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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 83

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Episode 83

‘Even if you use Masquerade, the Advent of the Heavenly Demon. You cannot create a jinn.’

The secret of the power shown by the King of Heroes during season 5. However, even if you use that skill, it becomes a myth. Even the power of the Heavenly Demon, who has been reborn as the only one, cannot be taken away.

In other words, you can freely take away any skills or equipment below or ‘create’ them as needed.

As the name Masquerade suggests, the power to assume a thousand faces and talents as needed.

The ultimate in power that can be achieved as a contractor of the Clown Lord.

[Two assassination notices are designated.]

[Keyword: Mark of death is created!]

The two assassination notices that were immediately created and overlaid towards the meteor were no exception.

Not only does it stop at the skill, but it also includes the heavy blade and black heavy armor that Yooseong is holding.

The true meaning behind the name of the King of Heroes as a court jester with a thousand faces and a thousand talents.

That was the power of the skill ‘Masquerade’.

Even if you deceive others, you cannot deceive yourself.

Yoosung muttered behind Guy Fawkes’ mask, knowing the thousand faces and talents that the King of Heroes possesses. As if I was showing off to him.

“Descent of the Heavenly Demon.”


The sword demon resided in Yooseong’s body, and the Heavenly Demon’s martial arts, which was nothing more than a deteriorated copy, also landed on the body of the supreme leader.

Leaving behind the immortal troops, King Yu^, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, kicked the ground.


The blades of the Black Death collided, and immediately after, the effect of the ‘Dark Gogu Sword’ residing in the Heavenly Demon – Jin was unleashed.

Hits 9 times in 1 attack.


But when the supreme leader there swung the blade of black death, it was nothing more than a single sword.

Moreover, at the time of season 5, there was no way he had the bones of a Heavenly Demon or the body of a high-ranking vampire. Ex-rank blessings that are comparable to the effects of Mythic-rank equipment or accessories. It was never a difference to be trifled with.

Yooseong swung Hoksa’s blade, and the effect of the poisonous sword was activated. In front of the old sword, the supreme leader urgently bit himself. It must have been a blow that even he could not have predicted.

‘Just because you can copy it doesn’t mean it’s everything.’

That was the beginning of the war.

Immediately after, the Death Frost army and the Specters, who had been reborn as ancient heroic spirits, clashed. The immortals under each other’s command began dancing in the legendary skill 《Dance of Death》 with the spirit and barrier attributes.

The two hero kings were no exception.

Guy Fawkes’ mask and the Supreme Leader’s mask. A thousand faces and a thousand talents.

That’s why the message finally came to mind.

[Depending on the rules of the game, the ‘Curse of Heaven’ is temporarily invalidated.]

The Curse of Balance exists to limit strength beyond the standard.

But there was no need to do so in front of the hero king and supreme leader there. Because he understood its weight, Yooseong finally adjusted the hilt of the sword.

The mirrors are facing each other, but the real power within the Heavenly Demon Advent is breaking the symmetry of the mirrors.

The power that the Sword Demon God granted according to Yoosung’s decision.

A clown of power and ignorance.

“Under my rule and system…

In response, the supreme leader, a buffoon of domination and loneliness, opened his mouth.

As the king, another hero in the three mirrors in front of Yooseong, once said.

“This planet is more peaceful than ever. “People wanted it and it lived up to their expectations.”

“People wanted it?”

I suddenly remembered people pointing fingers when a meteor caused a tower break. Player’s Mission Hero’s Mission.

“The player’s mission is to protect the peace of this world. “It’s not from the threat of the tower.”

The King of Heroes, wearing the mask of the supreme leader and a jester of domination and loneliness, said,

“Ideology, religion, nation and ideology, the history of human beings is a history of war, and the wheel of history turns only with blood. And only when that bloody wheel is stopped can this world be truly called peaceful.”

“Oh, so the cart wheel stopped? “You asked me earlier how I was an assassin for the independence resistance group.”

“…It’s just not yet.”

The Supreme Leader muttered softly and adjusted the hilt of his sword.

Before he knew it, what was in his hand was no longer a sword.

It was the ‘Dokgogu Sword’, a mythic grade weapon that had completed its final awakening.

That wasn’t all. All equipment and artifact accessories began to take on a new form with light.

The symmetry of the mirror finally collapsed.

Immediately afterwards, the supreme leader, the King of Heroes, stretched out his arms.


A storm of extinction raged beneath their feet, and all the dead in the area returned to nothingness.

With just a single wave of his hand, all of the dead that Yooseong was currently in charge of were brought back to nothing.

A power that is so overwhelming that it is so amazing.

“I understand that there is no point in imitating your mask.”

“Do you know that now?”

At the end of the season, the power of the Hero King Terminator was finally revealed.

Including the Dokgogu Sword, which has completed its final awakening, all three accessories, armor and artifacts, have been reborn as mythical level equipment.

The deck setting is also the same. It will be filled with seven Mythic and Legendary level skills that can demonstrate the highest efficiency. A ridiculous number of people are completing their final awakening one after another! Even the post-production work.

“Is this a game?

That’s why Yooseong muttered in bewilderment and that was right then.

[According to the rules of the game, the ‘Curse of Libra’ is temporarily applied to player ‘Kang Yu-seong’.] [

Player ‘Kang Yu-seong’ is granted the privilege of keyword: Libra!]

[Blessing 《Perfect Balance (Ex)〞 Applies!]

[Attack power accuracy correction… (omitted) increases significantly!]

‘That’s right.’

A curse was placed not on Yooseong, but on another hero king and supreme leader in front of him.

It is unequal but not unfair. That was the absolute rule of this game, and Yoosung laughed quietly amidst the swirling sense of power.

There is no point in playing such a simple trick against that monster. There is only one way to overcome

the massive offensive with the command skill .

That’s why Yooseong muttered softly.

“Three cards from the side deck are replaced with command skills.”

Each of the three skills with the necromantic attribute is Dark Frostworker and Swordsmanship. Sim and replaced with Oculus.

“Unequip weapon, replace armor, replace artifact.”

Release the blade you are holding, change the armor to the black surcoat ‘Baptism of Darkness’, and replace the artifact with ‘Frozen Heart’.

[Necromancy synergy disappears and frost synergy is created!]

[《Necromancy Assassin》 class is transferred to 《Frost Assassin》 class!]

“Equipment skill Activates Shroud of Darkness.”

Immediately afterwards, a veil of darkness engulfed the area, and within it, five blades of dark frost began circling around the King of Heroes in the Guy Fawkes mask.

Keyword: Through the union of the sword and body, you can be reborn as a part of your body and receive the effects of the Heavenly Demon Advent.

Therefore, he is actually holding six Dokgogu swords. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the strongest setting for a player.

Yoo Seong raised his head, leaving behind the six dark frost blades, including the sword in his hand.


Immediately afterwards, the supreme leader who was confronting him kicked the ground.

The Dokgogu sword in the leader’s hand was swung, and nine swordsmen rushed in with one sword. In response, the five dark frost blades controlled by the sword technique collided.

The intangible swordsmen swung five swords each, and each sword was reborn as a nine-edged sword and struck down.

The true power of Heavenly Demon Advent is that you can receive the effects of the sword even without holding it.

5X9 = 45.

45 sword strikes struck the supreme leader from all directions. An herbivorous sword of annihilation, with the inaction of the Heavenly Demon imbued in each hilt of the sword.



The Supreme Leader’s Dokgogu Sword was overwhelming the intangible swordsmen swinging from all directions.

Ice and steel collided and the sound of metal echoed endlessly.

It was truly a power worthy of the name of the supreme leader and ruler of this planet.

Because that was the pinnacle of the player, another Hero King.

“I would have thought that a powerhouse of this deep sea would still be silent.”

“Ha, is this a game?

” “But no matter how powerful the attack power and how sharp the flesh sword is, it is meaningless unless it touches you.”

said the King of Heroes.

“That’s it in the end.”

“Why do you have the skills and form to play this manga game? “The one who is good at reading the ruler and cards is the best.”

“…What do you know about me?”

At those words, the supreme leader asked coldly.

“Oh, I know very well. “Maybe I know you better than you do?”

“Then you also know the things I sacrificed for this power and the pain I had to endure.”

“What did you offer?”

“Things you can’t even imagine.”

“Well, that might be the case. “Anyway, it was so unfair that you called yourself the king of heroes. Did you call yourself the king of the world?”

Yoosung laughed as if it were someone else’s business.

“Do you think the pain you are feeling is so special and special that it justifies being the dictator of this planet?”


The Supreme Leader snorted at those words.

“What do you think I forced them to do?”

At the same time, kicking the ground, the Supreme Leader, and even the King of Heroes, swung his poisonous sword.


The swords of dark frost in Yooseong’s hands clashed, and immediately afterward, eight silhouettes swung their swords in unison in each other’s shadows.

The power of the two poisonous swords, hitting 9 times in 1 attack, overlapped like a mirror.

It was right then. Five intangible swordsmen wielding dark frost blades that were being controlled with swordsmanship rushed in. However, even after 54 sword strikes with that blade, it did not change.

“—Nothing was forced.”

A power that was so overwhelming that it felt so hopeless, so much so that it felt sublime.

“The world wanted it. They appointed me as the King of Heroes, the protector of this world. “It was all their decision.”

The peak of the player was there.

“Fearing the destruction of the world, I hoped for a hero, and even hoped for a king who would bring peace. “What I did was simply live up to the world’s expectations.” “So

you decided to

become the world’s puppet ?”

Every time the swords clashed, his memories just flowed in. That’s why Guy Fawkes’ mask was coldly mocking.

It was only a few steps away from his past. The difference of just a few steps separated the hero king of this place from the current hero king.

The two kings clashed again.

Without any flashy skills or anything, it was just two swordsmen swinging their swords.

Amidst all kinds of curtains, barriers, buffs, and debuffs that surround them.

The nine swords W0 were swung at one sword, and in response to it, the six swords and fifty-four swords were swung.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Leader’s Sword °1 was superior to Guy Fawkes’ six swords.


It was so strong that it was overwhelming and I didn’t think I could win at all.

The despair of the players facing the King of Heroes was consuming the meteor.


Immediately after, the sword struck down.

It was at that moment that the supreme leader’s poisonous sword plunged into Yooseong’s heart.

The protection < He who cheats death (Ex) > was activated with a certain effect along with < The winner of the reversal (Ex) >. Therefore, the ‘death’ that should have come did not come.

Yoosung took advantage of that gap and launched a counterattack.


I couldn’t kill it. But there was no doubt that the wound was open and blood was splattered.

“Where did you get that blessing?”

“I came and picked it up.”

Yoosung muttered calmly.

“Oh right. Come to think of it, you used up all the Ex-rank protection you had during the Plague Lord raid, right?”

At the same time, Yoosung smiled coldly as if it were someone else’s business.

Amid his wounds, the King of Heroes remained coldly silent.

After silence, the shooting star hit the ground again.

In the endlessly unfolding world of the three swords of the Heavenly Demon, desperately groping for the ultimate sword (劍}) contained in the Sword of the Heavenly Demon.

The Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords, the sword of nothingness that can cut out the meaning of all final herbivores.

But it didn’t feel strange.

The Supreme Leader of the World Government, the Star Dictator, was so empty and full of blank space… I couldn’t read the form of meaning that needed to be cut.

I thought of one of the three mirrors. Mirror of domination and solitude. Dominant yet lonely.

And that was right then.

In a room where two kings are clashing. An uninvited guest dressed in a black uniform appeared.

One of the ten blonde female heroes and the Virgin Mary Jaeger.


As soon as Yooseong saw that, he turned his back on the supreme leader without any hesitation.

Toward the uninvited Virgin Mary, who appeared to interrupt the fight between the two kings.

In front of the enemy, he turned his back and kicked the ground. There would be no way for him to know that it was an act of suicide.

Nevertheless, without hesitation, the five intangible swordsmen along with the King of Heroes wearing the Guy Fawkes mask slashed their murderous swords at Maria.

However, sooner than that, the Supreme Leader blocked Yooseong’s path. His body disappeared as if in a flash, and he appeared in a disheveled posture in front of the saint.

To protect her, even if it means using his own body as a shield.

Immediately afterwards, the image of Mary who was supposed to be there disappeared like a mirage. The power of Oculus, a legendary level illusion skill.


The Supreme Leader, the King of Heroes, muttered softly. It was not a shooting star that would miss that gap.

It should have been so.


However, even in his disheveled state, he countered Yooseong’s 54 swords with just one Dokgogu sword.

“Did you think you could help me with such a petty fake?”


Even in the face of fake conversion, he did not break down.

In fact, he went ahead of him faster than a shooting star and blocked all the swords being swung without a single wound.

“It’s meaningless.”

“Is that really true?”

Yooseong coldly sneered and asked back.

“I knew that even if the assassin turned his back on me, I thought it was more important than that.”

Saint Mary. Just like shooting stars, even shooting stars in this world could not be an exception.

“A clown of domination and loneliness.”

That was enough.

“Was it the final meaning of her sustaining you?”

A form of meaning that can endure in indescribable solitude, regardless of the emptiness and void.

Because I found the meaning.

Before I knew it, the dark frost swords orbiting around the shooting star had disappeared.

A swordsman wearing Guy Fawkes’ mask and cape was there. Holding only one sword.

The sword was swung like that.

It was so small and faint as a thread that it couldn’t be easily caught, but it was still clearly there to cut out the meaning.

The sword of the Heavenly Demon, the absolute meaningless being who can return everything to nothingness, was swung.


It was impossible to even fight back in front of that single sword. Even if it is the King of Heroes.

A meaningless sword cut him down, and in front of that single sword, the Supreme Leader could only gasp softly.

“What… did you cut?”

“I didn’t cut anything.”

Yooseong answered.

It was as he said.

The form of the saint in his heart was simply a one-way street.

In this world, there is no such thing as ‘Saint Mary’ who can understand the buffoonery of domination and loneliness. There were puppets who simply obeyed and remained loyal to the will of the ruler.

“I’m just here to put an end to this puppet ball.”

Yoosung finally said, taking off Guy Fawkes’ mask.


The King of Heroes took a deep breath as he saw another of himself there. After swallowing, I let out a soft laugh.

“Is that so…

It was a quiet but very peaceful smile. And at the end of the smile, the world finally stopped.

[Cleared the Tower of Fiction…]

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