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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 70

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Episode 70

The sky of Moscow turned blood red. It was not the twilight of sunset, but the color of blood, literally stained bright red.

“A second-year middle school student specially likes skin and the dark.”

— Are you a second-generation deacon?

Just then, a cat’s head suddenly popped out from the shadows. It was the shadow beast Black.

“Are you choosing it?”

Yoosung stretched out his arms, paying no heed to Kamangi’s words.

Immediately after, the power of the ‘thorn ball’ that resided on the body of a high-ranking vampire landed there. As he said, the power of blood and darkness began to swirl.

And the light faded.

Before we knew it, the blood-red sky of Moscow was engulfed in pitch black darkness. It was not the darkness of the night sky.

Because a flock of vampire bats were flapping their wings, covering the sky as pitch black.

Countless bats were gathering endlessly, creating a whirlpool of darkness.

Tearing to shreds the tentacles of tendrils and flesh that sprout endlessly from the territory of the abhorrent amalgam lord.

A pitch-black storm raged, endlessly proliferating and expanding its territory, tearing apart the flesh and scattering black blood, as it began to obey the meteor’s will.

The black blood stopped in the air like a weightless liquid, and in that state, the blood cells began to proliferate explosively.

“Wow, your skills are just amazing.”

Vlad the Impaler was reborn in the form of a skewer, symbolizing the cruelty and ruthlessness of Thorngong.

A thorny hell unfolded.


Hundreds and thousands of skewers made of black blood protruded like blades, and from those skewers more skewers sprouted.

At the same time, the pure white knight plunged his mace. Heavenly light began to pour down like rain.

Legendary skill god’s staff. The power was scattered without any addition or subtraction, and the pillars of destruction struck endlessly, returning the growing flesh to nothingness.

The two heroes unleashed their power without hesitation, and silence fell for an instant.

“That’s the King of Heroes…

A player’s murmur was heard in the silence. Immediately after, the silence collapsed. A roar rang out as if it were ear-splitting.

“The King of Heroes and the Saint are fighting together!”

“Don’t hand over the heart of your country to that monster!”

That said, it was an unquestionably heroic performance. And the morale of the soldiers, who were inspired by the hero’s performance and fought hard, soared to the sky.

Therefore, Yoosung could only smile bitterly.

“Either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain.”

That’s why I muttered without thinking.

Because there was a ‘hero’ at the heart of the abominable amalgam of flesh they were facing now.

The world is looking for a hero. But at the same time, we don’t know how easily that hero can become a monster.

And when that fact is finally realized, will the people of the world be able to look at heroes as before? I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t even want to know.

For now, it was just time to do the hero’s job.

A storm of vampire bats that covers the sky pitch black and swirls across the earth, and a hell of thorns. Even the pillar of annihilation that tears open the veil of darkness and crashes down.

In it, the king of heroes. And then the saint walked.

By tearing apart the chunks of flesh covering the area, we finally reached the heart of the abomination. I raised my head. The Kremlin Palace, covered in flesh, was revealed.


And, like a living creature opening its mouth, the flesh was torn to reveal the landscape ‘beyond’.

As if hoping to walk into a trap with one’s own feet.

“Come, King of Heroes. Become one with us!”]

[The disgusting Fusion Lord taunts the player Kang Yoo-seong.]

[“Follow the contract and make him pay the price of blood!”]

[The Blood Lord urges the player Kang Yoo-seong to fight. [Yes.]

I knew it intuitively. What lies beyond the mouth of that flesh is not the realm of this world. And the Count waiting beyond is no longer the being that Yoosung knows.

But there was no reason to hesitate either. After thinking about it, I just kept walking. It was right then.


The expression on the saintess’s face as she tried to move forward with the shooting star was a moment of agitation. Yoosung said, “I knew that would happen.”

“The monarch won’t let you in, right?”


“Well, why don’t you take your time and look around Moscow?/


Maria tried to say something, but quickly closed her mouth. And, as usual, he smiled bitterly and answered.

“all right.”

This is ultimately a fight between two monarchs. That’s why Yooseong walked calmly, leaving behind the saintess armed with pure white armor.

“I’ll finish it quickly and come back.”

As always, until now.

The six walls on all sides were writhing like living creatures. It felt like I was walking through the intestines of a living creature.

“I was waiting.”

And there he was, made up of internal organs and subcutaneous tissue.

I wasn’t standing with both feet on the ground. The area below the waist merged with the world of meat, and the upper body protruded.

“Can you understand the beauty of this organic order, full of ultimate order and harmony?”

“We don’t know anything and it’s none of our business, so let’s end this quickly.”

Heedless of Yooseong, he twisted the blade of the Black Knight in his hand and grabbed it.

“Because I’m not the kind of person who has nothing better to do than listen to your nonsense.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

Just then the Count spoke. But it wasn’t the Count’s voice. I could understand it intuitively.

The one in front of him was an unquestionable monarch. In The Throne of the End, the transcendent person who was supposed to be looking down on this world was reborn as one with the Count and appeared in front of him.

“Can you feel it? This power, this sense of being reborn as one with the absolute being that is looking down on us.”] [

“The meaning of transcending our mortal bodies and limitations and being reborn as part of this wonderful order.”]

[Abominable fusion . [The monarch whispers ecstatically.]

At the same time, the system message that was supposed to sound like the monarch’s voice was coming out in the earl’s voice that Yoosung remembered.

“I am no longer just a player.”

“Oh, I guess not.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered.

The Count was also there when one of the Plague Lords was defeated. Therefore, we will never be able to forget the power shown by the monarch there.

“I should call you a half-hearted bastard who fell for you because you tempted me by offering to give you the power of a monarch.”

“You are really talking well.”

Immediately after, faces appeared again from the Count’s upper body, which was connected to the world of lumps of meat. Hundreds and thousands of faces were gathered together to form an extremely bizarre fusion.

“A very disorderly lower race that never becomes one and scatters like grains of sand.”

“You, who are constantly dividing and fighting and moving toward self-destruction, are the tumor that is harming the order of this universe.”

“Let us be reborn as one for ultimate order and harmony…!”

“Let’s all come together as one….

And each of those faces began to whisper.

Like the count, they are beings who have been reborn as part of the monarch. The Literally Abhorrent Fusion Lord was there.

Yoosung also clearly remembered the power that a single monarch could show. There is probably no one on this earth who understands the monarch better than him.

And that very monarch was in front of Yooseong. One on one, with unquestionable hostility.

Nevertheless… my mind was strangely calm. I felt no fear or terror. Why?

I couldn’t understand it myself.

Because of the Ex-level characteristics that reside in his body, such as the body of a high-ranking vampire or the body of a high-ranking vampire, and the rental deck given to him by the Blood Lord? Because you have a ton of mythic level skills and equipment?

It wasn’t.

It was something more that could not be explained purely by his specifications or strength as a player.

An incomprehensible confidence arose, and that confidence finally revealed itself to Yoosung in the form of a ‘system’.

[Some of the abilities of the title ‘Monarch Slayer’ are unlocked!]

《Lord Slayer〉

– Grade . Myth

– Effect

. When fighting against the monarch’s forces, attack power increases by 900%

. When fighting against a monarch, attack power increases by 9999% (New!)

. ???

. ???

[The title 《Enemy of the World》 has been acquired!]

《Enemy of the World》

– Grade .Unique

– Effect

.??? (Text not unlocked during application)

. ???

– Description

. The threat of the wild, the threat of genius (天災), human history is a history of struggle against the world, and at the same time a history of conquest to overcome and bring the world to its knees. Afterwards, when we considered the fate of the stars that fell into their hands, in a sense, humans deserved to be called the ‘enemy of the world.’

In season 5, defeating the Plague Lord was not something that could be done with the power of a single meteor.

And the same would be true of the being in front of him now. It should have been so.

[Several lords shudder in fear!]

[The Jester Lord bursts into hysterical laughter.]


[The Lord of the Game remains studiously silent


Just indescribable. Yoosung raised his head, leaving behind the writhing forces.

In addition to the mythic grade skill 《Thorn Ball Descent》, I counted the skills given by the Blood Lord. I felt the feel of the sword hilt in my hand.

After counting, Yoosung opened his mouth towards the disgusting Fusion Lord.

“Huh, honestly, I’m not confident.”

“…What do you mean?”

The Fusion Lord asked back, sensing ‘what’ was happening in Yoosung’s body. Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“Jill herself.”

With those words, Yooseong kicked the ground.

At the same time, the sword demon resided in the two black blades that Yooseong was holding.


the two herbivorous annihilations of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords swirled around. Blood was splattered. Immediately after, the swirling blood turned into a thorny hell and began tearing apart Lee’s world of meat.

Blood was flowing.


“Did you think oil was flowing through your body instead of blood?”

The lump of flesh swirled endlessly and a voice was heard. It was the voice of ‘Count’ Vladimir, who had no doubts and believed that he had been reborn as one with the fusion monarch and gained the power of the monarch.

I had no doubt that I had become one of the absolute beings. It was believed that one transcended the mortal body and became a part of God.

However, the absolute being of God, who was merging with his being, was trembling with fear


“Do you think I’m going to collapse like this? “This body is for the tumors that are disrupting the order of this world!”]

[The disgusting fusion monarch reveals his full power.]

That was right then.

The faces that made up the disgusting fusion monarch began to scream all at once. The count, who had been gleeful about becoming part of the monarchy just now, was no exception.

“Yes, you should come out like this.”

Amidst the screams, the world of meat began to wriggle and twist and gather towards one point. And before I knew it, the place where the shooting star was landing was not the world of flesh, but the Great Hall of the Kremlin Palace.

I raised my head.

The lumps of meat that had filled the world just before gathered together into one point and formed a shape.

There was a being there who could truly be called ‘one’.

The true form of the disgusting Fusion Lord. It wasn’t repulsive, nor was it a strange mixture of all sorts of things.

And looking at that existence, Yoosung muttered as if it were someone else’s business.

“Wouldn’t it be my fault if the Kremlin was destroyed?”

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