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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2915 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2915
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The formation that Gong Yue wanted to set up was really called the Six Directions Dominion Formation, but everyone didn’t know it until Yang Kai spoke it out. The jade slips that Gong Yue handed to them only had the method of formation set up, and there was not much explanation. Everyone only needs to operate the power according to those methods and cooperate with other people. It doesn’t seem to be too complicated.

Everyone believed that the jade slip that Yang Kai got should be the same.

So the question is, how did he know the name of the Six Directions Dominion Formation? And listening to what he meant, this formation must be assisted by six people before it could be deployed.

Everyone turned their heads to look at Gong Yue, but saw that his brows were frowning, with an extremely surprised look.

“Brother Yang is also proficient in formations?” Fang Zhuo looked at Yang Kai with great interest. He felt that this guy was really hidden. He had some research on formations himself, otherwise he would not have been invited by Wu Kuangyi. If there was no Gong Yue, then among the people here, he has the deepest knowledge in the way of formation, and it will depend on his ability to break the ancient restriction.

But even he didn’t know the Six Directions Dominion Formation. This formation was obviously an extremely ancient and remote formation, but he didn’t expect it to be seen through by this Yang Jiu, which made him secretly admire it.

But to his surprise, Yang Kai actually shook his head: “I don’t understand it, I just happen to know this Six Directions Dominion Formation.”

There is only one formation he is proficient in, the Space Law Formation! This is also thanks to Yang Yan’s careful teaching back then, and also because of his space divine ability, otherwise he would be really ignorant of the method of formation.

Fang Zhuo didn’t say much when he heard the words, only thinking that Yang Kai was modest, someone who even knew this kind of unfamiliar formation. Obviously it is impossible to really not understand the way of formation.

“Am I right, Patriarch Gong?” Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at Gong Xie.

Gong Yue’s smile disappeared, and he nodded in a deep voice: “That’s right. What the old man wants to set up is indeed the Six Directions Dominion Formation.”

Although they had already guessed it, when they heard Gong Yue admit it himself. Everyone was still shocked.

“But what does this have to do with the identity of the old man?” Gong Yue asked, “The old man is still me, little brother, did you make a mistake?”

Shen Bingru nodded and said: “Yes, brother Yang, what does this Six Directions Dominion Formation have to do with the identity of the old Patriarch Gong? Although this mistress doesn’t know much about formations, but according to the jade slip record, this Six Directions Dominion Formation is broad and profound. What is rare is that Patriarch Gong can explain it simply and clearly. It is not something ordinary people can do, to let people like this mistress learn it.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, and said in a deep thought, “Well, there is no problem with the identity of Patriarch Gong. The point is not this.”

“Then what’s the point?” Wu Kuangyi asked, he was rather impatient, but Yang Kai’s serious look made him realize that things were not good, and he had to ask more about his own safety.

“Six Directions Dominion Formation.” Yang Kai was talking to other people, but his eyes were fixed on Gong Yue, motionless. “You have already read the contents of the jade slips. You should have some understanding of the principles and structure of this formation. What I want to tell you is that this formation is called Six Directions Dominion Formation. After you join forces to cast the spell, the six people will turn into six poles. As the hub of the formation, Patriarch Gong dominate the center. The longer the formation lasts, the stronger his control over the six of us. Once a certain limit is reached, he can do whatever he wants. No matter how strong I am, I can’t get rid of his shackles.”

After the voice, everyone’s complexion changed drastically, and they turned their eyes to Gong Yue.

If what Yang Kai said is true. That Gong Yue’s move is intriguing. After the arrangement of the Six Directions Dominion Formation, it can actually allow the center to control other people. This is simply unacceptable.

Under the gaze of all eyes, Gong Yue calmly said: “That’s why the old man said before. I want everyone to trust me unconditionally! Only in this way can we combine all our strengths and break the formation.”

Yang Kai hummed: “It’s not the Six Directions Dominion Formation that broke the restriction formation, but another means. You want to do Blood Sacrifice, right?”

“Blood sacrifice?” Wu Kuangyi was startled, although he just heard Yang Kai speak, he stil has cold sweat behind his back.

Yang Kai smiled and said: “I’m afraid Brother Wu doesn’t know. This ancient restriction is simple and easy to crack, but difficult to say. In fact, you only need to put more blood to break it. You didn’t try it when you came here last time. Have you tried this method?”

“Blood?” Wu Kuangyi’s face was pale and shocked: “How much blood does it take?”

“Who knows? Maybe it’s enough to drain our blood.” Yang Kai shrugged, as if talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

Blood sacrifice is not the only way to break the formation, but it is the simplest method, and the blood of ordinary martial artist is not good enough. The stronger the strength, the better the effect. The blood of a few emperor realm is definitely enough.

Wu Kuangyi turned his head to look at Gong Yue, not daring to say a word: “Old Patriarch Gong, is he right?”

Fang Zhuo and Shen Bingru also looked at him, showing a look of questioning. As for Hua Yulu, naturally she had always been on Yang Kai’s side and believed in him. She was the only one who knew Yang Kai’s true identity. As the elder of the Azure Sun Temple, she believed that Yang Kai would not harm her. This had nothing to do with her understanding of Yang Kai, this was the prestige of the Azure Sun Temple.

At this time, everyone understood why Yang Kai doubted Gong Yue’s identity.

Because if Gong Yue is really the former Patriarch of the Gong family, it doesn’t make sense to behave so cruelly, the Heavenly River Valley Gong Family is also a big signboard anyway, and it would be of no benefit to the Gong family if it was broken.

Secretly rejoicing in their heart, fortunately this Yang Jiu has some understanding of the Six Directions Dominion Formation, otherwise they will fall into a trap, but after another thought, how does this Yang Jiu know that the blood sacrifice can break the formation? He said just now that he didn’t understand the formation, but when he talked about this Six Directions Dominion Formation, he was very eloquent, and there were contradictions in his words.

“It turns out that Little Brother Yang is also a fellow man, it’s really rude of me.” Gong Yue looked at Yang Kai with a smile, with a hint of surprise in his eyebrows, but no panic.

This expression entered Yang Kai’s eyes, making him feel uncomfortable, always feeling that he was missing something.

“Old Patriarch Gong, he…what he said it is true?” Wu Kuangyi widened his eyes, “Do you really want to use Blood Sacrifice to break the restriction formation?”

Gong Yue smiled slightly: “It does mean this.”

When the words fell, there was a sudden pop on Gong Yue’s body, as if something was broken.

At the same time, Yang Kai’s expression changed and he finally realized what he had overlooked. He threw out the jade slip he was holding, just when he wanted to remind others, it was too late.

A few noises came out, and the jade slips that had been pinched by the crowd burst to pieces, each turning into a stream of light to entangle the crowd.

Everyone present was in the Emperor Realm, and the reaction was not unpleasant. The moment the jade slip burst into pieces, they had their own counterattacks. But Gong Yue moves faster.

He raised his hand and shot two black lights, one of them turned into a shadow, covering Wu Kuangyi and others, and the other shot towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai hurriedly backed away to avoid it, but found that the more he retreat, the closer the black light was to him. He was caught off guard by the black light, and his vision suddenly changed.

When he returned to his senses, there was a burst of waves in his ears, the surrounding waves were undulating, the sky was cloudless, and the sun was shining.

He unexpectedly came to a vast ocean, without distinguishing left and right, north and south, up and down, and standing alone with the sky high and the sea wide.

“Formation Plate!” Yang Kai’s face suddenly became gloomy.

This is an illusion, Yang Kai can be sure of this, and being able to arrange such a magnificent illusion in an instant, with such a realistic effect, even Gong Yue doesn’t have this skill. The only explanation is the Formation Plate!

This kind of Phantom Formation is sealed in the formation plate, and it is convenient to summon when it is needed. It is convenient and quick. The only drawback is that it cannot be compared with the really hard-worked Phantom Formation, and its power is smaller.

However, the Phantom Formation Plate produced by Gong Yue is of extremely high grade, and it is still possible to trap Yang Kai for a while, especially since Yang Kai is still not fully recovered, and his strength is greatly reduced.

But he believed that as long as he was given enough time, he should be able to find the flaws in this illusion.

The jade slips that recorded the information of the Six Directions Dominion Formation just now are obviously also Formation Plate. Gong Xie is worthy of being an old fox. He obviously has a hand long ago. Even if Yang Kai exposes his conspiracy, he has the ability to subdue others in an instant.

Only Yang Kai woke up early and threw the jade slip out, but he still couldn’t avoid the fate of being trapped.

Now Hua Yulu and others must have fallen into Gong Yue’s formation, and as a formation master, and even the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm, Gong Yue can exert power in his own formation. Absolutely comparable to the 3rd order Emperor Realm.

In other words, even if Hua Yulu and others joined forces, they would be no match for him.

Yang Kai must hurry to help.

But he obviously didn’t have this opportunity.

Above the sea, a figure flashed and Yang Tai appeared strangely. He stared at Yang Kai with a sullen expression. He was no longer amiable. His parents seems to have been murder and his wife seems to be seized by Yang Kai. His eyes were full of resentment and vengeance.

“You really are an accomplice.” Yang Kai looked at Yang Tai who appeared, snorted coldly, and quietly searched for the flaws in this illusion while speaking.

Gong Yue was found by Yang Tai. Since Yang Kai had suspected Gong Yue, Yang Tai was naturally among his suspects. Seeing Yang Tai easily enter this illusion at this moment, his previous doubts immediately became reality.

“Accomplice?” Yang Tai sneered: “Just treat me as an accomplice. Originally, I was most wary of Fang Zhuo. I didn’t expect you to be the bad guy. I looked down on you.”

Yang Kai’s expression was gloomy and terrifying, and he thought for a while and said, “So Gong Yue is really the former Patriarch of the Gong family?”

Although he had doubted Gong Yue’s identity twice before, he realized after being trapped in this Phantom Formation that he was wrong in his suspicion. Gong Yue’s identity was probably true. Only people from the Gong family can carry so many Formation Plate with him, In order to arrange such a profound Phantom Formation.

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