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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 163

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Episode 163

: Roar!

A huge fire rose up.

As I ran down the steep mountain path, I drew a faint smile on my face.

[Perhaps a few members of the film corps can break through the Cheonnaji net and escape.]

[Is that possible? There were so many people gathered.]

[It wouldn’t be completely impossible. The warriors that made up the siege network were only numerous in number, but their individual level was not that high. Moreover, they are in a competitive position with each other. To put it bluntly, they are nothing more than a ragtag group.]


[On the other hand, at the Young Music University, the level of each and every member is high. The two great masters are capable of rivaling those of the Baekdae masters.]

[I understand what you are worried about.] [

If there are members of the Yeongeum unit who have succeeded in escaping, please use Damsohyeop’s defense to hold them back.] [

It is not as easy as it sounds. It seems like it. Do you mean to say that they know where they will run to and prepare a camp in advance?]

[Isn’t it possible to make a rough analogy? In order for the surviving Yeumdae members to return to their religion, they had no choice but to head north. If we cooperate with the warriors who have formed a siege network, it will not be difficult to figure out their approximate location.] […….] [


each martial force is in a competitive position, they are not cooperating even with us. It won’t. Because this is the one paying the money.]

[I understand. If you set up a formation for each expected escape route like you did when you caught the assassin, it wouldn’t be impossible to catch them.] [I’ll give you

time to set up a formation.]

[I’ll tell you in advance, we can’t make a very great formation. I did secure a certain amount of castings by asking the Cheonikbangdos, but it was all just a yawn.]

[It’s okay. All you have to do is literally tie the movements together. I will finish the finishing touches myself.]

[If possible, it would be better to set up a five-line formation rather than a labyrinth formation or a fantasy formation. It will be easier to see that way.]

[I will ask our manager and a female senior to escort us in case of any unexpected situation. If you have two supreme masters as your escorts, you won’t have to worry about your personal safety.]

[That’s reassuring.]

“I’ll go first.”

I asked for understanding from the group following behind me and then increased my running speed.

As I spread the ghost beam to the extreme, the distance between me and the people behind me quickly widened.

‘There is.’

In less than half an hour, we were able to reach an open space surrounded by a wall of fire.

I kicked the ground hard, jumped, and focused my brain energy into the empty space beneath my feet.

Absolutely! Quick!

The brain energy gathered together and formed a small white sphere.

As I kicked off the sphere and entered the inside of Jin, a sharp metallic sound pierced my ears.

Kaang! Let’s go!

Tang Seo-yeon, Yeo So-ok, and Damun were engaged in a fierce battle with the Yeumdae members.

I silently approached the nearest member of the film crew and hit him on the back of the neck with the back of the knife.


Letting out a suppressed groan, he took possession of the demonic blood of the member of the Youngeum team who was destroying Shinhyeong, and then immediately rushed towards the next target.

With a perplexed expression, he grabbed the arm of the member of the Youngeumdae who was swinging the dagger in his hand, broke it, and kicked him mercilessly in the abdomen.


The sensation of my ribs being broken spread through my toes.

A member of the film crew screamed and was thrown away, rolling around on the ground in an awkward manner.


The short-talented Lord Yeongeum, who was attacking Yeo So-ok with his ghost-like dagger skills, suddenly extended his hand to me.

The thin see-through protruding from the inside of the sleeve was aimed at my uvula.

Instead of avoiding it, I rushed at it.

The reflection was blocked by a small membrane of brain energy formed in the air and fell helplessly to the ground.


Tang Seo-yeon, who was looking for an opportunity, drove a sword into the back of Yeongeum Dae-ju.

The Lord Yeongeum’s eyes widened wide.

I didn’t miss the opportunity and swung my sword and cut off his head.

A fountain of blood spurted from the severed neck.

Damun asked as he looked at the body of Lord Yeongeum lying helplessly on the ground.

“Aren’t you going to capture me alive? “I don’t think it would be a bad idea to interrogate him and get information.”

“It has no meaning.”


In Demonicism, there is an object called suffering.

Although it was described as an object, to be exact, it was a type of insect that lives inside the body of a living creature.

Master Ma planted a curse on the heads of several believers who knew important secrets of the religion.

The characteristic of this bug is that it normally stays quiet, but in response to certain situations, it emits a very small amount of secretion.

For example, when more pain than allowed is inflicted on the host’s body.

Or when the host’s mind has collapsed due to drugs or poison.

‘There is no point in torturing those who have suffering planted in their minds. ‘You either become an idiot or die before you can extract the information.’

A person of the caliber of Lord Yeongeum must have had suffering planted in his mind.

Even if we worked hard to capture them alive, there was nothing we could gain.

Of course, the story was different for his subordinates.

Go (蠱) is a precious commodity that even the Demonic Cult can only produce in limited quantities.

As a great lord, it was realistically impossible to impose a ban on ordinary members.

The quality of information that can be obtained may be relatively low, but if you are going to capture it, it is better to aim for the agent rather than the master.

I looked back at the last remaining member of the film crew and said,

“You know best that you have no chance of winning. Drop your weapons and surrender. Then I will guarantee your life.”

“I’m not one to fall for that kind of sugar-coating.”

It was a familiar body and voice.

A Beast Palace warrior who attacked me before and was injured.

He spread his legs wide and bent down, glaring at me like an animal.

“No amount of resistance will change the outcome.”

There were many things I wanted to ask him.

Although they had previously obtained some information by interrogating the members of the Yeumdae captured by Cheonik Bangdo, it could not be compared to hearing it directly from the mouth of the person involved.

“But that doesn’t mean we can beg for our lives from the enemy after being killed in action.”

“A warrior. “Isn’t that revealing your origins too openly?”

“You haven’t guessed it already… Wow!”

In the blink of an eye, I penetrated the gap between my opponent and threw my fist.

The method of heterogeneous rotation.

Before he could react, the man who had been hit on the side stumbled.

I continued to push him without giving him time to adjust his posture.

Soon the man could not withstand the merciless beating and fainted.

After tracing the blood of the fallen man, I took a long breath.

‘It ended cooler than I thought.’

Originally, he wasn’t a person who would be dealt with so easily.

It seemed that his skills had decreased significantly due to injuries and physical exhaustion.

“Is it over already?”

Bangcheoksam, who arrived late, looked around and muttered.

As if answering that question, I looked back at the group and said.

“Thank you all for your hard work.

The herd hunt has ended.

* * *

My group and I stayed at a guesthouse in Shaanxi and rested for a while.

I desperately needed rest after going through quite a bit of hard work.

In particular, there was a need for absolute stability for Seo Ho-seon and Dangga’s three soldiers, who were seriously injured.

“Warrior Seo, please return to the 20,000 branch.”


“Why are you looking at me with such a surprised expression? “I’m not cold-blooded enough to take a patient on a long trip.”

In the end, the four decided to return to Sacheon and take care of their bodies.

After discussing the future schedule with the rest of the group, I left the guesthouse and headed to a nearby restaurant.

Since the contract with Haeulpyoguk was canceled, new envoys had to be hired to escort and handle miscellaneous duties on the way to Anhui.

While walking down the main street, I unexpectedly encountered a familiar face.

I felt glad to see the young Taoist monk running towards me, waving his arms.

“Kite Sohyeop!”

“Long time no see. Cheonwoo Dojo.”

It was Cheonwoo Dojang, a major disciple of the Hwasan Sect and a former disciple of the Plum God Sword.

If you think about it, Shaanxi was the territory of the volcano wave.

There was nothing strange about encountering Cheonwoo Dojang.

“Are you here to see me?”

“exactly. I asked permission from my teacher and went down the mountain for a while just to see his face. Well, I have to go back soon. Oh, I heard the news. “I heard you were in trouble because of the assassins dispatched by the Demonic Cult.”

Dojang Cheonwoo poured out words with a very flushed expression.

I nodded and answered with a tired expression.

“It was a bit of a struggle. “I was able to somehow get rid of it.”

“Now the whole of Shaanxi is abuzz with that story.”

“I guess so. “I spent quite a bit of money to get rid of them all.”

“I’m just asking, how much did it cost?”

“I spent six hundred gold coins.”

“……Six hundred gold coins?”


“It’s such a large amount that I can’t even realize it.”

“It worked out cheaper than I thought. “In particular, it was great to be able to take on two major owners with my own hands.”

“I knew it, but you have enviable wealth. “How many people in the world can say that six hundred gold coins is a cheap price?”

“Dang So-jeo, Dam So-hyeop, and Seo Musa are staying at Paseong Gaekjan. Would you like to go and say hello?”

“Of course you should. But where is the Sohyeop going now?”

“I’m on my way to visit Pyo-guk, who will entrust me with the escort request. “The messengers we had previously hired were sent back when the Yeongeumdae was attacked.”

“Right. “Then let’s walk together and talk.”

Dojang Cheonwoo was next to me and talked non-stop.

It seemed like there were a lot of stories accumulated over that time.

The story was mainly about masters, but I couldn’t help but laugh while listening to it.

“You’ve been through a lot.”

“My head hurts. I’m dying. “I think I know a little bit about how Sohyeop must have felt when he went to Gangho with me.”


“There are times when I feel envious of Sohyeop.”

“What does it mean?”

“Still, the small cooperatives couldn’t beat me up as much as they wanted. “I sometimes wonder how great it would be if I could use violence to discipline people like the Sohyeop.”

As I quietly looked at Cheonwoo Dojang sighing deeply, I ended up bursting out laughing.

I tried to hold back, but I just couldn’t.

I never thought something like that would come out of the mouth of Cheonwoo Dojang.

“Don’t laugh too much. “It’s a serious problem from my perspective.”

A bitter smile appeared on the corner of Cheonwoo Dojang’s mouth.

After entrusting the escort request to Pyo Guk, I returned to the guesthouse and chatted with Dojang Cheonwoo.

Seo-yeon Tang found Cheon-woo’s seal and spoke with a happy expression.

“Long time no see. Cheonwoo Dojo.”

“……Infinite Buddha.”

Dojang Cheonwoo’s shoulders stiffened.

He asked Tang Seo-yeon in a cautious voice.

“Excuse me, but do you know me?”

“This is Tang Seo-yeon. “I used to go to Gangho with the dojang before.”


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