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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 29

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Episode 29

The number of skill cards that can be equipped is up to seven. In the case of other skill cards, the skill cannot be replaced inside the tower, and the skill can only be replaced after a certain period of time has passed after the last use of the skill in the outer session.

Therefore, the first things to open are three random skill card packs (rare grade or higher) whose properties cannot be specified and the Shadow Assassination skill card pack.

“Opening random skill packs in batches.”

A cloud of light swirled in front of the shooting star, and a voice was heard again.

“Legend… Has a legend emerged?”

[Wow rare card!]

[I acquired the rare skill card 《Igniter)!]

“Where has my legend gone? did you eat? huh?”

— Nyaaaang.

Suddenly, a black cat peeked its head out from under Yoosung, who was sitting on the bed.

[Wow Higi Card!]

[You have acquired the rare skill card 《Cobweb of Dissonance》!]

“Do legendary cards really exist?”

— Meow?

“Actually, legendary cards may be an imaginary level that doesn’t actually exist. What is it? It’s the same as that. That…

Before I knew it, a cloud of light swirled in front of Yoosung again.

[Wow rare…]

[I acquired the rare skill card 《Cause the Dead’s Disease)!]


Seeing that skill, Yooseong closed his mouth for a moment. After agonizing for a moment whether I should like it or not, I opened my mouth.

“I guess I have too much time to be excited about this.”

And next, I opened the ‘Shadow Card Pack’.

[You have acquired the rare skill card 《Shadow Stepping》!]

— Nyaaaang.

“Kkamanga’s butler is funny.”

Seeing that scene, Kamangi’s mouth was torn open and Yooseong spoke in bewilderment.

“I know a magic spell that will boost legendary skills in times like this. Look carefully, black man.”

Next, Yooseong spoke as he opened the assassination skill pack.

“You’re lucky.”

[Wow rare card!]

[I acquired the rare skill card (Blood Chain)!]

It wasn’t very good. It was right then.

—I’m having fun, Butler.

I heard a voice. It was Kamangi’s voice, and as soon as he saw it, Yooseong was so startled that he fell to the floor of the bed.

“What? ‘I thought you could speak’?”

— That’s because it evolved. Is this your first time seeing a cat talk?

“No, then you shouldn’t have told me earlier. “Why didn’t you say anything until now?”

— I did it because I thought it was unpleasant to see the butler shaking hands with a woman.

“Wow, you talk like a real cat.”

— Are you picking it?


— Got it.

It seems very unclear whether to say that he is speaking like a person or like a human being.

“Whatever, just pray that you can find a fortune from the hero card pack.”

Yoosung also didn’t care much and opened the random hero card pack. At the very least, I pray that something with the right attributes will pop up.

[Wow hero card!]

[I acquired the hero skill card 《Assassination Notice》!]

“…Wow, this is hot.”

There was no need to tell what attributes to look at in the remaining two attribute skill card packs.

《Assassination Notice》

– Attribute. Assassination

– Grade. Hero

– Ability

. You can specify a target and give ‘Keyword: Mark of Death’. This skill cannot be used to target multiple targets at the same time.

《Skill Deck List. Up to 7 pieces can be installed》

. Legendary grade

Oculus (Illusion 2 stars)

. Create a hero grade

frost sword (cold metal 2 stars) and assassination notice (assassination)

. Rare grade

Shadow Blade (Darkness Assassination 2 stars) Shadow Step (Darkness) Blood Chain (Assassination Blood Magic) Raising the Dead’s Disease (Devil’s Darkness)

《Side deck. Up to 3 pieces can be installed. In case of emergency within the tower, they can be immediately replaced a total of 3 times.》

. Swordsmanship (Metal 2 stars)

. Stab (Metal 2 stars)

. Igniter (Flame Electric)

[Class: Shadow Assassin has been acquired!]

[Class buff granted.]

[Dark. The synergy of the assassination attributes

creates a powerful synergistic effect!]

As soon as I finished setting up the new deck, a message came to mind.

‘It may be a bit of a waste to give up the sword technique right now and use the side deck… but there’s nothing we can do about it.’

Shadow Assassin.

Even if you wonder what meaning a class has in a game where you can freely set skill cards. They all have their own meaning.

To put it simply, it is like a buff given when the skill deck is composed of one clear theme.

For example, in Meteor’s previous skill deck, there were cards that were far from metal or cold, such as ‘Slow Heal’ and ‘Shadow Blade’, so he was not given a class buff. Because there were too many impurities that did not fit the theme.

Therefore, it would have been possible to change the job to ‘Frozen Knight’ by replacing those two skills with metal or cold.

Synergy and class. These are the most basic elements when constructing a deck.

In addition to that, there are countless other factors to consider during play, such as whether you have an AoE or a powerful one-on-one skill.

‘Synergy between darkness and assassination class Grimm Assassin.’

It was an ideal deck setting that could respond to any situation, including mobile suppressors (CC) and wide area attacks one-on-one.

“Then shall we go?”

— Nyaaaang.

Saying that, Yooseong got up and Black Mangi scratched under his chin with his front paw and made a purring sound. As if to say that the conversation we just had was a lie.

That afternoon, at the Players Association Building in Gongneung-dong, Seoul.

It goes without saying that as soon as Yoosung stepped into the lobby of that extravagant building, the entire association was turned upside down.

“Mr. Kang Yu-seong?!”

“The King of Heroes…!”

The expressions on the faces of the association people walking in and out of the lobby were frozen, and Yoosung tilted his head as he looked at them.

“Has a monster appeared somewhere? “What’s wrong with everyone’s facial expressions?”

“The King of Heroes, what happened to the Association all of a sudden…

“Well, isn’t the Players Association the number one among the number of players who are eliminated and have no chance of surviving in this country?”

With a straight face, one of the desk receptionists spoke hesitantly, and Yoosung answered.

“So how dare I go against the spirit of the association? “I came here to get some relief by following the legal procedures provided by the association.”

“You mean gluing…?”

“I just changed the deck settings, so I’m going to test it out and drive a bus.”

Bus burning is a task where a high-ranking player enters the tower with low-ranking players and gives them experience points.

Needless to say, the Lords of the Tower do not like cheating in the Tower.

A typical example is match-fixing, such as abusing, where one player intentionally loses and collects compensation when players compete in an arena.

And when they committed misconduct such as match-fixing at the tower, there was only one outcome they would face.


However, there is one type of misconduct that monarchs only ignore. This is ‘bus riding’. In a way, it was closer to honest cheating without any tricks, and it was unclear whether this could be called cheating in the first place.

“Anyone is welcome, so please join the players so they can get on the bus quickly. “Then I will quietly go and catch the bus.”

“I will briefly report to the president of the association…

After saying that, the receptionist quickly turned her head.

It was right then.

“……Kang Yoo-seong.”

“President of the Tongue Association!”

I heard a voice. When Yooseong turned his head, a man in a suit appeared there.

It was Lee Seong-ho, the president of the association, a man with neatly trimmed, all-white hair.

“After ruining the Player Academy so much, are you now going to help develop the association’s players again?”

“No, I didn’t really intend to ruin it either.”

“It’s very unfortunate. Press F to offer condolences…

In an instant, all reason disappeared from the association president’s expression. No, it tried to disappear. However, the way he desperately held on to reason and maintained composure was truly an image befitting the head of the association.

“How much do you want?”

“I don’t ask for much. Just take a look and post it to anyone. “I’ll jump into a few tiers between 3 and 5.”

Even the president of the association could not hide his surprise at Yoosung’s next words.

“…Are you trying to pay off your debt like that?”

“Chairman, did you guarantee my debt? What debt do I have to pay back?”

Yoosung asked back calmly.

“There are times when I want to foster players in my country for a philanthropic purpose, so let’s just say I’m doing it. “Anyone is fine.”

“Is it really anyone’s choice?”

At that moment, Lee Seong-ho, the president of the association, asked a meaningful question. Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered those words.

“Anyone is fine, right?


I guess it’s good. At those words, the president of the association also turned his head to the secretary who was accompanying him without hesitation.

“Tell the Chairman of Ohsung Group exactly what it is. “I heard that your youngest son has just emerged as a player this season, right?”

The name of the large company that supports this country was mentioned, and Yoosung also remained silent, saying he knew that would happen.

The price for a high-ranking player to take care of the tower for a low-ranking player is never cheap. It would not be an exaggeration to say that prices, especially at the beginning of the season, skyrocket.

Wealth disparity is no exception, even in the world of towers.

The starting point of those who have it and those who do not can’t be equal even in the world of the tower, just as it is in the outside world.

Therefore, in the outside world, those who can become bus passengers are mainly those with status such as wealth or fame.

“We will drive you quickly and accurately.”

“With the King of Heroes of the world being with us, we couldn’t be more trustworthy.”

Lee Seong-ho smiled and spoke at Yoosung’s words. As an association, we ask Yoosung, who has no idea where he will go, to be truly obedient and refrain from being part of the world’s five-star group.

‘What are you planning again?’

Thinking like that, Yoosung shrugged his shoulders.

Even if he had a plan, it wasn’t really a good thing for Yoosung.

Something that doesn’t change even if the world becomes a game. This is the power of gold.

And Ohseong Group had power. They are so powerful that not even the government dares do anything about them.

Right now, people were whispering that even if all the government players combined their strength, they wouldn’t be able to beat the Oseong Group players.

Therefore, even though he had decided to attack the tower with the King of Heroes of the World, there was no one who could say anything to the second-generation tycoon who was drunk at the club until morning.

“What time is it, you fucking idiot?”

It shouldn’t have been there.

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