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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 96

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Episode 96

[Deck Page]

Glacier Synergy 1 Dark Frost Craftsman Death Frost Army

Synergy Not Applied 1 Heavenly Demon Descent. Jin (M) Laplace’s World of Death’s Dance and Sword Art. Deep (深) two pages of assassination notice side

deck 1 Oculus Night of the Hundred Ghosts. Two Grave

Weapons and Armor 1 No Weapon《Black Surcoat with Lost Cross “Baptism of Darkness》

Artifact 1《Frozen Heart》

[Class 《Dark Frost Assault Leader》 has been acquired!]

[Class buff is granted.]

Plaza of the Holy Cerestina Church.

People from this world hit the ground to save the saint hanging on the cross, and the game of Yoo Seong and the players of the assassination department of the National Intelligence Service also began.

And that was then.

[The balance of the world is adjusted…]

[The combat power of the world increases by 5000%.]

It was not a restriction given because the King of Heroes was particularly special.

As the top tier increases, the third limitation of the game is that it is provided equally to all players. And, befitting the name of Tier 10 Hard, even a single extra knight can have the status of a Sword Master level depending on the correction of the world.

“Save the saint!”

There were people moving to save the saint among the people, and knights wearing heavy black armor with the dragon symbol on them greeted them. They were the Black Guard, the black knights of the Draga Empire.

“ “I knew you would show up!”

“Don’t kill them, capture them alive!”


Their swords were imbued with a seven-pointed aura, and one sword was swung. It was an act of inaction that could not even be compared to when I faced them at the 9th tier tower. Even so, nothing changed. “Oh, please excuse


. ”


The memorized ‘Heart Breaker’ struck faster than their swords could be swung. The name of the heavily armored master pierced through the breastplate and the blade pierced straight towards the heart. When throwing the memorized sword, attack power and accuracy were temporarily corrected

. Increased by 1000%.

It was a blow from Master Park, the head of the National Intelligence Service and a contractor of the Assassin Lord.

At the same time, darkness descended as if engulfing the entire square.

Legendary level darkness assassination barrier attribute skill 《Vilt of Darkness》. The meteor is wearing. It was also the equipment skill of the Black Surcoat, but it

was not Yooseong who spread the curtain. It was a pitch-black curtain spread by Isiah, an elite player in the Assassination Department along with Master Park.

And that too after completing the first awakening of the skill.

Although the King of Heroes Previously, they had to fry chickens in the kitchen. But they are not the pillars that support the justice of this country in the dark for no reason. And they also call themselves a necessary evil and use all kinds of illegal methods to harm their country and the world. We are carrying out a mission for you.

A meteor hit the ground amidst the veil that Isia was scattering. The knights of the Draga Empire, noticing the movement of the meteor from various places, moved. In the darkness, the debuff of the veil hit them

. Even if you are restricted, you cannot block them all with just one skill.

But that was enough.


Once again, the memorizations were scattered in the darkness, tearing off the breastplate and hitting the knights’ hearts. Blood. The shooting star finished rushing towards the cross before the scattered blood even reached the floor.

When the time came, the knights swung their swords at the side to execute the saint, and even faster than that, the dark frost blade in the shooting star’s hand swung out. He lost.

Immediately after the Frost Lord’s magic power was unleashed, the flames dancing around the saint died out. Without hesitation, the

meteor pulled out the nails that were restraining the saint. The nails stuck in both limbs were visible, and the saint was covered in blood. His body collapsed.


As Yooseong supported the saintess, she asked back in embarrassment. At that question, Yooseong quietly bit her lip. She

couldn’t see.

It wasn’t because the entire area was covered in a veil of darkness. The place where her pupil should be was not there. That was because it was empty to the point of emptiness.

“Ah, the world quickly and accurately…

That’s why Yooseong didn’t try to continue, but quickly fell silent.

“No, actually, the world is good, and I came to save it. Isn’t service the lifeblood of AS? .”


Saint Illisia smiled helplessly while being supported by Yooseong.

“Save the saint!”

“Kill the witch! “Don’t let the witch escape!”

At the same time, the people of this world were clashing, shouting the names of the saint and the witch. In it, Yoosung glanced around.

“Hey. “He’s good at frying chickens, good at fighting, and really trustworthy.”

“Hmm, that’s strange. “Didn’t you say that it was ruined as soon as you entered the tower?”

“Oh, that can’t be right. “Is there another player you can rely on like Mr. Xia?”

Before we knew it, the players from the assassination department, led by Master Park and Lee Sia, were there. Quickly subdue the empire’s knights and assist those moving to save the saint.

In any case, even the King of Heroes of the world could not insist on playing a thousand solo all day and night.

“Oh, the saint has called the warriors!”

“The warriors of the other world have descended for the saint!”

“It’s the devil! “That wicked witch has summoned the devils!”

“God, please look after us and

give us the strength and courage to defeat our enemies!”

In one world, worlds intersected into different landscapes according to each person’s beliefs.

A warrior, a demon king, a saint, and a witch. That’s why Yooseong could only laugh. Still, nothing changed.

“After all, things in the world depend on how you make up your mind.”

“Thank you, warriors! Hurry up and get out of here with the saintess…

That was it.

“It’s just as planned, you foolish bastards!”

This has always been the case, and not surprisingly, someone’s plausible plan has been put into action once again.

“Protect the encirclement formation! “Don’t let any of the witches and demon lord’s minions live!”

Before we knew it, those from the Holy Celestina Church and the Draga Empire were surrounding the saint and Yoosung’s group. From the beginning, the plan was to use her as bait to draw out the traitors, and in reality, it was very effective.

Knights armed with black and white heavy armor quickly formed a siege formation, and various high-class soldiers, including wizards and priests, were working together in unison.

The Church and the Empire, which were at a loss as they could not eat each other, joined hands and raised their voices against what they saw as ‘a group of witches and devils.’

And that was right then.

“The light will be with you!”]

[The Lord of Light blesses the warriors of the Church and the Empire and grants them the power of light!]

“Oh. Oh oh…! God heard us!”

“God is with us!”

Light swept through the area, and the people of the two countries surrounding the saint began to be enveloped in an unknown light and uplifted.

“Hummy seapearl…

tier 10 hard. The influence that monarchs can exert is also incomparable to before. That’s why Master Park cursed softly as he looked at all the buffs that were blessing them.

“Oh oh. It’s light! “The light is giving me strength!”

“Why is there light on them…!”

And those who were risking their lives to protect the saint muttered in vain. Looking at that, Yoosung shrugged his shoulders calmly.

“Oh, that’s because Light

doesn’t like you very much.”

It was right then.


The saint who lost her pupils and was buried in endless darkness muttered helplessly.

“I can’t see it.”

“The light, the hero’s appearance, and this world

.” Holy woman! Don’t give up! Even though He puts us into tests,

“What are you giving up?”

Yooseong was dumbfounded by those words and asked back.

“Is there any way to get out of here?”

“There are many feudal lords within the church who still support the saint! If you rescue the saint, they too will feel the same way…” “It’s really strange

. That’s why the saint “How many of the supporting feudal lords’ troops have gathered here?”

Those who were working to save the saint fell silent at Yooseong’s sarcasm.

“But if it becomes known that the warriors are together, we can rally the saint’s support forces and fight back!”

“Hey, you’ve already had a few words with me and even made plans for your retirement.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and turned his head.

“Saint… no, Illysia.”

Then he called her name,

“What will you do?”


Ilisia asked in vain, and Yoosung answered, recalling the resolve she showed after defeating the Demon King that day.

“No, I know that.”

Ilicia remained silent.

“I can become a saint or a witch. Just like I can become a warrior or a demon lord.”

Yoo Seong coldly spat out.

“Well, think about it slowly. Unless the saintess is going to give up everything and hang herself on the cross anyway… The

assassins of the country who are with her are leading a spy team that will act as Yoo Seong’s limbs.

At the same time . The King of Heroes did not just have players from the National Intelligence Service.

“There will be no change in what needs to be done right now.”

“…What are you going to do?”

Blah blah blah.

The earth in the area began to shake, and armies began to rise from the bottom of the abyss.

Deathfrost forces.

The knights of death, wrapped in darkness and cold, appeared one by one.

And, as befits the class of ‘Dark Frost Assault Leader,’ Yooseong answered by adjusting the hilt of his sword.


It was a war that seemed to come at the end of the world.

It seemed as if the army of light, engulfed in pure white brilliance, was fighting against the army of evil and darkness rising from the bottom of the abyss

. Even those who sacrificed their lives to save them had no choice but to have their faith tested in front of that scene.

The Knight of the Apocalypse was devouring the light of the world.

Dark Frost Assault Captain.

Fittingly with his class name, he soon became “The Black of the Immortal Emperor.” He changed his equipment to a heavy armored weapon (“Death Banishment”) and took a step with the troops of cold and death.

[Immortal King’s Domination (S) increases the level of the Deathfrost army!]

[The Black of the Immortal Emperor The heavy armor ‘Death’s Banishment’ greatly enhances

the equipment rarity of the Deathfrost army !]

“Hummy Sipal.”

Master Park looked at that and cursed in bewilderment.

Even among the players who were getting stronger with each passing season, there was the pinnacle of a player who dared not be compared. The

Death Knights were made up of darkness and cold. But at some point, it wasn’t even a war.

It was a one-sided massacre.

In the most sacred city, the capital of the Holy Celestina Church, the Demon King’s army was devouring the Riders of Light.

However, there was no way the tower of tier 10 hard would stop at this level. No. Yoosung knew it too.

The war was just the beginning.

And soon, the noon sun was about to turn into the maddening light of dusk.

The cathedral where the Pope’s throne is located.

Holy Celestina. The throne that was supposed to exist for the Pope and the head of the Catholic Church was empty.

And when the war situation turned unfavorable, the Pope and all the cardinals fled early. Before long, they returned there.

“Heh, heh. “Where are you running away like that?”

Not their will. To the players in the assassination department who are following Yoo Seong’s orders.

Before we knew it, the battle outside the cathedral had finally reached silence.

The Riders of Light are piling up mountains of corpses and flowing rivers of blood, and no one is crying out for victory or rejoicing.

There were just death knights waiting for the next command, enveloped in bitter cold and darkness.

And the King of Heroes, leading the army of Deathfrost, spoke.

“Have you made a decision?”

Ilicia nodded, wrapping a black bandage around her now empty pupil.

“What do you want?”


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