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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 99

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Episode 99

“I do not want the hero and the people in the world he loves to be sacrificed for the sake of my world. “It’s not worth it.”

Illysia, wearing pure white bandages, spoke. Even from the throne at the end of the world of transcendental people looking down on this world, they look up at the top that can truly be called ‘the end.’

“That’s why I give my world;

“I accept the deal.”]

And then a voice came from the top of the throne spire tower.

I was able to realize it intuitively.

That is what Saint Illisia is talking about: God above God, and furthermore, the being at the pinnacle of these transcendents.


The only evil god who looks down on this world from the top of the throne spire.

“Once again, a puppet’s strings have been tied to my body.”


Illisia smiled bitterly and Yoosung took a deep breath.

The players of the National Intelligence Service there, too, left behind the sword lord and demon god who remained silent.

The throne spire shook and the monarchs began to murmur.

At that moment, a man wearing a black robe appeared there. It was not Yooseong who did not know the silhouette draped beneath his robe.

Lord of the Game.

“We will now perform the throne ceremony in the presence of the seven great princes (Kurfiirst).”]

Then, seven silhouettes, including the Lord of the Game, appeared there at once.

Stepping on the floor where the starlight of the universe is blinking like the transparent glass of a space station.

They all wear black robes, and a shadow like an abyss is cast under their hoods.

It was right then.

Laughter came from under the shadow of the hood. It was a laugh that was so shallow and ridiculous.

How can I forget that laughter?

“The Clown Lord…

Yooseong muttered quietly and that was at that moment.

“Child, the empty seat of the Lord of Libra is calling to you. Do you want me to sit there?”

One of the silhouettes, also wearing a black robe, opened his mouth. It was a woman’s voice.

Illysia silently nodded at those words.

Then, the bottom of the spire, which was made of transparent glass, began to tremble and rise toward the upper level of the tower.

It was right then.


After a moment of silence, a man wearing black rags kicked the ground.

To the seven great princes gathered there.

The sword lord and demon god’s sword was swung, and that was at that moment.


『Do not disturb the ritual.”]

[The Lord of the Game solemnly warns.]

Chains that appeared from unknown sources were already restraining the Heavenly Demon’s limbs.

But that was right then.

The sword in his hand escaped from the Heavenly Demon’s hand like a living creature and cut off the chains surrounding him.

It is a sword technique.

At the same time, the Heavenly Demon struck the ground again and the distance between the seven monarchs narrowed.

[Countless monarchs tremble in fear before the ‘Lord of the Sword.’]

“Someone look at those cowards! “Everyone is peeing their pants!”

Watching that scene, the clown monarch was already holding his stomach and laughing loudly.

“Wouldn’t you like to do that, baby?”

Additionally, a silhouette with a female voice stretched out its arms. However, there was not even the slightest hesitation with the Heavenly Demon’s Sword.


Immediately after, the Heavenly Demon’s sword swirled around. It was not the annihilation of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords. Furthermore, it was a sword of futility that the Absolute of Insignificance was swinging with all his might without even the slightest addition or subtraction as shown in front of the shooting star.

The sword cut down a monarch wearing a black robe.

Because nothing could have meaning in front of the Sword of the Heavenly Demon.

The sword of nothingness was swung at one of the seven monarchs and great princes, and it was not even a single sword. It was a sword of nothingness that had been reborn as a hilt through the effect of the poisonous sword.

In front of him, the black robes worn by the monarch and the abyss beneath the hood disappeared for a moment.

And finally, the true face of the monarch was revealed beneath the robe.

It was a black-haired woman wearing a black velvet dress and holding a jet-black scythe. She giggled coldly as she bit into the blood-red apple she was holding in her other hand.


Without even having time to finish his words, the Sword of the Thousand Demons struck again. However, he blocked the sword with the hilt of the scythe, and took another bite of the apple.

[“I hate impatient children.”]

[The Lord of Nightmare exercises the ‘influence of a great prince’ and banishes the Lord of Swords from the Throne of End!] At the same time, the

Lord of Swords and the Heavenly Demon disappeared as is. .

One overlord and seven great princes.

Yoosung and the National Intelligence Service players remained silent in front of the events taking place in the Throne Spire.

A world of transcendents who rule this world. It was no different there. It was no different from the world of shooting stars and the immeasurable world I remembered in the tower.

“I’m sorry, honey. “Your one and only debutante has been ruined.”

Lord of Nightmares A woman wearing a jet black velvet dress smiled as she stroked Illysia’s cheek.

“But now, don’t be too sad. “There is a throne here that is perfect for you.”

Before I knew it, the bottom, which was rising like an elevator, had reached the middle level of the spire and stopped. Countless monarchs were around them, looking up or down at them.

And when I looked up, there was an empty throne.

There are always 999 monarchs on the throne at the end. And the Libra Lord was extinguished by the Game Lord, leaving one seat empty.

“Now, why don’t you go sit down?”

The Nightmare Lord said. After silence, Illysia made up her mind and continued walking.


Yooseong belatedly called her. At those words, Illisia turned her head and the pure white bandage stared at him in silence.

There was no longer any hesitation on her face.

“This is not the end.”

That’s why Illysia said.

“This is just the beginning.”

With those words, Illysia walked towards the empty throne.


Every time I walked, letting the hem of my dress hang, the hem of my pure white dress became stained black.

As she walked again, the darkness was once again creeping up the hem of her dress and towards her stomach.

The golden hair and pure white dress were buried in darkness and reborn as black clothes.

And then she finally sat down on the throne, and before she knew it, the Lord of Nightmares was beside her, stroking her cheek.

“Try to tell me, baby. What do you want to be the king of? What do you wish to sacrifice your world to become the ruler of?”

The Nightmare Lord asked, and Illysia, sitting on the throne, moved her lips and answered. un

“Oh my, how lovely!”

At those words, the Nightmare Lord smiled and handed over the blood-red apple he was holding in his hand.

[The Witch Lord is newly seated in the monarch’s seat!]

A message appeared.

At the same time, the throne where she was sitting and the area around the spire began to shake, swept by a storm of indescribable power.


[“I just want to announce the end of this puppet ball.”] [The

Witch Lord secretly whispers to the player Kang Yu-seong.]

[“~With the hero.”]

The Witch Lord Illysia whispered.

Holding in my hand a red apple, stained as red as blood.

That was the last scene that Yoosung and the members of the National Intelligence Service remembered from the throne at the end.

[The Witch and Walpurgis Tower (???Tier) will disappear!]

A message came to mind. When I looked up, I suddenly found myself in a bar in Moscow.

Master Park, Yoo Seong’s fire chicken chef, and players from the assassination department directly under the National Intelligence Service were all there, unscathed and unharmed.

And the mozzarella cheese from the Buldak placed on the table was still steaming and melting.

The disappearance of the tower. It was neither a strategy nor a failure; it literally disappeared.

That’s why Yooseong remained silent while reflecting on the events that happened there.

“I came back safely…”

After silence, Isia spoke. The rest of the Assassination Department players also sat down helplessly, recalling what they had seen and experienced at the Throne Spire.

“What on earth happened…?”

That’s why one of the players in the assassination department asked. My voice was shaking. I was overwhelmed by the scenery of the world of transcendents that is far beyond human understanding.

“How do I know that, you bastard?”

Master Park shrugged his shoulders as if it were someone else’s business.

Looking at that scene, Yoosung thought inadvertently.

The world of transcendents?

No way.

Syria, the Lord of the Desert, remembered what she looked like when she was a princess. The same was true for Saint Illisia.

Transcendent people who look down on this world and mock it. That’s what I thought. It wasn’t. What was there was not the transcendent or anything else. Didn’t you see them trembling in fear right in front of the Sword Lord?

Moreover, I witnessed the identity of one of the seven great princes who assist the overlord at the top of the spire.

The Heavenly Demon’s Sword removes her robe and darkness, revealing her true self beneath. Is it really an evil spirit that is far beyond our understanding?

It wasn’t.

That’s why I knew.

Nevertheless, one of the players in the Assassination Department was laughing in fear. The throne spire was so overwhelmed by the intimidation they were giving off that they started crying like children or suddenly bursting into laughter.

“…Hmm, from the looks of it, I’m not good at being a player.”

“I hope I can act like a human being properly.”

Looking at that scene, Master Park muttered bitterly.

“Are you all okay? “If you want to write a resignation letter, I won’t stop you, so just write it and run away.”

Master Park spoke, and several players hesitated and showed signs of agitation.

“Oh my, why are you so scared? “Are you afraid that you might get stabbed on the street at night because you know so many truths that cannot be revealed?”

At those words, Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and made a joke, and their expressions turned pale.

“Hey you crazy bastard. “Is there a joke in this situation?”

“no. Everyone was so frozen that I wanted to help them loosen up…

“Yoosung, have you ever heard ‘Ahhhh’?”

At those words, Isia, who had been silent, opened her mouth.

“Was my joke just that lame?”

“Oh, you don’t have to answer. “I just found out.”

There was a brief moment of silence, and that was right then.

“Can you really submit your resignation letter?”

“Oh, of course.”

Master Park shrugged his shoulders at those words, and as soon as he could speak, the players began to rush to clear the workplace.

“Was this such a black company?”

“Honestly, I don’t want to deny it.”

Before we knew it, the two people left there were Master Park and Lee Sia.

“…Should I cancel that resignation letter right now?”

Master Park asked back in bewilderment, and Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“I’m more surprised that the manager and Sia are still fine after seeing that.”

“How should I report this to the top? “It looks like all my hair is falling out already.”

“Now is that algebra? “We need to look at the world a little bigger.”

Yoosung answered those words calmly.


“What guild all of a sudden?”

“No, did you just forget? You told me to set up a guild. what. “I will remain as the CEO of Baji, and the manager and Mr. Sia will have a hard time.”

Yoosung said.

“Did this bastard do something wrong? Are you really

planning to establish a guild?”

“Oh, of course. “I also thought about the guild name.”

“What are you going to do?”

Only then did he remember Master Park and quickly nodded, and Yoosung answered.

“The Hero King and the Beggars.”

I was sure. That the beings at the top of the spire are not heavenly beings that can never be reached.

At the same time, in order to truly reach them, like the Lord of Swords, he cannot do anything about his own inaction.

And Yooseong already had two monarchs who absolutely supported him.

Therefore, in a sense, the King of Heroes is not much different from the Overlord.

Six seasons had passed since the world became a game, and all I wanted to do was protect the world. I didn’t even know why I was doing this without any meaning.

But not anymore.

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