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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 550

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Warlord Returned to Level 2 Episode 550

Dating the Shadow Queen.

what kind of nonsense is this

In response to Seong Ji-han’s reaction, Yoon Se-ah nodded.

“You haven’t dated either?”

“Of course not. Why did such a story come out?”

“The Shadow Queen said so. My uncle and I were like one body and we were lovers.”

“You sound like a lover.”

There was no case like that with the Shadow Queen.

“I’d rather understand what you said about being like one body. The Shadow Queen served as my sword for a long time.”

“Ah… that shadow sword? So you confidently said that you were one body.”

“But what kind of lover are you talking about?”

“Ah… when mankind became a colony of the World Tree Alliance. The queen was also caught trying to escape.”

The Shadow Queen who was active on Earth.

It was only natural for her to be captured by the World Tree Alliance.

“But before he was taken away, he appealed to be spared, saying that he had a relationship with his uncle.”

“okay? That’s kind of ugly.”

“Well, maybe it’s because you won’t be safe if you’re taken away this time, but… Anyway, I didn’t believe in the World Tree Alliance at first. What evidence did the Shadow Queen bring in that said she believed it?”

At first, Seong Ji-han wanted to lie to live.

His eyebrows twitched at the evidence story.

“evidence? Is there anything like that?”

“It is. So when I went to look for my uncle, he was released and active.”

“Were you active on Earth? But why did you go to the dump?”

I hope the World Tree Union acknowledges that she is Seong Ji-han’s lover and keeps her alive.

Aren’t you supposed to stay here?

The answer to Sung Ji-han’s question.

“By business failure.”

It was Sung Ji-ah who came out of the room.

“…business failure?”

“uh. You took out a loan from the Queen’s coalition and ran the broadcasting business. I ate it.”

At those words, Sung Ji-han remembered the broadcast the Shadow Queen had tried before.

Well, I think I almost went bankrupt while buying broadcasting rights, so I invested instead.

‘As expected, it didn’t last long.’

I thought I would stop eating it when I saw it before.

That’s how it turned out in reality.

“I thought it was going to fail when I saw it….”

“Ah, but the reason it failed wasn’t because I couldn’t manage it. The World Tree Federation Government General has banned the viewing of the Queen’s Channel.”


“Yes, I run a broadcasting station, but what business will it be if viewing is banned? I couldn’t even pay the interest and was taken away.”

The Government General banned viewing broadcasts.

If that’s the case, it’s no different than just dragging it by force.

“After that, I didn’t hear from you, so I wondered where he was… It looks like he’s working at a garbage dump.”

Shinsenga disassembles the chimera now that it is shameful to have endured while claiming to be Sung Ji-han’s lover.

‘There are some self-employed aspects.’

It’s like the fact that I survived while making an excuse for being a lover.

After learning that he was taken away because he couldn’t pay his debts, his desire to save the Shadow Queen weakened a bit.


“I’ll have to get it out of there first.”

“Can you help me?”

“uh. I wonder what kind of ‘evidence’ they put forward that led them to believe it.”

“ah. That’s what I was curious about too. What did you show that the World Tree Federation recognized it for?…” “

My mother also asked me several times, but she never told me.”

The ‘evidence’ recognized by the World Tree Federation.

Seong Ji-han wanted to find out what it was while rescuing her.

“Then I’ll go.”



Seong Ji-han opened a portal to the coordinates of the garbage dump he obtained the other day.

* * *

Garbage dump.

Contrary to its name, it’s a dirt-colored wasteland, but in this stretched out land.

As the Chimera fell from the sky, the void mixed with shadow energy spread like poison gas, erasing them.

‘Well, I don’t have to wait.’


immersed in fire.

Seong Ji-han, who entered the red manager mode, looked at the earth from the sky.

I was busy moving around to live with Kim Ji-hoon’s body.

As the manager in red, there was no need for that.


Let him set foot on the ground.


Red flames spread out in all directions.

“Ughhhh… what is this?!”

“Wasn’t this map like this?”

“It’s before the Chimera comes out yet…!”

I wonder if there are players who are playing the survival map Garbage Dump.

Although there were not a few people who were completely burned while wandering around in the sudden fire.

‘They’re really unlucky.’

what can i do

It’s just that the level goes down a bit.

Sung Ji-han entered the ground while incidentally burning the players like that.

Then, for a long time, I dug into the soil day and night.

After entering for a while, I saw a solid metal wall under the ground.

‘Oh, it doesn’t pierce right away.’

The first red manager to be blocked from advancing by a wall.

However, the resistance did not last that long.

thud. thud…!

Seong Ji-han stepped on it a few times, and the wall quickly collapsed.

He was able to enter the inside of the dump.

‘Is this also a kind of laboratory?’

A space similar to the laboratory where Gilgamesh’s fragments were recovered in the past.

The only difference was that purple voids flowed here and there.


“The manager in red…”

“How did you get here!”

Unlike the old place where the high elves were in charge of experiments.

A high elf was participating as a research team here.

‘They’re experimenting with what kind of senate.’

Even the highest-ranking members of the World Tree Federation are doing research on the floor of a garbage dump.

As expected, these guys are ruthless except for Yggdrasil.

Sung Ji-han thought so and extended a finger to them.



The high elves burst into flames.


“The replay… can’t keep up…”

It didn’t end at once like the high elves.

Still, the high elves couldn’t stand the manager’s fire for long.

Seong Ji-han, who burned the two high elves like that.

that buck that buck

set out to explore.

‘It’s quite spacious here.’

It’s definitely a different size from the lab I robbed last time.

Unlike the test tubes in the previous laboratory that contained life forms, the energy of the void was strongly condensed here.

It’s a void-related laboratory, so high elves are involved.

Seong Ji-han looked around the lab for a while and thought.

‘If I keep looking at this, time will be delayed and they will run away with the Shadow Queen.’

Anyway, if you look at the lab, there’s nothing to see except for the compressed void.

Let him speed up faster.

Chii profit…!

The inside of the laboratory was a total mayhem due to the flames attached to his body.

Especially as the test tube melts and the void spreads out.

As the energy of fire and void mixed, the inside of the laboratory was turning into an environment in which life could not live.


[Area A-21 void storage destroyed. Unrecoverable.]

[Destroy Void Storage Area A-45. Unrecoverable.]

In the center of the laboratory.

About 10 high-elf researchers gathered and watched the messages that kept popping up.

“The Void Receptacle… It’s not particularly moving to destroy it, but it’s all breaking.”

“It is a flame containing the manager’s power. No matter how hard the coffin that holds the void is, it cannot withstand it.”

“So the request for salvation…”

“I did it immediately after the invasion. However, it is said that it takes about 5 minutes to organize the Blue Knights.”

“Five minutes… Will it be possible to defend within that time?”


At that, everyone looked at the screen in silence.

A red manager approaching at high speed while setting everything on fire.

No matter how high elf, in a situation without a blue sword.

It was just ashes.

“But why did the manager in red invade this place without a world capital?”

“well. Are you aiming for the Shadow Queen?”

“Looking at just popping the void storage. That’s the only thing I’m aiming for here, but…”


While doing so, the high elf looked at the large test tube in the center of the laboratory.

In a place filled with black liquid, the Shadow Queen floated with her eyes closed.

“Come to think of it, I heard that the body the manager in red is wearing belongs to the manager in blue…”

“Are you trying to save the lover in blue?”

“well. The enemy has taken Qing’s body, so why is it necessary to save it?”

“Maybe they’re trying to burn it down for sure.”

In fact, because the red manager had no reason to save the blue lover.

The high elves couldn’t quite figure out why he was suddenly behaving like that.


“Hmm… Come to think of it, I heard that the blue knights change their faces.”

“Are you changing your face?”

“Is the manager in blue completely subdued? Or to find out if there’s a gap… They say they change all the blue knights with the faces of their nephews.”

“Would that… work?”

“well. Aren’t you going to do something?”

“Um… Then why don’t we try it too?”

Then, a high elf researcher pointed at the Shadow Queen.

“Won’t you be more agitated by your lover’s face than by your nephew?”

“Let’s pretend to be the Shadow Queen, is this?”

“It’s just waiting for the Blue Knights to be dispatched. Won’t you die anyway?”

“her. Still, to think that our elder had to transform into something like a shadow elf…”

“It’s still better than dying.”


Then, let the researcher who first spoke transform his appearance like the Shadow Queen.

“okay. I’ll do anything to keep Red’s paws tied even a little bit.”

“Everyone, transform into the form of the Shadow Queen.”

The other high elves also began imitating the Shadow Queen one by one.

That’s how a total of 10 people changed just like the Shadow Queen.

“You have to make sure you do it. Take off the void disposal site too.”


I took off my half mask and reverse summoned it.

Then, in the form of the Shadow Queen, ten shadow elves stood side by side in the center of the laboratory.

“her. Shadow Elfani. It’s something to live for a long time to see…”

“But will the manager in red really be upset if he only imitates his appearance?”

“Well… even if you stop for a moment, can’t you see that there is a gap for the blue color to move?”

“I will transmit the current situation to the Battle Tube for now.”

If the manager in red even hesitates.

Because it can be the basis that Seong Ji-han’s body is not 100% controlled.

They waited while turning on the battle tube.


Cheehee Iik…!

In no time at all, the central lab melted down.

The manager in red appeared.

‘…what. Why is everyone pretending to be the Shadow Queen?’

Seong Ji-han was taken aback at first.

‘Are you impersonating the Shadow Queen as well as taking Ah Se-ah’s face?’

I quickly figured out their intentions.

‘Looking at him in the form of the Shadow Queen, he must be convinced that he is my lover.’

What the hell did you put up as evidence that made them so sure?

Seong Ji-han thought so inwardly.


I snapped my finger once.



Shadow Elves burning all at once.


“Are you also agitated…?”

“It burns too quickly for that to happen…”

“But judging from the speed the manager in red has shown so far, it must have stopped for a moment…!”

“…That’s right. Report this quickly!”

Even while they’re on fire.

Seeing that the manager in red delayed the attack for a while, he was quickly reporting this to headquarters.

Is it because catching this information is more important than burning themselves?

‘There are no people who are afraid of dying.’

After all, they are jingling bastards.

After Seong Ji-han burned 10 high elves all at once.

I approached the test tube containing the Shadow Queen.

‘Why does he seem to be treated better than when he was first rescued?’

I think the situation was harsher when we brought her out of the coalition in the past.

Right now, the Shadow Queen is quietly stored in a test tube.

Could this be because she was certified by the World Tree Federation as ‘Seong Ji-han’s lover’?

‘I’m going to have to ask myself what the heck he paid as evidence.’

Sung Ji-han thinks so.


The Shadow Queen burst the stored test tube and took her out.

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Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Martial God Regressed to Level 2

2레벨로 회귀한 무신, The God of War Who Regressed Level 2, The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[NO. 4212. ‘Humanity’ was defeated in the relegation war.] [The obliteration of mankind begins.] After the last survivors on Earth failed the final mission and perished, he was given a chance to return to the ‘first entry point’ before the world was doomed to end. -I, Sejin Yoon, have decided to live as a Japanese from this point forward! –From now on, please call me Ryuhei Ito. As soon as he opened his eyes, the first thing he heard was the news of his brother-in-law’s betrayal, the “current king of swords” in Korea. “…that’s it, I’ll take care of this bastard first!” Watch the relentless steps of the Korean martial artist, Seong Ji-han, who will save the future from destruction and achieve peace with his thorough planning for a thorough revenge! [MTL]


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