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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 69

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Episode 69

As soon as Yoosung came out into the outside world, Master Park welcomed him. He looked at the Cuban cigar in Yoosung’s hand and asked.

“Hummy sippal. “Did you even know how to smoke a cigar?”

“No, I took it when you asked me to give it to you. Because of the timing, it was a bit difficult to refuse. “Do you want to fill in for me?”

“Oh my, thank you.”

Yoosung handed over the lit cigar, and Master Park spoke while putting the cigar in his mouth.

“Oh my god. “It’s a Cuban cigar.”

“I’m in Cuba and I have some business to go to the mosque for a while. “I’ll come back in a bit.”

“What pub Muskva?”

“No, really Moscow, Russia.”

“No, this bastard did something wrong…

I wasn’t even trying to continue, but it was right then.

“Boss! “There is something you need to know urgently!”

A man from the National Intelligence Service jumped up and urgently whispered to him.


The Cuban cigar in Master Park’s mouth fell to the ground.

— The work of a black player? Moscow is exposed to an unprecedented biochemical attack…

— The unprecedented national emergency in Russia’s history

— Breaking News) The main culprit of the terrorist attack is revealed to be the work of Count Vladimir Alexievich, a Russian hero

— The decision to blockade the city of Moscow Backfire bomber Countdown to deployment…

“Russian anti-terrorist special forces are resisting, but looking at the news I’m hearing, it’s ridiculous.”

“I can roughly imagine.”

“So, are you ready?”

“Hero King is always ready.”

Yoosung answered calmly, and Master Park smiled bitterly. I just turned my head.

There were foreign players in suits there. They were not members of the National Intelligence Service.

They were members of the International Players’ Police Organization (CIPO).

“The Russian government has officially permitted the entry of Saint Hero King Geomju. In addition, Lieutenant General Kilgore and Mist Lydia expressed their intention to participate, but were rejected due to intelligence threats.” “

Wow, it’s really diverse.”

Yoosung let out a laugh, saying it was nothing new.

Even during the season of the Coming of the Plague Lord, a large-scale terrorist incident occurred due to a player with malicious intent. Like right now.

A plague broke out in the District of Columbia (Washington DC), the capital of the United States.

Nevertheless, the US government at the time also rejected Russian and Chinese heroes for intelligence reasons.

The current situation will not be much different.

Crisis of world destruction. Furthermore, even in a situation where the heart of the country is burning, the buds of distrust are tearing each other apart.

Because we come from different countries, have different origins, different ideologies, and different skin colors.

“…I heard that the King of Heroes also knows about what happened in that tower.”

“Oh, as you can see, it is. “He was the ultimate idiot monarch who was crying out for something rather than becoming one, but to put it bluntly, there’s nothing to worry about.” “

What do you mean?”

“How can these idiots, who are so divided and fighting until the Earth is destroyed, become one?”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“Right now, the capital of their country is being destroyed live, and in the meantime, look at how they are trying to take care of their own food. “Even if Jesus is resurrected tomorrow, these bastards won’t come to their senses.”

A creature that can never become one.

And in their world, a being calling for ‘one fusion’ appeared.

That fact was so funny that I couldn’t bear it, and that was at that moment.

“The road to Moscow has just opened.”

Jump! Jump! There was a sound of something being torn apart. As if a gate was opening, the empty space was torn apart, and the ‘scenery of Moscow’ was revealed through the gap.

The secret that allows the international player police organization to be active at any time and regardless of the situation.

The secret to being known as a player killer and becoming an object of fear among black players.

An ability that only the head of their organization and an apostle of the Guide Lord can use… it is a portal.

“Well, there’s no need to take a plane.”

“That’s right.”

Master Park shrugged his shoulders and Yoosung agreed.

“Don’t die, bastard.”

“Why are you raising a death flag?”

“Now that I think about it, it was my daughter’s birthday

. From what I heard, he promised to buy me a dress…

Yooseong was dumbfounded and kept his mouth shut. After silence, I opened my mouth.

“Replacing deck pages.”


The vortex of power fluctuated, and the rental deck 《Blood Prince》 given by the Blood Lord was installed in the skill slot.


Additionally, after looking through the skills on the deck page, Yooseong was shocked.

1 myth grade skill card.

2 Legendary level cards and 3 Heroic level cards.

It was a deck setting consisting of a total of six blood magic attribute skill cards, and even left room for customization in one empty slot.

Therefore, I finished the setup by equipping the Heavenly Demon Descent skill in its place and adding 3 assassination cards to the side deck.

Afterwards, he was equipped with a black surcoat called ‘Baptism of Darkness’ and a blade of cruelty.

Immediately afterwards, a message came to mind.

[Blood synergy is activated!] [Class: 《Frost Assassin》 has been promoted to 《Vampire Lord》!]

“Kkkkkkkkkk The moon is beautiful.”

“It’s broad daylight now, you bastard.”

“It’s 6pm in Moscow.”

After that nonsense, Yuseong, the king of heroes, walked forward without hesitation.

Toward the frozen land of Russia, where the loathsome amalgamation monarch awaits.

Moscow A shooting star raised its head as it stepped on the brown-colored crushed stone ground of Russia.

“Hehe, the moon is beautiful.”

“The moon? “Isn’t it already dusk?” At Yooseong’s words, Saint Mary, dressed in pure white heavy armor, tilted her head without understanding.

You turned your back on the western horizon, where the twilight and purple light were fading together.

Kwasik Kwasik!

There was a scenery that was, in a sense, very familiar.

The Kremlin Palace area was reborn as a citadel of flesh, and the fusion of flesh, blood, and bones was encroaching on the area and expanding its territory.

Gunfire and artillery fire were swirling from all directions.

In the meantime, it was a desperate struggle between the Rush Army and the players, who were desperately trying to stop the fusion. As they are being defeated one by one and becoming infected, they are fighting desperately to keep their feet tied for even a second longer and allow people to evacuate.

Patriots who are willing to risk death and do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for their country.

“Ah, can you hear the microphone test?”

Before they knew it, they saw Yoosung and the saint and raised their voices, and Yoosung answered.

It was truly timely as he picked up the loudspeaker that had fallen on the floor.

“The fixer has arrived. “Age Assemble”

“She is the King of Heroes! “The King of Heroes has appeared!”

“The Hero King and the Saint have come to help us!”

“Oh my God!”

The disgusting thing that had swallowed up the Kremlin and towered over it began to wriggle hysterically as soon as it finally saw the hero king.

Still, nothing changed.

All the powers of high-ranking vampires granted through a contract with the Blood Lord, as well as the highest level blood magic skills.

“The Hero King and the Saint are fighting together! “Never stop that monster from spreading any further!”

“Don’t hand over Mother Russia’s heart to them!”

“Suddenly, the Soviet soul in my heart is burning hot.”

“Please stop talking nonsense,”

Maria said in bewilderment and raised her shield high in the sky.

At the same time, light swirled around. A golden curtain descended as if to bless those who were fighting for their lives in the area.

“We all fight together. “ Never give up


The saint’s name oozed determination and her voice resonated clearly in people’s ears.

That’s why Yooseong opened his mouth again.

“One for all and all for one.”

“Can someone please play Soviet March as the OST?”

However, Maria was so taken aback by those words that she didn’t even have time to say anything before a shooting star hit the ground.

It was fast.

The body of two Ex-rank guardians, Cheonmamu Gol and a high-ranking vampire, who directly influence physical abilities.

At the same time, blood-red tentacles woven with bundles of tendons came down from the floor and all the buildings that had been reborn as flesh.

Boom boom!

Nevertheless, in front of the sword demon and Yoo Seong, who had been reborn into the body of an immortal, it was not even child’s play.

One sword was swung.

It wasn’t a skill, and the Heavenly Demon’s inaction wasn’t even there yet.

However, it is just a sword that is wielded purely. It was scattering a storm of blades.


the empire of flesh was literally torn apart in the face of endless slashing slashes.

The flesh exploded and blood sprayed out. Black slime and yet unmistakable ‘blood’ was splattered.

And in front of that black blood, the power of the class «Vampire Lord» was finally unleashed.

The blood that was supposed to be scattered stopped as if in weightlessness. After stopping, it was fired in the opposite direction from where it was supposed to be fired.

It was literally shot. It’s like a Gatling gun with multiple gun barrels linked together, firing out thousands of bullets.

Moreover, what was contained in each of those bullets was the power of blood magic worthy of the name of the Vampire Lord.

Likewise, it was not a skill, but simply the power that resided in the body of a high-ranking vampire.


the empire of flesh was torn apart and exploded, the land was broken, and the crust was revealed as it was.

In addition, every time the scattered blood broke and exploded the flesh, blood, and bones of the fusion body, blood was scattered again.

Just like in the world inside the tower, the soldiers and players who were reborn as puppets of the fusion body were no exception.

“Ha, let’s be one, one by one…

This is the only mercy that Yoosung can show to those people who are bleeding black blood from their features.

“You like one.”

Blood was calling for blood.

The history of man is the history of war. The wheel of history turns only with blood.

How much blood is shed each time a war breaks out? How many times has the world been stained with blood until it exists today? Even though countless saints cried out for peace and harmony and pointed fingers at the conquerors, nothing changed.

Even at this very moment, a war unknown to meteors is probably going on beyond the Earth.

A civil war is taking place in an unnamed small country in Africa, and a fight between cartels is taking place in Mexico.

Even now, blood is flowing somewhere in the world.

I guess it was good.

It was just on top of the sea of blood that the meteor was stepping on. And standing above the sea of blood, Yoosung opened his mouth.

“Skill 《Thorn Craft(公) Advent).”

The name of Vlad the Impaler, Duke of Wallachia, came out.

Immediately after, the sky of Moscow turned blood red.

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