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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 31

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Episode 31

‘It’s so tasteless.’

I suddenly frowned.

Even though it was a Shaolin temple’s secret elixir, it was ultimately a sweet pill made with medicinal herbs as its main ingredient.

The moment you put it in your mouth, nothing unrealistic happened, such as instantly melting or refreshing energy spreading out.

It had a bitter taste so intense that it paralyzed my mouth, the texture was thick, and above all, it filled my mouth with a strong medicinal scent that made me want to plug my nose.

‘But it’s still good!’

I chewed the sweet pill with my mouth tightly closed, fearing that my spiritual energy might leak out.

After pouring everything in my mouth down my throat, I sat cross-legged and closed my eyes.

Before long, a hot energy rose up from my stomach.

The energy that was circulating in the bloodstream according to the White Lightning Divine Technique did not miss it and began to greedily absorb it and increase its size.

‘This is the beginning.’

As time passed, there was a change in the nature of the spiritual energy flowing through the bloodstream.

The sensation of the energy circulating in the bloodstream being guided by the flow gradually being assimilated and mixed into the inner energy.

To suppress my uncontrollable excitement, I repeated the phrase ‘calm’ countless times in my mind.

‘Let’s not rush. Slowly and steadily.’

It was a process of gaining more strength at once than I currently have.

We must not let down our guard until the end.

If I made a mistake in my excitement and wasted my energy in vain, I would regret it forever.

‘Not a single bit of energy is wasted.’

In my previous life, the number of elixirs given to me by the Demon Cultist was six.

My experience in absorbing spiritual energy was overwhelming.

As long as there was no external interference, there was no reason to experience difficulty in digesting the elixir.

‘Who can interfere? Dokgo Woojin, an absolute expert, must be protecting the law.’

I drew a faint smile on my lips.

This could be said to be a blessed training environment.

It was a luxury I could not even dream of during my days in Jamma-dong.

‘Anyway, it’s amazing.’

As I was concentrating on fortune-telling and forgetting about time, I was inwardly amazed.

Once again, I was able to realize the fraudulent supernormal abilities of Baekrei Shingong.

Perhaps because of the heavy nature of my inner energy, it was much easier to suppress and control the spiritual energy that was trying to disperse without permission compared to my previous life.

Moreover, the blood vessels that had become tough and strong through training over the past two years were able to withstand the energy flowing like a waterfall without flinching.

‘If you look at the theory alone, it was said that it was the best defense method in the midfield.’

Although it was difficult to achieve great success, it was an undeniable fact that White Thunder Godkong was an unrivaled martial art.

Except for the fact that it was less efficient at accumulating internal energy, it was superior in every way to the half-hearted Heavenly Demon Heart Attack that I had learned in my previous life.

‘Should I just pierce the Imdokmaek (任督脈) at this point?’

Although the absolute amount of internal strength is still insufficient, I felt that it might be possible.

Commonly, the blood path leading to the air sea, Jungwan, Danjung, Cheondol, Injung, and Indang is called Immaek and Baekhoe Okchim. (玉枕) Amun (啞文) Juju (大椎) Shindo (神道) Cheokjung (脊中) Myeongmun (明門) Jangggang (長强) The blood path leading to the perineum is called Dokmaek (督脈).

Sojucheon (小周天) refers to the process in which the energy emanating from the Danjeon circulates through the Imdok Yang Vessel (任督兩脈).

However, the concept of ‘Im Dokmaek’s Tatong’ that martial artists speak of is a little different from what the general public thinks.

‘Wide the narrow road’ rather than ‘clear the blocked road.’

In the first place, if the major blood vessels in the human body are blocked, a person dies.

Isn’t the representative example the jeolmaek (絶脈)?

By widening the path that passes through Danjung (膻中) and Daechu (大椎), which are considered difficult pipes rather than all blood vessels included in the Immaek and Dokmaek, the circulation of internal energy becomes more free.

That was the Tatong of Im Dok-maek that the martial arts people talk about.

Even I, who had pierced all the veins in my body, had not yet been able to penetrate the lymphatic artery.

This was because the absolute amount of internal energy was insufficient.

‘Usually the order is reversed.’

Of course, it was the same even now that I didn’t have a lot of internal power.

However, as the nature of the inner force has changed, its destructive power has also changed significantly from before.

Wouldn’t this be enough to try?

‘First of all, single blood!’

The internal energy that exploded from the lower abdomen violently tore through the blood vessels near the solar plexus.

The process of piercing the lymphatic artery is by no means simple.

As it is a task to forcibly widen the road, it is not only very painful, but if you make even the slightest mistake, you can suffer serious internal injuries.

However, I believed in the blood power that had been strengthened through training and poured out my strength without hesitation.

Focus on one point.

Since the absolute amount of internal strength was insufficient, the game had to be won with instantaneous destructive power.

Tuk! Tootuk!

As the narrow road expanded, a subtle noise was made that only the practitioner could hear.

I frowned at the pain that felt like being stabbed in the chest with an awl.

‘It’s not enough!’

If it doesn’t work once, repeat the same operation two or three times.

I passed through the Immaek and Dokmaek and returned to Danjeon, pushing my inner energy strongly again.


A stronger shock than before hit my body.

My shoulders were shaking uncontrollably.

I thought that if it weren’t for my strengthened blood vessels, I would have suffered quite a few internal injuries.

After repeating the same operation several times, the Danjunghyeol was completely opened.

A small road that could barely accommodate one person was improved and became a large road that could accommodate eight-headed carriages.

‘Next is jujube blood!’

The energy that surged up through the Danjung passed through the perineum and plummeted straight down.

The jujube acupoint, swept away by the waves of angry energy, was forcibly expanded, causing enormous pain.

I gritted my teeth and repeated the same task as before.


In the end, the expansion of the jujube blood was successfully completed.

Immediately, changes began to occur in my body.

Dense cloudy air was expelled through exhalation, and accumulated waste products flowed out through the pores.

A sense of the body evolving to a higher level.

I felt an indescribable joy.

I felt like I could do anything now.

‘At least now I won’t have to suffer internal injuries by going on a rampage.’

A sense of satisfaction that fills my heart.

I enjoyed the lingering feeling and pressed my newly acquired energy into my Danjeon.

* * *

Did you say that happy times pass quickly?

When my son-in-law finished his training and left the practice room, it was already dark.

After thanking Dokgo Woojin for quietly protecting me for a long time, I headed straight to my lodgings.

I wanted to go straight to the training center and check the change in my body’s condition, but I couldn’t because the waste products coming out of my body gave off a bad smell.

First, I planned to wash my body and change my clothes.

‘You’re full of power.’

My body felt so light as if it would fly.

As the total amount of internal energy more than doubled in an instant, the world before my eyes looked different.

It wasn’t a joke or an exaggeration.

In fact, my senses expanded and my senses became more sensitive.


In addition to the ten years of internal power I originally had, the new internal power accumulated over the past two years and the internal power gained by absorbing the spiritual energy of the summoning group were added.

Exactly half a child (甲子).

There was more strength gained through consuming the summoning group than expected.

I felt like I was rewarded for all my hard work.

For a while, I hummed and walked around.

“who are you.”

I asked, looking to the side with narrowed eyes.

There was a sign of being caught in the extended pinnace.

Its presence was so faint that I almost passed by without noticing it.

‘…I can’t believe you didn’t notice until you got this close.’

My senses have become more sensitive than before.

The leader of Hao Mun, whom I met at Hua Yue Lu, had also mastered considerable stealth skills, but nothing compared to the black figure before my eyes right now.

I thought it would be quite difficult for someone with that level of ability to plan and carry out a secret attack.

“I did my best to hide my presence, but I had no idea that my location would be discovered so easily.”

A man in black slowly emerged from the darkness, raising both hands as if to express that he had no hostility.

I placed my hand on the sword and observed the opponent with narrowed eyes.

“Please reveal your identity first. “Don’t come any closer.”

A clingy nocturnal outfit.

A mask covering the face.

Looking at the curves of her body and the pitch of her voice, I thought she was a woman.

“There is no need to be so cautious. “I didn’t come here to cause any harm.”

The masked man said in a laughing voice.

The large eyes revealed above the mask were narrowed.

“That is up to me to decide.”

“I feel a little sad. “I never thought I would even recognize you.”

“Where have we met before?”

“Are you pretending not to know, or do you really not know?”


“You even saw my naked body.”


There was a memory that momentarily passed through my mind.

A voice presumed to be that of a woman dressed appropriately for hiding and following, and even a meaningful final remark.

Given this many clues, it was impossible not to know.


“You noticed.”

“What business did you have for me in Haomun… No, before that. Is there any way to prove that this is the person I know?”

“Do we even need proof?”

“It would be better to be sure.”

“No one but Hao Mun-do would know that you saw me naked in the first place, right?”

“The problem is that there are traitors in the upper echelons of Hao Mun.”

“…Well, you might be wary. But what should I do? “I haven’t thought of any other way to prove my identity.”

The man in black smiled and shrugged his shoulders as if he were in trouble.

I said, pretending to pull the neck of the uniform with my fingers.

“Please lower your clothes slightly.”

“I don’t know what your intention is when you say that.”

“If that is the person in my memory, there will be a dot around there.”

“…He’s quite meticulous.”

The woman, laughing, gently pulled on her night clothes with her index finger.

It was a dark night, but as I strengthened my eyes with inner energy, I could clearly see the spot located above my collarbone.

“Is this enough proof?”

“If possible, I would like to check the scar on his side.”

“There’s nothing you can’t say to a lady. “That’s about it, right?”


“Can we talk now?”

“I’ll listen to it for now.”

“First of all, I want to say thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would still be wandering around the edge of death. “Maybe he’s dead.”

“Say thank you. “You said it so quickly.”

There hasn’t been any contact in the past two years.

I snorted and raised my spirits.

Ignoring people is also a waste of money, isn’t it too much to do?

The masked man scratched his cheek and poured out excuses.

“Please understand. You have a rough guess, right? From internal maintenance to hunting down traitors. What a hectic time Hao Wen’s leadership must have had so far. “I couldn’t move because I was concentrating on my recovery.”

“There is no reason for me to care about the circumstances of that faction.”

“That’s true, but…”

“I’m tired, so please just deliver the business quickly. There’s no way Haomun sent Sojeo just to say thank you.”

“Can’t we move our seats first? This open space feels a bit uncomfortable. “There are many stories to be told.”

“Please talk here.”

“It won’t be a bad story for you either. I need you to give me a little time. “I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Just keep it brief.”

“…It looks like the ugly hair is firmly stuck in it. “But it’s worth it.”

The masked man sighed heavily.

It seemed like they didn’t expect this side to react so coldly.

“I will tell you the most important parts as you wish. Hao Wen hopes to continue our friendly relationship with you.”

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