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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 39

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Episode 39

“Why, do you really want to hear that it ended a long time ago? “Of course, it ended a long time ago. Sometimes I feel ashamed, wondering why I’m going through all that trouble and doing something like this.”

Yoosung opened his mouth in response to the reporters’ questions.

“I think I’ll just go to Hawaii, sip some cocktails, suck my fingers, and watch the world end. Now that I think about it, it seems like there are quite a few friends who believe they can get through the season without me these days.”

At those words, silence fell for an instant, and Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“Well, it just turned out well. “My mouth is a little itchy today, so I’d like to say something.”

“What do you mean’?!”

“Do you like war?”


There was a murmur among the reporters and they turned their heads and Yoosung nodded.

“Uh, it’s a war. Climbing the castle wall, you get poured with molten iron, get stuck with an arrow, get cut with a sword, and your intestines come out all the time… Uh, no, it’s the 21st century.”

a « ……

“Then, like in the 21st century, missiles fall from the sky, bullets turn people into honeycombs, bombs pour in and innocent people are bombed, and then we go in that direction. Anyway, it’s the same as intestines spilling out. But these days, with hacking and espionage, it’s not like it used to be. Anyway, so you all like war?”

Denial poured in from reporters, saying that it couldn’t be so. They all talked about the cruelty and tragedy of war, and Yoo Seong burst out laughing at their words.

“Oh, right? I think so too. Actually, how could the average person here like war? Sometimes I play Call of Duty at home, shoot and kill a few Nazi German kids, pay my respects with F, and play battle royale where I turn on a ship and kill each other… “Are you talking about the violence of the game?” “Oh my, you’re a pestilence


” . Why is it the game’s fault? Even now, every day in the neighborhood next to the Earth, something explodes, breaks, and people fall away. Did those friends become like that because they were addicted to games?” Yoosung said, “People in our country like Gwanggaeto the Great, right? Dramas,


. And it’s even in the name of the destroyer. And aren’t you proud that Goguryeo destroyed the Sui Dynasty in the Battle of Salsu? How many people died there? Since it was an invading country, it would be cheap for them to say it out loud. Our country’s proud history is taught to children at school from a young age. Isn’t it? I don’t know why you keep your mouth shut about the violence of history. How can a game show its business card in the face of the violence of history?”

“Are you saying that history is more harmful than today’s games?”

“Well, actually, I can’t even show off my business card about our country’s history. Let’s take a look. In the neighborhood next door, there is Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Churchill, Eisenhower, and Mac Arthur… “All of the examples you mentioned are heroes of national salvation, and furthermore, the Axis Powers

. “Aren’t they war heroes who fought against the war?”

“No, they are heroes. Who said what? They deserve to be killed by the Nazis and Fascists, so they should be killed. It’s just that human history is the history of war, and that war is more harmful than games. “It’s violent. Well, don’t we all like war?”

Yoosung said,

“During the World War II and the trench war, the Battle of Stalingrad, a six-year-old child held a gun, and in Africa, he is still holding one. And in Little Boy Tsar Bomba… there is also an F-22. There is a player who will fight with that and win. “How many people will there be? How many players will survive after a nuclear weapon is dropped on their heads? Oh, by the way, I’m alive, so don’t waste nuclear weapons needlessly.”

Yoosung paid no heed and continued.

“Anyway, speaking of invaders who are worth dying for reminded me again. The town above me, the town above me, and the town next to the town above me send out assassins every season to take out my hair as if it were some kind of event. Well. That too is war. Espionage is also war. Now that I think about it, I am also amazingly good at war./

“Are you saying there was an assassination attempt on the King of Heroes in another country?!”

“Oh, you didn’t know? Oh, that’s right. It was top secret. I guess I’ll have to wear a lock over my mouth from now on.”

In the world of the players, not as much is known to the world about the war between them. Therefore, from the reporters’ point of view, it was truly shocking news, and at the same time, it was breaking news that would turn the world upside down

. “

Oh, it’s the upper neighborhood. It’s the neighborhood where the great leader, the Kim family, have been living for generations, and above it, the land where the great president rules, and next to it is my mother’s country… There was a murmur and the situation was like that

. A silence fell over the seriousness. Immediately after, several red SUVs pulled up in the area, and it was not difficult to tell that they were the National Intelligence Service under Master Park. Right now, Yoosung’s phone was ringing endlessly. “So, I was thinking about the


. A thought occurred to me without thinking. There are more than 200 countries in the world, so how can God protect each and every one of them? God Bless America… These idiots really believe that God just sits there and plays and falls asleep watching his favorite country. “Is that the answer?”

Yoosung said he couldn’t understand. Because he really couldn’t understand.

“Well, let’s say that’s the case. So what happens during war? The United States prays to God to destroy its enemy, and America’s enemy prays to God to destroy the United States. … Oh, just for your information, that story is from George Carlin, not me.”

“What is the intention of your words?”

“It’s because I don’t understand the idiots who are fighting among themselves even if the world is destroyed tomorrow.”

At that moment, a reporter finally couldn’t bear it anymore and asked back. And Yoosung replied,

“No. What do they say, even if the world is destroyed tomorrow, do we still have to fight today’s war with today’s apple trees? And these idiots, warmongers, will spend one day at a time. “We are fighting a war that is so far away, and the players are using it as a weapon of war, saying it is right because they are a national power, and they are composing the Sonata of Destruction. Why on earth should I spend my life saving the world? Oh, let me correct it.”

Yoosung asked back,

“Is this world really worth saving?”

Under the weight of those words, an indescribable silence fell among the reporters. At the end of the silence, each reporter gave their own answer.

“It is!”

“So, are you planning on sacrificing the innocent and innocent lives of the world?”

“No matter what, are you planning on neglecting the player’s mission so irresponsibly!”

“Mr. Yoosung, you are making an overly one-sided and

twisted argument…

“The heroes’ As the king…

But Yooseong couldn’t hear what they were saying. And Yooseong didn’t know either. What he said was nothing more than a one-sided opinion. The

jester monarch’s roar was echoing.

In the test of awakening . I remembered what my self in the mirror said to me:

‘Why are you so serious? You can be a hero or a villain. It’s up to us to decide what we will become on this stage.’

I thought of the countless players who would be watching this scene among the reporters and beyond the cameras.

“Well, I’m just saying. Don’t be too serious.”

That’s why Yoosung shrugged his shoulders like a clown.

“As I’ve said repeatedly, I’m done with this a long time ago and this is the only thing I can do to make a living, so I’m doing this. It’s my mission, and I’m lazy, so I’ll just say fuck it. People who are watching this, please. “Don’t tell me nonsense about things like it’s my mission as a player or my beliefs.”

People with a mission. I have seen countless players with a mission. I remember how cruel they can go for their mission and beliefs and how cruel they can be for their country. “What in the world can an ignorant person like me do if he has beliefs

? “Because I can’t take responsibility.”

That’s why Yooseong said.

Regardless of the provocation value that is still rising endlessly as if piercing the sky, the Clown Lord’s laughter, and the monarchs’ gifts, the

Clown Lord’s laughter rang out, and the reward for entertaining him and the monarchs was returned. .

[The Warlord is delighted and bestows the blessing ‘God of War (S)’!]

[The Lord of the Parallel World is delighted and bestows the ‘Legendary Accessory Ticket’!]

– Name. Talisman of Shame “Taleteller (Taleteller) )”

– Grade. Legendary Accessory

– Performance

. Grants keyword ‘snitch’ to opponent during battle

– Description. The most terrible thing about this noisy talisman that talks all the time is that only the wearer can hear its voice.

《Keyword Description : Snitch》

. By understanding the opponent’s information and finding their weaknesses, the probability of delivering a fatal blow increases dramatically.

“Key, you just caused a major accident, you bastard.”

That night,

Master Park laughed as he opened the cap of a bottle of beer and gulped it down. It was a truly hilarious laugh.

“I thought you would be angry.”

“Is that possible, you bastard? Is there anyone in this world who understands your suffering more than me?”

“Oh, they say she’s a saint in France, right?

“Ha, this guy has grown up a bit…

“But thank you, mister.”

Master Park laughed in bewilderment and took a sip of the bottled beer. When Yoosung glanced at him, he suddenly saw him equipped with quite a bit of equipment and settings as a player. “So, I see that you’ve leveled up a lot


“Oh, yes. I even awakened not long ago.” “No matter what, he is a veteran player with a double-digit ranking. Apart from the tasks he must perform as the head of the National Intelligence Service, he also cannot neglect his duties as a player. And as a player with the nickname of a murderer


” “What’s your class now?”

“Pure-blooded assassin.”

“Are you setting up six assassination skills?”

“The Assassin Lord gave me a few things, so the setup was easy.”

“Did you get some good equipment?”

At those words, Master Park took out something. As he twirled the memorization in his hand, the blade glowed unusually. It was a

Heartbreaker legendary level memorization.”

“Key. You enjoyed it amazingly.”

“You know, since you can create frost swords, it’s good that you don’t have to farm weapons. I heard you even corrupted the equipment according to legend?”

“It just so happened.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders at those words.

“Well, I don’t know if I can match your stride yet, so how about one step at a time?”


“Let’s go around the tower together, you bastard.”

“I am no better.”

Master Park said as he took a sip of bottled beer, and Yoosung shrugged his shoulders.

“What are you looking for?”

“Yes, there is a tier 7 tower just waiting for us.”

“What’s the name of the tower?”

“The Godfather and the Tower of the Back Alleys. Betrayal and secret strife between organizations await you in the most vile streets.”

Yooseong was dumbfounded by those words and burst out,

“I guess I should film a noir movie.”

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Insanely-Talented Player

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It has been six years since the game to decide the world’s fate began. The strongest player, Hero King Kang Yoosung, who has never lost his first place as the top ranker, greets a new season. “It was… over for me a fucking long time ago. I’m just doing this for the money.“ [Provocation stat increasing exponentially!] [The Clown Lord expresses satisfaction with contractor’s behavior!] The survival journey of a player with insane talent begins now!


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