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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 80

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Episode 80:

A special reward that allows you to steal the opponent’s equipment or skills with a certain probability when playing against a player.

There was no need to even tell me which of them to take.

[I have acquired the sword of a person who craves defeat, 《Dokgogu Sword》!]

And it happened at the same time.

[Skill《Descent of the Heavenly Demon. Jin》 craves a new weapon for player Kang Yoo-seong!]

[Would you like to offer the weapon ‘Dokgogu Sword’ as a sacrifice? [Y/N]

“…Oh, you’re sick.”

As soon as Yooseong saw the message, he started swearing.

“Somehow things worked out strangely well.”

However, it would not be possible to arbitrarily refuse the requirements of a skill that is outside of the season reset rules, let alone a skill of the only level in mythology.

When I glanced at N and placed my finger on it, I felt an unknown coldness.

“Why don’t you just ask.”

In the current situation, there wasn’t much room to make a decision. In the first place, the fact that the player holding the Dokgogu Sword was defeated in such a timely manner and the weapon robbery reward was given at the right time must have been the work of some kind of power.

“Just take it/’

Yoosung said and that was right then.

[You can enter the tower by sacrificing the weapon ‘Dokgogu Sword’!]

[Tower of Heavenly Demon]

[W Tier W W1

[Strategy Goal:???]

[Special Information: To enter the tower, you must 《Craft for defeat. You must use the sword of the one who does it, “Poison Gogu Sword”!]

Sure enough. A message came to mind again.

No sooner had he conquered the labyrinth and returned to the actual Hokuryong Fortress, a new tower was already waiting for Yooseong. And there was no doubt that it was no ordinary tower.

I glanced down. If you die by falling from a tower, you cannot be revived. There’s no way a player of that caliber wouldn’t know that fact.

Furthermore, he remembered the feeling of the blade being plunged into his heart. The possibility that the blade of dark frost could

take his life faster than the fall cannot be ruled out.

After thinking about it, Yoosung shook his head and

opened his mouth.

“I will enter the tower.”

Heavenly Demon, the sword demon and absolute meaningless being. Furthermore

, he clearly remembered the title of

the deposed monarch and the ‘Lord of the Sword’ .

[Entering the Tower of the Heavenly Demon…..]

Immediately after, the surrounding scenery faded away and the world of the tower was revealed.

A man wearing black rags was there. Between the haphazardly grown beard and long hair, the layers of time are carved into each wrinkle like a relief.

And there was nothing.

It was just a barren, dry, empty land stretching endlessly beyond the horizon.

“…You brought me my sword.”

Cheonma, a man dressed as a rag picker, opened his mouth. Suddenly, what was in his hand was no longer an unknown sword.

Throughout his life, he wandered the world alone in search of a strong person who would teach him defeat, and that absolute meaningless being held his sword.


“It is truly excessive to place it in the hands of scoundrels who do not know the sword, who do not know nothing, and who do not know victory.”

“Oh, of course. “Anyway, since I found the sword for you, shouldn’t you at least pick up some soybean paste and eat it?”

“What do you hope for?”

“The power of elders. “What do you want other than the power of the Heavenly Demon


“It’s my power, didn’t I already give it to you?”

“Isn’t there more to it than that?”

Yooseong answered. Without any hesitation.

The Heavenly Demon burst into laughter at those words.

“You’ve already defeated two monarchs.”

“Well, it just so happened.”

“But you still don’t have enough strength?”

“…It’s not enough.”

Yoosung answered calmly.

“Then what on earth are you trying to achieve by using your strength


“The end of this game.”

The King of Heroes answered. Without any hesitation.

“Are you planning to put an end to the monarchs’ pastime?”

“Is that the end of the game? “Then you must be willing to do so.”

At one point, the ground in the area I was standing on began to shake. He felt that countless monarchs were looking at him. And from there, laughter was heard.

“The past cannot justify our sins. At the same time, it is the past that defines our existence.”

Yoosung opened his mouth amidst laughter. Thinking back to the man who fell to the bottom of the gutter earlier.

“I don’t want this game to define who we are anymore. … Just as the last player holding this sword became like that.”

Cheonma remained silent at Yooseong’s words.

“Every time a monarch disappears…” After silence, the Heavenly Demon continued.

“The Throne Council appoints new monarchs and places them on the throne, thereby maintaining nine hundred and ninety-nine monarchs. No matter how many monarchs you defeat, nothing will change. ——Just like I did earlier. Still, do you think we will ever see the end of this game?”

“I saw the throne at the end earlier.”


“And there, I knew that even if I defeated 999 monarchs, it wasn’t the end of the game.”

Yoosung said. Ignoring the desert lord who was trying his best to watch him. Because he knows it will never help him or her.

“Even on the spire of the throne that is said to be the end, there was a being sitting at the very end.”

Yooseong continued.

“A monarch of monarchs who carries more weight than all nine hundred and ninety-nine monarchs combined and who can dethrone a monarch.”

“You’re talking about the Overlord.”

“Is that being the creator of this game? “Are you the real Iksin, looking into this world like the palm of your hand?”

Yooseong asked, and Cheonma smiled and remained silent.

“The elder said that he killed an immeasurable monarch. Is that why you lost your qualifications as the ‘Lord of the Sword’?”

“Do you really want to know our identity and the truth?”

The Heavenly Demon asked back. Yoosung nodded at those words. No, I tried to nod.

But I couldn’t nod. I took a deep breath and thought it over. At the time of the second awakening, the Clown Lord presented the three mirrors and three rewards to Yoosung.

Truth, despair, power, ignorance, domination and solitude.

In it, the king of heroes and court jester also made decisions of his own will. Without any hesitation.

“How pitiful you are, a clown of power and ignorance.”


The Heavenly Demon sneered at that sight.

“But it is your decision and nothing can change it.”

Hearing those words, Yoosung sneered bitterly. Still, nothing changed.

“Then, depending on your decision, there will be something you have to give.”

“I guess so.”

At those words, the Heavenly Demon twisted the hilt of his sword again.

“You clown, I will give you my sword.”


Immediately after, eight silhouettes appeared overlapping around the Heavenly Demon’s body. The feeling of nine swordsmen living in one body.

Up until now, he had faced off against an innumerable player holding the Dokgogu Sword, and Yoosung also held that sword and swung it. That’s why I was able to feel it.

It was different.

Just as the three skill cards, which players had no doubt believed to be the ‘power of the Heavenly Demon’, were only a small part of the power of the Heavenly Demon.


The blades clashed again.

The effect of Dokgogugeom, which hits 9 times in 1 attack, is a power defined by the ‘rules of the game’.

However, when the Jingeom in front of him was swung, he realized that the performance of the Poison Gogugeom that Yooseong had known until now was meaningless.

The two herbivorous islands and Annihilation of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords were swung.

A sword of annihilation wielded by nine Heavenly Demons.

The old sword WD was swung by a single sword, and that was at that moment.

Immediately after, the dark blade of Lee in Yooseong’s hand began to resonate in an indescribable sensation.

Even though he was not holding the Dokgogu Sword, the power of the sword was engraved so vividly.

Nine blades. Nine swordsmen, nine wills.

Therefore, I unconsciously countered by using the herbivore of annihilation, and eight silhouettes emerged from the shooting star’s shadow.

Immediately afterwards, swordsmanship. Sim (深) activated the effect.


– Grade .Hero Awakening

– Attribute . Steel

– Ability

. By infusing flame into the sword, you can control it freely.

. ‘Keyword: Shingeomhapil’ can be given to up to five swords controlled with swordsmanship.

Excluding the sword in one’s hand, ‘Keyword: Shingeomhapil’ can be given to a total of five swords controlled by swordsmanship, making them one with the body. It came out.

Therefore, in addition to the nine swords swirling around in the sword Yooseong was holding… the

five swords controlled through the sword technique began to explode and swirl with nine swordsmen and blades each.

A total of six dark frost blades, including the sword in Yooseong’s hand and the five he controls with swordsmanship, have been reborn as part of his body.

Hits 9 times in 1 attack.

The sword in his hand and the five swords that he controls with his swordsmanship. A total of six swords were swung as one sword.

6X9 = 54.

54 hits in 6 attacks. It was a multiplication that even elementary school students could understand.

Therefore, even the Heavenly Demon of the world could not block the single sword of Dokgogugeom, which was expanded by Yooseong’s swordsmanship.

How can one block 54 sword strikes coming from all directions?

Above all, what was actually in Yuseong’s hand was not the ‘Dokgogu Sword’. In the first place, in order to properly control the five swords using the sword technique, it is virtually impossible without forging the swords as a ‘Dark Frost Crafter’.

It should have been so.

However, even though he was not holding the Dokgogu Sword, its power was being applied.

It’s so overwhelming that it’s so violent that you’ll be intoxicated with its power.


That single sword finally tore the Cheonma’s body into pieces, and the Cheonma that had been torn to pieces by 54 sword strikes was there.

No, there should have been.

“Take it, child. This is the strength and sword you should have.”

But what was there was a Cheonma without a single scratch.


“I pray that your journey as you desperately seek meaning will not be fleeting.”

The Heavenly Demon said. Yoosung tried to say something to those words, but couldn’t.

The world just stopped.

[Cleared the Tower of the Heavenly Demon…1]

[《Descent of the Heavenly Demon. Some of Jin’s abilities are unlocked!]

《Descent of the Heavenly Demon – Jin(眞)》

– Abilities

. The divinity and inaction of the Heavenly Demon can temporarily descend upon the body.

. If you descend the Heavenly Demon with this skill, you can permanently possess some of the Heavenly Demon’s abilities.

. When you clash swords with a strong person, you can absorb some of the target’s experiences and memories.

. When activating Heavenly Demon Descent, the weapon effect of Dokgogu Sword (9 hits per 1 attack) can be applied. (New!)

. ???

. Special note: The skill card can be kept without disappearing even if the season is reset


[The Lord of Libra objects to the excessive strength of player Kang Yu-seong and the fairness of the game!] [

The Lord of the Game accepts the objection.]

[Debuff: Curse of Libra is applied!]

《Curse of Balance)

– Rating . Mythic Curse

– Effect

. Permanently grants ‘Keyword: Balance of Balance’ to the cursed player

. When fighting a curse target, temporarily grants the player ‘Keyword: Libra’s Preference’

– Name .〈Kang Yoo-seong〉

– Title .〈King of Heroes〉〈Court Jester〉〈Monarch Assassin〉〈Enemy of the World〉

( Omitted)

– Possessed protection .〈He who cheats death (Ex)〉

〈He who swallows time (Ex)〉〈He who rewrites fate (Ex)〉〈The winner of the comeback (Ex)〉〈Cheon Mamu-gol (Ex)〉 〈Plague Lord’s 666 Poison Recipe (Ex)〉〈Body of High-ranking Vampire (Ex) >〈Blood Scent (Ex)〉〈Keyword Breaker (Ex)〉… (See all) God’s Protection 1《Keyword Breaker

– Rating . Ex

– Effect

. The negative keywords of the protection holder can be temporarily (5m) nullified. (Cooldown 720h)

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