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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2925 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2925
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The cultivation level of the half old man is not high, only the 3rd order Voing King Realm, which is obviously not good, the cultivation level is at the limit, and there will be no progress in this lifetime.

At this moment, on the mountain where the building collapsed, there was no sign of anyone on the mountain except him.

And the aura of the mark that everyone sensed was actually emitted from him.

Feng Ming frowned and instantly understood the truth, and shouted in a low voice: “Escaped from the shell!”

Yang Kai also sighed: “It’s careless, it seems that Gong Yue is in good condition.”

The mark he placed on Gong Yue was transferred to this half-old man, guiding the four in the wrong direction. The mark could not be transferred for no reason, only by the hands of Gong Yue.

And Gong Yue was able to do such a thing without Yang Kai noticing it, obviously no longer that kind of muddle-headed state. Either he regained his sanity, or it was perfectly fused with his body after being seized by the Demon Thought, neither of which was what everyone expected to see.

Several people put away their Emperor Artifact one after another.

The half-old man standing in the ruins was so scared that he shouted sadly at this moment: “Little old man has seen…several seniors, several…seniors spare me…forgive me!”

He didn’t know what Yang Kai and others were doing here, but he knew that these four people were not something he could resist, especially the old man who shot him, who claimed to be the elder of the Plain Palace, Feng Ming.

He naturally knew where Plain Palace was. That is one of the top sects in the Southern Territory. His little sect, didn’t even have the qualifications to look up to others. The Plain Palace elder came in person, and even shot at him. If it wasn’t for the opponent to disperse the killer move at the last moment, he would not have any bones left.

He couldn’t figure out where he had provoke the Plain Palace, and the fear and horror made him unable to think about such a thing. He can only ask for mercy.

“Old man, don’t panic.” Yang Kai smiled at the old man, his Divine Sense surged, and quietly displayed some divine sense power to calm his frightened emotions, “I am not here to trouble you, but to track down a fiend, i never thought such misunderstanding will occurred.”

“Fiend…” The old man was soothed, and he really calmed down a lot, and his emotions were no longer as flustered as before.

“Exactly.” Yang Kai looked solemnly. Stretching his hand in front of him a little, when Emperor Yuan was surging, an image appeared in front of him, that was Gong Yue’s appearance, “This person, has the old man seen this person recently?”

Since the mark has been transferred to this half old man. That means Gong Yue has been here at least. Now that there is no mark, how to track Gong Yue has become a problem, and this half old man may be the only clue, Yang Kai naturally can’t let it go easily.

“Is it him?” The old man was surprised when he saw Gong Yue’s appearance.

Yang Kai said, “Have you seen him!”

The old man said: “I thought I was dreaming. Yesterday the little old man seemed to have seen this person when he was meditating and cultivating. But when I checked carefully, he disappeared again. I thought… I thought. That’s… that’s an illusion.”

Feng Ming said solemnly: “I want to see your memory!”

When the words fell, he couldn’t help but said this, grabbing the half man with one hand, and the half-old man exclaimed. The body came to Feng Ming involuntarily.

He was frightened. Feng Ming shot at him just now, and his attitude was not very friendly. He thought he was about to encounter something unexpected and resisted in a panic, but in front of the emperor realm, his Origin King Realm could not make any wave, he was subdued in an instant, unable to move even a finger.

Feng Ming point towards his forehead, apparently trying to spy on this person’s memory.

At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly had a warning sign and shouted in a low voice: “Elder Feng, be careful!”

Feng Ming was stunned, and the half old man he caught in front of him suddenly swelled up, his body power became chaotic and violent, and the half old man obviously didn’t know what had happened.

With a bang on the ground, the half-old man burst open.

In the flesh and blood, a bit of black light rushed towards Feng Ming, who was close at hand.

Although Feng Ming is in the 2nd order Emperor Realm, he was a little caught off guard in the face of such an unexpected change. He just wanted to check the memory of the half-old man, but he didn’t expect that the next moment he would blew himself up in front of his eyes, and an inexplicable thing flew out of it.

The black light is not big, but Feng Ming’s vision seems to be completely flooded, and he can no longer see anything. At the same time, there is a whispering sound in his ears, which makes his mind shake and the consciousness sea is wide open.

“Demon Suppression!”

Yang Kai shouted in a low voice, a ray of wizard technique headed towards Feng Ming, and then stopped in front of Feng Ming. The black light was touched the wizard technique and bounced off suddenly, turning and rushing towards Gao Xueting.

The Ardent Sun Mirror hovered high behind Gao Xueting, emitting a dazzling light like a blazing sun.

Gao Xueting’s expression was solemn, and her magic arts changed.

A beam of light came from the Ardent Sun Mirror, directly covering the black light.

The beam of light seems to have a strong binding force. The black light is bound in it and protrudes from the left to the right. For a while, it will be impossible to get rid of it. Moreover, under the power of the Ardent Sun Mirror, there are signs of melting, and it is filled with black Qi.

“Three Thousand Swordmanship Entwined!” Chen Wenhao point his Flowing Water Sword, and the thin sword light came out, shot into the black light, and turned into layers of imprisonment to turn wrap the struggling black light.

Combining the power of Chen Wenhao and Gao Xueting, they finally subdued the black light.

“This… is Demon Thought?” Feng Ming wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, feeling some lingering fears.

If Yang Kai hadn’t reacted quickly just now, and used a secret technique to block him, I’m afraid he had been corroded by the Demon Thought. He didn’t know if he could block the demon thought, but the lesson from Gong Yue was there. If the demon thought was really so powerful, he might not be able to get rid of it.

The group of four was here to hunt down Gong Yue. They didn’t expect to be tricked around by a small trick, and it almost succeed. This made Feng Ming’s face extremely ugly.

“This is not a complete demon thought!” Yang Kai frowned, carefully observed the imprisoned black light, and judged: “It was divided by Gong Yue. Gong Yue knew that we were chasing him, so he deliberately planted a trap here.”

“Can the demon thought be divided?” Feng Ming was startled.

The expressions of Chen Wenhao and Gao Xueting also became solemn. If this is the case, the problem is more serious than expected. They both think that they only need to find Gong Yue and kill him. But if the demon thought can be divided, then killing Gong Yue will not help.

Because no one knows how many points he divided the Demon Thought into, and where he hid them.

Only Yang Kai had directly confronted Demon Thought in the crowd, so everyone turned their attention to him together to see what his opinion was.

“Judging from the information currently available, demon thought can indeed be divided.”

As soon as these words came out, the heart of the other three fell to the bottom.

“But…” Yang Kai said, “It shouldn’t be unlimited. This is half of that Demon Thought. It may only be divided into two parts, and there should be some price.”

“Even so, it’s quite tricky.” Chen Wenhao frowned.

“Let’s extinguish this demon thought first.” Feng Ming had suffered a loss once, and was more afraid of this thing than anyone else.

When Gao Xueting heard the words, she wanted to increase the power of the Ardent Sun Mirror. No matter how weird the demon thought is, it can always be eliminated. The current situation has proved this. Gao Xueting also feels that as long as she add more force, she can completely melt the demon thought.

“Wait.” Yang Kai raised his hand to stop her, “Gong Yue has been lost. If we want to track him again, we can only start with this demon thought. If we destroy it, we will lose the clue.”

Feng Ming nodded and said: “You are right. Gong Yue expects to use this trick to hit us by surprise, and may even make one of us demonized, but doesn’t expect to leave a flaw. It’s really clever but not enough.”

Chen Wenhao said, “Nevertheless, how can we trace Gong Yue through this demon thought? Who dares to come into contact with it casually?”

Demon Thought was too weird, and no one in the emperor realm present had the guts to directly contact it, but if they didn’t do this, it would be impossible to trace Gong Yue’s whereabouts.

Yang Kai said softly, “If you believe me, just leave it to me.”

Gao Xueting was startled: “You? What do you want to do?”

Yang Kai smiled and said: “Senior Sister Gao, don’t worry. Since I can resist the erosion of the demon text in the cave, I can naturally resist the temptation of this demon thought.”

“Really… is it possible?”

Gao Xueting looked worried. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in Yang Kai’s strength, but no one dared to pack a ticket in this matter.

“Are you sure?” Chen Wenhao also looked at Yang Kai seriously.

Although Feng Ming didn’t say anything, he obviously meant the same.

Yang Kai said, “70% sure, and… aren’t there three guardians here?”

Chen Wenhao nodded and said: “If it is 70%, this method is feasible!”

Gao Xueting stared at him and said, “If you think it’s feasible, you can try it.”

Chen Wenhao coughed dryly: “I’m not sure, I can’t try.”

If you want to track down Gong Yue’s whereabouts through this half demon thought, you must have deep contact with it, or even pry into it. In this way, it is tantamount to taking the initiative to open everything about yourself to the demon thought. This is not a joke.

“Destroy it!” Gao Xueting was ready to do it as she spoke. She was unwilling to watch Yang Kai take risks. Although Yang Kai said he was 70% sure, what if he encountered the remaining 30%?

Instead of letting Yang Kai take the risk to do this, it is better to cut the demon thought. Although Gong Yue’s trace is lost, it does not mean that it cannot be traced. Gong Yue has nowhere to hide, no matter how good he is.

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