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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 84

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Episode 84

Another King of Heroes The supreme leader knelt down helplessly. And then a message came to mind.

[The fictional tower has been cleared…J

[‘Mechanical Key of Unknown Purpose’ is upgraded to ‘Mechanical Key of Unknown Purpose n’!]

[The synchronization rate with the dethroned monarch and the Lord of Swords increases. .]

[Synchronization rate: 7%]

Synchronization rate with the Sword Lord Cheonma. As soon as that number rose, a strange feeling that could not be described in text or numbers wrapped around Yoosung’s body.

The feeling of holding the sword was so familiar that it felt strangely foreign. Like when a tailless creature gained a tail.


it was right then.

[I haven’t cleared the Tower of Dystopia yet!]

[1 lh until the assassination of the Supreme Leader…]

I’ve cleared the fictional Tower, but I haven’t cleared the Tower of Dystopia yet.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

The kneeling King of Heroes and Supreme Young Taoist raised his head and asked. It was just as he said. After the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords, the final herbivorous sword of nihilism, was swung, his existence did not return to nothingness.

It was right then.


There was a knocking sound.

“People are waiting in the Supreme Leader Comrade Hall.”

And without knowing anything about the turmoil unfolding here, I heard a voice from outside. Yoosung laughed quietly because he understood the meaning of those words.

“My mission will not end until I kill the supreme leader.”

“…Then what are you hesitating about?”

“Do you know what will happen if I kill myself?”

Yoosung answered as if it were someone else’s business. No matter how much the world of the tower is governed by the rules of the game, it is not always full of fairness.

At the same time, you cannot clear the Dystopian Tower without assassinating the supreme leader.

“Hmm, by the way…

That’s why the Supreme Leader remained silent and looked at the shooting star, and the shooting star answered while holding Guy Fawkes’ mask in his hand.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of social assassination.”

Every time I crossed swords with the supreme leader, another hero king, I was able to read his memories and past.

It was another hero king. He suffered the same loss of his companions, confessed his weakness and cowardice to the saint, and paid the price for his power as a court jester.

The difference between the two hero kings was only a few steps.

And the difference of just a few steps was spread out right here.

Assembly Hall of the Unified World Government, Geneva, Switzerland.

“Comrade Supreme Leader is entering!” The ‘King of Heroes’ wearing a black uniform and a golden insignia appeared there. Likewise, everyone in uniform stood up and showed respect.

I walked through an interior that was formal, gloomy, and full of solemnity, like a fascist party convention.

And right there, standing tall like an imperial throne, the King of Heroes looked around.

A brief silence fell.

Cameras were rolling everywhere and I could understand that this was being broadcast to everyone in the world.

After silence, the King of Heroes finally opened his mouth in front of the microphone.

“Knock knock.”

And then a very unexpected first word came out.

“Look at this funny antics here tonight.”

It was a humorous voice without any trace of dignity. However, no one could easily speak out. At least, as far as they know, they would not dare to raise their voices in front of the Supreme Leader of the Unified World Government.

“As we all know… a humorist’s job is to make the public laugh. And as a humorist here, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this. Now take a look. This ridiculous scenery. “Isn’t that really funny?”

Saying that, Yoosung burst into laughter quietly. I was taken aback by that smile for a moment, but that was it.

“Then, at this point, I’ll tell you a funny joke. A history student whose only place to get a job was in ancient Greece asked a history professor. Professor, what can we learn from history? “The professor answered solemnly.”

Yoosung paused briefly and answered.

“The only thing we can learn from history is that we can learn nothing from history!”

“But most people who claim to be wise and intelligent, or some who want to be, believe that history is man’s textbook and that we can learn a lot from the past! That’s why, even if we’re not in ancient Greece, our line of living is uninterrupted and we’re respected by idiots!”


Amid the commotion in the hall, the King of Heroes could not hold back his laughter and continued speaking.

“Haven’t many of us learned throughout history how the idiots who gathered in one place wearing black uniforms and clapping their hands meaninglessly ended up? And that stupid shit is happening here again. What on earth did you learn from history?”

There was a commotion for a moment, but it was only for a moment.

“Well, anyway, whenever the world becomes harsh and dangerous, it always feels novel. In this world where this game is changing the world, where the tower is giving power to rude people, and where the threat of war and terrorism is increasing day by day… we all need to come up with a new and more novel solution, unlike the history that is repeating itself so far. You probably thought you needed a method. “Well, this world is supposed to be a spectacle.”

As he finished speaking, Yoosung put on the Guy Fawkes mask he was holding in his hand.

“Now, some of you here may be sensing that what I am saying is not quite right, and that is the truth.”

But no one was in a hurry to move.

I didn’t dare move.

“But you won’t be able to object. Who would dare to taunt in front of the supreme leader? I don’t want to be caught in the crosshairs of an anti-aircraft gun if I make a mistake. Now, let’s think again.”

That is why the Supreme Leader wearing the Guy Fawkes mask spoke.

“I know the truth you are vaguely feeling. If you look at me standing here right now, you’ll be like, ‘What did that bastard do wrong?’ Well, there aren’t many people who are courageous enough to trade that bullshit for their own money. Now, as a test, would you mind telling me the truth or challenging me?”

No one could answer.

That’s why Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and said.

“Is this really the type of peace you are hoping for? “Can you say that the life of a pig that is locked in a cage like a domestic animal, unable to speak the truth or raise objections in the face of fear, is so peaceful?”

He was not the supreme leader or anything, he was just a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

“I know why you did that. You must have been afraid. Who wouldn’t? Tower Break War Terrorism… The world corrupted our reason, paralyzed our common sense, and fear ruled you. Therefore, in a state of panic, I turned to the current ‘Supreme Leader’. He promised you order and peace, and in return he expected your obedience and silence. Oh, by the way, those are V’s words, not mine. When you’re bored, go home and watch V for O’Detta. Comic spas are a bit polarizing, so the movies aren’t as good as you might think.”

Only then did the people in the Unified World Government Hall also begin to sense what was wrong.

Nevertheless, no one could object.

“Now then, how on earth did this happen? Whose fault is it? Ah, yes, there will be some who have a slightly heavier responsibility. But back to the truth, if you are looking for a sympathizer of that sin, look in the mirror. And as a representative of everyone, I in the mirror will tell you the truth.”

“——I finished it a fucking long time ago. And this morning, I ate something wrong and my head was a little dizzy. Nevertheless, we all need to remember them clearly. “Who pushed this madman to put the world in this situation?”

The only truth he can tell.

“You are the ones watching this.”

Only with those words did the silence break. No, it was about to break.


Nevertheless, as the ‘power of a thousand demons’ descended around Yooseong, the entire area once again froze in front of that power.

“Well then, have a good night. And don’t forget. This is——

The world stopped without even having time to finish the last sentence.

After that, the laughter of the monarchs could be heard. I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh at the comedy the clown showed in front of the world.

This world is a tragedy when viewed up close, but a comedy when viewed from afar.

[Cleared the Tower of Dystopia.]

[2000 AD After the unified tax account department collapsed due to some kind of terrorist attack, the supreme leader and king of heroes disappeared. But after season 6 started. The King of Heroes also began his career as a player. No longer in the world’s spotlight or anything else, I run away from the pursuit of each country’s governments and seek atonement as a guardian in the darkness.] [As a reward for the strategy, [




[The Clown Lord is the player ‘Kang Yoo-seong’ I give you a gift ???!]

[The Lord of the Desert bestows the blessing 《King of the Desert (Ex)> to the player ‘Kang Yu-seong’!]

“Mr. Kang Yu-seong, do you have something to say?!” After conquering the tower of Dystopia, As soon as he came out, there was a reporter pointing a microphone at him.

“I deeply apologize for my malicious comments, including those written by Goyang4. And going forward, I feel a strong sense of responsibility as a cat owner and will donate a portion of the proceeds from my t-shirt to the Animal Protection Association.”

And in front of reporters, Yoosung answered calmly.

“Finally, may I ask for some extenuating circumstances in exchange for protecting the world? “Don’t hate anything.”

With those words, Yoosung turned around. At that moment, a red Matiz was waiting there, and as soon as we boarded it, Master Park opened his mouth.

“The world always needs heroes.”

“Well, that’s why I’m here.”

“No, not you, you bastard. Heavenly rankers are flocking to run for the positions of Sword Lord and Count, hoping to become heroes./’

“Oh my, there are so many different things.”

Hearing that, Yoosung was dumbfounded and responded.

Ten heroes. It usually refers to players who are in the top 10 of the rankings at the end of the season, but just because they are in the top 10 of the rankings does not make them a ‘hero’.

“The UN Peace Security Council needs to select a new hero candidate, so I ask the King of Our Heroes to come and judge us.”

As long as the world needs heroes, a vacuum in the hero’s seat cannot be tolerated.

However, in a situation where the ranking is not confirmed at the beginning of the season, ‘Hero Qualification’ cannot be given to just anyone.

Not everyone can be a hero, and to become a hero you need qualifications. With very few exceptions.

“Why are you calling me because you want to see another catastrophe?”

“That’s right.”

At Yoosung’s words, Master Park shrugged his shoulders as if it were someone else’s business.

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