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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 63

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Episode 63

: The Laughing Demon Lord.

The second disciple of the Demonic Cult.

The culprit who drove me to death in my past life.


I swallowed dry saliva and strengthened the hand holding the sword.

I knew we would meet again someday, but I never thought we would meet like this.

It doesn’t look any different from the last time I saw it.

The moment I made eye contact with the middle-aged man standing quietly with his gray long sleeves waving, I felt goosebumps running down my back.

‘Damn it. ‘I haven’t recovered from my previous life yet.’

As of now, I couldn’t handle the man in front of me.

Sosalmagun is an expert in landscape painting.

He was a skilled person who could easily defeat even the evil devil.

“How about you say something?”

“…Seeing as you speak as if you know me, I guess it’s not really a death sentence.”

There is no way the Sosalma of this life knows me.

The man in front of me was probably an illusion created by Jinbeop.

“You’re quick to notice.”

“Looking at it, it appears to be an illusion created based on my memories, doesn’t it?”

“It’s just as you said.”

Sosalma smiled, showing his teeth.

There was an insidious aura in both his hands.

“I’m glad we met in this way.”

“I’m not happy at all.”

“Your bad luck is my luck. “If you had returned to the state of your previous life, I wouldn’t have been able to handle it.”

“That unpleasant personality hasn’t changed one bit.”

“Isn’t it obvious? As you said a moment ago, I am a being created based on your memories.”

I clicked my tongue and glanced back.

The body that had lost consciousness was still standing there motionless.

There was no life to be found in the eyes that were staring blankly into space.

‘It’s difficult.’

The Sosalma army launched a surprise attack.

A strong force in the shape of a palm flew out and struck the entire area.

I reflexively jumped and dodged it.


After rolling on the floor and straightening my posture, the first thing that caught my eye was the sight of a gray mass of energy attacking the bodies of me and Damun, who were standing in a distance.


Fortunately, the strong energy only passed through the body and did not cause any actual damage.

I breathed a sigh of relief and widened the distance between me and the other person.

This made it clear that the middle-aged man in front of me was an illusion.

Since it is an intangible being, it naturally cannot use physical force.


At that time, a voice penetrated my ear.

I turned my head and looked at the source of the voice.


But nothing existed there.

All that is visible is a hazy fog.

“The executioner may not realize it, but I am here.”

“Damun Sohyeop?”

“Luckily, it looks like your voice reached me. Be strongly aware of my presence. Then you will be able to see and feel it.”

As if a picture was drawn on a blank piece of paper, the shape of Damun appeared in the air where nothing existed.

He said with a sigh.

“I didn’t say that. It would be dangerous. “I never thought it would be this type of strategy.”

“What on earth is this?”

“Look over there.”

I turned my gaze to the direction Damun was pointing and flinched, shaking my shoulders.

A man I had never seen before was standing next to Sosalma.


He was a middle-aged man, holding his back with one hand and an iron wire with the other.

He was gently waving his fan and looking down with vague eyes.

“Who are you?”

“Sama Segaju(司馬世家帻). “My father.”


“Do you understand now?

I was able to understand the situation to some extent.

I wondered why the Sosalma army suddenly appeared here, and it seemed like it was that kind of formation from the beginning.

‘Near enemy.’

My opponent is Sosalma.

Damun’s opponent is Sima Seju.

This damned formation seemed to embody a being that could be called a nemesis based on the intruder’s memories.

I clicked my tongue and asked.

“I think it’s just an illusion anyway, so can’t we just ignore it and pass it by?”

“Probably not. As the execution leader probably noticed, this formation was created with the purpose of inflicting a psychological blow on the intruder.”


“It is possible for us, who are merely mental bodies that have escaped from the physical body, to see, hear, and touch. Do you understand what this means?”

“What happens if we lose to those two?”

“In the worst case, you could turn into an idiot.”

“her… … .”

“They cannot use physical force, but they are beings that can destroy our spirit. “Don’t let your guard down.”

As soon as Damun finished speaking, a gray river flew in.

I immediately grabbed Damun by the back and threw the weapon to the side.

The Sosalma army burst into laughter and rushed at me.

The speed was frighteningly fast.

I immediately threw away the damun and straightened my posture.

The opponent is a high-level expert.

The moment I relaxed, my neck would fly off.


Sosalmagun’s fist flowed down the sword’s face.

When my bare hand touched the blade, an unpleasant noise occurred, as if metal were rubbing against each other.

I gritted my teeth and raised my sword diagonally.

The intention was to tear off the opponent’s armpit like this.

However, Sosalmagun did not take it lightly.

By putting my elbows to my sides, I actually held on to the sword.


He thrust out his right hand, which was throbbing with gray energy.

I quickly shot back with my left hand, which was clenched into a fist.

Absolutely! Quick!

A white electric current was overlaid on a fist filled with energy.


A massive light wave swept across the area.

It was just an illusory wave that had no effect on reality, but at least I could feel it vividly.

When I corrected the floating new model and landed on the ground, Sosalmagun’s outstretched fist was right in front of my nose.

I managed to avoid it by twisting my head, but my cheek was torn and my ears rang with tinnitus.

I took a deep breath and threw out another powerful attack.

The third herbivorous Seungryukken (乘龍拳).

The fist rose diagonally and exploded on Sosalmagun’s lower jaw.


Although it was a turning blow in its own way, the Sosalma army did not seem to be affected much.

Instead, a sharp pain was felt in my hand where I had punched.

‘Strengthen your self-defense!’

It seemed as if a thin film of steel had been wrapped around his chin for a split second to lessen the impact.


The next moment, the strong impact caused my back to bend like a giant prawn.

Sosalma’s knee was stuck in his abdomen.

A new model appeared in the air again.


The sound of wind escaped from the open mouth.


Sosalma-gun released his arm holding the sword, threw his weight on it, and swung his fist strongly.

I couldn’t avoid it because my feet couldn’t touch the floor and my movement was restricted.

When I bent my elbow and stretched out my right arm like a shield, a huge shock immediately hit my body.

I couldn’t even scream and was thrown away, rolling around on the ground.


I managed to straighten my posture and coughed up a bowl of blood.

The world in my field of vision spun for a moment.

In order not to fall, I pressed my feet against the floor.

The sharp pain I felt in my right arm seemed like a cracked bone.

‘I was expecting it, but…’

I knew well about the strength of the Sosalma army.

However, I did not expect that the fight would be this one-sided.

‘shit. ‘I understand all the characteristics of the martial arts I have learned.’

When I think about it, I didn’t even know it was natural.

Because I am a being created based on my memories, not someone else’s.

Even though a high-level warrior knew about this, there was absolutely no answer.

‘Anyway, what kind of person’s illusions are so vivid?’

My shaken vision never recovered.

I cursed and wiped the blood from the corner of my mouth with my sleeve.


Sosalma-kun laughed, shaking his shoulders as if he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He asked, approaching me with steps that were neither fast nor slow.

“How do you feel?”

“It’s very dirty.”

“It’s a pleasant situation. “You will die by my hands again.”

“Speak clearly. “When did I die at the hands of the death penalty?”


“On the contrary, it is the opposite. Didn’t he die by my hand? “The reason I died in my past life was entirely due to the side effects of the magic attack.”

“You just keep talking about a topic that is dying.”

The Sosalma army suddenly kicked off the ground and rushed at them.

Wanting to take as much time as possible with a conversation, I clicked my tongue and sprayed Wolyeonggeom’s sword.

The 19th herbivorous month (播月).

Sword energy spread out in all directions and swept the area.

Sosalma-gun didn’t pay any attention to that and invaded my space and extended his fist.


No matter how much of a fire fighter you are, you cannot avoid injury if you use such ignorant tactics.

It was a blow that clearly revealed the intention to give flesh and take bones.

I put the blade of my sword in the path of my fist and lifted myself off the ground.


The new model flew through the air again.

I endured the rising feeling of nausea and unleashed the Wolyeonggeom’s cutting blades one after another.

April, the twelfth herbivorous month.

The second herbivorous month (殘月).

The illusion of a sword fluttering like a dance struck the front of the Sosalma army, and a sword strike that momentarily disappeared was aimed at his side.

“Do you think this kind of talent will work?”

Sosalmagun exploded with Lion’s Roar and thrust his palms into the air one after another.

Technique of the empty factory.

The illusion was erased and the sword strike was blocked.

Then, shocks were felt all over the body.

I fell to the ground, blood spurting from the seven holes.


As I was lying face down on the ground, breathing heavily, Sosalma-kun pointed his closed fist at me as if he wanted to finish me off.

Through my blurry vision, I could see Sosalma’s tattered clothes.

In the process of narrowing the distance forcibly, he also suffered quite a few injuries.

‘That’s strange.’

I felt a sense of discomfort.

The Sosalma-gun I knew was not such a hot-tempered person.

Rather, it had a cruel personality that drove its prey into a corner and enjoyed its reaction.

What’s more, they tried to hasten the game by using a technique called Yukchamgoldan (肉斬骨斷)?

‘There must be a reason.’

I desperately shook my head.

What made him in such a hurry?

Currently, there was no person in this space who could pose a threat to him.

There was no reason for the Sosalma Army to rush to victory.

‘Am I missing something?’

As I glanced around, the image of Damun struggling against Sima Seju came into view.

I had no idea that he, who looked so precarious as if he would collapse at any moment, would be the one to turn the situation around.

‘What on earth is the second death penalty… I see. I guess it was something like that.’

At that moment, a thought passed through my mind.

With difficulty, I raised my head, met Sosalma-kun’s gaze, and drew a fierce smile on my lips.

The energy inside my body was boiling.

Vitality surged.

‘Why didn’t I think of this earlier?’

The energy amplified by the Pokjam Demonic Attack spread out and encroached on the entire area.

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