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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2965 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2965
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A sharp green light formed like an awl, and it poked straight toward Yang Kai’s chest.

Yang Kai stood and stared at him coldly, and a layer of green light suddenly appeared on the surface of his body, turning it into a layer of strong protection.

The green light slammed on the protection and broke apart at the same time.

“How come?” The Human Emperor was surprised. Yang Kai was able to perform Saint Technique and mobilize the power of the Saint Tree. He naturally knew that, after all, he was also a wizard, and he could perform saint technique if he is a wizard.

But he hasn’t been baptized by some kind of ritual, why would the Saint Tree automatically shelter him? The reason why the princes and princess were able to obtain asylum and turn the crisis into peace at a time of crisis was through an extremely complicated baptism ceremony.

The Saint Tree at this moment feels very strange. On the one hand, it does not refuse the human emperor’s drive, and on the other hand, it is hindering his killing of the enemy, like a disobedient child acting rashly, how can he be happy.

“You really want to kill me!” Yang Kai sneered, apparently he had anticipated this.

The human emperor did not speak, his expression became dignified, and the chant in his mouth changed, and a thunder blasted towards Yang Kai between his hands. The thunder was terrifying, like a dragon shook, and blasted in front of Yang Kai in the blink of an eye. Blooming with dazzling light, completely enveloped Yang Kai.

The Human Emperor’s face changed again.

When the light converged, Yang Kai was seen standing unscathed, and even his clothes showed no signs of wrinkles.

“Why?” The human emperor roared, but instead of pointing at Yang Kai, he turned to the Saint Tree, as if a majestic father was scolding a playful child, angrily.

The Saint Tree interfere with his good things twice, which made him a little unbearable.

Yang Kai said indifferently, “Want to know why?”

The human emperor yelled: “What method did you use!”

Yang Kai hummed, “Could it be you’re still not clear? Why bother to deceive yourself!”

Human Emperor gritted his teeth: “I am Human Emperor, how dare you disobey me!” It’s unknown if this was spoken to Yang Kai or the Saint Tree.

He shouted, and the chant rang in his mouth again.

When his chant sounded, the Saint Tree suddenly trembled, seeming to have some strange changes. Then large stocks of green energy flowed from the Saint Tree and poured into the human emperor’s body, causing his aura to rise steadily, and his not-so-tall body suddenly became stalwart.

“Killing the chicken to get the eggs! You are presumptuous!” Yang Kai was furious when he saw it, and also began to chant the spell, but the sound of the chant sounded more ancient and obscure than the human emperor’s, and more mysterious and incomprehensible.

Although he didn’t know what wizard technique the human emperor was performing, he could feel something invisible to the naked eye from the induction of the Saint Tree. The human emperor’s move would damage the foundation of the Saint Tree like killing the chikens to get the eggs.

It seemed that he hadn’t taken care of anything else in order to deal with Yang Kai.

The foundation of the Saint Tree is shaken, and the human imperial city will suffer.

The green energy flowing to the human emperor seemed to have received some resistance, and the speed began to slow down.

Upon seeing this, the human emperor became more angry, and the chant became louder, trying to snatch the power of the Saint Tree from Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stared at him coldly, his tone of voice remained unchanged, and he kept his spirit.

The two stood face to face like this. There was no sword or shadow, no blood, but a very special way to start the fight. The winner would take everything, and the loser would be trampled underfoot.

The key to all this lies in the resonance with the Saint Tree. The deeper the resonance with the Saint Tree, the stronger the force that can be driven.

Both Yang Kai and Human Emperor knew this, so they didn’t shoot at each other, only doing their own thing. The saint tree does not have a clear mind, it is just a surviving will, guarding the will to protect the wizard, no matter which wizard desires it for power, it will cooperate.

The green light on Human Sovereign’s body is always bright and sometimes weak. When it is bright, it means that he has a slight advantage in the battle. When it is weak, the opposite is true.

He suddenly discovered that Yang Kai was an extremely difficult opponent, far less easy to deal with than he had thought before.

The resonance between this guy and the Saint Tree was not inferior to him, the human emperor had been living by the Saint Tree since childhood. If it hadn’t been so, he would have solved the opponent long ago instead of tying the two sides now.

The Saint Tree seemed to have a very special kindness to this foreigner, favoring him everywhere, and opposing him tit for tat.

He suddenly discovered that it was a mistake for letting Yang Kai getting close to the Saint Tree. If he was dealt with in the Human Emperor Palace just now, it might not have been so troublesome.

‘I am the human emperor, I am the king of the human race!’ The human emperor roared in his heart, hoping that this idea could be passed on to the Saint Tree, but did not expect to have the opposite effect. He obviously felt that the saint tree actually had some repulsive meanings, as if a child who was troubled by his father had given birth to a rebellious heart.

This phenomenon made his face frantically changed.

Although Yang Kai is difficult, there are ways to solve it, but if he loses the support of the Saint Tree, then he is just an old man of the 2nd order Emperor Realm, and there are countless people in the human imperial city who are stronger than him.

The human emperor didn’t dare to think about it anymore, and could only start with Yang Kai himself.

While chanting a spell, he suddenly said: “You have time to fight with this human emperor here. Why don’t you take the time to care about your woman. If this human emperor didn’t guess wrong, she should be dying by now?”

What about the Dragon Clan, and what about the head of all souls? The strong people in the human imperial city are endless, and the dragon clan will also be deflated here.

Yang Kai was unmoved, and said lightly: “My woman doesn’t need me to care of her, so you should worry about yourself. Tsk tsk, you are not young anymore, it seems that you won’t live for many years. When will you think about retiring? I think there are a few princes that are good, especially the 3rd princes, who have a good cultivation level and a tough temperament. He is very suitable for inheriting your position as the human emperor. He feel a little insidious, but no one is perfect. Well. The second princess is also good. I don’t know if there is a precedent for a woman to be the human emperor in the Human Imperial City. If so, you can pass it on the second princess. I think the princess is very ambitious…”

“Shut up!” The human emperor shouted angrily.

Yang Kai chuckled: “Neither? Then it seems that the sir is deliberately passing it on the eldest prince? The eldest prince is obsessed with wine and woman, which is really not a good candidate. If the imperial city really falls into his hands, it will be nothing good, it will only make the brothers turn against each other, the sir will die and feel uneasy. No, the eldest prince is obviously a piece of mud that can’t support the wall, but he has the identity of eight leaves. From this point of view, you are very fond of the eldest prince. Is it possible that the biological mother of the great prince is the one you truly love, so that’s why you treat him like this?”

The human emperor’s expression has changed a bit, although it is slight, how can he hide it from Yang Kai?

Yang Kai continued to fan the flames and said: “It looks like I was right, and looking at sir like this, the person you love is probably already dead. I can see that sir still have a seed of affection, presumably when hw was young. He had a very good time with that beauty, but people can’t come back from death. Sir, please mourn and change. Memories are also a kind of beauty. Occasionally, dreaming back at midnight and being wet with tears is also a good experience.”

Human Emperor’s face twitched, as if he had been poked into a sore spot, he could no longer bear it, and madly twitched the power of the Saint Tree.

Yang Kai snorted coldly: “You lose!”

When the words fell, the human emperor snorted and took a few steps back. The only light green light on his body suddenly disappeared.

The resonance between him and the Saint Tree was suddenly cut off. He had the intention to connect to the Saint Tree again, but it sank like a stone to the sea, and the Saint Tree did not respond at all. He knew that his mood was too chaotic just now, and he was eager for success, but he was completely defeated in this battle.

“What if I don’t have the blessing of the Saint Tree? This emperor’s cultivation level is higher than yours.” The human emperor did not want to admit defeat, the old body straightened up suddenly, the 2nd order Emperor Realm cultivation level broke out, and he raised his hand. Patting Yang Kai, and the situation was turbulent for a while, and the power was unpredictable. [MSN: well, he is really an idiot, now he forgot what made him the emperor and why people cant resist him. LOL]

Yang Kai snorted and blasted his fist forward, the Emperor Yuan surged in that fist, and the violent power came out.

When the fists met, the human emperor is severely injured, and blood spurted out of his mouth, flew out like a paper kite and fell heavily to the ground. There was no movement for a long time.

With the sound of footsteps, Yang Kai slowly walked up to him, looking down at him.

The human emperor swallowed the blood in his throat, stood up tremblingly, and roared: “I am the human emperor, I am the king of the human race, how can you treat me like this?”

“Do you know why you lost?” Yang Kai asked lightly.

The human emperor stayed for a while, wanted to know the answer, but couldn’t hide his face. He hesitated for a while before he said stiffly: “Why?”

“Those who have gained the way get more help, those who have lost the way are are lost! You regard the Saint Tree as a source of strength that can be drawn at will, and treat it as a capital that overrides all living beings. You are wrong.”

Human Emperor said: “The Saint Tree is such an existence!”

Yang Kai snorted: “Stubborn. It’s forgivable if you don’t know what is your wrong. But it’s not a pity to die if you know you are wrong. The Saint Tree protects not your royal family or wizars, but the entire human race, but you treat it as your own private property, it’s ridiculous!”

The human emperor said: “Nonsense!”

Yang Kai sneered: “I’m talking nonsense? The enchantment formation of the entire human imperial city is provided by the Saint Tree. It protects the human imperial city from the interference of external laws. I am talking nonsense? I think you are geting blind.”

After resonating with the Saint Tree, Yang Kai clearly felt that the power of the Saint Tree filled the entire human imperial city, and it was by relying on it that the human imperial city could remain unchanged and last forever in this Wheel World.

The human emperor said dejectedly: “What’s the point of saying this now? This human emperor has been defeated, kill me or not, do what you want.”

Yang Kai squinted at him and said, “When did I say I wanted to kill you?”

The Human Emperor was taken aback, and a little surprised: “Are you willing to let me go?”

“It depends on your performance.”

The Human Emperor hesitated for a moment, and said: “I don’t know…what is your requirements?”

In this case, even if the person in front of him wants to seize the throne of the human emperor, he is powerless to resist. Since ancient times, this has been the case in the human imperial city. The person who controls the Saint Tree is the human emperor, but now this outsider is in charge of it.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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