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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 3

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Episode 3

It was a scene in my memory.

I had forgotten about it, but when the situation arose, the situation was pictured in my mind like a thread unraveling.

‘I heard there was a dispute in the village where we stopped to supply supplies.’

I also remembered the story I heard on the convoy carriage.

[So I grabbed him by the collar and said this. Hey, you little bastard with no blood on your head! Did you think I would be scared if you said that?]


[The expression on his face was very scary. It was so funny how he rolled his eyes like a rat. Anyway, it’s just people who have nothing to brag about.]

[Haha! That’s a masterpiece!]

Apparently, the young man at the front, holding his sword out and looking triumphant, was ‘a young bastard with not even a drop of blood on his head.’

A truly golden opportunity has arrived.

I slowly got up with a very embarrassed expression on my face.

“Spread out!”

Did they decide that fighting while confined in a small space would be at a disadvantage?

The men seemed to exchange glances with each other, and at the same time they launched new weapons to both sides.


The wall made of wooden boards broke and fragments flew everywhere.

‘The road has been opened.’

As I leaned my back against the still intact wall and observed the situation, I internally exclaimed with joy.

One of the men looked back at me and growled before heading outside.

“I’m telling you this out of anger, but it would be best not to even think about taking advantage of this opportunity to run away.”

In my past life, I couldn’t move because I was afraid of this warning.

Even if you had the courage to run away, you would most likely be caught again.

I stared at the back of the man walking away and drew a smile on my lips.

I had no intention of following the same path as my previous life.

“Since when did you follow me… No, it’s Woomun. “It was two days ago that I stopped by a nearby village for supplies, so they must have been following me since then.”

“It is time to pay for your sins. “Foolish boat.”

“crime? “What crime?”

“The crime of recklessly failing to recognize the direct blood relatives of the great Cheonhyang family!”


“You’re not going to say you don’t know, are you?”

“I’m not smart enough to remember all the martial arts families that are located in every corner of the countryside.”

“How dare you ignore your family!”

“It just so happened. “I already needed someone to vent my anger to.”

I took a slow step and picked up the gourd on the floor.

It was the object that the scarred man had been hugging with affection just moments ago.

It wasn’t difficult to guess what the contents might be.

‘It smells good.’

I didn’t know much about alcohol, but I was sure it wasn’t the cheap liquor sold in taverns for two coins.

The smile on my face became even deeper.

“That guy, that one!”

“Don’t just stay there!”

I heard threats telling me not to touch him or that he would kill me if he moved any further, but I ignored them.

It wouldn’t have been a situation where he had enough time to pay attention to me.

The total number of enemies that attacked the safe house was eleven.

The numerical superiority was out there.

‘At least it will give me time to escape.’


The noise of metal colliding was loud.

As soon as the fight started, I threw myself into the broken wall.

* * *

“Huh! omg!”

Perhaps because my body was so weak, it didn’t take long before I was out of breath.

Naturally, my body lost strength and my speed decreased.

‘I’ll catch up with you soon.’

A fight between eleven and six.

At first glance, it seemed like the numerically superior group of late indexers had an advantage, but in reality, it was the opposite.

Because their opponents are not wandering slave traders but warriors of the Demonic Cult.

According to my memories from my past life, it wouldn’t have taken a single moment for them to be completely annihilated.

‘It’s not like the situation will be overturned just because I get in the way.’

What can a child who hasn’t even learned martial arts for half a second to do in a situation like this?

The reality was that it was not possible to even run away, let alone fight.

Even if you run away with all your might, you have a higher chance of being caught again.

Fortunately, since he had memories of his past life, he saw great potential.

I had learned the knowledge of mountain paths and how to avoid tracking them ad nauseam in my previous life.

But knowledge is ultimately just knowledge.

It was meaningless if the body didn’t follow suit.

When an adult male who has learned martial arts decides to start a chase, the distance he worked hard to gain is reduced in an instant.


As I was scanning the ground, my eyes lit up when I found what I was looking for.

A plant that grows naturally in shady stony fields under rocks.

It was about one foot long, and the tooth-like leaves were about half a foot long.

‘Cheonnamseong (天南星).’

I rushed over immediately and harvested the entire bulb.

My hands were covered in dirt, but I didn’t care.

After rolling down the mountainside a few times, my whole body was covered in dust.

It’s time to get your hands a little dirty.

‘Are there any more?’

I hope you run down the sloping road while holding on to the stem with your left hand.

As soon as I found the purple flower, I knelt down on the flat bottom and dug out the roots.

As I continued to dig into the ground with my bare hands, my skin was torn and bleeding.

Perhaps because I was so excited, I didn’t feel any pain.

‘Cho (草烏)!’

This is why I like mountains with few people.

Because there are so many useful materials out there that it hurts your feet.

After collecting a few more plants, he tore off only the parts he needed, placed them all at once on a rock, and hit them with stones.

I repeated the act of slashing until a sweet smell came out of my mouth, and the juice started dripping down the surface of the rock.

I immediately put the spout of the gourd and filled it.

There was a lot more seeping into the bottom than what was in the bottle, but I didn’t care.

I closed the mouth with a stopper and shook the bottle to mix the contents.

‘I guess this is enough.’

After completing all work.

I opened the cap again and smelled the scent.

Perhaps because it is a liquor with a strong original scent, it was pleasant even though it was mixed with foreign substances.


This completes the preparation.

To prepare for any unexpected situation, I erased my traces and ran down the mountainside, breathing heavily.

“I found you, you rat.”

Not long after, the scarred man suddenly appeared before my eyes.

I took a step back, putting on a very embarrassed expression.

“Now wait a minute!”

“Wait a minute!”


The scarred man frowned.

He spoke in a low voice, staring at the gourd held high as if he was about to throw it.

“Throw it.”


“If you throw that, you will be beaten to death right here by me.”

“… … .”

“It’s not a joke, so think carefully. “Why risk your life when you’ll end up getting beaten up a few times if you’re caught?”

While I was unable to do either this or that, a man with scars approached me with great strides and thrust his head in as if he was growling.

My expression naturally became distorted due to the bad breath.

The man must have thought that I was scared and grabbed my wrist and laughed.

“Repeat that you are dead now. Damn you kid.”

* * *

The gourd was taken away, and it was carried to the safe house, stuck in the side of the scarred man.

The scarred man glared at me, who was thrown like trash in the corner, and headed outside to gather his scattered colleagues to track him down.

The men who remained to repair the broken wall glared at me with sparkling eyes.


I laid down on the floor with the mindset that whatever would happen would happen.

It was said that true people do great heavenly life.

We made our own plans and prepared, but only heaven knows whether we will succeed or not.

As I turned my head, the sight of two women whose bodies were stiff due to the suppression of demonic blood came into view.

He seemed to have an outstanding appearance, so I could understand why he was saved and subdued.

‘At best, it will be used as a plaything for one night and then thrown away.’

When I turned my head to the other side, I saw a hole in the wall that had been somehow blocked by adding wood from a nearby area.

It was very crude, but it seemed like if I could make a good bonfire, I could avoid the cold.

‘At least I won’t freeze to death.’

About half an hour has passed.

The scarred man who appeared with his colleagues squatted down in front of me and said.

“Now let’s get it right.”


Puff puff! puck! Puff!

A brutal beating came.

I curled up like a slug, protecting my head, but even so, I couldn’t bear the pain.

A whimpering moan naturally flowed out.

“He’s more toxic than he looks.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t scream even after being beaten like that.”

“Let’s do it in moderation. It would be a problem if the product was damaged before delivery. “That should have been enough warning.”

“Tsk! Try this one more time. “At that time, I’m just going to turn it into a piece of minced meat, no matter what.”

The scarred man’s spit flowed down his cheek.

A thousand dollars rose from deep within my heart.

If I had the strength, if it were me in my past life, I would have chopped these guys up with one sword.

Because they have no power, they are exposed to such unreasonable violence and are humiliated.

‘But they still haven’t arrested me. ‘Isn’t it funny that I only ran away once?’

There is nothing more annoying than tying up someone else’s limbs and restraining them.

Restraining the animal itself is not very difficult, but it is cumbersome because you have to take care of each meal and toilet.

Moreover, the opponent is a helpless child.

Since it can be easily suppressed as soon as it resists, it is inevitable that you will let your guard down.

It is much easier to tame a person with harsh words, moderate threats, and violence than to provide assistance one by one.

‘It’s impossible to even get a point there.’

If you carelessly apply blood to an immature child, he or she may die or become disabled.

This is because in many cases, necrosis occurs because the blood becomes clogged.

‘You said that time was running out and that there wasn’t much time left until the delivery date.’

A situation where one child is missing.

They also probably wanted to take me away alive, if possible.

Knowing that, I was able to decide to run away even though I knew there was a high possibility of being caught again.

“Anyway, shouldn’t we tie him up so he can’t escape again?”

“They said they lost their rope.”

“What happened?”

“They said that during the fight earlier, Manseok picked it up and threw it because he was in a hurry. “When I looked it up later, I found that the strands were broken and I couldn’t use it.”

“Anyway, if he doesn’t cause trouble even for a day, thorns grow in his mouth. Anyway, are you planning on leaving it like that? Go somewhere and get some vines and tie them together…”

“Vines? Would you like to go and collect it?”

“On second thought, I think it would be okay to leave it loose for a day. If my thing ran away, it would be a flea. “We will be taking turns anyway.”

…It seems it wasn’t just because it was annoying.

I thought that only the scarred man did things that were more exaggerated than the others, but I never thought that the true story was hidden.

In hindsight, it was the Scar man who delayed the delivery date and made the delivery date tight, and it was also the Scar man who caused friction with the nearby late-stage companies.

‘There’s no such thing as trouble.’

The back of a scarred man whistling, pretending not to hear, came into view.

In a past life, my first brother-in-law once said something like that.

It is said that when five people gather together, one of them is bound to have trash in the mix.

It couldn’t be anything other than extremely relatable words.

‘Of course, it’s not a bad thing from my perspective.’

Thanks to this, I felt like things would be much easier afterward.


The men, who had finished repairing the broken walls and burying the bodies, lit a fire and hung up a pot to finish the meal they had not finished.

The men finished the freshly cooked porridge in an instant and shared a drink to soothe their appetites.

A strong alcoholic scent filled the room.

The scarred man, whose bottle of alcohol was taken away by force due to pressure from his colleagues, looked like he had chewed shit, but no one paid any attention to it.

After finishing the meal, the men patted their bellies with a satisfied expression.


The scarred man clutched his chest and let out a groan.

His already bloody face was distorted like a vicious murderer.

Veins bulged on his red-hot forehead.

“What? Why is it like that?”

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

The men who looked puzzled as they did not know what was happening also responded one after another.

Some people fell to the floor and let out screams, while others urgently sat cross-legged and concentrated on the exercise.


I let out a sigh of relief and got up from my seat.

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