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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2916 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2916
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What Yang Kai didn’t expect was that the former Patriarch of the Gong family was so vicious. For the sake of an Ancient Mansion, he disregarded the family reputation.

“Brother Gong’s identity is naturally true. I don’t know what you suspected of him.” Yang Tai looked at Yang Kai sarcastically, as if mocking him for being smart.

Yang Kai sighed, “Anyway, you and Gong Yue are in the same group. I am not mistaken about this.”

Yang Kai also made a mistake. He thought that Fang Zhuo was also an accomplice of the two, because he had lost too quickly in the battle of Formation method before. It was the comparison that made everyone confirm Gong Yue’s identity.

Yang Kai thought it was just acting, so he even took Fang Zhuo with suspicion. Only now did he know that Gong Yue was not a fake, and he did have the strength to crush Fang Zhuo in the formation method.

“Are you looking for a flaw in this formation?” Yang Tai also has the 1st order Emperor Realm cultivation level, and he is so mature, it is not impossible to detect Yang Kai’s intentions, but he looks confident and not rush to stop Yang Kai’s action, but with a joking smile: “Then you have to look for it, there are not many flaws in the formation of Brother Gong.”

Yang Kai turned his head abruptly, stared at him, and whispered: “That’s it.”

Yang Tai laughed loudly: “Do you see it?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Thanks to your reminder, you are the flaw in this formation, and the Formation Eye is on you.”

Yang Tai readily admitted: “Yes, i’m here and i control the Formation Eye. It’s not difficult to break the formation. Kill me.” He smiled slightly, like a fox who stole a chicken: “But… Do you have this ability?”

It’s not that he looks down on Yang Kai. Although the two of them have the same level of cultivation, when everyone passed through the poison barrier, he saw that Yang Kai had taken a shot. The attack was weak and unsustainable. He had the suspicion that Yang Kai is injured. Moreover, he now has the Formation Eye of the Phantom Formation from Gong Yue. In this phantom formation, he can play a level far beyond the 1st order Emperor Realm.

So he has no fear, even if Yang Kai sees through the formation eye, he doesn’t have the ability to break through the formation.

“Why?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Why?” Yang Tai didn’t rush to do it. At this moment, he had an absolute advantage. He consciously wanted to win Yang Kai without any effort, and he could do it at any time.

“No one knows what is hidden behind the Scarlet Door. Maybe there are treasures or traps. Who can say things from the ancient times. You even murder others for it. Why?”

Yang Tai laughed and shook his head: “You don’t understand, you don’t understand anything.”

“That’s why I have to ask to understand.”

Yang Tai frowned, as if talking to himself and whispering: “There are very important things in there, very important, very important, and must be obtained!”

Yang Kai was slightly surprised: “Do you know what’s inside? How could you possibly know?”

There is an ancient restriction on the Scarlet Door. Half a year ago, Yang Tai, Wu Kuangyi, and Hua Yulu could not break the restriction, so they agreed to go out to find a helper. They will try again after half a year. The restriction is not broken yet, and no one can know the hidden secret inside that Scarlet Door.

For an uncertain result, they want to murder four or five emperor realm. It is not normal to consider this, but Yang Tai did it, and invited Gong Yue as a helper.

And his self-talk clearly shows that he is not ignorant of the situation inside the Scarlet Door. This is what shocked Yang Kai the most. What made Yang Kai feel bad is that Yang Tai’s state at the moment is a little bit awkward. That’s right, it seems like crazy, how can there be the slightest demeanor of the Emperor Realm?

He quietly urged the power of the divine soul, a golden light flashed in his left eye, and the power of the divine soul rushed out of his mind, and said in a low voice: “Tell me, what’s in there?”

“There…” Yang Tai blurted out, but his face suddenly changed when he uttered a few words.

At the same time, Yang Kai snorted and his face was pale.

At first the divine soul was not healed, and he forcibly urged the divine soul power again. If it was not blocked by Yang Tai, it would not be a big problem, but after Yang Tai reacted, he immediately counterattacked, causing Yang Kai to be injured again.

“You dare to induce me!” Yang Tai’s face suddenly twisted, furious, and he would no longer waste time with Yang Kai. With one arm, the sea rose up to the sky, converging into a vivid water dragon, shaking its head and waving its tail, and came crashing towards Yang Kai.

The sound of the dragon roar shocked all directions and frightened the world. The huge dragon’s body bred from the sea open its mouth, and it was showing a posture to swallow Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s forehead slipped with cold sweat. Although he knew that all of this was the power of the Phantom Formation, he did not dare to insist. His current state is not good, and any negligence may cause irreversible bad luck.

So in the face of such an attack, Yang Kai’s first reaction was to avoid it.

His body swayed and flashed out several tens of feet from the place. Before he could stand firmly, the sea under his feet swirled violently, and a whirlpool appeared in the blink of an eye, and another water dragon rushed out of the whirlpool.

Yang Tai sneered: “Kid just give up, you’re not the old man’s opponent!”

Rather than relying on the power of this formation, Yang Tai also has full confidence to win Yang Kai, but it takes a little more works. Now that he is in the Phantom Formation, he can control the power of the formation, and Yang Kai is even more unlikely to be his opponent.

Two distractions, controlling the two water dragons to chase Yang Kai, Yang Tai was not idle: “Although it requires a blood sacrifice, it will not necessarily cost your lives. You only need to help the old man to open the ancient restriction. Now if you cooperate with the old man obediently, you can still survive, but if you get caught by the old man… hum!”

He didn’t say what the consequences would be, but the threat was utterly unpredictable.

How could Yang Kai believe him? Avoiding the attack of the two water dragons without saying a word, and several dangers surrounded him, he gradually approached Yang Tai.

“Refusing a toast only to be forced a wine shoved down the throat!” Yang Tai persuaded a few words and didn’t get a response. He was in a bad mood. Between raising his hands, two water dragons emerged from the sea and chased Yang Kai.

Now Yang Kai’s situation is getting worse, it seems that it is a dilapidated thatched cottage in the storm, which may collapse at any time. But every time, he was able to avoid the water dragon’s attack at the most critical moment, causing Yang Tai to yell and become angry.

Yang Tai completely lost the demeanor of the Emperor Realm. Since seeing the Scarlet Door, Yang Kai has noticed that his state is a bit wrong, he is more fanatical than usual, and his mood fluctuates greatly. It is just that it was hidden before, and it is not obvious. But after entering this Phantom Formation and fighting with Yang Kai, it became extremely conspicuous.

Four water dragons became six, then eight, ten…

When there were as many as fifteen water dragons on the sea, Yang Tai clothes was fluttering without winds, and the Emperor Yuan lingering on the surface of his body was constantly rolling like boiling water. His eye socket is cracking, his eyes were red. Staring at the figure of Yang Kai back and forth, the whole person is like a volcano that may erupt at any time, containing huge anger.

Yang Tai couldn’t help but be angry. He thought that with his own ability and the Formation power, he could win Yang Kai like pinching an ant, but in fact, no matter how dangerous Yang Kai’s situation looks, he can always turn the danger to a breeze at the critical moment. The reality gap makes it difficult for Yang Tai to accept, and his anger is rising steadily.

This anger reached its peak after he summoned fifteen water dragons.

He carefully controlled the water dragons, chased and intercepted Yang Kai for a long time, and finally trapped him somewhere on the sea, with no room to escape.

The dragons roared, and the huge water dragon rush towards Yang Kai.

Yang Tai sneered: “Boy, you should be glad that you are still useful. The old man will not kill you now, but afterwards, he will let you taste something more painful than death.”

Standing on the sea, Yang Kai watched fifteen water dragons crashing towards him, as if he had accepted his fate. He didn’t evade as before, but his expression didn’t show much panic.

The violent aura rushed in all directions, and before the attack arrived, Yang Kai is cold all over his body.

But at this moment, the sudden change occurred.

The fifteen water dragons suddenly seemed to be cramped. They twisted together a few times, and then collapsed like bubbles, turning into a shower of rain falling from the sky, splashing on the sea.

Yang Tai was stunned, his expression distorted, and hissed: “What did you do!”

He thought that Yang Kai had just secretly used some means to break his control of the formation without noticing it, but he still felt that the Formation Eye has not changed, which made him a little confused.

Yang Kai grinned: “Although I am not very proficient in formation, I also know a truth… Manpower is sometimes poor, especially for elderly people like you.”

Yang Tai, who was furious, looked even more ugly after hearing this.

But Yang Kai’s words also made him understand that the breaking of the water dragon was not a means by Yang Kai, but because he himself exceeded his own limit, causing the illusion to lose control. He hadn’t noticed such a simple thing just now, and he was suddenly alert until Yang Kai reminded it.

He wants to control the phantom formation again, and he is determined to be careful this time. After fighting with Yang Kai for a long time, he has found out his details. This kid is faster, and there is not much else worthy of attention.

But Yang Kai no longer gave him a chance.

He kept escaping, waiting for this opportunity now, how could Yang Kai not take it well?

His hands quickly formed seals, and a profound and mysterious aura went up and down. When this aura swept over, Yang Tai actually had a feeling that it was extremely difficult to turn his idea. His thinking seemed to have stopped at this moment, and everything in the world was stopped, as if time was disturbed.

When he reacted again, Yang Kai whispered in his ear.

“Years Ups And Downs, Such as Flying Such as Dreaming!”

It wasn’t until a palm image attack came that Yang Tai suddenly awake. He hadn’t even noticed that Yang Kai had done it before, as if the memory of that moment had been erased.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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