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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2905 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2905
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Lan Xun said: “There seems to be something wrong with the fourth floor of the pagoda. Many small worlds are broken, which has some impact on the structure of the pagoda. Uncle Xiao and the others must stabilize the pagoda and wait for everyone to come out of it. Otherwise, once the void is broken, The people inside may be trapped.”

A drop of cold sweat quietly dripped on Yang Kai’s forehead, and he murmured: “How can there be a problem with such a treasure like Five Colors Pagoda?”

Lan Xun looked at the direction of the pagoda, shook his head and said: “I don’t know, I have never encountered such a thing before.”

Yang Kai chuckled dryly: “Then my luck is not very good. I met it the first time I came.”

He didn’t dare to say too much, but fortunately, his current state was not good, so even if his expression was a little strange, he couldn’t attract too much attention.

There was a problem with the fourth floor of the five-color pagoda. Many small worlds were broken, and Yang Kai knew that it was related to him without thinking about it. He used the Mysterious Boundary Bead to swallow the world’s Law in a large number of small worlds in the fourth floor, causing those small worlds to become fragmented, but he did not expect such a consequence.

Fortunately, this consequence does not seem to be irreparable, nor is it too serious.

The two were talking, and a silhouette flashed in front of the entrance of the pagoda, and it was Xiao Chen and Lei Ting who walked out together. The two also entered the fifth floor of the five-color pagoda, but each had a chance. At this moment, You can guess the gains and losses by looking at the faces of the two.

Xiao Chen smiled, full of confidence, and obviously gained some benefits in the fifth floor.

Lei Ting’s face was gloomy and his aura was floating. He seemed to be injured more severely than Yang Kai, and he probably suffered some setbacks.

But for the martial artist, both setbacks and benefits are a part of the growth path that must be experienced. Only those who are not determined will let the setbacks be overthrown and stop moving forward. Highly motivated people can often turn setbacks into motivation to move forward, going further and further.

Xiao Chen and Lei Ting were the last people to come out. After the two showed up, Xiao Yuyang yelled, “Everyone leave this place.”

Many Star Soul Palace disciples got orders and bowed in the direction of the four elders.

Yang Kai, Lan Xun and others also resigned.

Not too far away, Yang Kai suddenly felt a strong wave of power fluctuations from the void. When he turned his head and looked around, he saw a moonlike light coming from somewhere in the Star Soul Palace, in the middle of the five color pagoda body.

This ray of light was not an attack, but another magical effect. After the light, Xiao Yuyang and the others’ expressions were shaken, their magic arts changed, and the five-color pagoda obviously began to stabilize.

Yang Kai’s expression stunned, knowing that the moon-like light was the great emperor’s shot.

Speaking of which, he had also met with the great emperor-level powerhouse in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland, and even fought with it.

Demon Saint Mo Duo is comparable to the existence of the Great Emperor. This is also the first time that Yang Kai has really fought against the Great Emperor. The last time he fought against the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor with Hongchen Great Emperor in the Star Fragments Sea, he just happened to be at the right time. He was playing small role on the side, not really participating. What’s more, at that time the two great emperors could not exert their full strength at all.

But the experience in the illusion is different. Even if it is the illusion, everything is based on reality. In other words, the power that Mo Duo exerts is a real great emperor level.

Yang Kai used all the methods, without hiding, and was still not his opponent. If Mo Duo had not underestimated the enemy in the early stage and gave Yang Kai many opportunities to use secret techniques, and later he was determined to stop the Evergreen Divine Tree, his chance of winning would definitely be less than 30%.

Even so, Yang Kai was helpless. In the end, he could only rely on a shameless method, dragging him to resist the blow of the Great Demon God.

This is an extremely precious memory and also a rare experience. As long as he can absorb and digest the experience of that battle, Yang Kai believes that he will grow one step further.

At this moment, the great emperor’s blow was so mysterious that Yang Kai couldn’t compare it to Mo Duo, but he could feel that Bright Moon Great Emperor was stronger than Mo Duo.

Lan Xun also stopped, turned her head to look at the moonlike light, and suddenly pouted, with an aggrieved expression. She hadn’t seen her father for a long time.

“Junior Sister Lan.” Yang Kai suddenly said, “It’s time to go, and I should say goodbye.”

He destroyed many small worlds on the fourth floor in the five-colored pagoda. Xiao Yuyang and others must be suspicious of him. When Yang Kai walked out just now, the 3rd order Emperor Realm elders had been observing him. But as long as Yang Kai didn’t admit this kind of thing, they couldn’t blame anything, so they let him leave.

But Yang Kai also held the Butterfly Key in his hand. It was the key to the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland, which should have belonged to a secret realm in the Star Soul Palace. If it sounds nice, it’s because of Yang Kai’s chance. If it’s awkward, it’s stealing.

Yang Kai took the people’s things, naturally he didn’t want to keep staying, so as not to be seen by the Star Soul Palace, let alone he still had something to do.

Lan Xun looked at Yang Kai and said in amazement, “Senior Brother Yang is leaving now?”

“Well, I have an appointment with people.”

“But Senior Brother Yang, you seem to be hurt, do you want to rest here for two days before leaving?” Lan Xun said with concern.

Yang Kai smiled and shook his head: “No, the injury is fine, it just needs time to recuperate.”

There is no physical injury, and the injury on the divine soul can not be recovered by rest alone. He has colorful Mild Soul Lotus, and all it takes is time.

“That’s it…” Seeing that he had decided to leave, Lan Xun was inconvenient to make him stay, and smiled: “If this is the case, then junior sister will not keep the senior brother, and the senior brother should be careful.”

Yang Kai said: “Several elders over there…”

Lan Xun smiled slightly: “When they are done, I will tell them.”

“Thank you.” Yang Kai bowed, then turned and flew towards the outside of the Star Soul Palace.

Lan Xun stopped and watched him disappear from her field of vision before leaving. Not far away, Xiao Chen, who had been silently observing, breathed a sigh of relief.

After leaving the Star Soul Palace, Yang Kai recognized the direction and galloped towards the location of Thousand Leaves Sect.

He was not fully healed, so he didn’t fly fast. While rushing, he recalled the scenes of fighting with Mo Duo, deducing many changes in his mind. This journey on the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland gave him a huge harvest. The fight with Mo Duo was only one of them, and most of the things had not had time to digest. It took him some time to sort out the memories in his mind.

In a daze, Yang Kai seemed to have noticed something, he stopped abruptly, and squinted to look forward.

In the void in front of him, a person stands in the air. This person looks young, about twenty years old, with red lips and white teeth. He is handsome, with one hand on his back and one hand on his belly. Unperturbed, this behavior does not match his appearance.

Yang Kai’s expression was extremely serious, because he found that this guy’s aura was erratic, and he couldn’t tell the depth of the other party with his own eyes. Even though his divine soul is injured now, the foundation of powerful divine soul power lies there, and the general Emperor Realm has nowhere to hide in front of him.

But just before, he hadn’t noticed anything, as if this guy suddenly came to him, alerting himself.

In this case, either the opponent’s cultivation level is too much higher than his own, or because of the use of artifact.

Yang Kai looked at the other party, who was also looking at him, with an inscrutable smile on his face.

This smile made Yang Kai feel bad. He frowned and said, “What’s the matter friend?”

The man spoke, spitting out a word that made Yang Kai’s dead souls swear: “Freeze!”

In one word, everything will follow.

Yang Kai’s body suddenly tightened, and inexplicably felt that the space around him was imprisoned, as if a thick rope tied his body, making his body stiff, even moving his fingers was extremely difficult.

Yang Kai was shocked, he didn’t even feel that the other party had any traces of secret technique divine ability. The other party just spit out a word, unexpectedly produced such an effect.

The powerhouses of the 3rd order Emperor Realm can’t do this kind of level. There is only one kind of person in the world who can do this kind of thing.

And here is near the Star Soul Palace, so the identity of the person in front of him has already been revealed.

“You…” Yang Kai was frightened and furious, and he couldn’t imagine that this person would actually intercept him here, and even attacked himself. What is this for? If he wanted to make a move, he had a lot of opportunities when he was in the Star Soul Palace just now, so why did he have to intercept him outside?

What’s more, with his status, what are the benefits of acting secretly in this way? Yang Kai couldn’t understand it, and it was too late to think about it.

As soon as the words were spoken, Yang Kai saw a figure flashed in front oh him, and the youth who was a hundred feet away from him floated in front of him like a ghost, and frightened Yang Kai.

He finally experienced the feeling of those enemies who were frightened by his own Space Divine Ability.

The two were close at hand, the man did not do anything, still with a light smile on his face, quietly looking at Yang Kai.

As they looked at each other, his eyes seemed to have turned into two round moons, bursting out with an amazing light, and under the shroud of this light, everything about Yang Kai was in full view, and all the secrets seem to have nothing to hide, all appear in that person’s eyes.

Yang Kai was furious. Even though he knew who the other party was and did not allow others to spy on his own secrets, he could not move his body and his thoughts did not turn as fast as usual, but he still gave a strong counterattack.

The power of the divine soul was urged wildly, and in the Consciousness Sea, the island transformed by the colorful mild soul lotus spun suddenly, like a spinning top, spinning faster and more violently.

A colorful glow burst out, flooding the entire Consciousness Sea.

Over the Consciousness Sea, there was a moon light blooming, everything that the moon light had passed through was originally revealed, but at this moment, the colorful glow swept in, dispersing the pure and clear moon light bloom.

The man gave a soft sigh, obviously he didn’t expect Yang Kai to have the power to fight back under his own means.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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