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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2932 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2932
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It seemed to have passed through an endless tunnel of time and space, and when Yang Kai recovered, he was already in a brand new world.

An old man in front of him was smiling slightly at him. A person beside him was meditating cross-legged. This man was handsome, and dressed in a purple robe, who is it if not Wen Zishan?

“Senior Tian Yan!” Yang Kai hurriedly bowed to the old man. Having not seen him for many years, Tian Yan is still the same without any change.

Having said that, Tian Yan himself is a great emperor-level powerhouse, and he does not have a physical body, but survives in this Divine Movement World in the form of a divine soul, naturally there can be no major changes.

“You are here.” Tian Yan stretched out his hand and stroked his beard, as if he had expected Yang Kai’s arrival a long time ago.

Yang Kai said, “Why did we happen to be here? Is it the senior who helped me?”

This place is a mountain, towering into the clouds, and it’s unknown where it is in the Divine Movement Mirror’s world. It is obviously not a coincidence that they will appear directly here, it should be helped.

Tian Yan shook his head and said, “It’s not me, he brought you here.” As he spoke, Tian Yan pointed to the side.

Yang Kai glanced at him and found that there was a boy not far away. The boy was fat and cute, looking only seven or eight years old, chasing a dancing butterfly, playing extremely happily.

“He…” Yang Kai was stunned, not knowing what the origin of this boy was, he actually had such a large amount of energy.

Gao Xueting also came here, but she is on Wen Zishan side, and after careful investigation, it was confirmed that Wen Zishan was not in a serious problem, but it seemed that he had suffered a little injury and was relieved. Turned her head and looked at Tian Yan curiously: “Junior Brother, this senior is…”

Although she has entered the Divine Movement Mirror for many times. But she has never seen Tian Yan, but once heard Wen Zishan say that there seems to be a comparable great emperor in the Divine Movement world.

Yang Kai said, “This is Senior Tian Yan.”

Gao Xueting hurriedly saluted.

Tian Yan smiled and said, “I remember the little girl. You were only sixteen when you first came in, right?”

Gao Xueting flushed slightly, and said in a low voice, “Senior has a good memory.”

Things that took so long. She herself didn’t remember very much, but she didn’t expect Tian Yan to remember clearly.

“Senior, what happened here?” Gao Xueting didn’t bother spending too much time on chatting, she just wanted to figure out what happened here as soon as possible, why Wu Kuang would steal the body of the Great Emperor Hongchen and escape.

Tian Yan said: “Old friend Hongchen seemed to have encountered some trouble before, so he came to ask the old man for help. The old man studied with him for many days, and he barely figured out a way to separate the two souls. If i succeeds, i can take away the other soul and imprisoned it in this Divine Movement World, and the old friend Hongchen can regain his freedom. Although everything has not progressed smoothly before, the bumps will pass, but the mirror suddenly has something rushing in, affecting the Dvine Movement world. Brother Wu took advantage of the situation to fight back, wounding old friend Hongchen and this little friend Wen, and then escaped.”

Yang Kai was shocked when he heard the words: “So, Senior Hongchen is not dead?”

Tian Yan glanced at him with a smile: “Although Brother Wu has great divine ability, he cannot kill old friend Hongchen. He told you that old friend Hongchen is dead?”

Yang Kai said, “It’s no wonder he is willing to let us go even though his killing intent is thick. It turned out it was Senior Hongchen who interfered with it.” It wasn’t until this time that Yang Kai realized why Wu Kuang didn’t kill them.

Tian Yan said: “He ran away, and there is old friend Hongchen who are restricting him. It is impossible for him to do what he wants, but old friend Hongchen will suffer, his body will be occupied, and his divine soul will be suppressed… No need to mention this anymore, for the present plan, we must first solve the crisis of the Divine Movement world.”

Yang Kai looked solemnly. Looking up into the distance, the sky in between was filled with blackness. In a posture of wind and rain, thunder and lightning flashed in the dark clouds. It looks terrifying.

He just don’t know why, although those dark clouds are constantly rolling, they still can’t rush out of a certain range, as if there is a powerful restriction over there that has restrained them.

There is a strong Demmon Essence appearing in the dark clouds, and it is obvious that the demon thought are making moves in it.

Tian Yan said: “Things rushing from the outside world have a strong corrosive power. The creatures in the Divine Movement World cannot resist. You have also seen that such a large area will be corroded in just such a short time. With more time, this world will probably fall.”

Yang Kai nodded solemnly, even if Tian Yan didn’t say it, he felt it, and said, “How to solve it? Senior, can’t you do it?”

“There is a way, just use your power!” Tian Yan turned his head and looked at him.

“Me?” Yang Kai was stunned, never expected that this important task of saving the world would fall on him.

Tian Yan smiled and said, “I was a little worried that I might not be able to find you for a while. I didn’t expect you to come in so soon. In fact, it is not difficult to deal with those things. It is simple, just use your Soul Devouring Insect.”

Yang Kai’s expression shook: “That’s how it is.”

There is nothing the eheavens Devourer battle Law can’t eat, and the same is true for the Soul Devouring Insect. The Divine Movement world is eroded by demon thoughts, and a huge Demon Qi is generated. It is a great disaster for the inhabitants of the Divine Movement world, but for the Soul Devouring Insect, It’s just a delicious meal.

Tian Yan knew that Yang Kai had Soul Devouring Insect, because when Yang Kai entered this place, he took a batch of them. It was the source of the wreckage of the Divine Movement world. Tian Yan had guarded them for countless years until they were handed to Yang Kai to take them away.

“Soul Devouring Insect is not on my body, I have to go and bring them in.” Yang Kai said.

Tian Yan said: “Go and come back quickly, Little Brother Wen and Little Girl go out together, you don’t need to intervene in the rest.”

Gao Xueting nodded lightly. She entered here just to confirm Wen Zishan’s situation. Now that she knows that there is nothing serious about him, she naturally doesn’t have to stay.

Tian Yan waved his hand gently, a gentle force enveloped the three souls, and the next moment his vision changed, Yang Kai had already returned to his body.

He hurriedly summoned the Slave Insect Bracelet, communicated with his mind, and then dragged the Soul Devouring Insect in the Slave Insect Bracelet into his own Consciousness Sea and placed it on the colorful island. You can only enter the Divine Movement World with the divine soul. Although the Slave Insect Bracelet is an Emperor Artifact, it cannot be brought in, so Yang Kai cannot release the Soul Devouring Insect, but it is different if these strange insects are placed on the Seven Color Treasure Island in the Consciousness Sea.

After such a long period of captivity, the Soul Devouring Insect has become extremely fierce, especially after more than two years of battle in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland. In the later period, the Soul Devouring Insect has repeatedly made amazing achievements. For them, it is not unfamiliar to devoure the Demon Qi, so the crisis in the Divine Movement world is not difficult to solve.

He greeted Grandma You and asked her to cast her spell again to send his divine soul into the Divine Movement Mirror, and Yang Kai soon reappeared on that mountain.

Seeing him coming in, Tian Yan nodded slightly, turned his head and rushed to the boy who was chasing the butterfly beside him and said: “Boy, stop playing, and help him quickly.”

Yang Kai had been curious about this boy before, and he didn’t know how sacred he was. At this moment, hearing Tian Yan asked him to help him, he was even more surprised.

“Senior, he is…”

Tian Yan smiled slightly: “He is the mirror soul of the Divine Movement Mirror. Those things can be confined in a range and cannot be expanded because of his ability.”

“Mirror soul!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he listened, staring at the boy with wide-eyed eyes.

The boy was obviously a little uncomfortable with his gaze, and he walked over in a stubborn manner, pretending to be fierce and authentic: “I warn you, don’t mess around, I won’t establish any connection with you.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I don’t want to establish any connection with you, don’t be so nervous.”

“Who…who’s nervous?” The boy was obviously very wary of Yang Kai. He slowly walked over to him, then raised his head and said, “What about things?”

“What is it?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“Soul Devouring Insect!” The boy sighed, “How can you be so stupid now that you are such an adult.”

“Yes, yes!” Yang Kai quickly opened the Consciousness Sea and released all the Soul Devouring Insect on the Colorful Treasure Island. There was a buzz in a moment, and a large cloud of insects gathered in front of him.

The boy shuddered and waved his hand in disgust.

The insect cloud suddenly disappeared, but Yang Kai keenly felt that they had been teleported thousands of miles away and rushed into the place where the Demon Clouds was.

After taking a closer look, Yang Kai soon noticed that the Soul Devouring Insect cloud was devouring the Demon Cloud that enveloped the world, and the demon cloud was bound by the mirror soul, imprisoned in a range, and could not expand anymore, as long as this continued. The demon cloud will be swallowed up by the Soul Devouring Insect for a moment, and then the divine movement world will return to its original state.

Rolling his eyes, Yang Kai rolled his head and looked at the boy and said, “What is the little brother called?”

The boy rolled his eyes: “Zhang San, Four Kings, whatever you want.”

Yang Kai gave a dry cough, “Do you want to go outside and have a look?”

Tian Yan suddenly laughed and said, “Little friend Yang doesn’t have to waste his efforts, he can’t leave this place.” He clearly saw what Yang Kai planned to do.

When he saw it through, Yang Kai blushed slightly, and suddenly said with a serious face: “By the way, Senior, i will have the Fresh Body Pill soon.”

Tian Yan raised his brows: “Oh?”

“It should be almost done. Senior can shape the body at any time you wish.”

Tian Yan said: “Little You Yang is indeed a man of integrity, thank you very much.”

Yang Kai chuckled and said, “Senior, you are welcome and there is no need to be polite. It was a coincidence that I got the Fresh Body Fruit, and I didn’t deliberately look for it.”

The boy frowned and interjected: “Are you going to leave?”

He looked up at Tian Yan, his expression a little irritable.

Tian Yan was silent for a while, and said, “I still want to go outside and have a look.”

The boy sneered: “Go, go, it’s better to die outside.” While speaking, he glared at Yang Kai bitterly, with a grievance on his face.

The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, and he suddenly realized that he would not have a chance to conquer the mirror soul.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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