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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2940 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2940
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The sound of bangs was endless, and in the air, Zhu Lie was banged and beaten by Yang Kai like a sandbag. The dragon’s blood splashed and was embarrassed.

But no matter how badly he was beaten, Zhu Lie never had the idea of ​​being soft or begging for mercy. On the contrary, the harder Yang Kai beat him, the harsher his eyes became. It was as if Yang Kai didn’t kill him, he would definitely repay his pain a hundredfold.

The arrogance of the dragon clan can be seen, even if Yang Kai turns into a four meter tall half-dragon body, in Zhu Lie’s eyes, he is no different from the ants.

With another loud noise, Zhu Lie was shot from the air and landed heavily on the ground. Before he could bounce, Yang Kai had already stepped on his face.

“Not convinced?” Yang Kai lowered his head and looked down at him, “Say a word, I will let you go now!”

“I’m not convinced!” Zhu Lie gritted his teeth and shout, “Relying on bloodline suppression is nothing. We all fight in human form!”

Yang Kai chuckled and said, “What kind of shit theory is this. Isn’t your dragon clan based on your bloodline to judge the quality?”

“You are not a dragon clan!” Zhu Lie sneered.

“That’s not right. You have the 3rd order Emperor Realm level in the human form, and i’m only at the 1st order Emperor Realm. If I fight in the human form, wouldn’t I suffer a big loss?” Yang Kai kept shaking his head.

“Do i need to use the 3rd order Emperor Realm cultivation level to deal with you rubbish? This dragon will suppresses the cultivation level at the 1st order!” Zhu Lie had a disdainful expression.

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brows, “It looks like you are very confident. The ugly words are at the forefront. What if you can’t beat me?”

“Can’t beat you? That’s impossible!” Zhu Lie wanted to shake his head, but his head was slammed on by a big foot. He couldn’t even shake his head. He just sneered contemptuously: “Under the same level, no one is an opponent of the Dragon Clan.”

“That is not accurate.” Yang Kai snorted, “Let’s do it. As you said, we all fight in human form, not suppressed by blood power. But you have to suppress the cultivation level at a 1st order, if you lose, The previous thing was wiped out.”

“Then what if you lose?”

“Do whatever you want.”

“Really?” Zhu Lie’s eyes lit up.


“Well, if you lose, I want you to come back to the Dragon Island with me, and I want you to kneel down and let me hit you three times. Is this a great shame for your human race?”

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “Don’t say three, even 30 or 300 is fine, it’s up to you.” While speaking, Yang Kai took a few steps back and let go of Zhu Lie who was subdued.

Zhu Lie jumped up. His face was surging with anger, it looked like he was ready to pounce on revenge and hatred at any time, but he firmly contained the impulse in his heart, he just said coldly: “If you are a man, don’t let people look down on you, I hope you can keep your words.”

Yang Kai hummed softly: “Then you have to win first.”

When the words fell, he took the initiative to disperse the Dragon Transformation, and his four meter tall body quickly shrank, regaining his original appearance.

At this moment, Zhu Lie had already rushed over in one step, and the dragon flame spurted out first. Although he didn’t incarnate as a giant dragon, most of the dragon clan secret technique could not be used, but there was nothing wrong with spraying a few mouthfuls of dragon flame.

He did abide by the agreement between him and Yang Kai. Supressing the cultivation level to 1st order Emperor Realm, so the power of this dragon flame is smaller than the power sprayed by his previous dragon form.

This is so, such a dragon flame can not be resisted by anyone, it contains extremely hot power.

After dragon flame, he slammed Yang Kai with a punch, looking excited, as if he had seen the scene of Yang Kai being ravaged by himself. He didn’t pay attention to a 1st order Emperor Realm. The reason why he was ravaged by Yang Kai these days was completely because his blood was suppressed.

After Yang Kai used the Dragon Transformation Technique. Zhu Lie couldn’t show 70 % of his strength, how could he be his opponent?

But things are different now. Everyone is in human form, and there is no bloodline suppression. He decided to slap Yang Kai fiercely out of his anger, and then take him back to Dragon Island and hand him over to the Great Elder for disposal.

The fist came first, hitting the dragon flame directly, causing some unexpected changes in a miraculous way.

Zhu Lie’s fist seemed to burn, not only did not diminish the dragon flame power, but the two sides assisted, and the power surged.

“Sting…” A sound could be heard.

A sword light flashed, a wide long sword slashed on Zhu Lie’s fist, and the harsh rubbing sound of gold and silver was heard, and the dragon flame wrapped around the fist was suddenly cut apart, becoming very weak, it seems that it may go out at any time.

“What?” Zhu Lie was taken aback, his face changed slightly.

He has been under the ravages of Yang Kai these days, so he has some understanding of the strength of this human race, knowing that he is much stronger than the average 1st order Emperor Realm.

He didn’t expect this blow could do anything to the opponent, it was just a test. But he didn’t expect the other party to be able to follow easily.

Looking up, Zhu Lie’s face changed again.

Because he found that Yang Kai didn’t show the slightest effort at all, and there was a faint smile on his face, which seemed to be ridiculing.

Zhu Lie was furious, and shouted: “Pretending to be mysterious!”

Another punch slammed forward, like a thunder, looking at that posture, it would smash Yang Kai’s face.

Yang Kai turned his Million Sword and slapped it lightly in front, hitting Zhu Lie’s second fist.

Suddenly struck by Yang Kai, Zhu Lie actually felt pain, this change really made him feel a little strange.

He is a dragon clan, his body is strong, and it can be comparable to the existence of Emperor Artifact anywhere, and the human race on the opposite side caused him to feel pain. How much power does it take to do it?

Who is the Dragon Clan here?

In this hesitant effort, Yang Kai had already swing the Million Sword with a cold expression.

A faint coolness spread from the top of his head, Zhu Lie hurriedly backed away as his face changed wildly.

Crackling friction sounded, Million Sword cut through Zhu Lie’s body, sparks flew everywhere. After Zhu Lie retreat few meter away, he looked down and saw a long white mark on his body from the abdomen to the crotch, which was extremely dazzling.

“You should be glad that you are a dragon clan, otherwise you are already dead!” Yang Kai’s ghostly voice came from the front, Zhu Lie raised his head, and saw that he had appeared five feet away from him, that broad sword has disappeared, he patted and pulled his hands, and a pitch-black attack that was as long as a crescent moon took shape and slashed directly at him.

Zhu Lie wanted to move, but found that the space around him became extremely sticky, giving him the illusion of falling into the mud, and there was no way to avoid such an attack anyway.

He roared, his aura soared, and dragon scales appeared on the surface of his body, ready to take it physically.

The pitch-black moonblade came through the air, making Zhu Lie’s heart palpitating.

He didn’t know whether he could resist such an attack with his own ability. The attack contained very clear Space Principle fluctuations, which were completely condensed by the power of the void, and even space was swallowed up wherever it went.

If such an attack hits oneself, I’m afraid it will also swallow a part of oneself. For the first time in his life, Zhu Lie felt powerless, even when he was suppressed by Yang Kai’s Dragon Transformation before, he did not feel that way.

Just when Zhu Lie’s eye socket was about to split, the moon blade had already hit the front, and it broke with a snap, only an inch away from him.

A kind of palpitations of escaping death enveloped his heart, cold sweat slipped from his forehead, Zhu Lie looked up at Yang Kai with a sullen expression, only to see the other party staring at him with a smile: “You lost!”

Zhu Lie calmly said nothing.

He did lose, not under that moon-blade attack, but in his own hands.

Immediately before the crisis, he raised his strength to the 3rd order Emperor Realm, showing the characteristics of part of the dragon clan, which had broken his previous agreement with Yang Kai.

He didn’t even figure out the true level of Yang Kai who didn’t use Dragon Transformation, so he lost in a vague way.

Unspeakable shame and frustration came to his heart, making him look very low, his lips opened and closed a few times, and he couldn’t say a word.

Traditionally, only the Dragon Clan overlooked other creatures, but Zhu Lie didn’t realize until this moment that there were already other people looking down on the Dragon Clan.

“You don’t want to go back on your words, do you?” Yang Kai squinted at Zhu Lie, “We said before, if you lose, our grievances will be wiped out, and the Dragon Clan can’t afford to lose?”

These words stimulated Zhu Lie, and his arrogant nature made him respond: “Who says I can’t afford to lose! If i lose, the i lose. Just like you said, the grievances between you and me are wiped out.”

Yang Kai smiled immediately: “That’s good, that’s good, well, in that case, then you can go back from wherever you go. By the way, tell the people on the Dragon Island. I’ll go there if I have time. Don’t send someone over every other place.”

Zhu Lie said with a deep voice, “I will tell the Dragon Island what you say. But i don’t know what the dragon island will decide.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “It’s okay. Tell Zhu Qing too. You should be able to contact each other? Tell her to stop looking for me in the future, it is dangerous.”

Every time he stayed with Zhu Qing, Yang Kai couldn’t control the throbbing in his blood. The lust that had been hidden deep in his heart seemed to burst out at any time, which made him feel very bad and dangerous. Yang Kai knew that this was a dragon nature, and as his own Dragon Transformation Technique deepened his cultivation, this dragon nature would become stronger and stronger, and one day he would not be able to suppress that kind of feeling and lust.

So he thinks that the farther Zhu Qing is away from him, the better, it’s better if they don’t interact with each other.

“Zhu Qing, she is probably dead. I can’t convey your words.” Zhu Lie shook his head slowly.

The smile on Yang Kai’s face slowly faded: “What do you mean?”

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