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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 74

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Episode 74

“Kill me… give me…

The man was begging while holding onto Yoosung’s ankles.


Nevertheless, Yoosung asked coldly.

“why me?”

Yoosung asked back without even the slightest emotion, and the man let out a helpless laugh. Sobbing, pitifully.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your… hero game… is over now…

“Oh, is that so?”

“It won’t be long before they leave this world…


But before the man had time to finish his sentence, the blade of cruelty struck. Toward the inside of the man’s mouth.

“Aha, a third-rate villain is trying to talk about the structure of the evil organization he belongs to and the person in charge of evil in order to gain mental victory!”

As it was, a scream rang out. no. It wasn’t even a scream. It was just a silent cry, as if my soul was escaping.

[Player 1 has been killed! You fail to conquer the tower and are exiled to the outside world!]

In the world inside the tower, the man stopped breathing

and a message followed immediately after.

“Get out of my land, you accursed elves.”]

[The Lord of Light is extremely angry.]

[Force: The Watchers of Light are participating!]

“Oh my, you’ve come to give me experience points again.”

As the light swirled, the air in the area was torn apart, and countless angels began to pour out beyond. And that wasn’t all.

[The magic of invincibility is applied to the Watchers of Light!]

‘There is no way you can finish Tier 8 Hard by just killing one player.’

It was nothing new. That’s why Yoo Seong fixed the plague lord’s blade and grabbed it.

At that moment, the world I was standing on stopped. Just like the hands of a clock stop, the movements of the angels also froze.

[Entering the rare store-……]


The bell rang sweetly. It was the sound of wind chimes. The smell of books filled my nose.

“Come on.”

As I looked around, I saw a shooting star greeting me with the scenery of an old-fashioned bookstore, as if time had stopped. The mechanical girl sat at the counter and opened her mouth inorganically.

“I missed you a lot, uncle.”

” really?”

“I collected 9609700 achievement points. I collected a lot. It’s very special. “I will praise you.”

The mechanical girl reached out her arm expressionlessly and stroked Yoosung’s head.

“So buy me a pack of cards quickly.”

“This is the beginning again.”

“It will become a legend,”

I ignored the mechanical girl’s words and looked through the catalog she had given me.

Product Name: Ticket to increase the number of side deck replacements by 1 (can be purchased up to 3 times)

– Effect. The side deck can be replaced one additional time

within the tower .

– price . 100000P

“One of these.”

“Buy me a pack of cards too.”

“And… let me see.”

I bought a few more buffs and potions for when I needed to, and turned the page.

“Buy me a pack of cards too.”

“Yeah, what? “Can you say that again?”

“Pack of cards——

Then something caught the sight of a shooting star.

Product Name: Mechanical Key of Unknown Purpose


– Effect. I still don’t know its true value. I think it will have some use in the future.

– price . 5.000000P

– Special Notes. You cannot purchase this product without the permission of Machine Girl.

“Don’t buy it.”

However, as Yoosung was carefully looking at the products, he heard an unexpected answer. For a moment, I wondered if I had heard something wrong and asked back.


“It’s going to be dangerous, man.”

“Did I eat something wrong?”

“It’s getting very dangerous. Increased chance of dying.

Then I won’t be able to buy you a card pack.”

These were words that I couldn’t even imagine that Yoosung knew of her. So, after remaining silent for a while, Yoosung asked back.

“Then will you sell it to me so I can buy you a pack of cards?”

“Yeah, good.”

[Mechanical Girl

authorizes the purchase of ‘Product Name: Unknown Purpose Mechanical Key (Hidden)’!]

Mechanical Girl nodded without any hesitation.

“Buy me two instead.”

“…You are a legend.”

Yooseong was so dumbfounded that he just kept his mouth shut. And then he muttered in resignation.

“Okay. I lost. “I’ll buy it for you, so just give me the pack.”

[You purchased 1 random skill card pack!]

“You said you wanted to buy two?”

“The other one. “Buy it for me next time I see you.”

“…are you going to raise a death flag here?”

Yooseong muttered in bewilderment. Still, nothing changed. I paid a whopping 5,000,000P to purchase a product of unknown use, and my shopping at the store was finally over.

The invincible fortress has once again appeared.


The stationary clock hands began to move, and countless heavenly soldiers rushed towards the King of Heroes.

Additionally, a normal grade skill card “Unbearable Anger” popped out of the card pack.

I really couldn’t hold back my anger.

[The Invincible Fortress has been captured!]

[Your level has risen!]

[Assassination Notice (20Lv)。] The maximum level has been reached! You can awaken your skills!]

I raised my head.

Sultana Syria was sitting on the throne. To the throne of the very empire that was once called the empire of humans.

The emperors and kings of men were kneeling before the Empress, begging for mercy.

The invincible fortress fell, effectively ending the war. The army of the Ayyubid Elf nation entered the heart of the empire bloodlessly, and even the last bastion of the human world bowed.

“I swear here and now in your name.”

And from the imperial throne, Syria, Queen of the Desert, spoke.

“I will rule neither as queen of the elves nor as conqueror of humans, but only as ruler of you all.”

She was reborn as the only empress who reigned over the entire continent of elves and humans.

“Furthermore, we will put an end to the bloody conflict between the two races and you will all be ruled equally under my rule.”

A room at the top of the castle that night.

The Empress of the Desert was looking down at her empire spread out beyond the window.

“It’s all your credit.”

“Oh, of course. “I know it very well.”

“I don’t know how to express my gratitude.”

“There is nothing to worry about.”

Yoosung answered calmly. Syria let out a low laugh at those words.

“Once, when I was captured by humans and saved by you, I swore in front of the Shadow Goddess. “In the future, they will make their race pay a bloody price.”

“It was so,”

continued the Syrian queen, sipping the wine in her hand.

“But I realized. “You, who saved me

, were human just like them.”

After that, I remembered the hesitation she showed when Yooseong cleared the ‘Tower of Crusade and Jihad’ for Syria.

‘Was this blood and death really the ending that the Shadow Goddess wanted?’

“Did you find the answer that day?” Syria smiled silently at Yoosung’s question.

After laughing, her lips moved and began to form a voice.

Once again, the clock hands of the world stopped. Then a message came to mind.

[Cleared the Conqueror Queen’s Tower….]

[Unified Imperial Power 0—. The Syrian queen of the Ayyubid Elf nation won the war of conquest.

Afterwards, under the rule of Empress Syria, a unified empire of elves and humans was established, and like any other empire, it rose and fell and fell into the desert of history.

‘Look at my achievements, you mighty ones. And despair.’ -—■There was nothing left there. A desert of desolation and loneliness stretched endlessly around the blunt ruins.] The

entire world stopped and began to sink into darkness.

I could feel it intuitively. This was the last time I would see her in the world inside this tower.

Putting aside his internal bitterness, Yoosung raised his head. Then, they attacked the tower and waited for the reward they deserved.

It should have been so.

However, without any compensation or message, the outside world was already greeting the shooting star.


That was when Yooseong looked around in confusion for a moment.

“This is my answer.”]

[The Lord of the Desert

sends endless trust and favor to the player Kang Yu-seong.]

“The Lord of the Desert, no way… An

unexpected and truly unimaginable message came to mind.

[?? Grade Accessory 《Token of Trust) has been appraised!]

《Token of Trust “Heart of the Desert”》

– Grade . Unique_Performance

. _

When equipped with this necklace, you can enter into a contract with the Lord of the Desert and an Apostle, separate from the existing contract.

– explanation . A necklace said to have been given by the Lord of the Desert to a human who was once bound by mortal bonds.

– significant . In the case of this accessory, it does not disappear even if the season is reset and can be kept.

“Oh my god.”

And in front of that situation, even Yooseong had no choice but to swallow his breath in shock. And then he muttered.

“It’s rewarding to hit people in the back and act as a pawn for the elves.”

[The Lord of the Desert offers the Apostle’s Contract to player Kang Yu-seong. Do you want to accept the contract? Y/N]

Double contract.

I had made a contract with the Blood Lord before, and had made similar contracts several times before. But this wasn’t a business.

Because it was purely a favor extended by ‘Syria’, the monarch of the desert.

Fortunately, the Jester Lord with whom Yooseong had a contract was also never displeased with multiple contracts with multiple monarchs.

Therefore, there was no reason to hesitate.

[Would you like to awaken the skill ‘Assassination Premonition’? Y/N]

《Two Assassination Notice》

– Attribute. Assassination Awakening

– Grade. Hero

– Ability

. By specifying a target, you can give two copies of ‘Keyword: Mark of Death’ to the same target.

Keyword description: Mark of death

. When fighting a target, attack power, accuracy correction, Dex and evasion correction increase by +500 each

. For targets, attack power, accuracy correction, Dex and evasion correction are each reduced by -500

. Grants the buff ‘Assassin’s Mindset’

. An additional strengthening effect is activated each time an assassination attribute skill is used on the target

. Debuff ‘Weakness Exposure’ granted 5 stacks. After

awakening the Assassination Warning skill that had been postponed to ‘Two Assassination Warnings’, I raised my head.

Crackle crackle.

Kamangi was tapping something hard in front of the monitor. The sound of typing on the keyboard echoed faintly, despite the body made of darkness.

That’s why I asked in bewilderment when I saw Yooseong stretched out on the bed.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

— You can’t even see it.

“No, you know. So what are you doing on the computer?”

— I’m leaving a comment.


— There are so many idiots in the world that need to be reformed, so this body is doing it myself.

“No, it’s really a cat writing the comment.”

Yooseong muttered in bewilderment.

Even after a few days, the key to the mechanical device whose purpose I bought from the mechanical device girl remained silent.

‘Maybe it’s not time yet.’

However, I gradually recovered from my fatigue, and I could no longer just roll around in the corner of my room. After thinking, Yoosung stood up.

I found a tower that I could easily enter and entered.

[Tier 9 1 ‘I should have been an ordinary high school student, but when I came to my senses after being hit by a truck, I was in a different world with cheat skills, so I gave him a light match, but the people in this world were so afraid of me that I decided to willingly become an evil charismatic devil and rule over them. [Enter the tower of ‘I did it.’]

The name was really long and difficult to read, but anyway, the entire scenery changed and the world of the tower was greeted by a shooting star.

(omitted) It was a world ruled by the charismatic devil of evil.

Not long after that,

several letters of complaint were sent to Yoo Seong’s house from the Cyber Investigation Unit of the National Police Agency.

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