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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 56

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Episode 56

The outside is under control and a barrier has been spread. And looking at the situation, it would never be a task on a scale that a ‘face collector’ could carry out alone. There must be some kind of background.

It wasn’t even anything new.

“Hey face collector.”

That’s why Yooseong asked and the answer came back.

““Why are you doing that?’”’

The puppets wearing the face skin of the heavenly players asked in unison. Without the slightest error. It was an extremely bizarre and eerie sight.

“The world looks like it’s about to be destroyed, so is the role of a villain falling down your throat?”

Yoosung asked back.

“And that’s not enough, are you going to break down and mock the number one leader of the Earth Defense Force who is protecting world peace? “Hey, that’s right.”



Yooseong muttered in bewilderment and the face collector remained silent. After a moment of silence, all the facial skins there began to grin.

“What does that mean?”


“Aren’t you excited? How will this world be destroyed? Ah, we all remember that scene clearly. After peace ended, monsters abounded everywhere, the streets never stopped screaming, and the world was burning! Hmm, how could I forget that scenery, right?”

“And I think you’re misunderstanding something. So, you little boy suffering from heroism, should I tell you the truth about the world?”

Yoosung remained silent.

“The world goes on just fine without you, Hero King.”

“Yes, when you get drunk on playing heroes, you must feel like you are the center of the world and its protector! But what can I do with this? Do you think this world will fall apart so easily? A new king of heroes will be born, not you! “Yes, I don’t think it would be any better if I skinned your face and became the King of Heroes.”


Everywhere, puppets of face collectors continued their tirade. After remaining silent at those words, Yoosung finally asked.

“You weren’t there during the Plague Lord raid, right?”

“Haha, did you think I would be in a fight at the end of the season where I would have to risk my life for the world without any reward?”

“No, after listening to the nonsense you were talking about earlier, it seemed like it didn’t really exist.”


One of the Face Collector’s puppets distorted the skin of its face.

“Why is a newbie who hasn’t even been to the season boss raid and has no experience talking nonsense about how good he is?”


“You think the world will run just fine without me? Oh my, what should I do with this? “I should also tell you a truth about the world.” Yoosung answered calmly.

“Hero King is the only child in the world.”

Above and below the sky, I am the only one with dignity.

“The Earth is revolving around a special date.

“The day I stop is the day the Earth stops.”

“You crazy bastard…

The face collector was so dumbfounded that he swore.


is nothing in the face of the real thing.”


The King of Heroes laughed like it was no one else’s business, and one of the Heavenly World players rushed in. At the same time, a frost sword was created under Yoo Seong’s feet, and the blades clashed together.

And the long sword of the Dugakshi that collided with the meteor’s frost sword was also a hero-grade weapon.

The power to copy all kinds of equipment, including skill cards, by peeling off the skin of the face. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a true fraud ability.

‘Seventeen people.’

Yoosung twirled the frost sword and

looked around.

After looking through the list of skills I had, I mentally copied the command.

‘Replace 1 skill card used in the side deck.’

There is no need to necessarily replace the skill deck in the form of voice. Depending on the situation, you cannot carelessly reveal the name of the skill you will use as your secret joker.

And as he faced the deep sea powerhouse and black player ‘Face Collector’ in front of him, he muttered.

“Idiots who don’t even have the courage to rise up seem to have a strangely useless sense of pride. Do you enjoy playing hard games that much? And the deep sea is so deep, where is the strong man?”

“I also hide my power up to this point. And your face, King of Heroes, will become my new face. There is no need to hide your power or identity in the shadows.”

The face collector smiled coldly. Once again his puppets came rushing in. It was then that each person’s skills unfolded.

“You want to have my face?”

The King of Heroes burst out laughing at those words.


A current of power swirled like an explosion in the area beneath Yooseong’s feet. Immediately after, the Heavenly Demon’s inaction descended on that place.

Immediately after, the players rushing towards the shooting star quickly took action, and the skills that were supposed to be struck down disappeared fleetingly in the air.

The King of Heroes and the Heavenly Demon was there.

“A quasi-mad villain needs to be beaten especially hard to come to his senses.”

And Yooseong adjusted his frost sword and spread the frost lord’s cold energy.

“There’s someone here who can beat you up.” Seventeen heavenly players and puppets rushed in. At the same time, a thread of death continued between the pillars of ice scattered throughout the area.

Rare grade assassination skill Charlotte’s Web.

It was at that moment that the players flailed their bodies to avoid the web of death.

Oh my!

The body of one puppet that should have been avoided was cut in two. In the empty air. How?


“Why are you so surprised?”

Yoosung calmly twirled the hilt of the sword in his hand and laughed as if it were someone else’s business.

“Hide skill cards, create panic and fear, and pressure the opponent with psychological blindness. “Isn’t that the hunting method of the black players?”

Steadily dragging the opponent to the point of death through psychological warfare of unknown and incomprehensible fear.

“No matter how much we try to kill each other in the tower. After all, it’s not actually killing. Even if you are a Heavenly World player, you are not as prepared to kill real people as you are. In the first place, there are many cases where we intentionally avoid competitive towers.”

Yoosung continued speaking calmly.

Meanwhile, the puppets moved and a web of death stretched between them. Seeing the spider web, the puppet turned its body again to avoid it.

avoided. I should have avoided it.


The head of one puppet was cut off.


“Can you feel the difference in power?”

Immediately after, one of the puppets swung a weapon and cut off Charlotte’s web, and only then was Ham Jung’s identity revealed.

None of the spider webs that needed to be cut were cut. The blade was swung in emptiness, as if it was just splitting a hologram.


“Extra special, I’m telling you again what you, Younghee and Cheolsu next door know.”

Immediately afterward, the web of death descended on the area again. Because of the barrier, it is a bit cramped for all 17 players to move individually.

But in the end, it is an installation type skill. I swung my sword to cut the spider web, but nothing was real.

At that moment, the puppets moved again and their bodies were torn apart in the empty air. It wasn’t visible. However, that did not mean that it did not exist.

Drops of blood dripped onto the silent Silent Thread of Death (W)’s web,

revealing its true nature.

“Theory n}……

A web of death where reality and lies are mixed.

A skill capable of mass visual manipulation on this scale.

“No way, Oculus….

They are setting a trap by deliberately creating a fake spider web and hiding the visual information of the real spider web.

The puppets moved again. I swung my sword, assuming that the thread of death was coiled in all directions, and that was at that moment.

The meteor’s frost sword swung. In the empty air.

Immediately afterwards, the puppets’ bodies were torn apart like radish radish radish.

“Wow, it’s like the opening of the movie ‘Cube’.”

After erecting a pillar of ice and connecting the Frost Sword and Charlotte’s Web, the visual information was hidden with Oculus.

The face collector’s puppets were struggling and spreading their skills at random. Each one of them is a strong player called a heavenly player. Veterans who are armed with hero and legendary skills even after the season resets.

It should have been so.

However, even though the five colors of skills they boasted were poured out, they did not reach Yooseong. Even if all the spider webs in this area were burned, it would be enough to regenerate them.

A puppet rushed in. In front of him, Charlotte’s web was instantly connected and glowed blue.

It’s fake.

There will be a real, invisible spider web blocking the movement and hanging at the next point of movement.

With that thought in mind, I moved my body. However, the thread of death, shining black and white, split his waist in two.

“It was real.”

Yoosung laughed as if it were someone else’s business. Coldly.

When I thought it was real, it was fake. When I thought it was fake, it was real. And every time the correct answer was wrong, the thread of death around it returned the price of the correct answer.

Charlotte’s Web cannot be created randomly without restrictions. However, in this situation where visual information was being manipulated through Oculus, it was impossible to know what was real and what was fake.

Moreover, the arena-shaped barrier that imprisons this place ultimately acts as a trap for Jaeseungjabak.

And above all, there is no way the puppets’ movements will 100% match those of the actual player. There is no way a true Heavenly World player would fall so helplessly into a trap like this. But in the end, what was there was just a puppet.

A puppet cannot think. And the player who couldn’t think could never escape this death trap.

The puppet’s natural enemy and a death trap from which there is no escape.

The number of enemies was rapidly decreasing. However, the numbers are not yet complete. And among them, there was an undisputed “face collector.”

That’s why Yooseong calmly adjusted the hilt of his sword. Once again, Charlotte’s web, which was connected between his frost sword and the ice pillar, became a ‘thread of death’ and danced, but nothing was seen.

Intangible death.

“Wisdom of life. When the beer is cold, add ice. “If you focus on your five senses, dealing with Oculus is easier than you think.”

Yoosung answered as if it were someone else’s business.

“Anyway, with so many puppets being controlled, where can you focus?”


It was right then.

Yoosung’s feet slid at an angle and his waist was slightly tilted. After that, a ceremony of the three swords of the Heavenly Demon unfolded that cannot be described in words or print.

Island and destruction.

The puppets all turned to avoid the blow, but at the same time, the web of death hanging everywhere engulfed them.

There was death there from which there was no escape.

The spider web is being dismantled and re-created at every moment, constantly changing the form of the trap. Manipulate the visual information of the ship through Oculus.

“How on earth…

It is not difficult to understand the logic itself. However, is it possible to endlessly manipulate visual information while being aware of installation skills and still engage in that level of inaction?

I couldn’t believe it.

Only then did he realize the weight of the name of the being ahead of him.

King of Heroes.

“Did you really think that just because you cowardly stabbed a heavenly player and took advantage of it, that it was your true skill?”

The very King of Heroes laughed coldly.

“So, since you’re the powerhouse of the deep sea, did you feel a bit flattered when I floated you and thought my name was so funny?”

It was always the Black player’s side who set traps and made plans. And countless celestial players fell into that trap and became prey. It should have been so.

The Heavenly Demon’s sword swung again. The annihilating herbivores danced and the puppets fell one after another.

There was no resistance. As if in a final struggle, each of them unleashed their boasting skills and had their own power.

Nevertheless… it was meaningless.

Like the powerful who collapse without any meaning before the sword of the Heavenly Demon, the absolute meaningless one.

All kinds of plans, tricks, and trump cards unfolded endlessly. However, each time, it had no meaning, could not even form a morpheme of meaning, and was dismantled, returning to nothingness.

‘This feeling…

that sense of emptiness was very unfamiliar and familiar at the same time.

Could know. This is the ‘clue’ that is connected to the final herbivorous sword of meaninglessness in the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords.

“Not yet…!”

The face collector finally revealed his hidden secret, and his unique special move and unique skill card revealed its power.

That’s why I savored it endlessly. The feeling that the struggles of the “Face Collector” in front of him, the extremely ugly struggles, had no meaning and were becoming meaningless.

“Haha, it’s meaningless, it’s meaningless.”


Meteor’s frost sword struck the face collector’s chest.

The barrier surrounding the area collapsed.

The fallen face collector coughed up blood helplessly, and Yoosung slightly bent down and grabbed the ‘Joker Trump Card’ from the floor.

“You brought this, right?”

“ha ha ha…..!”

And Yooseong asked back. The face collector laughed weakly at those words. He said he knew that would happen.

“You guys can’t even imagine that…!”

“Well, behind you, there is a secret organization of spectacle villains made up of strong men of the deep sea, and the boss’s name is Shi?”


“The villain is trying to gain a mental victory by revealing the identity of his organization even though he is dying.”

To those words, Yooseong answered calmly, and the face collector’s expression froze. Even the final mockery had no meaning, and the hilt of the frost sword scattered pale light.

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