards them and asked back.

“In return for my foolish actions, I will have to revive the players who died pointlessly here.”

“It’s not difficult.”

Before they knew it, one of the monarchs watching them, the Blood Lord, appeared and smiled.

Gravekeeper Georg said he could become an immortal lord and use his power to revive players. However, using immortal power is not the exclusive domain of the Undead.

“No one died here. “It was just a nightmare.”

The Blood Lord spoke and the Nightmare Lord nodded in agreement.

“Hmm, that’s a good thing.”

Yooseong nodded while listening to the two monarchs’ story.

“Everyone comes up with a plausible plan and gets what they want out of the chaos, and in addition, we, the players, are just fooling around and making a fuss out of our hard work. From start to finish, it’s the same as any other story. yes?”

“Mr. Yoosung…

Maria called Yoosung’s name with concern.

Nevertheless, Yoosung laughed, caught in an unknown emptiness.

“Is there any reason for me to repeat this meaningless nonsense any longer?”

And I asked back.

“Is there any reason for me to accept this damn coldness and become your puppet and dance?”

Leaving behind the bitter cold of the winter night that was swirling at the tip of his sword.

Realizing his helplessness as nothing more than a mere soldier in the game of thrones played by transcendental people.

Even if I became a monster in the sky, it wouldn’t change. Just as becoming the king of heroes didn’t change anything.

The world doesn’t change. The last words of the Tombkeeper Ge Orc, the Undead Lord, came to mind.

‘Does the King of Heroes still believe that this world will change?’

‘I keep repeating to myself that next time it will really be different…’

That was right. No matter how hard you struggle, nothing changes. It has been so and will continue to be so.

That’s what I thought and that was it.

“Yes, nothing changes.”]

[The clown monarch chuckles and answers.]

His silent monarch finally answered Yooseong’s question.

[“So, did I tell you about the definition of madness?”]

Finally, the King of Clowns, one of the seven great princes and whose identity is unknown, made his move.

The jet-black robe he was wrapped in collapsed momentarily, revealing the image of the Clown Lord beneath the robe.

A man wearing a mask from “The Laughing Clown” was there.

The man took off his mask.

Behind the mask was a very familiar face.

“Heroes are people who do the exact same thing over and over again. And the King of the Young…

“The Lord of those who repeat the very same thing endlessly.”

At Yoo Seong’s answer, the clown monarch with Yoo Seong’s face burst out laughing.

“A child with a thousand talents and a thousand faces.”]

After laughing, the Clown Lord asked.

“Do you want to be a hero?”]

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